Allure Beauty Box Review

About Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box Review

Allure Beauty Box is an industry-renowned cosmetics subscription service. Whether you pay month to month or sign up for an extended period, you will receive a minimum of six editor-curated cosmetic products (including at least three full-size items) in each Allure subscription box, with a total value of at least $100

When you sign up for an Allure subscription, you receive exclusive discounts, limited-edition boxes and products, and invitations to exclusive Allure events. You also have the opportunity to purchase certain limited-edition boxes as well as previous boxes, while supplies last—so if, say, the Allure Beauty Box August 2020 caught your eye, this is your chance to grab it! 

Need more? Allure also frequently offers exclusive member discounts that you can put towards products you really love. Each month, you can read about the upcoming products that will be available in the Allure newsletter or the brand’s social media. You can also watch videos of an Allure editor unboxing and introducing each product on 

This Allure Beauty Box review will take a comprehensive look at this subscription service, weigh the benefits of membership, and take a look at what customer reviews have to say to help you determine if you need an Allure Beauty Box in your life.

Overview of Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box Review

Lacey/Trunk Archive From Allure Online 

The power behind Allure Beauty Box is, of course, Allure, the NYC-based women’s beauty magazine published monthly by Condé Nast. The publication was founded in 1991 by Linda Wells, and is currently run by editor-in-chief Michelle Lee.

Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee 

Allure debuted its Beauty Box subscription service in the early 2010s. While there are several other beauty subscription services on the market, the Allure Beauty Box is one of the few that is overseen by true authorities in the field—they’ve tried the rest, and now they give you the best!

Before we dive into the details of the service, this Allure Beauty Box review will highlight some of its most notable pros and cons.


  • Variety of carefully curated, high-end cosmetic products delivered to your door every month
  • Value-for-money comparable to other cosmetic boxes on the market 
  • Unlock even more savings when you sign up for an extended subscription
  • Access to Allure exclusive news, discounts, and member events
  • Refer-a-Friend incentives and rewards
  • Shipping cost included in monthly membership fee


  • No shipping outside of the contiguous 48 US states and Puerto Rico 
  • Subscribers cannot customize products in their box
  • Only half of the products are full size

How Does Allure Beauty Box Work?

Allure Beauty Box Review

The Allure Beauty Box subscription operates on a monthly basis, and requires no commitment on the subscriber’s part. Whether you pay month to month or save more by signing up for a longer term, you always have the option to skip a month or suspend your subscription at no extra charge. 

While you cannot buy individual products from Allure Beauty Boxes, your membership gives you access to exclusive discounts, so if you find a product you particularly like you can follow the link to purchase it through a retail affiliate. 

You can also purchase certain limited-edition boxes outside of the monthly deliveries, as well as certain past boxes while supplies remain, with or without a membership. At present, the Allure Beauty Box December 2019 is still available, as well as four others. Click on “The Box” in the website’s main navigation bar, then “Past Boxes” in the drop-down menu to see them all.

You can also sign up friends to receive a gift subscription. On the “Become a Member” page, you will see a “Give a Gift” button below the subscription options. Once you click through, you’ll be taken to a new page outlining the various gift-subscription options (three months, six months, or a year), and you can enter the recipient’s information. 

So that’s what you get—but how do you get it, and how much does it cost? Never fear, this Allure Beauty Box review will break down this subscription service’s registration process and prices in the sections below. 

Allure Beauty Box Monthly Subscription

The Allure Beauty Box is delivered at the beginning of each month, but your first one will be delivered the same month you register for your membership. So for example, if you signed up between January 1st and 31st of this year, you didn’t have to wait until next month: you got the Allure Beauty Box January 2021 right away.

Even better, if you sign up near the end of the month, you’ll get two bundles in rapid succession. So if you joined the service on this past January 30, you’d get the January delivery right away, and the Allure Beauty Box February 2021 would be following hot on its heels. 

Each Beauty Box includes a minimum of six products, at least three of which are full-size. You will also occasionally receive bonus gifts like face masks, brushes, or additional samples. Many of the products included in your Beauty Box are Allure-exclusive, like the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound that was included in the February box, which was sold out at mainstream retailers. 

At the time of this Allure Beauty Box review, the current box is one of the highest-value bundles the service has ever offered: 13 total products (four of which are full size), representing a higher than $300 value for just $23 at the month-to-month rate.

Sound enticing? Keep reading as this Allure Beauty Box review breaks down the service’s pricing scale.

How Much Is Allure Beauty Box?

