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Flaviar Subscription Review

About Flaviar

Flaviar Subscription Review

Flaviar is an alcohol membership service in which customers can enjoy a selection of handpicked spirits on a monthly or annual basis. Their inventory includes whiskey, rye, rum, gin, tequila, mezcal, cognac, and vodka. 

Data from the World Health Organization in 2014 indicates that globally, people aged 15 years and older drink, on average, 6.2 liters of pure alcohol per year, which translates to 13.5 g of pure alcohol per day. Moreover, 50.1% of the total recorded alcohol consumption worldwide is in the form of spirits.

With a following of over 100k on Instagram, Flaviar has been featured in notable publications like Business Insider and Esquire. The company is affiliated with famed American comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan

If you’re considering signing up for the service, my Flaviar subscription review will help you decide by taking an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more.

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Overview of Flaviar

Flaviar Subscription Review

Before the company’s establishment in 2012, one of its founders, Grisa Soba, already had experience in the wine and distillery industry. In the past, Soba worked alongside his father in Slovenia’s largest brewery, and he taught himself how to distill absinthe and vodka.

Soba moved onto other business ventures, which included opening up a boutique advertising agency that sells alcohol globally and owning his own cocktail bar. 

He later teamed up with Jugoslav Petkovic, who was involved in e-commerce and technology startups. This led to the creation of Flaviar, where it’s main mission is to make the world of spirits and alcohol more accessible to the general public.

From there, Flaviar continued to grow into the well-known company it is today, as exemplified through the Flaviar Joe Rogan gift collection. 

Flaviar Subscription Review

“We believe everyone deserves a place in the spotlight. We fight for equal opportunity for producers to reach individuals like you. We, ladies and gents, lead the speakeasy movement of the modern-day,” says Club Ethos. 

Before I dive deep into the company, I’ll steer this Flaviar subscription review into a brief list of highlights:


  • Flaviar’s membership service offers customers access to spirits that are rare, exclusive, and hard to find
  • Guided journey through the world of spirits with tailored recommendations
  • Spirits library contains certified and authentic products
  • Unlimited free shipping for members on qualifying orders, Flaviar Originals, and quarterly spirits deliveries 
  • Company fights for equal opportunity for producers to reach individuals
  • Overall price for all spirits within their tasting boxes are lower than buying them individually at full price 
  • The company has somewhat of a Flaviar free trial (eligible customers may be entitled to receive a free tasting box if they obtain enough credits) 

How Does Flaviar Work?

Flaviar Subscription Review

Flaviar has two membership plans that customers can choose from. They can either sign up to have their tasting boxes delivered every 3 months or yearly.

All memberships include access to their Flaviar Club of spirit enthusiasts, flavor spirals, members-only events, and community features such as the Digital Home Bar, Tasting Log, and Flavor Match recommendations.

Each membership comes with a tasting box containing full-sized bottles and themed samples. Members can choose their renewal period when they first join Flaviar. The company states that both membership plans are assigned to your account quarterly. 

Customers can also receive freebies if they meet a few key requirements. For instance, if you have enough Quarterly Spirits delivery credits available in your account, you can claim a free tasting box and a full-sized Flaviar free bottle.

Members have the choice of gifting a tasting box to a friend or purchasing a Flaviar gift card. Customers can also peruse through their online store using the Flaviar app.

Keep reading this Flaviar subscription review to see my take on their annual and quarterly memberships.

Flaviar One Quarter Membership Review

Flaviar One Quarter Membership Review

If you’re a fan of hosting tasting parties or wish to become the entertaining hostess of your friend group, consider signing up for Flaviar’s One Quarter Membership plan.

You can receive a collection of expertly chosen spirits without the hassle of making a trip to the liquor store or stressing about which spirits will be crowd-pleasers. 

Members with the quarterly Flaviar membership are entitled to 1 tasting box and 1 full-sized bottle per quarter. They are also eligible for free shipping on qualified orders, Flaviar Originals, and receive 50% off for all other orders.

Members are also given access to free live tasting events, member pricing for the online shop, access to the refer-a-friend program, and can cancel the membership at any time

You have the freedom to choose the type of Flaviar tasting box added to your quarterly membership. For example, the Whiskey Gangs of New York: The NY Whiskey Turfs Box could be a viable option for you. This tasting box includes 50ml samples of: 

  • Iron Smoke Straight Bourbon
  • Widow Jane 10-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
  • Coppersea Excelsior Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 

Its combined flavors include butterscotch, caramel, oak, vanilla, orange, peach, and black pepper. 

