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About Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever Review

Calling all cosmetic fanatics! Makeup Forever offers high-quality formulas suited for established professionals and novice artisans. From brightly pigmented lipsticks to bold eyeshadow palettes, its collection is anything but limited. 

Makeup Forever is considered a giant within the cosmetic industry. With this in mind, it’s only natural for a company this big to have a huge following. Their Instagram page boasts a total of 6.4 million fans. Some of their products, such as the HD Makeup Forever Foundation, have been favored by celebrities like Amanda Peet. 

Looking to expand your cosmetic glossary? Perhaps it’s time to pay this store a visit. Stay tuned, as this Makeup Forever review takes a closer look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever Review

Dany Sanz was unhappy with what the cosmetic industry had to offer. He studied fine arts in his former years and was no ordinary customer. Despite the colorful makeup trends of the 1980s, he felt that most products lacked creativity and quality. As a result, Sanz decided to establish his own company in 1984. 

Considered a pioneer within the industry, Makeup Forever is one of the birthplaces of professional cosmetics. Over the years, the brand has amassed a large community of certified artists. 

Their love for creativity has led them down the educational path, as they also lead makeup academies in Shanghai and Belgium. Today, the brand is headquartered in Paris, France. 

Before we get into this Makeup Forever review, let’s go over some initial highlights: 

Makeup Forever Review


  • A wide selection of makeup to choose from 
  • Customers can also enroll as students as part of the brand’s educational program
  • Provides a backstage discount for professional artists 
  • Offers Klarna as an alternative payment option
  • Free shipping on orders $50 or more 

It’s time to channel your inner Michelle Phan. Makeup Forever is considered a professional’s favorite when it comes to high-quality cosmetics. Trust me, perusing through their website is like taking a trip to your local candy store. 

They’ve got lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadow palettes, brushes for days. For those well-versed in the makeup world, they offer a backstage program full of insider discounts. 

While I’m sure you can spend eternity reading up on every single product they have to offer, this Makeup Forever review will go on for, well, forever! To keep things short, we’ll only feature a few of the brand’s best-selling formulas for readers to compare. Take this as a sign to get your creative juices flowing. 

Makeup Forever Foundation Review

Considered the first step in every makeup routine (minus primer), foundation is essential in evening out skin tones while masking imperfections. Fortunately, this cosmetic brand is home to dozens of premium formulas, ranging from light tints to full coverage creams. This Makeup Forever review will spotlight a few of our favs within this section. 

Makeup Forever Ultra Hd Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation Review

The Ultra HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation is as good as you can get when it comes to full coverage formulas. This makeup essential lasts for up to 24 hours, making it ideal for everyday use. Designed to be blendable, seamless, and lightweight in feel, you can definitely avoid that heavy, cakey feeling that other leading creams convey. 

Best of all, the Makeup Forever Ultra Hd Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation also acts as a skincare product. To help prevent flakey textures, it is infused with hyaluronic acid to aid in hydration. Offered in an extensive range of 50 shades, add the Ultra HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation to your everyday routine for $43

Makeup Forever Make Up For Ever Reboot Active Care Revitalizing Foundation Review

If you want the best of both worlds, the Make Up For Ever Reboot Active Care Revitalizing Foundation acts as a skincare and makeup hybrid. Not only does this formula provide light to medium coverage, but it’s considered a good-for-you alternative when it comes to achieving a clear complexion. This unique cream is infused with ginseng, camellia japonica, and mondo grass. 

Together, these ingredients provide a boost in skin rejuvenation. It’s also key in stimulating collagen production while unveiling a healthy, satin glow. Designed to provide coverage for up to 24 hours, opt for the nutritional alternative with the Makeup Forever Make Up For Ever Reboot Active Care Revitalizing Foundation for only $39

Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin Liquid Full Coverage Foundation Review

For those not a fan of gloss, the Matte Velvet Skin Liquid Full Coverage Foundation provides a subtle finish devoid of any shine. It’s incredibly seamless to blend, and it doesn’t promise any cakeage, streaking, or flaking during the day. This creamy formula uses Flexi-Fit technology, which helps provide resistance and hold. 

Breathable and lightweight in feel, the Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin Liquid Full Coverage Foundation is a must-have during the warm season, as it’s freeing enough to use for hot summer days. Currently, this best-selling formula retails for $38 and is available in over 40 different shades. 

Makeup Forever Review

So, what’s the mood for today? Is it a smokey eye to match that sultry attitude or something simple for date night? No matter the decision, this cosmetic brand can offer you the formulas you need to achieve that coveted look. In this Makeup Forever review, we’ll spotlight a few of the brand’s best-selling eyeliners worthy of your consideration. 

Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Color Pencil Full Impact Glide Waterproof Eyeliner Review

There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving the perfect cat-eye. For those struggling to make that pointed wing, perhaps it’s time to blame the product rather than your skill. Fortunately, the Aqua Resist Color Pencil Full Impact Glide Waterproof Eyeliner can provide that sharp, elongated tip ideal for any makeup look. 

This specialty formula is designed to be water-proof and smudge-resistant. Honestly, it’s a god-sent for us who usually deal with raccoon eyes later on in the day. 

For those looking to add a little bit more drama, the Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Color Pencil Full Impact Glide Waterproof Eyeliner is also available in other colors such as forest green and deep-sea blue. Currently, this cosmetic must-have sells for $22

Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Multi-Use Waterproof Color Stick Review

Let’s be honest. Powdered eyeshadow is prone to fallout when it comes to blending. You don’t want any loose colors ending up on your cheeks, chin, or nose. To prevent this nightmare from happening, the Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Multi-Use Waterproof Color Stick offers a concentrated form of pigment that requires no cleaning. 

This nifty applicator provides a seamless and lightweight blend over the eyes. Best of all, it’s designed to be water and smudge-proof for all-day wear. Formulated to be safe for the waterline, achieve that ultra-dramatic look with the Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Multi-Use Waterproof Color Stick for just $23

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow Palettes Review

Let’s say you want to achieve a certain look. Whether it’s a sultry vampire or an ice princess, eyeshadow can definitely provide a certain vibe, depending on the color palette. In our opinion, it’s when makeup gets especially fun. 

Moving forward, this Makeup Forever review will highlight (no pun intended) one of the brand’s hottest picks within its eyeshadow palette collection. 

Makeup Forever Artist Color Shadow Refill High Impact Eyeshadow Review 

If you’re looking for maximum color payoff, I’m sure that you and the Artist Color Shadow Refill High Impact Eyeshadow will go along swimmingly. This Makeup Forever product is designed to replenish any bare-bottom palette you have. Don’t worry; it comes with the same notable benefits, including seamless blending and 12-hour wear. 

Currently, the Makeup Forever Artist Color Shadow Refill High Impact Eyeshadow is available in a rainbow of different colors. While it’s priced at a reasonable $17, customers can save even more money by adding additional swatches to their cart. We suggest heading over to the product description for any deets on discounts. 

Makeup Forever Concealer Review

With foundation comes concealer. You can’t live without both, as they’re both integral in achieving flawless skin. With that in mind, it’s only natural for Makeup Forever to have a concealer collection. For now, we’ll only feature one of the brand’s top-selling picks for cosmetic enthusiasts to compare. 

Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin Concealer High Coverage Multi Use Concealer Review 

Those dark circles and imperfections won’t go away on their own. Aside from a rigorous skincare routine, the Matte Velvet Skin Concealer High Coverage Multi Use Concealer can help mask discoloration for the time being. This high-performance remedy is designed to be water, smudge, and tamper-proof. As a result, you don’t need to worry about touch-ups later in the day. 

Offered with a precision tip for ease of application, this Makeup Forever Concealer does wonders in masking dark spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation in one go. Best of all, it can last up to 24 hours. Currently, the Matte Velvet Skin Concealer High Coverage Multi Use Concealer is available in various shades and costs an affordable $27

Makeup Forever Lipstick Review

From romantic pink to dominatrix red, the Makeup Forever Lipstick collection is practically endless. Aside from its wide shade range, customers can find a comprehensive set of formulas, including liquid-based creams and matte stains. 

To keep things short, this Makeup Forever review will gloss over one of our coveted favs within this section. 

Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Color Beautifying Lipstick Review 

Considered a favorite of Oprah in the 2020 Beauty O-Wards, the Rouge Artist Intense Color Beautifying Lipstick offers a punch of pigment in one easy swatch. This super indulgent gloss can last up to 24 hours. If you’re worried about flakey lips, there’s no need to sweat. It’s infused with amino acids and camellia oil to aid in hydration. 

The Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Color Beautifying Lipstick is available in dozens of different shades, including chic brick, spirited pink, and brave blue. Fortunately, there’s no need to shell out your pockets for this cosmetic bestseller, as it only costs $23 in total. 

Who Is Makeup Forever For? 

Makeup Forever Review

It goes without saying that Makeup Forever is designed for any lover of, well, makeup, of course! If you consider yourself a cosmetic veteran, I’m sure you’ll find their lipstick, foundation, and eyeshadow collection impressive. I won’t say that it’s the most affordable brand out there, but it’s definitely in the middle of other big-name companies like Fenty and Two Faced. 

Makeup Forever Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Makeup Forever Review

Cosmetic fanatics, I’m sure you’re well familiar with the expenses of keeping up with this certain hobby. With that in mind, it’s best to do some background research before going ham on a specific brand. Luckily for readers, this Makeup Forever review has done the hard work for you in terms of finding customer feedback. 

