Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

About Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

I’m a little bit of a skincare nut. When I heard the words “French” and “botanicals,” I pretty much drop everything because I know what a fantastic team the two make.

Yon-Ka Paris specializes in Phyto-aromatic treatments, also known as plant-powered, heavenly skincare. Each product features Quintessence, a melange of refreshing florals and herbs that invigorates your senses. 

In my experience, anything French is immediately perceived as being high quality. It’s the ingredients they use, the meticulous formulations, the effective formulas—all things skincare lovers adore about Yon-Ka Paris, which puts a natural, clean spin on traditional beauty

Landing features in Elle, Women’s Health, Allure, The New York Times, and many other trusted publications over the years, the brand has made a name for themselves in the world of sustainable beauty. 

Know your way around green skincare but looking for something a with a little more je ne sais quoi? This brand may be just the ticket. Just to be sure, have a read of this Yon-Ka Paris skincare products review. 

Here, I’ll look at important information about the brand, customer feedback, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth adding to your beauty regimen. 

Overview of Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

What we consume, wear, and put on our skin is personal. One that involves understanding our unique preferences and choosing from a vast selection of brands a product best fits our needs. I think it’s fun, others may find it tedious.

What we do, eat, and apply affects our health, and as this world catches onto the toxic nature of big brands and chemical ingredients, companies are becoming more aware of what their products are composed of and what that means for our health as a population. 

Yon-Ka Paris, founded in 1954 by the Mühlethaler family in France, has always emphasized quality. 

Throughout the years, passing the businesses down from generation to generation, their products have evolved with the growing needs of this world, pushing for cleaner, more natural, and more sustainable options. 

Sustainability is at the heart of what makes the brand (whose name translates to “energy” and “eternal soul”) who they are today. 

So, who are they, exactly? They’re a company striving to protect nature by eliminating their use of near-extinct plants and setting up beehives to help increase their population. That’s who.

They’re a company that uses cardboard packaging from sustainable sources and takes a stand by giving priority to sellers who protect indigenous knowledge of nature. In other words, they’re a brand I can really get behind.

Headquartered in France, I learned that the company has offices in the US and Canada as well. 

Like what you’ve read so far? Before I dive into the brand’s clean, sustainable lineup in this Yon-Ka Paris products review, I’ll fill you in on some highlights.


  • A Broad selection of products, from face and body care to beauty accessories
  • Transparent about what they put in their formulas
  • Prioritizes sustainability
  • Gives back to the planet & communities
  • Tons of promotions & discounts
  • Rewards program
  • Financing options available via PayPal 
Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

I believe that transparency is key when it comes to a successful brand—especially one that specializes in skincare. While combing through the brand’s website, I appreciated that each product page prominently displays Yon-Ka Paris’s ingredients, along with the percentage of natural ingredients in the formula. 

This transparency stays true no matter which item you pick, whether it’s from their skincare, body care, suncare, or men’s skincare line. 

The brand also offers accessories like massage candles, water bottles, and spa-to-go kits to help bring more relaxation and wellness into your life. That’s something I think we could all use more of.

In the next section of this Yon-Ka Paris products review, I’ll be focusing on the brand’s women’s skincare line only. You’ll read about a diverse product lineup of skin-loving and perfecting formulas, along with the benefits each one brings to your regimen. 

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

When it comes to skincare, there are a few boxes that need to be checked. Fresh is certainly one, along with being clean, gentle but effective, and balancing

At least, that’s my list, but I know I’m not alone. In this section, I’ll walk you through the brand’s aromatic selection of skincare that checks all of those boxes and more. 

Let’s start with the basis of clear, balanced skin: a toner. 

Yon-Ka Paris Lotion PS Review 

You may never have used a toner before, or perhaps you’ve used one that stung your skin and felt like it contained 99% alcohol. I certainly have.

Yon-Ka Paris’s toner, Lotion PS, is an alcohol-free, soothing lotion made with 5 essential oils to pull out impurities, gently exfoliate, and balance skin. These oils make sure skin is hydrated and never left wanting. 

With sensitive skin, I was happy to find that the 99% natural formula is a real winner for complexion’s like mine and is refreshing to use both day and night while it levels out the skin’s pH. 

Rejuvenate your skin and your senses with a 200 ml bottle of Lotion PS for $45

Yon-Ka Paris Lotion PNG Review 

Using Quintessence Yon-Ka Paris—a blend of geranium, lavender, rosemary, cypress, and thyme—the Lotion PNG refreshes and cleanses skin without stripping. 

Made from 99% natural ingredients including a swirl of skin-hydrating and detoxifying oils, I read that this toner is ideal for those with normal or oily skin, promising to remove dirt and excess oil but never leave it dry

For use whenever your skin needs a little pick me up, this 6.76 fl oz Yon-Ka Paris Lotion PNG is $45.

Yon-Ka Paris Pamplemousse PS Review 

I know a little French, so I immediately picked out that the Pamplemousse PS is all about energizing citrus. 

