Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

About Lovevery 

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Smart ideas start at stage one. Designed to nourish childhood development, Lovevery offers a wide assortment of Play Kits, ranging from building blocks to wooden rattles. They’re created for babies and young toddlers, and let me tell you—these toy sets look educational and fun to mess around with.

Established in 2015, this Idaho-based brand was the dreamchild of founders Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris. The idea to create stage-based toy kits was inspired by a doctoral dissertation about the neurological development of infant children. Impressed by what they’ve learned, Rolph and Morris thought it necessary to share this type of information with parents. 

Since its debut, Lovevery quickly amassed success for its innovative company mission—which 

is best showcased through its collection of trophies. They’ve won awards from Time Magazine, Parent’s Choice, and Fast Company. 

About Kiwico 

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Kiwico believes that imagination, creativity, and innovation can be spun at an early age. This educational resource looks to nourish childhood intuition for babies and pre-teens. They hope to inspire future problem solvers by implementing several Play Crates ranging from science-based projects to environmentalist-geared sets

You can thank founder Sandra Oh Lin, who established Kiwico in 2011. Headquartered in sunny Mountain View, California, the company has shipped over 25 million Play Crates globally. Of course, with a number that big, various media outlets have caught onto Kiwico’s success, including, The New York Times, and USA Today. 

Contrary to popular belief, playtime isn’t just for funsies. At an early age, children start to form vital life skills, whether that be vocabulary, motor function, hand-and-eye coordination, or fundamental problem-solving. 

With that in mind, it’s best to encourage their learning by implementing some routine projects, which is what Lovevery and Kiwico both specialize in. But here’s the million-dollar question—what company should you support?

With this Lovevery vs Kiwico review I’m here to do that problem-solving for you. I’ll provide an in-depth take on both brands by combing through their products, company purpose, price, and value to help parents make that critical decision. 

What to Consider

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Age range 

Childhood development is divided into 3 main categories: early, middle, and adolescence. Naturally, project kits should be organized by stage. Lovevery seems to cater towards ages 0 to 3

Kiwico, on the other hand, offers a broader range—clocking in at ages 0 to 14. While it’s important to account for your child’s age, you’ll need to do some future planning. For instance,  how long should they continue working on these activities?  


Like any good children’s book, developmental projects should offer some sort of takeaway. Lovevery’s Play Kits are designed to help nourish early-stage childhood development. This usually includes improving motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and fundamental cognitive function.

Since Kiwico accommodates a wider range of ages, their pre-teen-based activities usually involve more complicated problem-solving. This typically involves school-based learning, such as science experiments and basic DIY-ing

Design and safety features 

It’s natural for parents to worry. Fortunately, the brands I’m covering today are entirely safe to use. If anything, some activities may require adult supervision if your little one is still in the ‘lick everything’ phase. 

In terms of design, I can say for certain that Lovevery and Kiwico Crates are both eye-catching to look at. Best case scenario, they can keep your kid distracted for hours. 

Subscription flexibility 

The best subscription plans should offer some flexibility. Pausing, skipping, and canceling memberships should come with ease. On top of that, it’s also a plus if customers can choose the frequency of their deliveries, as well as setting up their own shipping schedules. Don’t worry; this Lovevery vs Kiwico review will talk more on this in future segments.


Parents love to be involved in their children’s education. So naturally, it’s a plus if the company in question offers additional resources for supervisors. This may include guidebooks, advice columns, and FAQs.  


You know what they say: it takes a village to raise a child. But can the village accommodate multiple children from around the world? That’s a more pivotal question to ask.

It’s always ideal if the company in question is highly accessible, whether that be in price or location. If they’re not available in certain countries, they should at least make up for it by partnering with retailers that can carry their products, such as Amazon or Walmart.  

Lovery vs Kiwico: How Do The Subscriptions Work?

