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Artsnacks Review

Skip that regular trip to Michael’s. Artsnacks provides a monthly shipment of markers, sketchbooks, pens, and pencils for those creatively inclined. From Strathmore to Higgins, this subscription service only offers the best brands. 

With an Instagram fanbase of over 101k followers, Artsnacks seems to be a household favorite among creators. This includes being featured on numerous media outlets such as Nylon, BuzzFeed, and Refinery29. 

It’s time to fill up those mason jars with water and set up that painting easel. This Artsnacks review will provide a closer look at the brand, their services, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Artsnacks

Artsnacks Review

It’s only natural that Artsnacks came from years of graphic design experience. Fully immersed in all things creative, brother and sister duo Sarah and Lee Rubenstein came from relatively artistic backgrounds. 

Both hailing from RISD programs coupled with degrees from Lesley University and the Pratt Institute, the siblings decided to make the passion for self-expression accessible to everybody. 

Established in 2013, Artsnacks made their official internet debut in New York City. Run by a team of 3 people, this subscription service sources the best supplies when it comes to sketching, coloring, and painting

They host a large community of like-minded creatives, as shown through their mobile app, Mix. 

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, Artsnacks is all about empowering the value of imagination:ArtSnacks is a subscription box of unique, high-quality art supplies, with a mission to inspire people through the discovery of amazing art materials.” 

Before we really get into this Artsnacks review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • Offers a cost-effective way of shopping for art supplies 
  • Has a variety of subscription plans to choose from 
  • Provides an online community of like-minded individuals on their online app
  • Hosts events such as online painting sessions and kid activities on their website
  • Owns a separate online shop where customers can purchase their products individually  


  • Customers cannot customize their artbox 
  • Artsnacks are unable to provide refunds or returns for their subscription plans 

How Does Artsnacks Work?

Artsnacks Review

Hello, fellow artists. We know, it’s practically impossible to leave Michael’s or Curry’s empty-handed. With most of our paychecks dedicated to a new set of paints or pens, we find ourselves stuck in an endless, money-pit loop. 

For those adamant about turning over a new leaf, Artsnacks only provides the basics when it comes to creative supplies. 

Offered on a monthly basis, this subscription plan contains a minimum of 4 to 5 curated items. This can range from the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor set or the Sakura Pigma Micron Pens. 

Don’t worry, the folks back at Artsnacks will ensure that each item works in tandem with the rest of the collection. This helps keep check of no repeats or clashing products. You may also receive limited edition items that are exclusive to Artsnacks. 

It’s worth noting that customers cannot customize their own boxes. Disappointing, but bear with us here. Why limit yourself to a regular delivery of repeated items? 

By changing up the supplies each month, members are pushed to express their creativity by using different tools. With that being said, if you’re in love with a specific item, customers can visit their online store to make a separate purchase. 

Now, let’s get into their offered subscription plans. Artsnacks offers two memberships for customers to choose from. This includes their Basic and Plus programs. Both options come with different perks. 

To keep things simple to read, this Artsnacks review will provide their services in point-form down below:

Artsnacks Basic Plan:

  • Offered as a USA or international program 
  • Includes 4 to 5 full-sized items 
  • No surface included
  • Item menu guide
  • Small snack and a branded sticker 

Artsnacks Plus Plan:

  • Offered as a monthly or yearly plan 
  • Includes 5 to 6 full-sized items 
  • 1 full surface 
  • Item menu guide 
  • Small snack and a branded sticker 
  • Monthly code that promises free shipping 
  • Early access to promotions and events 

Customers can find an extensive list of details about their subscription plans by visiting their website. Moving forward, this Artsnacks review will take a look at some of their best-selling products on their online shop. 

And who knows? Maybe you’ll find one or two of these supplies in your next monthly box. 

Artsnacks Review

Artsnacks Review

It’s time to unleash your inner Picasso. From Derwent Natural Graphite Blocks to Tombow Dual Brush Pens, this subscription service offers a variety of supplies fit for every hobby. 

To give readers a taste of what they offer, this Artsnacks review will highlight a few of their fan favorites. We’re hoping that it’ll give you some inspiration for their next Artsnacks Inktober event. 

Van Gogh Watercolor Pocket Box, Vibrant Colors Set of 12 Review

Create your own Starry Night with the Van Gogh Watercolor Pocket Box. Manufactured in Holland, this painting set contains 12 different colors, including lemon yellow, rose, cerulean blue phthalo, and permanent red light. 

Complete with a round size 6 taklon brush and mixing tray, this kit is meant for spontaneous creating. We suggest taking this with you on nature walks or scenic road trips.

Rich in hue, these colors are “rated with the highest degree of lightfastness,” meaning they can last for over 100 years. Serving as a great present for those artistically inclined, here’s hoping that the Van Gogh Watercolor Pocket Set makes an appearance in your Artsnacks box. 