Allure Beauty Box Review

Allure Beauty Box subscription rates break down as follows: 

  • Month-to-month: $23 
  • 3 months: $65 ($4 savings on monthly rate)
  • 1 year: $250 ($26 savings on monthly rate) 

For all three subscription options, you’ll receive a free new-member gift in your first month. Note that the year-long subscription is non-refundable

There are also gift subscription options you can take advantage of, as per below: 

  • 3 months (3 boxes): $69
  • 6 months (6 boxes): $130 ($8 savings on monthly rate) 
  • 1 year (12 boxes): $250 ($26 savings on monthly rate) 

And for the man in your life, Allure has partnered with GQ Magazine to offer the GQ Best Stuff Box, which has two quarterly subscription options:

  • 6 months (2 boxes): $125
  • 1 year (4 boxes): $190 ($10 savings) 

Allure Beauty Box Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Allure Beauty Box Review

So that’s the story on this subscription service—now, what do the actual subscribers have to say? This Allure Beauty Box review took a look at customer ratings on three third-party websites to see if this is as good a deal as it sounds. 

On Influenster, the Allure Beauty Box racks up 4.2/5 stars based on 5,640 reviews. Many subscribers wrote that they felt they were truly getting great value for their money by having the opportunity to try so many luxury cosmetics without having to pay full price. One commenter nicely summed up this end of customer opinion:

I’ve been getting these beauty boxes for a couple of years now and they are always such a nice treat. It feels like Christmas every time I get one. The company always has great customer service and I’ve never had any issues with any items missing or broken. I’ve got to try so many amazing brands and products, many of them I permanently added to my skincare routine.”

Many buyers on this site rave about the variety and value they get from their Allure box subscription. As one of the five-star reviews put it:

I don’t know why this box isn’t rated higher. You almost always get two full size items that are at least the value of the box. Plus, they don’t just stick to the same brands over and over. It’s a great mix of high end and mid-range items. Even if one of the items isn’t my thing, I’ve always gotten well over double the value.” 

On Consumer Affairs, the Allure subscription scores 3.1/5 stars based on 144 reviews. one positive review pointed out: “I don’t mind that there is no customization because it’s a magazine and you’re getting all the great products that the editors receive and try out.” 

Other reviewers agreed that they enjoyed the element of surprise in the Allure Beauty Box, and the opportunity it gave them to try out products they might otherwise never have encountered (or been able to afford!). 

Is Allure Beauty Box Worth It?

Allure Beauty Box Review

The Allure Beauty Box is comparable to other beauty subscription services on the market, but advertises itself as exclusive because of the parent publication’s connections in the beauty industry. So, given that the monthly subscription price recently increased to $23, is the Allure Beauty Box worth it?

If you’re game to try new products, this Allure Beauty Box review thinks that this is a great way to sample different brands month to month. You’ll never get a repeat item, and if you do really like something, you might be able to buy it full-size with a Beauty Box membership discount. Just understand that most of the products in your box will be sample size. 

This Allure Beauty Box review recommends that you try a monthly subscription first. In our opinion, $23 isn’t a heavy ask for the chance to try out so many different products, and you can stop your subscription whenever you want.

Allure Beauty Box Promotions & Discounts 

Allure Beauty Box Review

Depending on what subscription option you choose, Allure offers a lot of different discounts and freebies in its Beauty Box membership. 

First off are the discounts you can enjoy by signing up for a multi-month subscription. If you prepay for a 3-month subscription, you save $4 on the month-to-month rate. If you prepay for the 1-year option, you save $26—but keep in mind that your fee for this plan is non-refundable. 

With each subscription option, you’ll also receive a free product on your first delivery. 

There are also discounts available for gift subscriptions. If you purchase a 6-month gift subscription, you save $8 on the 3-month price; and if you go for the full year, you save $26. 

Allure also offers “Refer-a-Friend” incentives, as follows: 

  • If you refer 1 friend, you get a free Viktor & Rolf Perfume (valued at $24)
  • If you refer 3 friends, you get a free Flawless Finish Duo (valued at $33)
  • If you refer 6 friends, you get a free Skin Detox Duo (valued at $54)

There are also limited-edition promotional Beauty Boxes like the Awards Winner Box, which features 11 products (a $204 value) for $60, or just $40 if you’re a member. Another example is the Fragrance Box, which includes 7 curated fragrances (valued at $215+) for $50, or $30 if you’re a member.

Members are notified of additional member-exclusive offers and discounts via the Allure Beauty Box newsletter. 

