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Embr Wave Review

Imagine that feeling cool came at the touch of a button, one worn on the inside of your wrist. That’s the Embr Wave, a chic-looking thermoregulation device that sends electromagnetic waves to signal your body’s natural temperature regulating process. 

It works for feeling both too hot and too cold, so whether you are going through menopause or want to warm up in a chilly office, it can help. Patented, safe, and effective, over 100,000 of these revolutionary devices have already been sold. 

The brand has a 38k+ social community and has landed features in Business Insider and Wired too. How does it work—and will it work for you? Read this Embr Wave review to find out. Starting with brand basics, I’ll lead you through the details of the smart device, feedback, FAQ, and more. 

Embr Wave Review

The folks at Embr Labs believe that science matters. That’s why they made sure their patented device truly worked before putting it on the market. Partnering with Johnson & Johnson and UC Berkeley to conduct their tests, the brand found that, indeed, the Embr Wave was able to bring fast relief to menopausal women.

Along with their ongoing studies, they’ve found that a reduction in the effects of hot flashes means that women are getting a better sleep, are stressing less, and experience less discomfort overall. Easily controlled and monitored from an app, you can track your usage and learn from your body. 

So who’s behind this forward-thinking device? Matt Smith, David Cohen-Tanugi, and Sam Shames dreamed it up in MIT’s Material Science department. They asked, “Why are we still controlling human comfort through a device on the wall? Isn’t there a better way?” The answer they came up with was the Embr Wave. 

Launched in 2014, Embr Labs offers a drug-free, personalized approach to hot flash relief, and I’ll tell you all about it in the coming sections of this Embr Wave review. Let’s kick things off with the highlights.


Embr Wave Review
  • Natural & personalized hot flash relief
  • Patented technology
  • Worn on your wrist
  • Trackable using the app
  • Ships within US only
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 7-day $0 down trial

You’ve seen the highlights, now it’s time to unpack the details of the brand’s gen 2 model next in this Embr Wave review. Let’s get to it. 

Embr Wave Review

Embr Wave Review

Immediate hot flash relief sounds like a dream that’s too good to be true. How in the world can a wrist-worn device combat sweaty, sleepless nights? It’s simple science, says Embr Labs, and it all comes down to precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations

At the touch of a button, you will feel relief in seconds, helping you sleep through the night, attend the big event, and go on that date without a second thought. It brings you real relief anywhere and comes in classy rose gold and ever-fashionable black. Equipped with modes to help you manage sleep disruption, though the Embr Wave seems simple, it’s made a big difference for women around the globe. 

Right now, you can get the Embr Wave 2 for $299–it’s normally $349. That’s a $50 discount. To try it for $0 down, choose Try Before You Buy = $0 on the product page. 

How Does Embr Wave Work?

Embr Wave Review

Embr Wave can help with hot flashes, sleep, stress, and discomfort. A thermoregulation device, it uses a thermoelectric module that acts as a mini heat exchanger. This means you will feel warmer when you’re cold and cooler when you’re hot. Here’s what you can expect while wearing it:

  • The Embr Wave is worn on the inside of our wrist and needs to be activated whenever you feel a hot flash come on
  • When you do, you’ll press the button and the waves will trigger a natural mind-body response that will cause your body to cool down
  • You will feel a difference in a matter of seconds
  • Users who switched on Embr for 3 minutes report an average temperate change of 5°F

Who Is Embr Wave For? 

Embr Wave Review

Embr Wave is mostly marketed as a natural solution for hot flashes, but it can actually help both men and women out when they’re feeling cold or hot. The safe and effective device is useful for menopausal women who don’t want to take medication to reduce their symptoms and are looking for a more natural, personalized solution.

Embr Wave Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Embr Wave Review

Feedback is a critical part of this Embr Wave review, so I made sure to scope out the web for comments and ratings to give you the full scoop. The first we’ll look at comes from the brand’s website.

On, the device has a 4.3/5 star score and 1,037 reviews. One Embr Wave review read:

I was hoping I didn’t waste my money…The first night with this I slept thru the night with no hot flashes and night sweats. Normally I’m moving around and sleeping only a couples hours . I have been having bad night sweats where I have to change my clothes because I’m soaked. This astonishing device has eliminated that.”

Folks at Wired say, “Solid build quality. Comes with a nice metal band. It really works to make you feel cooler or warmer than you actually are,” and I read similar feedback on a site called Wardrobe Oxygen as well. 

So far it looks like the Embr Wave really works, is well-made, high-quality, and is easy to put on with one hand. Testers at Tech Gadgets Canada wrote this in their Embr Wave review:

I have to say I am absolutely blown away by Embr Wave 2. It really works! I find it helps me feel instantly warmer or cooler with just a touch of the button.