Pamplemousse translates to “grapefruit,” and the zesty, nourishing fruit is known for its clarifying and antioxidant properties, specifically in the form of Vitamin C. 

This 1.72 oz cream is made with 5% grapefruit extract to add moisture and protection to stressed-out skin. Vitamin C is known for its brightening qualities, so you can enjoy luminous, glowing skin both night and day for $65

Yon-Ka Paris Creme 28 Review

Vitamins for our skin are just as important as the ones we feed ourselves. The Creme 28 uses Vitamins F, A, and E to protect, renew, and hydrate skin. Coupled with nourishing hydrants like olive oil and rejuvenating Quintessence, this cream makes sure yours looks and feels its best. 

Yon-Ka Paris says this cream is wonderful for use after sun exposure as it helps retain moisture. I think it would be an asset for the summer and I might even consider storing it in the fridge for a cooling treat for my skin. Made with 90% natural ingredients, a 1.79 oz jar of Creme 28 is $60

Yon-Ka Paris Gel Nettoyant Review 

Soaps are harsh and strip away vital nutrients. Skincare brands around the world are catching on to the negative effects of using soap in cleansers and I was pleased to see that Yon-Ka Paris is one of them. 

Foaming, but not harming, this gentle gel cleanser uses red algae and amino acids to feed and smooth out your skin. Made with 96% natural ingredients, the Yon-Ka Paris Gel Nettoyant balances the skin’s natural pH level to ensure it stays bright, tight, and supple which sounds pretty great to me. 

Get a 6.76 fl oz bottle for $45.

Yon-Ka Paris Gommage Review 

Traditional gel masks are great, but they’re usually not multi-purpose. Gommage is a 4-in-1 mask that exfoliates, clarifies, hydrates, and balances skin in just one step. 

Simply swipe a generous amount on your cheeks, forehead, and chin and the mask gets to work, reaching deep into pores to remove impurities while sloughing off dead skin to be removed when your peel is dry. 

I love a mask just for the fun of it on “me” days, but I appreciate that this one gets serious about results without being too harsh.

Though it’s an exfoliator, it’s non-irritating, so even those with sensitive skin can use it. Ideal for anyone with red or blotchy skin, Gommage softens, firms, and evens out tones thanks to natural ingredients like carob and brown seaweed. 

Renew your skin with a 50ml bottle of Yon-Ka Paris Gommage for $50.

Yon-Ka Paris Hydra No. 1 Serum Review 

If you struggle with dry, uneven, or aging skin, a serum is usually a good product to add to your daily regimen. In my own routine, it’s been a next-level step I never skip out on.

The Hydra No. 1 Serum addresses dryness and aging skin, infusing moisture into the skin and locking it in place with hydrating hyaluronic acid. Lightweight and 95% natural, the potent serum soothes with aloe and protects with Vitamins E, C, and A. 

See the difference with a 1.8 oz bottle of Yon-Ka Paris serum for $90

Are Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products All-Natural?

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

Yon-Ka Paris is almost completely natural. One of the best things about the brand (aside from the large percentage of natural ingredients they use) is their transparency. 

On each Yon-Ka Paris skin products page, you can see exactly how many of the ingredients are natural for that formula. For example, the Hydra No 1 Serum has 95% natural ingredients and the Gommage has 94%. 

On average, I discovered that the brand has a 92% natural ingredient score

Is Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Cruelty-Free? 

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

Yon-Ka Paris is a cruelty-free brand and does not believe in testing their products on animals. With that being said, due to certain ingredients like beeswax, not all of the brand’s skincare is free of animal-derived ingredients. 

Even though they occasionally borrow from the animal world to create their formulas, they make sure to give back to it. Yon-Ka Paris creates hives to combat the loss of bees in certain habitats and won’t use ingredients that are becoming scarce. That’s what really seals the deal for me about this brand—they’re unlike any other I’ve come across.

Does Yon-Ka Paris Contain Parabens?

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

Not recently! Yon-Ka Paris has now proudly removed all parabens from their formulas. 

Who Is Yon-Ka Paris For? 

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

Yon-Ka Paris has a balanced product lineup that caters to acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and hydration. They also offer body care, suncare, men’s products, and product sets, but their main priority is skincare. 

With that in mind, Yon-Ka Paris appears to be for women over 30 who care about what they put on their faces. I think it’s aimed at people for whom natural ingredients are a must, as is a company that gives back to the earth. 

They may be picky about where their skincare comes from and delight in the fact that what they use is made in France. Every now and again, they may even pick up a bottle or two of Men’s Age Defense for their spouses. 

Yon-Ka Paris Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

What we put on our skin matters. Gone are the days when we could skip reading the ingredients label and blindly pick up a product simply for the way it looks. Ingredients matter, and so does efficacy. 

If digging through customer feedback is a common practice of yours, then you’ve come to the right place. This is the part of my Yon-Ka Paris products review where I show the results after a thorough web search for only the most helpful customer comments. No digging required.

