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Glamorise Bras Review

Ladies, I’m sure that bra shopping is nobody’s favorite pastime. From ill-fitting cups to inadequate dress sizes, there are various barriers to finding the perfect fit. Fortunately, Glamorise offers its plus-size clientele with a candy shop assortment of push-ups and casuals. Don’t worry, there’s no need to sacrifice fashion over function here—as stylish designs come by the dozens. 

Of course, the company’s inspiring mission has gained them widespread recognition online. Glamorise boasts over 12.1k followers on Instagram! It’s also been featured in multiple magazines, including US Weekly, The Zoe Report, and Harper’s Bazaar. 

Since bra shopping is considered a headache and a half, we suggest you stick around for this in-depth commentary. This Glamorise bras review will provide a clear and close look at the brand, its best-selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth checking out. 

Overview of Glamorise Bras

Glamorise Bras Review

Let’s turn our clocks back to the age of Harlem jazz. In the midst of flapper dresses, prohibition alcohol, and bob-cut hair, Glamorise bras served as a critical part of a woman’s wardrobe. 

Yep, that’s right—they debuted in the roaring twenties, notably 1921. Headquartered in the make-it-or-break-it city of New York, this up-and-coming company started off as a humble boutique during its early years. 

Over time, Glamorise continued to evolve with every passing trend. This mainly includes its biggest highlight—the invention of the sports bra in 1975. Today, the company still retains three key values throughout its expansive inventory: quality, inclusivity, and fit. They’re mostly known for their leniency towards plus-size underwear, ranging from centennials to wire-free bras. 

Before we get into this Glamorise bras review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A wide selection of plus-size bras to choose from 
  • Offers a nifty bra finder for its online clientele 
  • Comprehensive size chart available 
  • Provides Afterpay as an alternative payment option 
  • Free first class shipping on all orders 


  • A few reported issues with fit and comfort 
Glamorise Bras Review

In the age of ‘free the nipple,’ most of us toss our bras aside in the name of comfort. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to deal with digging straps, ill-fitting cups, and inadequate sizing on an everyday basis. But in some moments, the coveted push-up does offer a few pros. Aside from its full coverage design, there’s something empowering in wearing the right kind of bra. 

For those yearning for their ‘Beyonce’ moment, Glamorise has been making bras for nearly nine decades. They’ve been perfecting the ideal fit for dozens of years—whether that be the push-up, the sports bra, or the casual bralette. If you’re looking for maximum support, they also offer designs that come with patented technology, such as MagicLift, WonderWire, and Complete Comfort. 

Need a head’s up on what they’ve got? Don’t sweat it; this Glamorise bras review has you covered. We’ll gloss over a few of the brand’s all-time favs for readers to compare. 

Glamorise Bras Review

From glittering cups to lacy decals, you can’t deny that bra shopping is a treat for the eyes. Unfortunately, most designs come with a few caveats—such as discomfort and ill-fitting cups. Glamorise, on the other hand, sacrifices neither, as they provide a wide assortment of attractive styles suited for casual living. 

This women’s wear brand is home to several bras types, including centennials, front closures, wire-free silhouettes, full coverage prototypes, and more. Moving forward, this Glamorise bras review will feature a few of the company’s bestsellers for first-time buyers. Let’s dive in. 

Glamorise Bras Front-Close Smoothing WonderWire Bra Review

Here’s some TMI that’s probably not so TMI for any bra-wearer. Like some gals, I find it difficult to fasten bras at the back. I usually opt for the ‘wrap-around shift’ method instead of trying to finagle the clasp blindfolded. If I had known that the Front-Close Smoothing WonderWire Bra existed, I would’ve put my ‘turn band around-and back’ days behind. 

Designed for casual days, this bra comes with a nifty front enclosure for easy access. It’s also super comfy as well, as it comes with an extra-wide racerback and a cushioned underwire for maximum support. Best of all, this design offers a seamless fit, meaning that it’s free of any bumps or hard ridges when layered with a shirt. 

Offered in four different colors, the Front-Close Smoothing WonderWire Bra retails for $54

Glamorise Bras WonderWire Front-Close Bra Review

The Wonderwire Front-Close Bra offers easy access for you or any lucky viewer. Honestly, it’s a god-sent for those who can’t manage to unfasten the back enclosure, as this design features a secure clip on the chest that’s relatively easy to find.

 Of course, this isn’t the only pro associated with this bra, as it also comes with a padded channel, a cushioned inner band, and wide straps for maximum comfort.

For extra oomph, this bra features a lace-up detail to keep things flirty and fun. While the $52 WonderWire Front Close Bra is offered in black, nude, and white, we suggest spicing things up with a more exciting pattern, such as centennial leopard or navy print. 

Glamorise Bras Front-Close T-Back WonderWire Bra Review

Bras should act as a supportive boyfriend. Aside from making you feel beautiful, they should also offer help when needed. 