Problem-solving is the core of Lovevery and Kiwico, but that shouldn’t apply to its sign-up process. Subscription plans should be easy peasy to navigate, and luckily for you, I’ve compiled a side-by-side list of points to consider when choosing a membership. And just as a head’s up, both plans are relatively straightforward to follow. 

Let’s start with Lovevery. All memberships begin with sharing some preliminary information. In this case, parents must input their child’s name and birthday. Afterwards, the brand will select the Play Kits based on the child’s age

Once you’ve got a general sense of what each bundle contains, customers must choose their subscription plan. This includes a prepaid 3-Kit, 4-Kit, or an occurring bundle where members can pay per shipment. 

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

In terms of fine print, here are some general things you should keep in mind when signing up for a Lovevery subscription plan:

  • Customers can pause and skip their memberships at any time 
  • You cannot buy a Play Kit on its own. Parents must sign up for a subscription plan 
  • All bundles come with an activity guide for parents
  • Members cannot create their own Play Kit bundle
  • You are not required to return your Play Kits
  • Memberships last until the brand runs out of the recommended Play Kits as your child gets older (or if you decide to cancel) 

Kiwico’s sign-up process is quite similar to Lovevery’s, but offers some flexibility in customization. Aside from filling in your child’s name and birthday, parents can choose what project Crate they’d like to be delivered. 

The brand will recommend a few activities based on your kid’s age, but you can also view boxes outside of their suggestions. Afterwards, customers must choose how long they’d like to keep their subscription plans. 

This entails a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or yearly membership. Lastly, parents can choose to add a specially-curated book to their order. It’s basically a complimentary learning piece.

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Like its competitor, this Lovevery vs Kiwico review will outline some notable points included in the Kiwico subscription plan:

  • Customers can add more subscription plans to their order 
  • You don’t have to sign up for membership to buy a project kit 
  • Members can ‘rotate’ lines if they want to order a new set of activity Crates
  • Parents can cancel or skip their plans at any given time 
  • Subscription plans include free shipping, exclusive promo events, and automatic sign-up to the brand’s loyalty program 
  • Project boxes ordered by subscription are ineligible for returns. This does not apply on regular store orders 

I think we can all agree that both brands make the sign-up process relatively easy. Differences start to emerge when it comes to customization, subscription plan duration, and flexibility. 

For one, Lovevery is a great membership program for parents who aren’t sure of how to properly nourish their child’s developmental skills. Everything is recommended, which saves customers the mistake of ordering the wrong Play Kit. 

Kiwico provides a wider degree of flexibility and customization. For one, you don’t have to sign up for a membership in order to buy their project kits. In addition, customers are free to choose what activities they’d like to be included in their order. 

The brand does recommend a few based on age, but you’re open to choosing any bundle outside of your child’s age. It’s an excellent alternative for those who hate feeling tied down by commitment-heavy subscription plans. 

Oh, and have I also mentioned that both brands offer gift sets for parents to choose? This Lovevery vs Kiwico review will provide the skinny in the following segment. 

Lovevery Gifting and Registry vs Kiwico Gift Guide Review: 

Ah, ‘tis the season. Whatever holiday you celebrate, the weeks leading up to New Year’s are a time for gift-giving. Parents, I’d encourage you to do better than the regular Barbie doll and a toy car. 

Considered an add-on to your preexisting present, the Lovevery and Kiwico gift subscription offer some educational value for babies and pre-teens. Don’t worry; your kids aren’t going to sulk or roll their eyes when unwrapping their project kits. Everything is designed to be highly stimulating. 

At Lovevery, parents can choose to gift their own Play Kit, purchase a group-based bundle, or create a baby registry. To keep things easy to read, I’ll provide a comparative list for all options down below. 