I combed through the brand’s website first to get a general feel for how shoppers enjoy Yon-Ka Paris skin care products. You’ll find ratings for some of their best-sellers below:

  • Gommage: 5/5 stars, 30 ratings
  • Lotion Yon-Ka Paris PS: 5/5 stars, 114 ratings
  • Lotion Yon-Ka Paris PNG 5/5 stars, 29 ratings
  • Gel Nettoyant: 5/5 stars, 52 ratings
  • Yon-Ka Paris Pamplemousse: 5/5 stars, 19 ratings

I thought that it was interesting that all of these Yon-Ka Paris products were rated 5/5 stars (not many on the site fall below 4.5/5), so let’s see what customers liked so much about them. 

Let’s zero in on the Lotion Yon-Ka PS for a second. I found an abundance of happy shoppers who love everything about this product from the fine mist to the refreshing scent and revived feeling it gives your skin. 

One Yon-Ka Paris products review reads, “I have sensitive skin, this toner is absolutely wonderful! It smells great and balances my skin out nicely!” Good to know this works for many skin types, even sensitive ones. 

Heading over to Lovely Skin, I saw a collection of Yon-Ka Paris products and ratings but decided to read more about the Phyto-Contour Eyes, rated 4.3/5 stars. Take a peek at the snapshot below to see how that score was calculated:

  • 5 stars: 20 ratings
  • 4 stars: 4 ratings
  • 3 stars: 3 ratings
  • 2 stars: 3 rating
  • 1 star: 0 ratings

It appears that this product is a lifesaver when it comes to puffiness and dark circles. One Yon-Ka Paris products review revealed that it “gets rid of any puffiness or lines from sleeping within seconds.” Many other users agree with this, remarking at its morning-eyes-reducing qualities.

It looks like Yon-Ka Paris has high ratings on and off their website, and I feel pretty content with my proof of the efficacy of their products. Yon-Ka Paris products are well received by those who use them, many stating they love the feel, smell, and effects they bring. 

Are Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Worth It?

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

First of all, I think the transparency, sustainability practices, and ingredients the brand uses are stellar. These three things are what a green beauty queen looks for in a skincare brand, and it’s fantastic to read that their products actually work. 

Efficacy isn’t something that always comes with natural beauty products, and I’ve had my fair share of totally clean products that just didn’t do what they claim. 

Yon-Ka Paris products are pricey, sure they are. But efficacy, transparency, sustainability, and clean ingredients are elements that drive the price of a product up and also make it worth the cost

If you’re skeptical about the brand, they have a few deals kicking around their site that you can read about in the very next section of this Yon-Ka Paris products review. 

Yon-Ka Paris Promotions & Discounts 

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

It’s my duty in this Yon-Ka Paris products review to scope out every last deal the brand has to offer. I did just that and compiled all that I found into a handy little list below:

  • Get 10% off when you subscribe to the newsletter
  • Enjoy a free Vitality Beauty Box on orders over $185
  • Get a free Trial Size Kit with orders over $75
  • Join the Rewards Program to earn points & get discounts
  • Subscribe to any product to save 15%
  • Free shipping on orders over $75

While I know this isn’t exactly a discount, I thought that it was worth mentioning that you can pay for your purchase in four easy installments using PayPal.

Where To Buy Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

To benefit from the deals I listed above in this Yon-Ka Paris products review, it’s best to shop on You can also find the brand at select retailers:

  • Look Fantastic
  • BeautySense
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eSkinCareStore


Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Products Review

Who Owns Yon-Ka Paris? 

Yon-Ka Paris is a family-owned business, passed down through generations of the Mühlethaler family. 

Where Is Yon-Ka Paris Made? 

Yon-Ka Paris cosmetics are all manufactured in France

What is Yon-Ka Paris‘s Shipping Policy?

Yon-Ka Paris is based in France but ships all over the world. They have several different versions of their site so be sure you’re on the one that matches your country. 

US shipping options include:

  • Ground: 1-6 business days 
  • 2-Day: 2 business days 
  • Overnight: 1 business day

All costs will be calculated at checkout. Once your order ships, you’ll get a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to follow your package’s progress. 

What is Yon-Ka Paris’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Yon-Ka Paris skincare products? You can return any unopened products within 15 days of delivery. The brand accepts returns on damaged or defective items within 30 days of delivery. 

To start a return, give their customer service team a call or shoot them an email using the methods listed in the next section of this Yon-Ka Paris products review, then follow these steps:

  1. Put all items you’ll be sending back in their original packaging
  2. Send it back to: 

200 Commons Way, Rockaway NJ, 07866

  1. Choose a shipping provider with a trackable service and remember to insure your shipment

Shipping and processing take about 14 business days, after which Yon-Ka Paris will refund your original method of payment. 

How to Contact Yon-Ka Paris

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Yon-Ka Paris review, you can use one of the three contact methods below to get in touch with the brand:

  1. Phone: (800) 533-6276
  2. Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Fill out the Contact Form on their website

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