If you’re looking for a Tom Hiddleston or a Timothee Chalamet, the Front-Close T-Back WonderWire can serve as that cooperative partner. This everyday intimate comes with a secure chest clip, an adjustable t-back, and a cushioned underwire free of poking or jabbing. 

If you aren’t sure what size to get, checkout the helpful Glamorise bra finder online. It only asks a few key questions in order to get a feel for what you need. Available in five solid colors, the Front-Close T-Back WonderWire Bra retails for $54

Glamorise Bras High Impact Seamless Sports Bra Review

Gym rats already know. Exercise is no Insta-fest; instead, it’s a time dedicated to sweat and hard work. If you’re looking for an ensemble that comes with no bells or whistles, I’m sure that the High Impact Seamless Sports Bra can match with any leggings or gym shorts. 

This B.S free alternative comes with maximum support, as it features a cushioned underwire, high bounce control, and moisture-wicking properties ideal for endurance training. 

Designed to keep your ‘girls’ secure, this Glamorise sports bra comes with non-stretch double-layer cups to ensure no bust movement. You don’t have to worry about shifting or accidental unbuckling either, as it features a three column, hook-and-eye enclosure at the back. Regarding price, the Impact Seamless Sports Bra currently sells for $64.

Glamorise Sports Bra Review

Nothing is more deflating than realizing you left your sports bra at home. There’s a reason why we don’t work out in a simple bralette, as the ones engineered for exercise offer double support. 

In short, they ensure no bounce, movement, or shifting during training. If you’re looking for a replacement, Glamorise offers a wide assortment of suitable substitutions fit for gym rats. 

For a bit of teaser, this Glamorise bras review will highlight a few of our favs within the section. 

Glamorise No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra Review

Fit for jump rope, burpees, and running, the No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra promises zero jiggle as you move about. This all-supportive design isn’t here to joke around, as it offers maximum hold for high-intensity training. It features non-stretch cups, moisture-wicking properties, and a breathable mesh insert for those looking to go the extra mile. 

Oh, and did I also mention that the $41 No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra is Insta-friendly as well? This top showcases a unique, white hem along the border with the brand’s logo printed on top. Currently, you can snatch this gym essential in nine different colors, including purple, pink, and black. 

Glamorise High Impact Seamless Sports Bra Review

The High Impact Seamless Sports Bra is considered the Dwayne The Rock Johnson of sports bras. It’s optimized for high-intensity training, as this top is built with cushioned underwire, high bounce control, and moisture-wicking fabric in case you catch the sweats. 

If anything, it’s the kind of set that you reserve for no-nonsense workout days, the type that doesn’t warrant any Instagram selfies. 

Set in five available colors, the High Impact Seamless Sports Bra retails for $64. We suggest pairing them with loose gym shorts or leggings in case things get cold. 

Glamorise Magic Lift Bra Review

I swear, there’s nothing more distracting and annoying than poking underwires. In worst-case scenarios, you end up with a bust bruise that’ll take weeks to recover. Unless you love the sensation of endless jabbing, Glamorise offers a wire-free solution in the form of the Magic Lift Bra. 

In case you’re not versed in this revolutionary intimate, let this Glamorise bras review provide a crash course into what this design entails. 

Glamorise Magic Lift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra Review

If bust bruises aren’t your kink, the Magic Lift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra is free of any digging underwires. It’s basically the next best thing to wearing nothing at all, as this top promises all-day comfort in the form of bump-free cups, wide adjustable straps, and moisture-wicking fabric. 

Due to its rigid-free design, the $49 Magic Lift Seamless Support T-Shirt Bra can be worn under any tight-fitting top or dress. While it’s offered in three different colors, we suggest getting all of them in case you want to wear something sheer. 

Glamorise Magic Lift Active Support Bra Review

The Magic Lift Active Support Bra is suited for those constantly on the move. It’s definitely an upgrade to any bralette you have lying around, as this design features wide padded straps, moisture-wicking properties, and a stretchy back enclosure for added flexibility. Best of all, it comes with no sharp underwiring around the bust. 

Designed for everyday use, the Magic Lift Active Support Bra rings up to a total of $38. It’s definitely a steal, considering that it originally retailed for $50

Glamorise Magic Lift Seamless Sports Bra Review

If you want a gym set that doesn’t fool around, the Magic Lift Seamless Sports Bra is as serious as you can get. Compared to other leading designs, this supportive top ensures maximum hold without sacrificing any comfort. It may be one of the only bras with no underwiring, as this substitute features MagicLift technology instead. 

Built with moisture-wicking fabric, medium bounce control, and a flexible back strap, this $51 Magic Lift Seamless Sports Bra is definitely suited for rigorous training. 

Who Is Glamorise Bras For? 

Glamorise Bras Review

Glamorise touches on three different bases. One, it’s inclusive to all dress sizes. Two, it works to make bra-shopping easy for all customers. And three, it doesn’t sacrifice fashion over function. If you value one of these key assets, I’m sure that you and Glamorise will get along well together. 