Flaviar One Quarter Membership Review

The Secret Flavors of Japan: The other side of Japanese Whiskey is another a solid option for the quarterly membership. This tasting box includes 50ml samples of: 

  • Ohishi 8 Year Old Sherry Cask
  • Fukano Vault Reserve Whiskey #1
  • Kurayoshi 8 Year Old Pure Malt Whiskey

Altogether, you will experience the aromas of vanilla, citrus, oak, plum, tea, almonds, and orange zest. 

For your complimentary full-sized product, you can receive a bottle of Johnnie Walker The White Walker Edition. This limited edition bottle has a blend of two single malt scotches from Cardhu and Clynelish distillers.

Meant to be served ice cold, it’s known to glow from its white and blue thermochromic ink. This sophisticated liquor has the aroma of sweet caramel and tastes like oak, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon and spice. 

Whichever tasting box or complimentary bottle chosen, you’ll make an impression as a liquor connoisseur at your next gathering with the One Quarter Membership.

Flaviar Yearly Membership Review

Flaviar Yearly Membership Review

What’s better than opening your door to find out that your yearly box of collected spirits and alcohol has arrived? Flaviar’s Yearly Membership is a great reminder to treat yourself and provides a great excuse to invite your friends over for a charcuterie board and spirits tasting night.

With the yearly plan, members have 4 times the amount of Flaviar tasting packs of their choosing and an additional 4 premium bottles. This membership is for die-hard liquor lovers.

The yearly plan also provides insider information on hidden spirit gems, access to hard-to-get spirits, and tailored recommendations of what to try next. And the cherry on top, members are eligible for free shipping on qualifying orders.

Flaviar Yearly Membership Review

It’s also worth noting that the yearly Flaviar plan is customizable, so buyers have free range to pick and choose their complimentary premium bottle or tasting box.

For instance, you can choose the Flaviar Welcome Box, or the 2nd Revolution The Return of Rye. It contains 50ml samples of: 

  • Van Brunt, Copper Fox Rye Whiskey 
  • Bender’s Rye Whiskey

The flavor profile contains aromas of herbs, smoke, oak, cardamom, corn, rye, sugar, spice, almond, cinnamon, and much more. 

Another tasty option is The Cognac Track Eau de Vie Express. This collection contains 50ml samples of: 

  • Maison Surrenne Cognac
  • Paul Beau VSOP Cognac
  • Gourry De Chadeville Overproof Cognac 

Its combined flavor palette includes notes of peach, orange, mango, vanilla, caramel, apple, cake, and pear. 

In terms of choosing a complimentary bottle, might I suggest the Compass Box Spice Tree? This special scotch was so avant-garde that it was illegal in 2005 because of the inclusion of staves in the finishing process. Now it’s back (and perfectly legal for you to try).

This first-class scotch has a sweet fragrance of malt, grains, and honey. The taste is sweet and round, with light notes of sea salt caramel.

Flaviar’s Yearly Membership plan makes sure that you’re fully stocked on only the best spirits and alcohol. If you’re a regular drinker and particular about your liquor, this plan may be the one for you.

How Much is Flaviar?

Flaviar Subscription Review

Flaviar’s One Quarter Membership is billed every quarter of the month. Customers should expect to pay $95 per month or billed $31.67 quarterly.

For Flaviar’s Yearly Membership, buyers are expected to pay installments for the Flaviar price of $300, which is $25 each month

Flaviar Subscription Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Flaviar Subscription Review

While doing my research for this Flaviar subscription review, I found a mixed customer response. On their website, some customers liked the quality and flavor of select spirits, while others didn’t find it to their liking.

Based on the feedback I found, it seems like some tasting boxes are either a hit or miss, but that’s true of any liquor since taste preferences vary. Generally, most people like the variety that they received, saying that the overall tasting experience was fun

There are plenty of positive reviews on their Trustpilot page, where Flaviar has an average of 4.6/5 stars from over 6,340 reviews. Most reviews commented on good experiences with customer service and that the products were high quality

“Flaviar always responds well with customer service needs. They’ve never disappointed me with the way they choose to resolve things. Love the selection they have and the prices are good. I get scotch that I can’t get at my local fine spirit retailer,” one Flaviar subscription review on Trustpilot reads.

Flaviar Subscription Review

Delishably wrote a feature on Flaviar, where the reviewer reported loving the subscription: “I have had a great experience and plan to renew my membership for another year when my current quarter ends. Flaviar is definitely a legit membership experience.”  