Sign Up For Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box Review

This Allure Beauty Box review has broken down the registration process to make signing up for your subscription as simple as possible: 

  1. You’ll see the “Become a Member” box all over the website, but it’s most easily found in the top right corner of the main navigation menu.
  2. When you click “Become a Member,” you’ll be taken to a webpage with the three subscription options, which are clearly organized in three pink boxes.
  3. Select your preferred subscription: monthly, three months, or one year. Prices will be broken down in the next section.
  4. When you’ve settled on which plan you’d like to go with, click “Subscribe” and a checkout page will open. 
  5. Enter your shipping and payment details. Additional benefits, including the free new-member gift, will be broken down in the next section.
  6. Review your order and confirm.
  7. Click “My Account” in the main navigation bar, and the Allure Beauty Box sign in page will open.
  8. Enter your information for the Allure Beauty Box login, and you’re all set to gain access to exclusive membership rewards!


Allure Beauty Box Review

What is Allure Beauty Box? 

As this Allure Beauty Box review outlined above, this is a cosmetics subscription service that gives you a monthly delivery of six or more cosmetic and skincare products valued at $100+ which have been carefully curated by the Allure Magazine editors. 

At least three of the items included will be full size, and you also get a small pamphlet that offers information about each product. Subscribers never get the same product more than once, which allows beauty gurus to try new products every month, as well as tried-and-true classics. 

Is Allure Box full size? 

As noted above, the Allure Beauty Box contains a mix of items of different sizes. At least three products in each box will be full size, while the rest will be sample size.

What is the Allure New Member Gift? 

The new member gift varies each month. For example, the February 2021 gift was a sample bottle of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar perfume.

What is the Allure Mega Bundle? 

When you purchase a 1-year Beauty Box subscription you will receive a free “Mega Bundle” of 12 products valued at over $315. You will not know what the products are until you receive your bundle. Note that some customers have complained of receiving old subscription products in their bundles. 

Can you skip a month of Allure Body Box? 

If you have a 3-month or 1-year subscription or a gift subscription, you can temporarily suspend it or skip a month by contacting Allure Beauty Box customer service.

Can you buy past Allure Beauty Boxes?

You can buy past Allure Beauty Boxes as long as supplies last by clicking on the “Past Boxes” link in the drop-down menu of “The Box” tab in the main navigation bar on the brand website. Note that the following boxes from last year are no longer available, among others:

  • Allure Beauty Box August 2020
  • Allure Beauty Box September 2020
  • Allure Beauty Box October 2020
  • Allure Beauty Box November 2020
  • Allure Beauty Box December 2020

Is it easy to cancel Allure Beauty Box? 

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by contacting customer service via phone or email. Further details on the process can be found below.

How do I know when my Allure Beauty Box has shipped? 

You will receive an email with tracking information when your Allure Beauty Box ships. The email will come from [email protected].

How long does the Allure Beauty Box take to ship?

The Allure Beauty Box ships to the contiguous United States and Puerto Rico. Shipping takes 3-7 business days, depending on your location

Does Allure Beauty Box ship to Canada? Sadly, it does not. 

How do I cancel my Allure Beauty Box subscription?

How to cancel Allure Beauty Box? Glad you asked. To be sure you will not be billed for the next month’s box, you must cancel by the last day of the month prior. For example, if you don’t want to receive the December box, you must cancel on or before November 30 to avoid being charged for next month. 

Remember that annual subscriptions are non-refundable: if you cancel, it won’t take effect until the yearly delivery cycle is finished. 

What is Allure Beauty Box’s Shipping Policy?

If you are an active Allure BeautyBox monthly subscriber, your box will ship by the third week of the month. If you are a new subscriber, your box should ship within 20 business days after you sign up.

Note that there is no shipping charge for the Allure Beauty Box, as it is included in your subscription fee. 

What is Allure Beauty Box’s Return Policy?

Allure offers returns and replacements if your box or its contents arrive damaged, if products are missing, or if you receive a duplicate product. You cannot get a refund if you don’t like some or all of the products in your box.

To replace damaged, missing, or duplicate products, you can contact customer service and  they will arrange to send you a replacement. Replacement products can take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive.

How to Contact Allure Beauty Box

You can reach Allure Beauty Box customer service by email at [email protected] and they will respond within 48 hours. You can also reach them by phone at 1-800-274-1603 (Monday-Friday, 7am-11pm CST and Saturday & Sunday, 8am-6pm CST).

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