Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

About Dragun Beauty 

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

Marking a milestone as the first transgender-owned cosmetics brand, Dragun Beauty strives to help you be the “architect of your own beauty.” Its collection of high-coverage, high-pigment products gives makeup lovers freedom to explore their creativity and design their own conception of beauty. 

This Dragun Beauty review didn’t have to look too far to gauge the impact the recently established brand has had in the beauty community. The brand has been profiled by big-name YouTube beauty influencers like Patrick Starrr, Manny MUA, and PopLuxe, as well as in PopSugar, and its Instagram has a mighty 729K followers.

We should note though that that isn’t a patch on the Instagram account of the brand’s founder, Nikita Dragun, which has a massive 9.2M following worldwide. Her YouTube channel is another prime outlet for the brand, with its 3.65M subscribers.

Are you ready to create beauty on your own terms? This Dragun Beauty review will give you an overview of the brand, surveying its products, customer feedback, promotions and discounts, and more in order to answer the question we know you’re asking—is Dragun Beauty makeup really worth it?  

Overview of Dragun Beauty 

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

Dragun Beauty was launched in 2019 by Nikita Dragun, a transgender Asian-American beauty influencer who built up a a massive social media following since joining YouTube in 2013. Nikita, who studied at L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, was inspired to create her brand to reach those whom the mainstream beauty industry tends to overlook.

I, as a trans woman, had certain needs that I felt weren’t being represented in the makeup industry,” Nikita said in an interview with Byrdie, and so she set out to create a brand that everyone could see themselves in. “These are products that help not only myself but so many other people in their life beyond being transgender—for trans people and all people.” 

That outlook carries over to Dragun Beauty’s mission statement. Rather than positioning itself as a trans-specific brand, Dragun Beauty is “all about empowering beauty lovers of all shapes, skin tones and sexualities as we journey along the road to self-discovery[,] unleashing the fantasy within.” 

Launching with two products, a color corrector and a brightening powder, that were sold in a purple dragon’s egg, Dragon Beauty has expanded its line by leaps and bounds in two short years. All of its products are certified vegan and cruelty-free, and select items are gluten-free as well. 

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

This Dragun Beauty review will take a deeper dive into some of the brand’s bestsellers below, but first up, let’s check out some of the most notable pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Inclusive beauty brand with message of self-definition and self-transformation
  • All Nikita Dragun makeup is certified cruelty-free and vegan 
  • Decorative DragunEgg packaging made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Afterpay available for installment payment option
  • Free standard shipping for US orders of $60 or more
  • International shipping available


  • No returns, refunds, exchanges, or cancellations
  • Pigmentation of the DragunFire Color Corrector (specifically the orange) can be hard to cover; some customers found it still showed through their foundation 
  • Packaging of the Face Palette can make it difficult to store with other palettes

Dragun Beauty Product Reviews

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

Dragun Beauty has created a line of face, eye, and lip products that will let you slay any makeup look. This Dragun Beauty review will take a look at some of the brand’s most notable products and give you insight on how to use them, how they work, and how much they cost. 

Dragun Beauty TRANSformation Face Powder Review

The TRANSformation Face Powder is a brightening and blurring powder set designed to add the finishing touch to your look. Coming in two shades, pink opal and yellow topaz, this powder will illuminate your under-eye and add a crucial boost of shine to your other face products.

Both colors of this Dragun Beauty powder are suitable for all complexions, and can be used either separately or together. Brush the powder evenly around the center of your face, and use a smaller brush for precise application around the inner eye area.

Infused with silky-smooth cocoa butter, the TRANSformation Face Powder will leave your skin looking and feeling great. It usually sells for $35, but you can currently get it for $30 during the brand’s summer sale event.

Dragun Beauty Face Palette Review

The skin-illuminating Face Palette gives you a sextet of visage-transforming colors. Whether you want a boldly sculpted look or something a little more subtle, these two contour shades, two blushes, and two glowing highlighters offer endless options for combination and variation. 

This Nikita Dragun palette includes:

  1. Fem Neutral Matter Contour — warm and blendable
  2. Surge Deep Matte Contour — for sharp, intense sculpting and definition
  3. T Girl Shimmering Blush — universal, warm pink shade with a hint of sparkle
  4. BB Girl Vibrant Matte Blush — buildable and blendable dusty rose
  5. Fantasy Opalescent Highlighter — gleaming violet highlighter
  6. Silicone Illuminating Highlighter — shimmering gold highlighter

Suitable for all complexions, the Dragun Beauty Face Palette is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Get it now for $36, marked down from the normal price point of $45

Dragun Beauty Forever Fantasy Setting Spray Review

You’ve invested time to create your most audacious and stunning look yet—don’t let your face fall off minutes after you go out to show it off to the world. The lightweight Forever Fantasy Setting Spray will lock down your look with a velvet touch. 

