Best Snack Subscription Box

How Snack Subscription Boxes Work

Best Snack Subscription Box

Got the munchies? We aren’t blaming you. With half of our grocery lists dedicated to snacks and sodas, it’s not hard to wonder why our monthly bill is so high regarding food. 

For those looking for a more cost-effective alternative, we recommend that you stay tuned to this best snack subscription box review. 

Delivered every month, snack enthusiasts can get their fill of salty and sweet treats. And don’t worry- it’s not just the usual potato chip bag and a granola bar. By signing up for a subscription plan, customers are given a wide variety of unusual bites from niche brands and foreign countries. 

Snack subscriptions offer a great way to expand your taste buds if you’re more familiar with Westernized food. This best snack subscription box review will spotlight 13 different membership plans for readers to compare. 

As a side note, we suggest opting for a pair of sweatpants- as it’s going to be hard to say no to at least one of these brands. 

13 Best Snack Subscription Boxes

#1: Universal Yums

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Let’s face it. Most of us can’t afford a monthly (or weekly) airplane trip to a country of our choice. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from trying different foods from around the world. Founders Monique Bernstein and Eli Zauner believed so much- as they decided to kickstart their own snack subscription service in New Jersey.

With a small fund of $4,000, the couple managed to launch Universal Yums in 2014. With a passion for exposing customers to the world of snacks, this online brand breaks through borders and cultural barriers when it comes to trying food. 

With a following of over 140k on Instagram, Universal Yums has also been frequently mentioned in the likes of Forbes, Wired, and BuzzFeed

What You Get:

Don’t get me wrong; I’ll take Chips Ahoy and Doritos any day of the week. However, I’m certainly not the only one hungering for something different. With a broad inventory of snacks from around the world, the Universal Yums subscription box enables customers to expand their taste buds for sweets and salty treats. 

Every month, Universal Yums features one country as their central ‘snack theme.’ For instance, customers can choose from the Turkey subscription box or the Korean goodies bundle upon ordering. When it comes to quantity, the brand offers 3 different memberships that vary in size and extras:

  • The Yum Box: 5-7 snacks (plus a 12-page booklet with trivia and games)
  • The Yum Yum Box: 10-12 snacks with 5 additional treats (plus a 16-page entertainment booklet with bonus content)
  • The Super Yum Box: 18-20 snacks with 8 additional treats (plus a 16-page entertainment booklet with bonus content) 

Need a sample of what they’ve got? Their selection includes a set of decadent hazelnut chocolate truffles from Belgium or a pack of Turkish sour watermelon gummies. I know, it’s hard not to give this Best Snack Subscription Box some consideration when confronted with these treats. 

Delivery & Cost:

As we mentioned before, Universal Yums offers three subscription plans for their boxes. All of their bundles are delivered on a monthly basis- but they offer some flexibility when it comes to changing shipment dates. For those willing to give this snack service a shot, we’ll outline their provided memberships down below:

  • The Yum Box: as low as $15 per box 
  • The Yum Yum Box: as low as $25 per box 
  • Super Yum Box: as low as  $38 per box 

Each membership plan comes with a list of 4 options- as customers can choose how long they’d like their snacks to be delivered for. This includes a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month period. 

Depending on what length of time you select, the final price for the Universal Yum Box will vary. For instance, 3-month’s worth of The Yum Yum Box costs $29 per box- or $87 in total. 

Fortunately, all Universal Yums subscription plans come with free US shipping. They do offer their boxes in other select countries, such as Israel and Australia. Deliveries are usually sent out within the 15th day of every year- but don’t worry, customers will be given a tracking number to help locate their purchases. 

As a side note, you can cancel or skip your term at any time. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Universal Yums doesn’t offer returns for any of their products. 

#2: Candy Club 

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Whatever happened to good, ol’ fashioned sweets? With most confectionery brands opting for the cold, factory-like aesthetic when it comes to packaging, Candy Club offers a refreshing break by offering vintage-inspired bon bons

Founded by Keith Cohn, this Californian-based tuck shop handcrafts their own variety of nostalgic treats- ranging from Cotton Candy Taffy to Tropical Drops. 