To kick things off, let’s take a look at the ratings for the brand’s best-selling products:

  • The Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin Concealer High Coverage Multi Use Concealer: 383 reviews with 4.5/5 stars 
  • The Ultra HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation: 194 reviews with 4.1/5 stars 
  • The Rouge Artist Intense Color Beautifying Lipstick: 477 reviews with 4.6/5 stars 

The people have spoken. Makeup Forever is definitely here to stay, as dozens of happy customers report their products well worth the money. From lipsticks to foundations, it seems that the brand’s formulas excel in color payoff and performance. We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves:

I’ve seriously tried so many foundations and this is the absolute best! It’s so lightweight, gives full coverage but doesn’t look like you are wearing makeup. It is so dewy and makes your skin look absolutely flawless,” one customer wrote for the Ultra HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation

Makeup Forever Review

“I got this color in untamed fire and it was amazing,” one reviewer detailed for the Rouge Artist Intense Color Beautifying Lipstick. “I don’t normally use colors this bright but it went well with my skin tone. Loved the texture of the formula and it stayed put for a long time.”

The rave reviews for Makeup Forever extend past its company website, as we found hundreds of them on other sources such as Influenster, Sephora, and Makeup Alley. To keep things focused, we’ll only feature the ratings for the Ultra HD Foundation, which seems to be the brand’s number one top-seller. 

  • Makeup Alley: 269 reviews with 3.3/5 stars
  • Influenster: 11k reviews with 4.4/5 stars 
  • Sephora: 10k reviews with 3.9/5 stars 

“This is my favorite foundation,” one Sephora customer wrote for the Ultra HD Foundation. “I switched for a while but I always come back to this foundation. It gives me a smooth look that isn’t cakey and stays all day. And in the south you want a foundation that is going to last through this humidity!”

Makeup Forever Review

The love doesn’t stop there, as some independent bloggers also left a commendable review of this super popular foundation. 

According to a post published by Love You Tomorrow, “When first applying this foundation it often appears thick, cakey and like it’s sitting on top of the skin. However, after just a few minutes the skin is totally transformed as the foundation sinks in and creates a flawless, even canvass.”

From what we’ve gathered so far, the positive feedback definitely trumps the number of negative ones online. 

Is Makeup Forever Worth It?

Makeup Forever Review

There’s a reason why Makeup Forever has stayed in the cosmetic game for so long. Despite its wide selection of formulas, they don’t waver when it comes to product quality. The customer reviews speak for themselves, as hundreds of happy buyers state that it’s definitely worth a try

If anything, its cosmetics have helped to induce a bit of confidence in several satisfied users. For a cosmetic company that provides an equal balance of cost versus quality, this Makeup Forever review recommends that you check them out. 

Makeup Forever Promotions & Discounts 

Makeup Forever Review

This Makeup Forever review found out that the brand is hosting a Halloween sale, in which select products are 25% off. In order to take advantage of this offer, customers must input promo code: SPACEPARTY at checkout. They also have a clearance section where certain items are 40% off

If you’re looking for other ways to save money, we suggest heading over to Makeup Forever’s website. They offer dozens of promotions and discounts for specific items, such as the Artist Face Color Mini Duo

Where to Buy Makeup Forever 

Makeup Forever Review

Looking to buy a few Makeup Forever Eyeshadow Palettes for your collection? Customers can visit to see what they have in store. You can also find them at select retailers, including: 

  • Sephora 
  • The Bay
  • Walmart
  • Amazon 


Makeup Forever Review

Who owns Makeup Forever?

Currently, Makeup Forever is owned by parent company LVMH. It was formally led by founder Dany Sanz in 1984. 

Is Makeup Forever Vegan?

Most makeup Forever products do not claim to be vegan, nor are they cruelty-free. The brand suggests contacting them directly if you have any questions about a certain formula. 

Does Makeup Forever Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, this Makeup Forever review found out that the brand does not offer international shipping at this time.  

What is Makeup Forever’s Shipping Policy?

This Makeup Forever review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $50 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $6. Best of all, all packages come with complimentary samples inside. 

They also provide other delivery options such as Express and Priority. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email. 

What is Makeup Forever’s Return Policy?

Makeup Forever offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their products. According to the brand’s policy, “products purchased on MAKEUPFOREVER.COM cannot be returned to a MAKE UP FOR EVER boutique or Sephora.” Currently, the company does not issue exchanges through mail. 

Fortunately, the brand provides a free shipping label for customers to use. To initiate the return process, buyers must use the mailing address provided on their website:

Attn: Angelica Rodriguez
283 Prospect Plains Rd Suite A
Cranbury NJ 08512.

How to Contact Makeup Forever

For inquiries unrelated to this Makeup Forever review, you can contact the brand through:

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