Mist this over your face once you’ve applied your other products and let the polymer droplets do their work. Fusing together on application, once dry they create an invisible armor that will keep your look safe and secure no matter where you’re going or who you’re going there with. 

You can also use this Dragun Beauty setting spray when applying your powder, blush, or eyeshadow to really make those pigments pop. Vegan, cruelty-free, and vanilla-scented, the Forever Fantasy Setting Spray is currently $18 (regular $23). 

Dragun Beauty Fantasy Palette Vol. I Review

The Fantasy Palette Vol. I is a five-shade eyeshadow palette for the icon on the go. 

Featuring four pressed shadows and one pressed pigment, this compact palette makes it easy to put a spin on your everyday eye look.

The matte finish shades in this Dragun Beauty palette range from rich brown (TRANSition) to vibrant maroon (La Draguna) to stunning violet (Harajuku). Wear them alone, or use them as bases for the two shimmer shades (Popstar and Rudegirl) to add that extra touch of magic.

Normally $30, the Fantasy Palette Vol. I is currently on sale for a jaw-dropping $12. 

Dragun Beauty DragunFire Color Correctors Review

Every artist knows that you’ve got to prime your canvas before applying paint to make those colors really pop. DragunFire Color Correctors are essential for a flawless face. Enriched with vitamins E and A, they will help you create an even base so that you can slay all your looks. 

This product comes in three colors, each specially formulated to deal with specific skin issues. Use the bestselling Dragun Beauty orange Color Corrector for dark spots, blemishes, and five o’clock shadows. The green corrector is great for redness and irritation caused by acne, rosacea, or even sunburns.

Last but not least, the lavender Dragun Beauty color corrector evens and brightens your skin so you can ditch dullness and discoloration. For all three, use just a small amount and blend to your point of preference; give it a minute to set, and you’re set! Once dried, the color will stay put and won’t mix with your foundation.

Currently 15% off with the Dragun Beauty summer sale, the DragunFire Color Correctors are available for $21 for a limited time. 

Dragun Beauty DragunGlass Review

Infused with hydrating jojoba oil, vitamin E, and honeysuckle extract, the vibrant DragunGlass matte liquid lippies will give you dynamite color without drying you out. No chance of smears or slathering here—the diamond-tip applicator will give you perfect precision every time.

When it comes to colors, there’s enough here to complement every complexion, and bring a blush to the bashful with their sassy names. Give the hot-pink Dragun Beauty Pussystunt a whirl if you’re feeling frisky, or go goth withblack-as-night Blackluxe. Get good vibes with Bad Blood red, or get a ballsy beige with Dragun Beauty Whorechata (yes, you read that right). 

DragunGlass lipsticks sell for $18 each, but you can grab them during the summer sale for $13

Dragun Beauty DragunFire Full Fantasy Review

Bid redness, dullness, and shadows farewell and embrace your fantasy to the full with DragunFire Full Fantasy. Featuring all three Dragun Beauty color correctors (green, lavender, and bestselling orange), this is the ultimate skin-perfecting package.

Simply shake up the corrector of your choice, take a small amount, and start building and blending in your problem areas. You can also use it to get a fantastically defined jawline if that’s your pleasure. And your jaw will drop when you see the price: normally $75, it’s currently marked down a full 50% to $38 (and yes, we can do math here, we’re just rounding up for you!).

Dragun Beauty DragunEgg TRANSformation Kit Review

The very first DragunBeauty product, the DragunEgg TRANSformation Kit gives you one shade of the DragunFire Color Corrector and one of the TRANSformation Face Powder in a gorgeous, decorative dragon makeup egg. 

Start casting your spell by applying your color corrector where needed to neutralize shadows, blemishes, imperfections or irritation. Let it dry, then weave in your foundation, pigments, and highlighters as only you can. Finish with the powder, and this dragon is ready to slay. 

If you’re not planning on keeping your egg as a conversation piece, don’t just chuck it in the trash—it’s made of 100% recyclable materials, so blue-bin that sucker, please! The DragunEgg TRANSformation Kit is going now for just $28 (regular $55), so move fast!

Dragun Beauty Dragun Glass 3-Way Review

Who said three’s a crowd? The DragunGlass 3-Way bundles together minis of three of the brand’s most iconic matte liquid lipsticks: Bad Bitch (beige), Bad Blood (pink), and Nikita (mauve). 