What You Get:

Sweet tooths, I think I’ve found the perfect subscription plan for you. Offered in two different memberships, customers can get their monthly fill of confections at a reasonable cost. Once you’ve settled on a size, the brand will ask for your taste preferences- as this can range from sweet or sour. 

Based on the results, the artisans back at Candy Club will curate a selection especially for you. Customers can either choose from the Fun Box (which includes 6-oz cups) or the Party Box (which contains 13-oz containers in total). 

While you can’t customize your own bundle, Candy Club states that you’re bound to love at least one of their chosen sweets. This may include a delicious set of gummi volcanoes or a scrumptious jar of cookies n’ cream bites. 

Delivery & Cost:

If you spend an ungodly amount of money on sweets per month, perhaps it’s time to give the Candy Club Snack Subscription Box a shot. To keep things easy on the eyes, this review will provide their pricing details in point form down below: 

  • The Fun Box: $30/per month plus shipping 
  • The Party Box: $40/per month plus shipping 

For those looking for the perfect present to give to their sweet tooth friends- Candy Club offers a gift membership plan that’s provided in a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month term. For their regular subscription programs, customers have complete control over editing their orders or canceling any future deliveries from shipping. 

Sadly, this online service isn’t available for those living outside of the United States. Due to the perishable nature of their product, members are also unable to return or exchange their Candy Club Subscription box. This extends to their individually priced products as well. 

#3: Thrive Market 

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Grocery shopping is a convoluted process. Commonly branded as inconvenient, inaccessible, and downright expensive, you ought to think that there must be a better option out there. Thankfully, founders Nick Green, Sasha Siddhartha, Gunnar Lovelace, and Kate Mulling were up to the task. 

Founded in 2014, Thrive Market came into the picture- as it has a mission to make food shopping easier for everyone. Based in Los Angeles, this Californian brand prioritizes on featuring brands that are premium, eco-friendly, and sustainable. They also ensure that their costs are downgraded in order to appeal to the common, middle-class grocery shopper. 

What You Get:

It’s not just snacks. By signing up for Thrive Market membership plan, customers are given access to a bounty of premium goods. With over 6,000 goods in their inventory, buyers can choose from a variety of household cleaning supplies, pet accessories, pantry goods, and more. 

As an added note, there are no order limitations or frequency restrictions tacked on- so order as much as you like.

To create a Thrive Market subscription plan, customers must fill out their online assessment form. By asking a few key questions about diet and family size, the brand will recommend a selection of products and brands based on your results. 

The company states that members can save up to an average of $32 per order, as all of their items are either 25% or 50% off its estimated retail price. 

Delivery & Cost:

To receive exclusive pricing and bonuses, Thrive Market members must pay a small monthly fee of $5 per month. Alternatively, subscribers can also opt to pay a yearly charge of $60. And just to be clear- you still need to pay for your cart of groceries each time. 

Once you’ve successfully created an account, customers have the freedom to choose how often they’d like their products to be shipped. This can vary from every month to every 12 weeks. 

You can also edit your order or cancel the Thrive Market subscription plan at any given time. In terms of perks, customers are treated to free shipping, gifts, and samples for every purchase made. 

Sadly, this membership program is available to American customers only. As a final note, the company does not accept returns once a package has been delivered. 

#4: SnackCrate

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Founded by Kyle Roarke, SnackCrate was established as a way to transform snack-binging into a worldwide cultural trip. Established in 2015, this Colorado-based shop curates the best treat finds from around the globe. From the European Daim bar to the popular Japanese Pocky sticks, customers don’t need to travel far to get their hands on the hottest picks. 

Boasting a sizable following of over 88.3k on Instagram, SnackCrate seems to be one of the internet’s favorite treat subscription services. They are also featured in numerous online magazines, including Delish, CNN, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. 

What You Get:

It doesn’t matter where you live. Everybody loves a quick bite. Offered in 3 different sizes, SnackCrate will personally select a bundle of treats from around the world. It’s far from random, as the company will feature a ‘country of the month’ for each box. 

