Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

About Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

Jeffree Star Cosmetics can help you achieve a stunning makeup look that’s bound to cook up some gossip. From eyeshadow palettes to vibrantly colored lipsticks, this cosmetic brand is unapologetic when it comes to color and stirring up drama. 

Those versed in the YouTube community may have heard of this beauty guru before, as he’s usually grouped with other mega influencers such as Tati Westbrook and Nikita Dragun. 

Coupled with Jeffree’s impressive following of over 13.4 million, his cosmetic line also boasts a sizable community of 6.4 million. Of course, with an audience this big, it’s only natural for the company to be featured on various media outlets, including Glossy, USA Today, and Insider Magazine. 

Get your star-shaped mirror and put on your best multi-colored wig. We’re here to bring the tea when it comes to this mega-popular beauty line. This Jeffree Star Cosmetics review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s worth checking out. 

Overview of Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

Jeffree Star rose to prominence during the MySpace age of punk, emo, and alternative fashion. His love of creativity and color sent him into various artistic pursuits—most notably, his music profession in electornia and pop. 

In keeping up with the latest trends, it was only natural for him to gravitate to the world of makeup. Over the years, he decided to put a halt to his singing days in order to move onto the real love of his life: cosmetics. 

In 2014, Jeffree Star Cosmetics made its official debut in Los Angeles, California. Co-owned by Jeff Cohen, this makeup line quickly hit the ground running with its first release of the Velour liquid lipsticks. 

In the subsequent years, Jeffree’s YouTube career also took off, as he’s now considered a headliner within the beauty guru community. He’s most notably associated with big names such as Shane Dawson, James Charles, and Bretman Rock. 

Before we get into this Jeffree Star Cosmetics review, let’s go over some initial highlights: 


  • A wide selection of makeup products to choose from
  • Tons of makeup tutorials posted on Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel 
  • Provides Shop Pay as an alternative payment option  
  • Offers international delivery 
  • Free shipping on orders $125 or more 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

Don’t get me wrong; donning the ‘au natural’ look has its place in the makeup world. From nudes to dark espresso browns, sometimes it’s best to look subtle, depending on the situation. 

On the other hand, it can quickly get boring. Where are the purples, pinks, and Prussian blues? Color can do wonders in expressing one’s personality and creativity, which is not often embodied in neutral cosmetic tones. 

If you’re looking to add a touch of glimmer and glitz to your everyday makeup look, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has your best intentions in mind. This makeup line boasts an extensive collection of must-have eyeshadow palettes, including Weirdo, Jawbreaker, and Blood Money. They also sell other products such as lipsticks, mascara, highlighters, and setting powders. 

Moving forward, this Jeffree Star Cosmetics review will feature a few of the brand’s top-selling picks down below. 

Jeffree Star Mystery Box Review

Suppose candy isn’t your thing on Halloween—but you still want that trick or treat surprise. In that case, the Jeffree Star Mystery Box can help satisfy your curiosity-ridden needs. 

This unique bundle offers customers three options that come in Premium, Supreme, and Deluxe sizes. Depending on what you get, each parcel may contain 6–15 items in total. If you’re looking for spoilers, only two of them include clothing. 

Since the Mystery Box is supposed to be a surprise, customers cannot refund or exchange this product. It’s also the reason why it’s offered at a steal of $65. For those in a spooky sort of mood, add cosmetics—not calories, with this limited edition bundle on Jeffree Star’s website

Jeffree Star Palette Review

Arguably one of the more popular products within the Jeffree Star’s Cosmetic line, his eyeshadow collection has garnered lots of buzz on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re a long-time beauty guru fan, there’s a chance that you already know a few makeup palettes, including Blood Sugar, Controversy, and Jawbreaker. 

Do you consider yourself a novice makeup user? If so, there’s no need to sweat. This Jeffree Star Cosmetics review will provide a virtual tour of the brand’s best-selling eyeshadow palettes. 

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette Review

It’s time to channel your inner femme fatale. The Blood Sugar Palette is giving off major vintage vampire vibes due to its selection of rosy colors. Offered in a trunk compact, this collection features 18 different shades, including some memorable ones like cake mix, fresh meat, candy floss, and sugarcane. 

To spice things up a little, this set includes a blend of metallic, foil, and matte colors. Ultimately, it’s up to you to create your own makeup look—but we highly suggest opting for ‘Draculaen glam’ with a heavy wash of deep reds and purple. 

Best paired with burgundy lipstick, become the vamp tramp of your dreams with the Blood Sugar Palette for $52

Jeffree Star Mini Controversy Palette Cosmetics Review

If you love to stir the ‘teapot,’ the Mini Controversy Palette Cosmetics set offers all the drama to fulfill your gossip girl needs. Considered part of the Shane x Jeffree collaboration, this collection is built with nine shades in total. For those versed in YouTuber scandals, all swatches are inspired by beauty guru terminology, such as Exposed, Cancelled, and My Apology. 