Lovevery Gifting and Registry Review
Lovevery Gifting and Registry

Gift Your Own

  • Customers can give the gift of a Lovevery subscription plan 
  • Presents range from Play Kits, Play Gyms, Block Sets, and gift cards
  • For Play Kits, customers can choose how many bundles they’d like to send. You can also add a Play Gym and gift wrapping to their order
  • All Play Kits are pre-recommended 

Gift as a Group

  • A subscription plan where everyone pitches in 
  • Group members can contribute a sum of their choosing. When added together, it will fund the next Play Kit 
  • The creator controls when the bundle ships and when the gift-giving ends 
  • Partially funded Play Kits will transform into a gift code that the creator can use towards a subscription program 

Baby Registry

  • Requires group effort. Everyone contributes a given amount to the products wished in each list 
  • Customers can choose what Play Kits they’d like to be crowd-funded. This also includes the Play Gym 
  • You can select the end date for the Baby Registry 
  • Extra funds will be summed up as a gift code 
Kiwico Gift Guide Review
Kiwico Gift Guide

Gift giving at Kiwico is divided by individual purchases and subscription plans. Customers can choose to pay for a membership or buy separate project Crates off their store. As a bonus, buyers can narrow their search by shopping through age and price range. If you’re looking for something specific, all bundles are organized by activity. 

This ranges from artist, scientist, engineer, techie, and biologist. In terms of memberships, customers can decide on a monthly to a yearly subscription plan. It’s worth noting that everything is offered as a recurring payment. Members cannot pay for shipments in advance. 

Obviously, both brands offer some core advantages depending on the type of customer you are. For those who prefer group-gifting, Lovevery provides a neat and clean way for recipients to receive Play Kits through crowdfunding. 

Kiwico is an excellent option for those who want to purchase activity sets outside of a subscription plan. Plus, all ‘presents’ are organized by project, price, and age, which really helps in the gift-giving thought process. 

Lovevery The Analyst Play Kit vs Kiwico Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup Review: 

Fundamental problem solving, when it comes to basic childhood development, can be achieved through playtime and school-based activities. Case in point, the Lovevery The Analyst Play Kit and the Kiwico Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup offers varying degrees of critical thinking for young children. 

Below, this Lovevery vs Kiwico review will provide a rundown of what to expect for these two kits:

Lovevery The Analyst Play Kit Review
Lovevery The Analyst Play Kit

Lovevery The Analyst Play Kit

  • Catered for months 46, 47, 48 
  • Designed to boost motor skills, sensory functions, and language 
  • Involves 6 STEAM-based puzzles
  • Includes the Montessori Sensory Box, the Pattern Match Boats and Cards, Stackable Fraction Cups, and more 
  • Contains a ‘Quarter, Half, and Whole’ book, a Get Started Guide and a Play Guide 
  • Ships every 3 months
  • $120 per Play Kit 

 Kiwico Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup:

  • Designed for kids aged 5 and up 
  • Educates children on water pollution, wildlife rescue, and oil chemistry 
  • Teaches kids how to clean up spilled oil 
  • Includes a reusable storage bin, a toy boat, attached shapes, toy animals, and tools 
  • Contains step-by-step instructions and a ‘Beyond The Crate’ challenge 
  • Costs $30 as an individual activity box 
Kiwico Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup Review
Kiwico Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup

The Analyst Play Kit and the Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup project set are drastically different when it comes to educational value. For one, the Lovevery bundle seems to be geared for toddlers who are just implementing basic cognitive skills.

The Kiwico activity is catered for children who have a general understanding of the environment, as it jumps into heavier topics about pollution and the importance of environmental conversation. 

If anything, the Analyst Play Kit acts as a preliminary project for babies and tots. Once they’ve reached 5 years of age, they can graduate onto the Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup activity. I suggest throwing in some nature documentaries while you’re at it. 

Lovevery The Looker Play Kit vs Kiwico Atom Bead Maze Review:

Your baby could be the next Albert Einstein, but you’ll never know without some proper cognitive nourishment. 

Considered a hodgepodge of primary education and good ol’ fashioned playtime, the Lovevery The Looker Play Kit and the Kiwico Atom Bead Maze are designed to stimulate developing brains. Despite their differences, I can say for certain that both activities are created to produce that ‘Eureka!’ moment for your young one.