What Makes Glamorise Bras Different From Other Bra Brands? 

Glamorise Bras Review

Compared to big-name retailers, Glamorise is one of those rare brands that works to make bra-shopping easier for its clientele. This is especially towards its website, as they offer useful resources to help customers find the perfect fit. They don’t just provide size charts. Buyers can also use their bra finder for personalized recommendations. 

Of course, we can’t forget to mention that Glamorise is as inclusive of a bra company as you can get. It’s honestly inspiring perusing through its website, as the brand usually features plus-sized models for its product pictures. 

Glamorise Bras Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Glamorise Bras Review

Glamorise has been around since the 1920s. With a company this old, it’s only natural for them to have a substantial fan following. Fortunately, they don’t disappoint, as we’ve uncovered thousands of rave reviews for their bras. 

To kick things off, let’s look at the ratings posted for the brand’s best-selling products:

  • The Front-Close Smoothing WonderWire Bra: 514 reviews with 4.4/5 stars 
  • The No-Bounce Camisole Sports Bra: 552 reviews with 4.7/5 stars 
  • The MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra: 800 reviews with 4.5/5 stars 
  • The WonderWire Front-Close Bra: 1,053 reviews with 4.7/5 stars 

Glamorise has definitely perfected the coveted bra, which just goes to show it’s decades upon decades worth of experience. Hundreds of customers report that their designs are both comfortable, flattering, and well-fitted for any occasion. 

“The front closure is very important to me, as well as the comfort factor. Glamorise is my favorite bra brand for both fit and comfort. As a bonus, they’re beautiful,” one customer wrote for the Wonderwire Front-Close Bra

“I’ve been wearing this bra forever,” another reviewer shared for the MagicLift Seamless Sports Bra. “It’s the only one that fits me and it’s supportive without an underwire – even for sports (golf, pickleball and tennis.). It is, in fact, the only bra I wear and works under T’s, and dress clothes.”

The positivity doesn’t stop there, as this Glamorise bras review uncovered more testimonials on other websites such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and The Bay. We’ll let the ratings do all the talking:

  • Amazon for the Full Figure MagicLift Seamless Wirefree Sports Bra: 8,406 reviews with 3.9/5 stars 
  • The Bay for the High Impact Underwire Sports Bra: 12 reviews with 4.2/5 stars 
  • Nordstrom for the MagicLift Original Sports Bra: 187 reviews with 3.7/5 stars 

“This is a great bra, easy to get on and off, and gives great stability when working out. Truth be told, I think I’m just going to wear sports bras from now on. Love the support,” one Amazon customer wrote for the Full Figure Sports Bra

Is Glamorise Bras Worth It?

Glamorise Bras Review

Glamorise leads by example when it comes to inclusivity. Their size charts are something worth marveling over and don’t get me started on their product photos. Just by visiting the brand’s website, customers can get a feel of its welcoming, all-inclusive nature. 

The company isn’t here to exclude anybody, as it’s looking to empower its clientele by offering well-fitted bras that don’t sacrifice style over function. 

The company offers years of bra-making expertise, which is something worth checking out for yourself. For a brand that believes beauty knows no size, this Glamorise bras review recommends that you add them to your shopping list. 

Glamorise Bras Promotions & Discounts 

Glamorise Bras Review

This Glamorise bras review found out that they have a sale outlet where customers can find select designs for up to 50% off. Currently, buyers will also receive a free gift along with their purchase. 

Aside from this, there doesn’t seem to be any promotions or discounts offered on their website. We suggest keeping an eye on the brand’s social media for any future updates. 

Where to Buy Glamorise Bras

Glamorise Bras Review

Looking to buy a Glamorise Magic Lift bra? Customers can visit to see what they have in store. You can also find them at select retailers, including:

  • Amazon 
  • The Bay 
  • Nordstrom 
  • Walmart
  • Bare Necessities 
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s


Glamorise Bras Review

Who Owns Glamorise Bras?

Despite its widespread popularity, the founder of Glamorise Bras is relatively unknown to the public. We do know that the brand is headquartered in New York City. 

Does Glamorise Bras Ship Internationally?

Yep! Glamorise ships to several countries, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, and Portugal. We suggest visiting the brand’s website to see if they deliver to your location. 

What is Glamorise Bras’ Shipping Policy?

This Glamorise bras review is happy to report that they offer free first class shipping on all US based orders. They also provide other delivery options, such as Expedited and 2-Day for a set fee. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is Glamorise Bras’ Return Policy?

Unhappy with your bra? Don’t worry, it happens. Fortunately, Glamorise offers a 40-day window for customers to send back or exchange their products. It’s worth noting that items must be in new condition in order to be considered eligible. 

Sadly, international orders are exempt from the brand’s policy. But in good news, it seems that they offer a free shipping label for buyers to use. To initiate the return process, customers must access the portal located on the company’s website. 

How to Contact Glamorise Bras

For inquiries unrelated to this Glamorise bras review, you can contact the company through:

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