An Embr Wave review on Fiesty Menopause agrees. It reads, “I no longer get sprinkler-setting hot flashes, but more like sudden warm waves that make me want to strip off my socks (sounds kind of funny, but it works). The cooling pulses from the Embr provide quick relief.

From men to women and heat waves to hot flashes, the Embr Wave works. Most who reviewed the brand’s latest release of the device had excellent things to say about it. Some complain about the size of it, but most don’t have an issue. 

Is Embr Wave Legit?

Embr Wave Review

Embr Wave is a patented device that’s clinically proven to bring 2x the improvement in body temperature as reported in a Johnson & Johnson study. It comes with a 7-day at-home try on and a satisfaction guarantee. In terms of trustworthy products, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Is Embr Wave Worth It?

Embr Wave Review

To put it simply, yes, Embr Wave is worth it. Aside from the fact that it actually works, the brand is reputable and there’s a ton of science behind their device. The biggest regret from customers I found while writing this Embr Wave review is that they wish they bought it sooner.

How To Choose The Best Hot Flash Relief

Embr Wave Review

Embr Wave is the only device of its kind, offering natural and personalized hot flash relief when you need it. With that said, you still have choices between something like this, medication, and other natural remedies like changing your diet. 

Deciding which one is right for you may be a trial and error process or may require a talk with your doctor. Whichever route you choose to go, it’s recommended that you consider:

  • The severity of your symptoms
  • Whether you’d like a natural solution or medication
  • If your symptoms can be reduced by weight loss, diet, and lifestyle habits, and if you wish to change those
  • Your budget

Compared to medication, Embr Wave is a one-time cost that brings you long-term relief. Medication can come with side effects and is a recurring cost you will need a prescription for. 

Embr Wave Promotions & Discounts 

Embr Wave Review

Want Embr Wave for $0 down? The brand has partnered with nok to make it happen. You have 7 days to try it for free in your home, and if you like it, keep it. If not, send it back and you never have to pay a dime. Shipping and return fees are all covered by the brand.

For those buying the device right out of the gate, you can use code HOLIDAY22 at checkout to get a free accessory. While writing this Embr Wave review, I also saw that the device is on sale for $299–a $50 discount.

Where to Buy Embr Wave

Embr Wave Review

If you live in the US, the best place to buy Embr Wave is directly from You can also find it at Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Live in the UK? Head to or No7 Beauty.


Embr Wave Review

Who owns Embr Wave?

Matt Smith, David Cohen-Tanugi, and Sam Shames own Embr. The trio developed the concept at MIT after thinking that there must be a better way to stay cool or hot other than adjusting a thermostat.

Will Embr Wave Interfere With A Pacemaker Or Other Implantable Medical Device?

Embr Wave emits electromagnetic waves and the Milanese loop band has a magnet. Both of these components may interfere with pacemakers, ICDs, or other kinds of medical devices. 

If you have any of these, talk to your doctor before using Embr Wave and stop using it if you think it is interfering with your devices. Prefer a different band? Opt for the nylon comfort band with a Velcro closure instead. 

When Should I Not Be Using Embr Wave? What Situations Is Embr Wave Best For?

Embr Wave is a patented device that helps your body regulate temperature, but it can’t be used in every environment.

For example, while it can help you feel cool in your car or warm in your office, you shouldn’t wear it during workouts, when out in the sun for long periods, or when showering or swimming. In fact, you shouldn’t be wearing your Embr Wave at all in the water so remember to take it off before you go in the bath or pool. 

Even though Embr Wave won’t bring you strong cooling or heating sensations in extreme weather, it may still provide some relief.

Does Embr Wave Ship Worldwide?

Not at this time. Embr ships within the US only. If you live in the UK, you can find the Embr Wave at of No7 Beauty. US customers can expect their orders within 3-5 business days once they have been shipped out.  

What is Embr Wave Returns & Exchanges Policy?

If you live in the US, Embr returns are free whether you made your purchase from,, or Here’s everything you should know about the policy:

  1. You have 30 days from the date of shipping to start the return process and get a full refund
  2. You can return any product as long as you receive a return authorization from customer service
  3. You must send the product back to Embr Labs in good physical condition
  4. You must include all of the original accessories and packaging including the UPC barcode
  5. Use the provided shipping label from Embr Labs within 15 days of its creation (if not, a 50% restocking fee may apply)

Items marked as “final sale” cannot be returned or exchanged. To start the process, go to and select the items you wish to return. Choose the reason you are returning them and then click ‘Complete Return’ at the bottom of the screen. 

You will then need to download and print the included return shipping label and attach it to the outside of your package. When Embr receives your return and inspects it, they will issue your refund. 

How to Contact Embr Wave

Embr Wave Review

You’ve reached the end of my Embr Wave review and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the brand. They can be reached by using the contact form on

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