The mini-size makes these great for travel or for on-the-go touch-ups—not that you’ll need that, as the long-lasting formula will last you all damn day. The DragunGlass 3-Way kit is currently sold out, but goes for $25 when available. 

Dragun Beauty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

Ever since the release of the first signature Nikita Dragun egg, Dragun Beauty has had a definite sense of its identity as a forward-thinking beauty brand. But does this makeup for anyone work for everyone? This Dragun Beauty review took to the internet to see what customers really think about these inclusive products.

Let’s start at itself, and with the brand’s flagship product: the DragunFire Color Corrector, which scores a perfect 5/5 stars based on 223 reviews. One trans customer commented on how this product allowed them to better be their real self:

“[It’s] a breath of fresh air to find a company that makes a product to cover my five o’clock shadow. As a trans person, it can be very uncomfortable trying to pass in public with dark patches on my chin and cheeks. The color correctors are a lifesaver.” 

An older, female-identifying user also attested to how the color correctors work well with mature skin. “This [gave] me exactly what I was looking for. It camouflages blemishes from hormones. It erases scars and dark spots, giving you a flawless finish. Don’t be intimidated by the red color[:] It not only stays put, it blends beautifully with your foundation!”

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

Of course, there’s a hometown advantage to reviews on the brand’s official website. Let’s move this Dragun Beauty review over to Influenster, where the brand pulls in a 4/5-star overall rating based on 49 reviews. Many commenters related how they had initially been intimidated by the brightness of the color correctors, but were amazed by their effectiveness.

I was skeptical of this product as it looks orange and I have lighter skin. I still tried it and have just been using under my eyes before foundation and concealer. Oh my! My under eyes don’t look like I have 3 sons when I use this. Even my husband noticed the difference. Little goes far, recommend using after a moisturizer or cream so it glides on,” recounted one user.

At Amazon, the DragunGlass lipstick has a 4.2/5-star rating from 26 reviews. Customers were impressed not only by the vivid color of these lippies, but also by their attractive packaging and attention to detail.

This liquid lipstick is for sure one of their best products. I ordered color “Pink Nude” and [it] came in a very chic dark purple color packaging. The lipstick has a very nice and unique design and the applicator is very wide and easy to use with more coverage….The texture is super creamy with matte finish look but it doesn’t make your lips dry at all,” said one repeat buyer.

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

Given the sterling reviews these products have received from so many other users, this Dragun Beauty review is inclined to take the brand at its word.

Is Dragun Beauty Worth It?

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

This Dragun Beauty review has taken into consideration the brand’s products, their quality and effectiveness, and customer opinion and can say that, yes (or yas?), this is definitely a brand that is well worth supporting. With its wide range of inclusive products, Dragun Beauty is a makeup brand in which anyone can see themselves represented. 

Dragun Beauty products are versatile, long-lasting, and hydrating. In addition to its proven-effective formulas, the brand’s packaging and design are bold and aesthetically pleasing, fitting in with Dragun Beauty’s celebration of creation, invention, and self-transformation.  

Beyond its welcoming and inspiring message, Dragun Beauty also displays its commitment to the planet through its all-vegan product line and cruelty-free PETA certification. For all these reasons, this Dragun Beauty review has no hesitation saying that this brand is worth the buy.

Dragun Beauty Promotions & Discounts 

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

There is currently a major summer sale going on at For a limited time, you can get 15% to 60% off all products currently available on the site, from the signature Dragun Beauty TRANSformation powder to the advanced Dragun Beauty Fantasy Palette Vol. III.

When available, Dragun Beauty discount code can be applied at checkout. Make sure to check the validity timeframe and specifications of the offer before using the code, as it may not be applicable to your purchase.

Where To Buy Dragun Beauty

Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

Dragun Beauty products are available on the brand’s website, A Dragun Beauty Morphe collaboration in 2020 made the brand’s products available in Morphe stores and on the company’s website. You can also purchase Dragun Beauty at Amazon.  


Dragun Beauty Cosmetics Review

When did Dragun Beauty launch? 

Dragun Beauty launched in March 2019. Founder Nikita Dragun began the line with the TRANSformation Kit, housed in the signature dragon’s egg container.

What is Dragun Beauty’s Shipping Policy?

The brand ships internationally. Dragun Beauty shipping prices vary from $9 for standard shipping in the US to $16 (plus duties) for international orders. Dragun Beauty free shipping is available for US orders of $60 and up. Delivery can take 3-21 business days. You should also allow for delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What is Dragun Beauty’s Return Policy?

All Dragun Beauty sales are final. The brand does not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges on any products purchased through its site. If your product arrives damaged, contact the brand’s customer service.

How to Contact Dragun Beauty

You can get in touch with Dragun Beauty via email at [email protected].

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