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Halo Board Review

The coolest kids in school always had the best things. Obviously, getting respect from 13-year-olds is no longer a pressing matter—but there’s nothing wrong in channeling your inner kid. If you want a taste of what elementary school popularity must have felt like, the Halo Board would be considered a step up from the traditional bike

Handle-free and sleek in design, Halo Board is catered to those who love to ride in style. They’re all the buzz on social media, as the brand’s Instagram page boasts a 24.6k following. Their products have also been featured in various media outlets, including Gizmodo and Yahoo Finance. 

Electric skateboards are all the rage this year, but are they considered a worthy investment? Stay tuned, as in this Halo Board review, I’ll provide a comprehensive take on the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

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Halo Board Review

Trends come and go, but creativity is forever. Those who founded Halo Board didn’t necessarily hop on the electric skateboard bandwagon because it was popular. In actuality, they had a lifelong dream to design a form of transportation that was both efficient and sleek. 

The end result was something deserving of its own car commercial. High-end, eye-catching in construction, and convenient for traveling, this Los Angeles-based brand does its best to cater to the needs of the twentieth-first-century crowd. 

Before I continue further in this Halo Board review, let’s go over some initial highlights. 


Halo Board Review
  • A curated selection of hoverboards to choose from
  • Provides accidental damage coverage for their products 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Offers discounts on select models
  • Free shipping on all orders 

Halo Board Review

Hoverboards are one of the hottest gift ideas this season—but the question is, what brand should you opt for? If you have a bit of a nest egg stowed away, this company offers a curated selection of high-end electric skateboards to choose from.

Unique in design and select features, I’ll quickly go over some of their bestselling models next in this Halo Board review. 

Halo Board Beast Gen 2 Review

Halo Board Review
Halo Board Beast Gen 2

If you’re not fond of the handle-free segway look, the Beast Gen 2 model is considered a sleeker version of the electric skateboard. Futuristic in design, this vehicle is engineered with 3200 watts of power, which provides over 25 miles of ride time on a single charge. Other additional features include all-terrain wheels and ultra-curve trucks for quick turns. 

Considered a great way to make boring errands and semi-long trips fun again, the Beast Gen 2 model retails for $1,297. It’s worth noting that it originally sold for $1,797

Halo Board Rover X Review

Halo Board Review
Halo Board Rover X

Given that hoverboards are quite expensive, I think it’s safe to say that those who own them usually have a certain look. Typically decked out in designer streetwear and only sport hipster coffee shops, it’s an aesthetic enjoyed by the 1%. 

If you want to cop this lifestyle, the Rover X model is definitely worth a second glance. Powered with 800 watts, ride-assist technology, and a Bluetooth speaker in case you left your Airpods Max at home, it certainly screams ‘nepotism baby’ in full. 

If this is your first time riding a hoverboard, you’ll be glad to know that the $997 Rover X is equipped with training modes, rugged tires for grip, and built-in protection. It’s currently on sale for only $497

Halo Board UL Certified Electric Skateboard Charger Review

Halo Board Review
Halo Board UL Certified Electric Skateboard Charger

One of the main cons associated with buying a hoverboard is that it requires charging. Obviously, it’s considered a more eco-friendly alternative compared to cars, but you won’t run into the same problem with traditional bikes. Nevertheless, it’s important to add the UL Certified Electric Skateboard Charger to your shopping cart. 

Offered with a power supply adapter and a US style AC plug, the $39 UL Certified Electric Skateboard Charger is compatible with the Gen 1, Gen 2, and the Gen 2 Beast models. 

Halo Board UL Certified Halo Rover X & Halo Go 2 Charger Review

Halo Board Review
Halo Board UL Certified Halo Rover X & Halo Go 2 Charger

As we wait for self-dock charging stations to be invented, we can make do with UL Certified Halo Rover X & Halo Go 2 Charger for now. It’s a must-have necessity if you own the Halo Rover, the X, the S, and the Go 2. Inside, customers will also receive a power supply adapter and a US style AC plug with their order. 

Ideally paired with a drawstring pouch for easy storage, the UL Certified Halo Rover X & Halo Go 2 Charger retails for $39

Halo Board Halo Rover Carry Case Review

Halo Board Review
Halo Board Halo Rover Carry Case

As previously mentioned, hoverboards are no mindless purchase. They’re quite expensive, which is why it’s important to keep yours in tip-top shape. 

To help prevent scratches, dents, and other defects from occurring, the Halo Rover Carry Case can help ensure your model looks brand new. This protective bag is compatible with the Halo Rover, the Halo Rover Racer, and the Halo Rover X. 

Constructed with a shoulder strap and dual zippers for extra security, the Halo Rover Carry Case sells for $95 instead of its $110 markup. 

Halo Board Beast Gen 1 LED GLOW Street Wheels Review

Halo Board Review
Halo Board Beast Gen 1 LED GLOW Street Wheels

Speaking of cool kids, the Beast Gen 1 LED GLOW Street Wheels are the skateboard accessory equivalent of light-up shoes. Offered in a set of four, this stylish upgrade utilizes electromagnetic drives to provide that glow-in-the-dark effect. It also comes with 8 bearings and 4 spacers which are preinstalled, which is great for those not savvy with simple DIY. 