For those who want more drama, this Jeffree Star Palette also comes in a larger size. Both are quite similar in swatch names and packaging; the only difference is the Diet Root Beard shade offered in the smaller version. Designed for queens and tea sippers exclusively, the Mini Controversy Palette Cosmetics retails for $28

Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette Review

Can’t get enough of Shane’s docuseries? For those who can’t wait for part 13, the Conspiracy Palette can help you preoccupied during hiatus. 

This creative set is part of the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson collaboration, as it’s inspired by several insider jokes shared by these two big-name influencers. If you’re a long-time fan, swatches like Trisha, Cheeto Dust, What’s The Tea, and Tanacon will undoubtedly result in a chuckle or two. 

Offered in metallic, foil, and matte shades, the Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette will definitely create a bomb makeup look that’s sure to cook up some controversy. This set costs an affordable $52, giving fans ample room to buy matching lipsticks and highlighters. 

Jeffree Star Cremated Palette Review

Want a makeup look that’s worth dying for? The Cremated Palette harbors a touch of magic and macabre throughout its silver-toned selection. Honestly, this collection pairs well with the Blood Sugar set, as it embodies the same spooky energy. 

Instead of pinks and purples, this bundle contains 24 swatches of grey hues. This mainly includes names like Goodbye, Life Insurance, Casket Ready, and Obituary. 

Since it’s offered in neutral tones, the Jeffree Star Cremated Palette can help achieve that coveted smokey eye look. If anything, you can make a glammed-up version of the Tin Man at the next Halloween party. Best paired with highlighter, the Cremated Palette retails for $58

Jeffree Star Mascara Review

No eyeshadow look is complete without a heavy layer of mascara. Luckily for readers, Jeffree Star offers a curated selection of formulas infused with maximum drama. From brown to blood orange, we’ll highlight two customer favs for readers to compare. 

Jeffree Star F*ck Proof Mascara Review

Honestly, does the F*ck Proof Mascara require an introduction? This eyelash enhancer doesn’t smudge or shift during the day, as it’s designed to be transfer and water-resistant. Best of all, it’s infused with biotin and castor seed oil to help nourish the lashes. This also helps remove that ‘crunchy’ feeling when it’s time for makeup removal. 

We also need to talk about the packaging—the Jeffree Star F*ck Proof Mascara comes with a woven exterior and a decorative tassel at the end. Priced at a steal for $23, this drama-ridden formula is practically begging to be layered with falsies overtop. 

Jeffree Star F*ck Proof Mascara Brown Review

The F*ck Proof Mascara Brown offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it comes in a neutral shade ideal for everyday use. On the other, it provides a boost of drama. Let’s not forget that the product is packaged in a dominatrix-inspired whip. This sultry formula is what you need to take your makeup look from a 10 to 11, as it does wonders in elongating your lashes. 

Designed to be water-resistant, this Jeffree Star Mascara can help you stay stylish during sad movies. It’s also infused with biotin and castor seed oil to aid in rejuvenation and shine. Unfortunately, the F*ck Proof Mascara is currently sold out—but once it’s back in stock, you can snatch it for $23

Jeffree Star Lipstick Review

Creativity requires balance. When it comes to makeup, it’s important for you to blend and marry each technique to a synonymous look. In short, you don’t want your lips to stay colorless if you’re wearing 5 different hues on your eyelids. Thankfully, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is home to various glosses and mattes suited for any aesthetic. 

For now, this Jeffree Star Cosmetics review will only look at the Velour Liquid lipsticks collection. Get ready to be sucked into a world of color. 

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks Review

There’s nothing more disappointing than streaky makeup. This bodes especially true for lipstick, as nobody likes that ‘cakey’ feeling after applying three layers of product. 

Fortunately, the Velour Liquid Lipsticks collection provides a boost of pigment in one simple swatch. Offered in matte colors, this set is available in 87 different hues, including Celebrity Skin brown, Thirst Trap champagne, and Prom Night pink. 

For those who want to attain those ‘Kylie Jenner’ kissers, the brand recommends exfoliating your lips first with a sugar scrub. Best followed with balm for a touch of nourishment, the Velour Liquid Lipsticks collection sells for $18 apiece. 

Jeffree Star Mirror Review

If you’re a long-time Jeffree fan, you know that nothing’s more iconic than his hand mirrors. Considered a vital prop in his YouTube tutorials, it’s only natural for his cosmetic line to offer up a few for sale. To keep things short, this Jeffree Star Cosmetics review will spotlight one of his customer favs down below. 

Jeffree Star Rainbow Soft Touch Review

For those in a pastel sort of mood, the Rainbow Soft Touch hand mirror can definitely add some Unicorn-inspired whimsy to their makeup collection. This unique tool features a star-shaped reflector with a nifty handle on the end. It showcases a stunning, tie-dye blend of blues, yellows, whites, and pinks. 

If you’re not a fan of the print, it also comes in other colors such as lavender purple, ombre red, and bright pink. Regarding price, the Rainbow Soft Touch Jeffree Star Mirror is offered at a friendly $25

Jeffree Star Concealer Review

Foundation and concealer are considered inseparable twins. You can’t have one without the other. Naturally, Jeffree Star Cosmetics offers both kinds of formulas on its website. 