Need a rundown of what each kit entails? Don’t worry; this Lovevery vs Kiwico review has your back.

Lovevery The Looker Play Kit Review
Lovevery The Looker Play Kit

Lovevery The Looker Play Kit:

  • Catered for weeks 0-12 
  • Designed to build brain connections, explore new environments, and process high-contrast images 
  • Geared to implement sensory functions (light and sound)
  • Includes the Mobile toy, Sensory Links, Black & White Card Set, Standing Card Holder, Black and White Mittens, and 3 more toys 
  • Contains a Play Guide for parents 
  • Ships every 2 months 
  • Costs $80 per Play Kit 

 Kiwico Atom Bead Maze:

  • Made for ages 1 or older
  • Designed to improve motor function, sensory skills, and hand-and-eye coordination
  • STEM-based learning 
  • Features a bead maze organized by color-coordinated carbon atoms 
  • Includes a chemistry-themed board book, which teaches kids that objects are made up of molecules 
  • Costs $35 as an individual activity box
Kiwico Atom Bead Maze Review
Kiwico Atom Bead Maze

Generally speaking, The Looker Play Kit is designated for newborns who are just forming rudimentary sensory skills. It introduces them to high-contrast images, new sounds, and body awareness. 

The Atom Bead Maze also offers a similar degree of fundamental cognitive thinking, as it’s basically a regular bead maze designed with color specificity. The book may be too advanced for newborns, but it’ll make great reading material for when they grow older. 

Lovevery The Observer Play Kit vs Kiwico Baking and Fractions Review:

Who said that education can’t be fun? The Lovevery The Observer Play Kit and the Kiwico Baking and Fractions set offer hours of playtime joy for 3-year olds. 

Despite its academic value, both projects encourage parents to limit the use of mobile devices as a prime source of entertainment for their children. That’s right; the days of Baby Shark and Peppa Pig are reduced to only a couple of hours. 

Looking to invest in a project? This Lovevery vs Kiwico review will share a few salient points for each kit. 

Lovevery The Observer Play Kit Review
Lovevery The Observer Play Kit

Lovevery The Observer Play Kit:

  • Designed for months 37,38 and 39
  • Created to boost emotional intelligence, nesting, independence, and self-care 
  • Includes a Plan-Ahead Weather Board, a Modular Playhouse, Wooden Accessories, a Two-Seater Speedster, and two additional toys 
  • Contains the Emotion Book Set, a Get Started Guide and a parental Play Guide 
  • Ships every 3 months 
  • Costs $120 per Play Kit 

Kiwico Baking and Fractions set:

  • Made for ages 3+
  • Teaches basic math in the form of counting and fractions 
  • Kids can ‘pretend’ bake. This kit includes a toy mixer, a play oven, and fake food 
  • Includes recipe cards 
  • Costs $50 as an individual activity box 
Kiwico Baking and Fractions Review
Kiwico Baking and Fractions

Like the bundles I’ve covered so far, The Observer Play Kit and the Baking and Fractions Set are quite different when it comes to educational value. The Lovevery box teaches some rudimentary life skills pertaining to emotional intelligence and self-care. 

The Kiwico collection, based on its project theme, already assumes that your child has a grasp of basic cognitive thinking—as the activity requires some general understanding of how numbers work. 

Lovevery vs Kiwico: Quality

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Plastic? Please. Nowadays, parents are looking for more sustainable alternatives when it comes to buying toys and baby gear. Fortunately, Lovevery and Kiwico implement some green-led initiatives that are safe towards your kid and the environment—but don’t take our word for it. 

If you’re worried about the quality of their project kits, this Lovevery vs Kiwico review will offer some much needed relief for moms and dads. 

Lovevery takes great pride in the quality of their Play Kits. Everything is non-toxic and completely safe to use. In addition, all materials are rigorously tested by a third party to ensure that they meet specific guidelines. 