For the time being, this kit costs $40 in total. 

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens, 100th Anniversary Set of 10 Review

Ideal for comic book artists and graphic designers, the Sakura Pigma Micron Pens are made for boldening, highlighting, and detailing fine lines. 

Offered in varying sizes, this professional set comes with decorative black barrels and gold-tinted hooks. The best thing about this kit is that it’s entirely waterproof- meaning that it’ll pair nicely with any water-based paints or markers. 

This is a great product to have if you’re getting serious in illustration. For those hoping to be the next Junji Ito or Steve Ditko, add the Sakura Pigma Micron Pens to your Artsnacks art subscription box for $36

Strathmore 400 Series Toned Mixed Media Softcover Art Journal Review

This ain’t your ordinary dollar store notebook. The Strathmore 400 Series Art Journal offers a bit of texture and grip when it comes to paint, markers, and coloring pencils. 

Toned in hue, each page is meant to bolden and highlight shadows and lighted areas. Great for all mediums, this softcover notepad can act as a future portfolio for aspiring University students. 

This product is offered in colors tan or grey. Considered an essential for all artists, treat yourself to some freshly blank pages with the Strathmore 400 Series Art Journal

While it’s not guaranteed that it’ll show up in your Artsnacks art supply box, members can buy it as a separate purchase for $22

Uni-POSCA PC-3M Fine Tip Paint Markers, Set of 8 Review

Sorry, Sharpie. The Uni-POSCA Fine Tip Paint Markers are intended for special occasions only. Rich in pigment, these professional-grade pens issue odorless ink that dries permanently. 

Adept for all surfaces, this kit comes in 8 different colors, including black, white, pink, green, and more. It’s built with a tiny nib that is great for outlining small details. 

When it comes to creativity, we suggest pairing these pens with a watercolor set. It can act as a detailing tool to really bring out those minute accents. Color us happy, as the Uni-POSCA Fine Tip Paint Markers cost a cool $30

Who is Artsnacks for? 

Artsnacks Review

Let’s be honest here, folks. More often than not, we find ourselves in a bubble when it comes to creativity. As artists, we’re usually comfortable within our medium. Painters are unknown in the ‘marker’ universe, while sketch artists are unfamiliar with the world of gouache or watercolor. 

If you find yourself stumped when it comes to inspiration, Artsnacks is designed to dismantle the dreaded artist’s block. 

The great thing about Artsnacks is that their subscription boxes are relatively affordable. If you’re a long-time artist, you’ll know that shopping for supplies is never cheap. 

For those hankering for more creativity while staying within a certain budget, we suggest taking a look at what this company has to offer. 

Comparison: Artsnacks vs. SketchBox

Let’s get ready for an artistic showdown! To help readers make a more informed decision, we’ve pitted Artsnacks against its rival brand: SketchBox. 

Down below, you’ll find a point-form list of company perks, product variation, price comparisons, and other important details. It’s ultimately up to you to crown the winning victor. 


Artsnacks Review
  • Offers a variety of monthly subscription plans for customers to choose from 
  • Provides a wide selection of art supplies from markers to paint sets 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Has an online shop where buyers can purchase their items separately 
  • Hosts events such as painting tutorials on their website 
  • Has an exclusive online community through their mobile app, Mix 


Artsnacks Review
  • Offers a wide variety of art supplies on their online store 
  • Customers can choose from a selection of subscription plans 
  • The brand showcases a list of featured artists each month 

How Much is Artsnacks?

Artsnacks Review

To keep things simple to read, this Artsnacks review will provide their pricing details in point-form. It’s worth noting that the brand doesn’t offer a prepaid option for their plans because customers are billed on a monthly basis for their boxes.

Artsnacks Basic Plan

USA programs:

  • $24 per month: recurring 1 term plan 
  • $132 for 6 months: $22 per box 
  • $240 for 12 months: $20 per box

International programs 

  • $34 per month: recurring 1 term plan 
  • $192 for 6 months: $32 per box 
  • $360 for 12 months: $30 per box 

Artsnacks Plus Plan 

  • Monthly plan: $39/per term 
  • Yearly plan: $399/per 12 months 

Artsnacks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Artsnacks Review

Take this as a sign to invest in a few canvases and sketchbooks. This Artsnacks review found an overwhelmingly positive response towards this online subscription service. 

Their company website hosts a total of 2,264 testimonials in total, and that doesn’t include the vast community of artists sharing their works on Instagram. To get a better view of company ratings, we’ve gathered a few of their best-selling products down below:

  • Plumchester Small Square Sketchbook: 33 reviews with a 5/5 star rating 
  • Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolor, Half Pan Twin Set: 13 reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating 
  • Plumchester 1.5 Fine Brush Pen: 24 reviews with a 5/5 star rating 

According to reviews published on their company store, a majority of customers were impressed by how their sketchbooks, pens, and markers performed. 