For now, we’ll leave readers to peruse the brand’s foundation line on their own, as today, we’ll be focusing on the company’s concealer collection. Let’s get started. 

Jeffree Star Green Neutralize Redness of the Skin Review

Say goodbye to red patches. The Green Neutralize Redness of the Skin concealer can help mask any imperfections before layering foundation. 

This corrector is offered in a subtle sage hue, which acts to contrast any unwanted scarlet on your complexion. If anything, it serves as a preliminary step before any concealer, as it’ll help to add more coverage while preventing any cakeage. 

This product is also optimized to hide any tattoos, wrinkles, and scars for those who want to try it out. Also offered in 48 different shades, the Neutralize Redness of the Skin corrector retails for $22 at checkout. 

Who is Jeffree Star Cosmetics For? 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

Like any beauty brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is catered exclusively to makeup lovers. Compared to other big-name companies like Tarte and Charlotte Tilbury, this retailer banks on vibrant colors and unique packaging as the main highlight. 

On top of that, they usually lean towards the ‘YouTube’ demographic, as the names of the swatches are typically inspired by community drama. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

While there are no reviews posted on the brand’s official page, we did find several testimonials posted on other websites such as Influenster. The ratings go as follows:

  • The Velour Jeffree Star Lipstick collection: 39k reviews with 4.7/5 stars 
  • The Magic Star Shade C13 Jeffree Star Concealer: 285 reviews with 4.7/5 stars 
  • The Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Eyeshadow Palette: 1,738 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • The Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette: 6,935 reviews with 4.9/5 stars

According to one Influenster user, the Blood Sugar Palette definitely lived up to the hype, as it provided a large selection of colors. This palette is easy to use and blend. It’s incredibly pigmented too. I can’t wait to see all of the looks that I can create with it. The red shades all make my green eyes really pop.”

The brand’s attentiveness to color isn’t exclusive to its eyeshadow palettes, as hundreds of happy buyers were satisfied with the pigment of their lipsticks as well.

“I put the lipstick on at around 12:00 and after I had dinner at 8:00 p.m. I still had the lipstick on! Talk about long lasting! It’s a stunning color and you can tell that this lipstick is really good quality,” one Influenster reviewer wrote for the Velour Liquid Lipstick

The positivity for Jeffree Star Cosmetics continues on other websites such as Makeup Alley, which boasts a total of 306 reviews with a score of 4.1/5 stars. According to its official page, 76% of customers would repurchase their products. 

“This is an excellent concealer that does not settle in under eye creases and is buildable. It is good value for money compared to the high end products which do not perform any better to be honest,” one Makeup Alley reviewer shared for the Magic Star Concealer

All in all, many cosmetics lovers have complimented the brand for the way the products performed. This Jeffree Star Cosmetics review is also impressed by the range of shades and creativity that the company offers; customers are clearly having a blast exploring their options.

Is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Worth It?

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

This Jeffree Star Cosmetics readily recommends this makeup brand to beauty enthusiasts. While some shoppers might be deterred by the founder’s checkered past, the products themselves excel in quality and color payoff.

Definitely different from other big-name retailers, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is known to produce vibrantly colored palettes and lipsticks. In short, you won’t be disappointed once your order has arrived. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Promotions & Discounts 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

As of lately, this Jeffree Star review uncovered no promotions, sales, or discounts offered on the brand’s website. But, we suggest keeping tabs on the company’s social media for any future updates. 

Where to Buy Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

Looking to buy the Blood Sugar Palette? Customers can head over to to see what they have in store. You can also find them at select retailers, including:

  • Beautylish 
  • Beauty Bay 
  • Amazon
  • Niche Beauty 


Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a makeup influencer, businessman, and ex-musician. If you want the full tea, we suggest heading over to his main channel on YouTube. 

Is Jeffree Star Cosmetics cruelty-free?

This Jeffree Star Cosmetics review found out that its products are cruelty-free. That being said, it’s worth noting that only some of the brand’s formulas are vegan-friendly. 

Does Jeffree Star Cosmetics Ship Internationally?

Yep! Jeffree Star Cosmetics does ship internationally to select countries. They provide three delivery options: Standard Post, DHL eCommerce International Priority, and UPS Worldwide Expedited. 

What is Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Shipping Policy?

This Jeffree Star Cosmetics review is happy to report that they offer free shipping for domestic orders totaling $125. They also provide complimentary delivery for international purchases that are $175 or more. 

Due to increased demand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ products are limited to 2 per shade for all customers per month. This is to ensure that all customers can purchase their desired formulas. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to camp out at your local post office. To help keep tabs on your order, the brand will issue a tracking number via a confirmation email. 

What is Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Return Policy?

Jeffree Star Cosmetics offers a 14-day window for customers to send back their orders. Unfortunately, they do not issue exchanges at this time, except for the Magic Star Concealer

In terms of wait times, it typically takes 5–7 business days for returned products to be processed. To initiate the process, customers must mail back their products using the mailing address provided on the website:

9440 Lurline Ave

Chatsworth, CA 


How to Contact Jeffree Star Cosmetics

For inquiries unrelated to this Jeffree Star Cosmetics review, you can contact the company through filling their online request form or using the live chat feature.

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