Sustainability wise, Lovevery utilizes environmentally-friendly resources, such as organic cotton, bio-based plastic, FSC-certified wood, OEKO-TEX fabric, and soy-based ink. By 2025, their manufacturing procedures will be 90% green and eco-conscious, according to their company mission. 

Kiwico isn’t as open as Lovevery, but you can take care knowing that some Project Kits are sustainably made. For instance, all Crates are packaged with less paper and filling. They only use cardboard sourced from responsibly-grown forests, which is always a big plus. 

Regarding materials, Kiwico typically uses wood and reusable resources for their toy sets and books. Art supplies such as clay, paint, and ink are completely non-toxic, in case your baby has a taste for anything but food. 

Quality, at the end of day, is dependent on your overall standards. But, I think we can all agree that Lovevery and Kiwico are commendable when it comes to material and sustainability. In our opinion, opposites show regarding company transparency. It’s always telling if a brand is relatively open about their manufacturing processes and level of quality control. 

Lovevery vs Kiwico: Price & Value

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

By now you’re probably thinking, “Project Kits? Psh, I can make them at home for free.” With that in mind, is it really worth paying for a monthly delivery of activity Crates for your kids? To answer this question, this Lovevery vs Kiwico review will feature the price points offered for both subscription plans, as well as any individually priced boxes. 

Lovevery subscription plans:

  • 3-Kit Prepay plan: $342 (saves $18), amounts to $38 per month 
  • 4-Kit Prepay plan: $432 (saves $48), amounts to $36 per month 
  • Monthly plan: $120 per kit. (ships every 3 months and amounts to $40 per month) 
  • Additional add-ons such as The Play Gym and the Home Collection: $7 to $400

Kiwico subscription plans

  • Monthly plan: $23 per month (saves $9 in total)
  • 3-month plan: $21 per month (saves $9 in total)
  • 6-month plan: $19 per month (saves $78 in total)
  • Yearly plan: $18 per month (saves $173 in total) 
  • Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup: $30
  • Atom Bead Maze: $35 
  • Baking and Fractions set: $50

At first glance, the Lovevery subscription plan seems to be the priciest option out of two. But, you should bear in mind that you’re paying for 3 Play Kits each month. 

Memberships end when your child reaches a certain age, as the brand only accommodates newborns and 3-year olds. Kiwico appears to be more affordable for budget-conscious parents, as members only get one Crate per shipment. 

Factoring in quality, Lovevery and Kiwico are worth the investment. Yes, you can choose to make these kits yourself, but let’s face it. As a parent, do you really have the time to do so?

Lovevery vs Kiwico: What do Customers Think?  

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Lovevery and Kiwico appear to be promising subscription-based brands, but how do they fare in terms of genuine customer reviews? As a busy parent, I’m sure you’re pressed for time when it comes to good ol’ company comparison, which is why I’ve rounded up some notable points to consider when choosing a membership plan. 


  • Holds over 2,172 reviews in total 
  • The Play Gym: 1,723 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • The Block Set: 1,099 reviews with 5/5 stars
  • The Organic Cotton Play Tunnel: 460 reviews with 4.9/5 stars 
  • Amazon for the Play Gym: 143 reviews with 4.6/5 stars
  • Facebook: 247 reviews with 4.2/5 stars 
  • My Subscription Addiction: 4.5/5 stars with 2 ratings 

Common customer feedback 

  • Exceptional product quality 
  • Well-made and durable in terms of construction 
  • A favorite among kids and parents 
  • Considered a great way to encourage early learning 
  • A few issues regarding customer service and product sizing 


  • Holds over 29k reviews on its website 
  • The Environmental Science: Oil Cleanup set: 7 reviews with 5/5 stars 
  • The Atom Bead Maze: 3 reviews with 5/5 stars 
  • The Baking and Fractions set: 1 review with 5/5 stars 
  • Trustpilot: 3,664 reviews with 4.5/5 stars 
  • Better Business Bureau: 113 complaints with 56 closed 
  • My Subscription Addiction: 23 votes with 3.8/5 stars 

Common customer feedback:

  • High-quality projects that offered educational value 
  • Creatively designed and fun for kids to play with 
  • Offered bonding time for families 
  • Reported issues with customer service and delivery times 
  • Some frustrations in canceling subscription plans 

Obviously, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to customer service and delivery. It’s not unheard of for a brand to run into shipping frustrations and general customer care, but it’s always a good idea to keep it in mind. 

