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About EcoFlow

EcoFlow Review

They say you can never be too prepared, but we all know gas-powered generators and solar panels have their limits. EcoFlow provides responsible power solutions for modern homes. 

Powering up your devices, electronics, and large appliances, they make sure you have what you need in disasters. But they’ll also come in handy during the occasional blackout or on camping trips.

Despite EcoFlow’s recent launch, the brand has already gained a strong social community, with 80k followers on Instagram and 102k on Facebook. It has also been featured by popular tech publications like TechCrunch and Gear Junkie

So what’s in store for my EcoFlow review? A complete rundown of the brand and its best-sellers. I’ll also cover feedback, promotions, and FAQ to ensure you have what you need to decide if their power solutions are the right choice for your home.

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Overview Of EcoFlow

EcoFlow Review

The story of EcoFlow starts with a Kickstarter campaign in 2021. Bruce Wang, Eli Harris, Fan Zheng, Hannah Sieber, and Lei Wang came up with an original goal of $100,000. Amazingly, they ended up raising over $12 million

So why create the brand? Because while gas generators and solar panels have their place, one of those resources is non-renewable while the other depends on clear skies.

EcoFlow was created to give renewable energy “a place to live,” helping to power up your essential devices and appliances no matter the weather.

EcoFlow has seen so much success in just over a year, already landing retail partners like Home Depot and Amazon. But considering the world’s need for renewable energy solutions, it’s really no wonder companies are quick to get on board.

Based in San Francisco, the brand also has offices in Shenzhen, China, where its eco-energy solutions are made. EcoFlow offers an impressive selection of versatile power stations, smart generators, and solar panels.

Designed to work in real-life situations, they’re compatible with multiple energy sources, are equipped with plenty of outlets, and come in travel-friendly sizes.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, what’s next for my EcoFlow review? I’ll cover the highlights first, then get into the details of their best-selling power stations.


EcoFlow Review
  • Wide selection of eco-friendly power stations and generators
  • 6 methods to recharge the DELTA Pro
  • Recharges quickly
  • Holds 100% charge for up to one year
  • Offers deals & discounts
  • Available around the world

EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station Review

When disasters come knocking, and they always do, being prepared is key to comfort and safety. Think of the DELTA Pro Portable Power Station as your personal piece of security, supplying your home with 3.6kWh of power.

It allows you to run large appliances like ACs and freezers, or you can pair it with another unit to power up your entire kitchen.

The first part of an eco-powered prepared home, the DELTA Pro works seamlessly with the Smart Home Panel and Smart Generator and can be controlled by an app.

With 6 options for charging, you can fuel your EcoFlow DELTA Pro by EV station, solar panels, DC, and more. Start your journey with this smart, efficient power station for $3,699.

What customers are saying: “I am very happy with the purchase of this product used few times and it works the way it supposed to, did not try every option yet but so far so good thank you eco flow.”

EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station Review

If you’re looking for the power of a DELTA but need something a little more travel-friendly, the EcoFlow DELTA Mini Portable Power Station is your guy.

It’s super light and easily carried by hand, and can be stored in a closet out of sight until your next emergency. 

Giving you access to 1400W of power, it’s capable of charging 90% of electronics (12 in total at the same time) and can even provide up to 1800W of power when X-Boost is switched on. Plug into its USB or DC outlets for the right fit.

You can pick up this handy powerful mini for just $749 (previously $999).

What customers are saying: “Quality build of high end materials! Excellent design and very high functionality. So far so good!”

EcoFlow Delta Max Portable Power Station Review

Power loss happens. To stay connected and safe, the EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station may just be your biggest ally.

This generator gives you up to 6kWh of power thanks to its additional batteries, fueling large appliances like freezers in times of need when you switch on X-Boost. Hooking up to two 400W EcoFlow solar panels, it reaches 80% charge in 65 minutes.

You can get this power station in two capacities depending on what you need: 1600wh or 2000wh.

You can get the 1600 version for $1,399 (usually $1,799) or the 2000 version for $1,899 (usually $2,099).

What customers are saying: “Works exactly as advertised!! Powers all my electronics and recharge time makes it easy to just pick up and head to the cottage without confidence.”

EcoFlow River Pro Portable Power Station Review

A more compact version of the brand’s DELTA, the EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station weighs just 16.8 lbs meaning you can easily take it with you on the go.

It’s equipped with three 600W AC outlets with a 720Wh capacity, allowing you to power about 10 devices at the same time.

Super efficient, the RIVER Pro recharges to 100% in just 1.5 hours. Need more power? Turn on X-Boost mode to run electronics that require up to 1800W. Add this portable power station to your camping or disaster plan for $529 (normally $649).