Price-wise, the Beast Gen 1 LED GLOW Street Wheels cost $117 in total. 

Who Is Halo Board For? 

Halo Board Review

Halo Board electric skateboards are considered a perfect alternative for those who are relatively lazy when it comes to riding. There’s no manual effort involved compared to cycling. Designed to provide a smooth experience, its small, space-friendly construction makes for the perfect vehicle for narrow sidewalks and streets. 

Halo Board Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Halo Board Review

Customer reviews determine the life and death of any brand. When it comes to Halo Board, it seems that they pass the vibe check. Fun to ride and convenient for short trips, the expense was relatively easy to overlook given its impressive design. I’ll kick off this portion of this Halo Board review by sharing some ratings for its bestselling products. 

Designed to tread up hills, rugged terrain, and easy city streets, customers report a relatively smooth ride with their Halo Board electric skateboards. Others stated that it made the perfect Christmas present for their friends and family. 

“This board was a gift but it was even better than I was looking for. I live on a college campus and it is perfect for getting around. In addition the torque on the beast makes the hills on campus seem like nothing,” one customer wrote for the Beast Gen 2 model. 

“I love my Halo. I have COPD and with my board it makes it a lot easier to get around. I can take my dogs out for walks and I can ride right beside my grandkids. I really like that I can jump off the road and it turns into an all-terrain vehicle,” one reviewer detailed for the Rover X skateboard. 

To beef up this Halo Board review, I decided to include some independent blogs. Websites such as Electric.Travel and Eridehero offered high praise for the brand’s electric skateboards. Sturdy and adept in handling tough terrain, both authors commended the level of quality control implemented in all of their designs. 

“Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to the Halo 2 or are new to electric skateboards, the Halo Board Beast is a great pick. Because of its great range, it’s an excellent choice for students and commuters who want to cut down on their car usage,” via a statement made by Eridehero.

If you have some money to spend, perhaps it’s worth investing in a shiny new toy. This brand has proven to be a considerable investment, given the vast amount of positive feedback. That said, I did encounter a few negative remarks that are worth including in this Halo Board review. 

Is Halo Board Legit?

Halo Board Review

I uncovered a few customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau. Some buyers reported faulty charging, manufacturing defects, and poor-quality design. Thankfully, the number of negative reviews pales in comparison to the amount of positive ones online. 

Is Halo Board Worth It?

Halo Board Review

I can confidently conclude this Halo Board review with a resounding two thumbs up. Considered a stylish way to ride, the number of specs integrated into the brand’s electric skateboards is definitely impressive.

If you’re looking for a fun excuse to ditch your Uber ride, this is your sign to cop a hoverboard. 

How To Choose The Best Electric Skateboards

Halo Board Review

Unless you’re bathing in riches, hoverboards are no mindless expense. It takes some careful consideration and forethought before you spend hundreds of dollars on a design. Case in point, I thought it best to outline some pointers to keep in mind in this Halo Board review.

  • Some electric skateboards provide longer ridership on a single charge. With that in mind, you should consider where you currently live, as hoverboards are typically suited for short destinations. 
  • What features do you value? For instance, only a few Halo Board models come with Bluetooth technology
  • Consider the location you’re in. Select electric skateboards are suitable for rugged terrain, while others are best ridden on flat pavements

Halo Board Promotions & Discounts 

Halo Board Review

Everybody loves a good discount, which is why I can happily report in this Halo Board review that most of their products are on sale. This includes models like the Rover X and the Beast Gen 2. You can also use promo code: ORDER50 to get $50 off your next purchase of over $300 or more. 

Where to Buy Halo Board

Halo Board Review

Looking to invest in an electric skateboard? If so, customers can head over to to see what they have in store. 


Halo Board Review

Who owns Halo Board?

As of lately, the founder of Halo Board has yet to disclose their name. 

What is Halo Board Return Policy?

To conclude this Halo Board review, I thought it best to quickly go over the brand’s return policy. The company offers a 14-day window for customers to send back their unused products. Unfortunately, they do not provide a free return label for buyers to use. To initiate this process, you must contact Halo Board for further instructions. 

Can I Take My Hoverboard On Airplanes?

U.S. regulations and certain airline companies ban flyers from taking hoverboards on airplanes.

How to Set Up Bluetooth for Music Playback

To connect your Halo Board skateboard to your phone, you must have both devices on. Customers should have the Bluetooth setting on in order to enable ‘Hoverboard-M’ to pair. 

Is the Halo Board Waterproof?

Halo Board models are not waterproof. However, they are somewhat resistant to puddles and splashes. 

How to Contact Halo Board

Halo Board Review

For inquiries unrelated to this Halo Board review, you can contact the brand through:

  • Phone number: (800) 557-4014 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out the contact form online 

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