When it comes to their subscription plans, several members voiced their approval of their monthly boxes. Their curated collections proved essential in creating inspiration and freshening new ideas

It is especially helpful to me as a creative person who gets overwhelmed in art supply stores. Not only do I get to try new products, but the choices are already made for me, maximizing the serendipitous enjoyment,” one reviewer wrote on their website. 

We also uncovered other reviews on websites such as Cratejoy and Amazon. Their ratings go as follows:

  • Cratejoy: 34 reviews with a 4/5 star rating 
  • Amazon: 171 reviews with a 3.9/5 star rating 

Both of these sources held positive reviews towards the Artsnacks subscription box. A sizable amount of customers raved about the products offered in their monthly shipments. Most buyers found their collection well-curated, high quality, and well worth the price

“As an avid doodler I’m always looking for new art supplies to try out but supply stores can be a little overwhelming. This box is the perfect way to try out some high quality and trendy products curated by and for artists,” one customer wrote on Cratejoy. 

Independent blogs, like PolicyGenius and My Subscription Addiction, also left favorable reviews towards this brand. 

Both authors commended the brand’s impressive collection of art supplies. They also noted the convenience of having a monthly shipment of pens, paints, and markers, as it offered a more cost-effective alternative than purchasing items separately. 

“ArtSnacks also provides its users with access to limited edition tools, like collaborations and hard-to-find items… Dedicated artists may save money in the long run by subscribing instead of buying individual items each month,” via a statement made by PolicyGenius. 

Despite the hype, this Artsnacks review uncovered a few customer complaints while combing through the inter-webs. Some buyers on Cratejoy weren’t happy with the selection of their products, while others complained that it was too expensive

“A few random pens and pencils at retail price. Nothing you can’t find elsewhere. You’d be better off buying random stuff from Amazon or St. Louis Art Supply every month for the same price. Disappointed,” one reviewer wrote on Amazon. 

Overall, this Artsnacks review places this subscription service on the good side when it comes to customer testimonials. This is partially due to their wide variety of products and their reasonable prices. 

Is Artsnacks Worth It?

Artsnacks Review

The death of all creativity lies in comfort. When we’re used to a certain medium we tend to stick with it. Fearful of mistakes, we limit ourselves as we stay within our artistic bubble. 

As a result, painting no longer becomes a passion, and sketching becomes a chore rather than self-expression. 

If you find yourself at a creative halt, chances are that it’s a sign to try something new. For those unsure of where to start, Artsnacks can act as the first step in terms of ‘imagination rehabilitation.’

We were generally impressed with their wide selection of art supplies. From gouache to fine-tipped markers, members are treated to the best when it comes to brands. 

As we mentioned before, their subscription plans are reasonably priced. For under $30, customers can get 4 to 5 items instead of, say, paying full price for a set of markers. They also offer a great community of artists that can connect via their mobile app. 

All in all, if you’re looking to break out of your artistic bubble, this Artsnacks review recommends that you give this brand a shot. Don’t be surprised if you end up posting your own work of art on their Instagram page in the future. 

Artsnacks Promotions & Discounts

Artsnacks Review

This Artsnacks review uncovered a few ways to help customers save money. Members can get 10% off the first month of their subscription plan by inputting the Artsnacks promo code: TAKE10 at checkout. It’s worth noting that the same discount applies to their referral code. 

At the time of this review, we were unable to find an active Artsnacks coupon code on their website. 

Sign up for Artsnacks

Artsnacks Review

This Artsnacks review will provide a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for their subscription plan:

  1. Click on the ‘let’s get started’ link on their landing page 
  2. Choose your preferred subscription plan 
  3. Fill out the necessary boxes at checkout to create an account 


Artsnacks Review

Where is Artsnacks located? 

This Artsnacks review found out that their headquarters are located in New York City. 

How do I cancel my Artsnacks subscription?

Customers can cancel their Artsnacks art box subscription plan by contacting the brand. It’s worth noting that their 6 and 12-month memberships can only be ended within the first term. 

What is Artsnacks’ Shipping Policy?

This Artsnacks review is happy to report that they offer international shipping to select countries. This includes the United States and the Netherlands. Depending on where you live, the brand may issue a tracking number for customers to use. For domestic orders, it usually takes 5 to 7 business days for boxes to arrive. 

What is Artsnacks’ Return Policy?

Sadly, Artsnacks doesn’t issue refunds or accept returns for their subscription plans. It’s worth noting that their month-to-month memberships can be canceled at any time. For concerns or grievances towards your order, we suggest contacting the brand for additional information. 

How to Contact Artsnacks

For inquiries unrelated to this Artsnacks review, you can reach out to the company through three methods of contact:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Submit a request in the help center 
  • Use the support function on their website 

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