What customers are saying: “Ordered this for a 2 week Jeep Camping trip. Worked perfectly for a little fridge to keep our food cold, morning coffee, and keep the fan running overnight. I was also able to use it to top off the e-moutain bikes. This thing is great!”

EcoFlow Smart Generator Review

Having a generator close by is a smart choice for all, but the usual ones come with hurdles like ensuring you have backup gas on hand or an extra battery.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator is rechargeable, recharging with DC.

Made with AC ports, you can charge your devices while it charges up through the DELTA Pro or Max. 

Adjustable through the app, you’ll be in control of what your generator is doing at all times. Be prepared and pick one up for $1,399.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing my EcoFlow review, this popular generator is sold out.

EcoFlow Solar Panels Review

Since EcoFlow’s whole MO is eco-friendly power solutions, it has to generate energy from somewhere, and that’s the sun.

With options from 60-400W, there’s something for every energy need and all of them are portable. Just ahead, I’ll tell you all about their best-selling panel.

EcoFlow 110W Portable Solar Panel Review 

The EcoFlow 110W Portable Solar Panel is like Goldilocks’ perfect porridge. It gives you a middle ground between a little and a lot of power, providing energy to your preferred power bank.

I love that it’s not just compatible with EcoFlow’s power banks, but is compatible with the majority of generators on the market. Of course, it’s recommended for the DELTA and RIVER power stations.

Thoughtfully designed, this panel lets you hook it up alongside other panels to generate more power. 

This EcoFlow Solar Panel is also foldable, has a kickstand to help you get the right amount of sun, and is totally waterproof.

An easy buy for mid-range power needs, you can get it for $299 right now (it’s usually $399).

What customers are saying: “Great product thank you I would recommend.”

EcoFlow Solar Generator Review

The sun is one of our most valuable power resources. EcoFlow helps you tap into its energy with its system of solar power generators.

Essentially the RIVER and DELTA power banks are equipped with portable solar panels, the brand offers a total of 8 different options. Below, you’ll meet its bestseller.

EcoFlow DELTA + 160W Portable Solar Panel Review 

You: love the idea of portable, rechargeable, eco-friendly power. The DELTA + 160W Portable Solar Panel: just that.

Charging from 0-80% in just one hour, you’ll be up and running quickly thanks to the 160W attached solar panel. 

What can you do once it’s charged? Since this EcoFlow Solar Generator has 6 AC outlets, you can charge and run up to 13 different devices at the same time with the capability to provide 1,260Wh of power.

Made with an IP6-7 rating for dust and water resistance, you can take it with you outdoors and not worry about a little rain. The DELTA + 160W Portable Solar Panel is also coated with an ETFE film to help it last up to 10 years.

It’s available in two different capacities. The 1300Wh version is on sale now for $1,699 (down from $2,299) and the 1000Wh version is $1,399 (usually $1,999).

What customers are saying: “Very pleased with the quick charge time. We have tested it with a 1500W space heater, set to low (750W). It seems to perform very well.”

Who Is EcoFlow For? 

EcoFlow Review

EcoFlow makes eco-friendly power solutions that are perfect for disasters, pandemics, camping, or any time you feel like switching your power source so something a little more earth-friendly.

I think you’ll like this brand if you want to do the earth a favor, save money (in the long run), and be prepared for power outages.

EcoFlow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

EcoFlow Review

It’s important to see what customers think about a product before investing in it, especially one that you will need to rely on in emergencies.

That’s why I’m dedicating an entire section of my EcoFlow review to a bunch of customer comments from around the web. While the brand doesn’t collect reviews on its website, there were plenty of other sources to pull from. 

I’ll kick things off with ratings from Amazon for the DELTA portable power station. Overall, it received a rating of 4.6/5 stars from 1,434 shoppers. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 79%
  • 4 stars: 11%
  • 3 stars: 4%
  • 2 stars: 2%
  • 1 star: 5%

90% of buyers gave it either 4 or 5 stars, so right off the bat, this speaks volumes about the DELTA’s quality. To give you an idea of what it can do here’s one particularly helpful EcoFlow review:

“I’m using two 100w flexible solar panels with it and on a cloudy day it takes in about 120w and max out at 180w of power!!! It is astonishing that it can also run my table saw and miter saw with 1800w output! What a monster! This is by far the most powerful power bank I own.”

To find out if this kind of feedback is typical, I headed over to Android Central. The author here awarded the DELTA Pro a 4.5/5-star score and wrote:

“The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a wonderfully built piece of hardware with intelligence and power to boot. With 3600Wh of battery capacity and output up to 7200W from a wide range of ports, this is one battery pack that can get you and your home through the storm. That is, if you can physically move it and afford it.”