I did a targeted search of ‘Is Flaviar worth it Reddit’ and came across customers that thought the service was too niche for the general public. Some people commented that if you have a very difficult time finding rare bourbon and whiskey, this service may be for you. 

To round out my Flaviar subscription review I also turned to their Better Business Bureau page and found a B+ rating. Most customers detail issues with customer service and delays in shipments. This poor grade is linked to Flaviar’s failure to resolve some of the complaints.

Is Flaviar Subscription Worth It?

Flaviar Subscription Review

I would recommend this spirits membership service to anyone enthusiastic about expanding their knowledge of alcohol.

While they only offer select types of alcohol such as bourbon, rye and whiskey , they have a large variety of brands for you to choose from.

Customers also have the opportunity to save money by subscribing to one of the tasting boxes membership plans, alleviating the inconvenience of purchasing individual bottles to try. 

I’d like to acknowledge in this Flaviar subscription review that you may end up with a box that you don’t particularly like, since taste really is a preference. A small number of customers reported issues with customer service and delivery times as well.

But I can’t deny that it’s exciting to try something new, even if there’s a risk of not liking it in the end. To conclude my Flaviar subscription review, I think the service is worth trying. If you decide against it later on, Flaviar allows subscription cancellations at any time

Flaviar Subscription Promotions & Discounts 

Flaviar Subscription Review

Members can receive discounted prices on select spirits that are featured in their online shop. Aside from the standard membership perks, I couldn’t find a Flaviar coupon code.

Sign up for Flaviar Subscription

Flaviar Subscription Review

Customers can sign up for a Flaviar membership using this easy step-by-step process: 

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll to their two membership plan options, select and click join the club 
  3. Fill out the quiz online 
  4. Once you’ve completed the quiz, your Flaviar login account will be set up and you will be brought back to the join page 


Flaviar Subscription Review

Where is Flaviar located? 

While its co-founder, Grisa Soba, started his distillery journey in Slovenia, Flaviar is located in New York, US. 

Is Flaviar monthly?

There are two Flaviar memberships for customers to choose between. First is their One-Quarter Membership, where customers are billed every third of the month. The second choice is their Yearly Membership, where customers are billed annually. 

Is Flaviar a good deal? 

Flaviar has fair prices. Their service exists to save you the frustration of buying individual bottles of alcohol at full price. Flaviar’s memberships take the estimated total of all the tasting boxes and reduce the price. 

In 2020, Flaviar offered a deal on their 2020 Flaviar Advent Calendar. Customers had the opportunity to receive 24 sample whiskeys leading up to Christmas, which this Flaviar advent calendar review rates with a thumbs up. Be sure to check the website during the 2021 holiday season to see if this deal returns. 

What do you get with a Flaviar membership? 

All Flaviar memberships include one tasting box, one full-size complimentary bottle, free shipping on qualifying orders, Flaviar Originals, discounted prices for their online store, and access to other exclusive perks. 

What states does Flaviar ship to? 

Flaviar only ships their products to select US states; exceptions include Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 

How do I cancel my Flaviar subscription?

Customers can choose to cancel or pause their subscriptions at any time. In the event of canceling, members only have 3 days to end their subscription for a full refund. 

Pausing your membership will prevent your subscription from renewing at the end of your prepaid period. The membership will be dormant for a quarter, and will automatically renew.

Customers also have the option of purchasing individual bottles in their store without signing up for a subscription. 

How long does Flaviar take to ship?

Flaviar only delivers within the United States and the European Union. Customers are encouraged to contact their customer service team to inquire about specific shipment locations.

Flaviar vendors usually require 15 business days to take care of your shipment. Flaviar will provide a tracking number once an order has been shipped. 

Members have their qualifying orders, Flaviar Originals, and monthly spirits delivered for free. They also receive 50% off shipping costs on any additional orders. Anything else will be charged under normal shipping costs. 

What is Flaviar’s Return Policy?

Customers can return an order and receive a full refund within 3 days of purchase if it has not already been shipped. However, once an order has been delivered, it is not eligible to return.

If you receive a damaged or faulty item, customers are encouraged to contact the company to arrange for a refund or exchange. 

How to Contact Flaviar

If you have more questions after reading my Flaviar subscription review, you can contact the company by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • EU and UK post address:
    4th Floor, Silverstream House
    45 Fitzroy Street
    Fitzrovia, London
    W1T 6EB
  • US post address:
    244 5th Ave Suite F247
    New York, NY

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