From the feedback and numbers this Lovevery and Kiwico review has encountered, I can say for sure that they’re definitely worth a gander. 

Lovevery vs Kiwico: Promotions & Discounts

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Everybody loves a good deal—which is why this Lovevery vs Kiwico review has scoured through both websites to see if there are any ways to save money. It seems that both brands are somewhat active in offering promos and deals, which I’m sure is especially encouraging for any budget-conscious customer. 


  • Customers can save 10% when they prepay for the Play Kits 
  • In terms of their referral program, buyers can receive $20 off by sharing the brand’s affiliate link with their friends and family 


  • Customers can receive 60% off their first month by using promo code: JOY at checkout 
  • You can sign up for their newsletter to get 30% off your first shipment 
  • For every successful referral, buyers get $10 off their next order 
  • Provides discounts for schools and groups 

Promos shouldn’t be your ultimate deciding factor when choosing a brand. If anything, it serves a cherry on top. If you really want a dealbreaker, I suggest staying tuned for this Lovevery vs Kiwico review. 

Lovevery vs Kiwico: Shipping & Returns 

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

Here’s a common nightmare: you’ve fallen in love with a certain brand—but are immediately faced with heartbreak after learning they don’t offer international shipping. There are ways to mitigate disappointment, and it involves some thorough skimming through the shipping and returns policy. 

To help shave some time, this Lovevery vs Kiwico review will provide a rundown before you settle on a membership plan. 


  • Free ground shipping on orders $75 or more 
  • Standard delivery costs $6 
  • Only available in Canada and the United States 
  • Depending on location, packages typically arrive within 5 to 14 business days 
  • Offers a 30-day return window with a prepaid shipping label 
  • Play Kits do not have to be returned 
  • No glaring reports about delayed or unfulfilled orders 


  • Free shipping for all subscription plans 
  • In terms of individually-priced products, complimentary delivery is available for orders $49 or more
  • Provides international shipping (Deluxe boxes costs an additional $2)
  • Offers a 60-day return window for regular store items with no prepaid label 
  • Memberships are ineligible for returns 
  • Some frustrations in terms of delayed deliveries 

Lovevery is for North American-based customers, while Kiwico serves as an alternative option for those who don’t live in the western hemisphere—right? 

To Lovevery’s credit, some of their products are available to purchase at partnered retailers, such as Amazon and Target. Again, Kiwico is the more affordable option out of two since they provide free shipping for all of its subscription plans. 

Who Will You Shop With?

Lovevery vs Kiwico Review

The purpose of this Lovevery vs Kiwico review was not to crown any winners. I wanted to provide customers with a neat, side-by-side comparison of the pros and cons of both membership plans. By now, I’m hoping that you’ve formed a general sense of what each company offers, but if you didn’t—let’s take it from the top one last time. 

Lovevery teaches rudimentary life skills. This involves basic motor skills, level 1 problem solving, body awareness, and sensory processing. It’s not designed to be complicated since all Play Kits cater to newborns and toddlers. Their subscription plans are straightforward and quite reasonable, given the educational value. 

Kiwico accommodates a wider range of ages. Naturally, their Crates are a bit more advanced when compared to Lovevery. It requires some critical thinking, as some activities entail heavy topics regarding environmentalism and basic math.

As I mentioned before, Kiwico is more affordable. Their membership plans are also highly customizable, which is excellent for those who hate commitment. It’s a round of A+s, but you probably already knew that. 

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