Thankfully, the DELTA Pro has wheels that make it easier to move. While it is expensive, I appreciate that the brand offers payment plans through Klarna because the usefulness of this power hub is extremely clear.

My last stop was Home Depot, one of the brand’s retail partners.

There, the DELTA was awarded a 4.8/5-star score from 277 customers. 97% of them said they’d recommend it to a friend. Here’s one EcoFlow review that describes what it’s like to use:

“Ecoflow Delta is an amazing power station. Thankfully, had it on hand during a recent power outage. Delta powered our home refrigerator, cell phones, and laptops with battery power spare. Very happy customer!!”

It’s always nice when something you invest in pays off. It sounds like those who purchased the DELTA and the DELTA Pro believe it does.

I found heaps of raving reviews about the brand and its products, with only one or two complaints about technical issues. Overall, EcoFlow checks out and customers are very pleased with what they get.

Is EcoFlow Legit?

EcoFlow Review

For my EcoFlow review, it’s my job to tell you everything you need to know about the brand. That means keeping an eye out for red flags.

While I found some off-the-charts feedback for EcoFlow, I also popped over to the BBB to check in on how they handle customer complaints. 

Unfortunately, the brand currently has 10 complaints. While there are some more substantial claims, quite a few are from those who want the impossible, like a replacement after their warranty runs out and a refund without sending the original product back. 

In EcoFlow’s defense, they are a new company with incredibly high demand. While that’s not an excuse, it’s something that usually works itself out with time. Plus, the feedback I found elsewhere is telling of this brand’s commitment to quality.

Is EcoFlow Worth It?

EcoFlow Review

Created during a time of fear, Ecoflow addresses the planet’s need for power during disasters. Responsible and forward-thinking, no matter who you are or where you live, I highly recommend this brand. 

With that said, I understand not everyone can afford these types of products, though technically, they pay for themselves over time.

If you’re on the fence about one of their products, check out how much your monthly payment would be through Klarna. 

EcoFlow Promotions & Discounts 

EcoFlow Review

Even though these smart energy solutions can save you money in the long run, they can also save you money when you shop.

And since no EcoFlow review would be complete without a section on deals, we decided to include one here. Here’s what I found while scoping out the brand’s site:

  • Membership: Earn Eco Credits every time you shop. $1=1 credit, 1,000 credits=$10 off
  • Refer a Friend: Give $20, get $20

Where To Buy EcoFlow

EcoFlow Review

The best place to shop is directly from If you prefer, you can also find select products at Amazon or Home Depot.


EcoFlow Review

Who owns EcoFlow?

EcoFlow was founded by a group of forward-thinking folks including Bruce Wang, Eli Harris, Fan Zheng, Hannah Sieber, and Lei Wang. 

Can an EcoFlow power a house?

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro has enough energy to power a small space. It may not be enough to power your entire home, but it may take care of the energy needs in one or two rooms depending on what you’re running. 

How long will an EcoFlow battery last?

When the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is fully charged, it can last (unused) for about a year. They will last 6,500 lifecycles before decreasing by 20% in battery life. In terms of its lifespan, if you use it every single day, you can expect it to last for 10 years.

How do I connect EcoFlow to my house?

EcoFlow offers more than one product, so how to connect it to your house will vary. If you have the DELTA Pro, all you’ll need to do is turn it on and plug your devices into its USB, USB-C, and 20A AC outlets.

To install the Smart Home Panel, I recommend watching one of the brand’s videos.

Does EcoFlow ship internationally?

They do, but just make sure you’re on the correct version of their website.

Shopping on the US site will tell you shipping isn’t possible to other destinations, but if you click the country icon and swap to yours, you’ll see the correct shipping options.

What is EcoFlow’s Shipping Policy?

For US orders, EcoFlow orders take about 3-5 business days to ship out. Though the brand ships to some US Territories, it does not deliver to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO/DPO addresses. 

Once your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can click the number to follow your shipment’s journey. More details on the shipping timeline will be given at checkout.

What is EcoFlow’s Return Policy?

EcoFlow can’t cancel your order, but if you live in the US, they will accept returns. To start the process, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the return center and register your product(s)
  2. You will be sent an RMA and a shipping label to attach to the outside of your package
  3. A transaction fee of 2.6-3.6% plus the return shipping costs will be deducted from your refund amount (return shipping costs between $16-$90). 

If you experience any quality issues, EcoFlow will waive both of these fees and offer you a one-time replacement.

When EcoFlow receives your product back at their warehouse, they will issue your refund in 14 business days

How To Contact EcoFlow

EcoFlow Review

Do you still have questions after reading my EcoFlow review? You can get in touch with the brand through the following methods of contact:

  1. Phone: 1 (800)-368-8604
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Using the live chat feature on their website

Phone customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST, while the online team is available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm during the week.

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