For instance, their previous collection showcased the wonders of Spain, as it included goodies like the Fini Melon Bubblegum drops and Vidal’s Spicy Mango gummies. 

SnackCrate offers 3 different subscription boxes for customers to buy. This includes:

  • The Mini Box: 5-6 snacks 
  • The Original Box: 10-12 snacks 
  • The Premium Box: 18-20 snacks 

Delivery & Cost:

Ready for an at-home tasting session from around the world? This Best Snack Subscription Box review will provide the prices for their offered plans below:

  • The Mini Box: $14/per month (plus free shipping)
  • The Original Box: $26/per month (plus free shipping) 
  • The Premium Box: $49/per month (plus free shipping) 

Drool in excitement, as the SnackCrate subscription Box is set to be delivered on the 5th of every month. Fortunately, they offer international shipping to various countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. In terms of flexibility, customers can cancel their memberships at any time without commitments. 

Compared to the subscription plans we covered so far, SnackCrate allows customers to return or exchange their products within a 30-day time frame. We suggest heading over to their FAQ page for more details on their policy. 

#5: Love With Food

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Sugar, spice, and everything nice; that’s what Love With Food is made of. Founded by Aihui Ong in California, this snack subscription service is passionate about exposing customers to feel-good treats. By offering a premium selection of organic and natural brands, this company ensures that foodies can stay on the binge without the fear of putting on a few pounds. 

Love With Food makes it a point to contribute back to the community, as they’ve donated more than $17 million dollars to Feeding America. Led with a family-business approach, their monthly boxes seem to be designed for parents and children. 

What You Get:

Parents, we know the importance of feeding your children with only the best. While most snack brands offer calorie-high treats that are loaded with fats and sugars, Love with Food offers that same bite of ‘naughtiness’ without the associated guilt. 

Provided in 3 different subscription plans, customers can choose how big they’d like their monthly bundle to be. This includes:

  • The Tasting Box: 7+ snacks 
  • The Deluxe Box: 15+ snacks 
  • The Gluten-Friendly: 10+ snacks 

After combing through their website, it seems that customers aren’t given a chance to customize their own box. However, this shouldn’t detract from its value- as each bundle contains a variety of yummy treats such as Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn and the Surf Sweets Watermelon Rings. 

With every subscription plan, members are treated to a free e-cookbook and access to their snack shop.

Delivery & Cost:

Once you’ve settled on a membership plan, it’s time to start talking about money. This Best Snack Subscription Box review will outline their offered costs for each program:

  • The Tasting Box: $9 to $10 plus free shipping (gift option offered)
  • The Deluxe Box: $18 to $20 plus free shipping (gift option offered)
  • The Gluten-Friendly Box: $22 to $25 plus free shipping (gift option offered) 

Within each membership plan, customers have an option of choosing a 3-month or 6-month plan. It’s also worth noting that The Deluxe Box and The Gluten-Friendly Bundle are the only collections available for international shipping for $4 per month. 

If you had your fill of snacks, members can cancel their terms at any given time. Sadly, buyers are unable to request a return or refund for their treats.

#6: Bokksu 

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Danny Taing was smitten with Japanese candy. After living in Tokyo for some time, he decided that it was time to return home- with a few souvenirs and snacks packed away in his luggage, of course. 

Receiving them as gifts, his family and friends sought to look for ‘refills’ within their American stores. However, they found it rather difficult to find them- as the treats Taing bought were sold at family-run shops that only sold their goods locally. 

With an idea to expose others to the wonders of Japanese snacks, Danny Taing decided to launch his own snack business in 2016. Headquartered in New York City, Bokksu was born in the world. This online tuck shop sources the best treats from Japan, ranging from the Demon Slayer Coco Crunch to the Puku Puku Tai: Strawberry Taiyaki. 

What You Get:

Sorry, Amazon; even you can’t source the hardest to find Japanese snacks on the market. With hundreds of foreign treats in their collection, customers can enjoy the taste of Tokyo (or Hokkaido, Okinawa, and other prefectures) all at the comfort of their own homes. If you aren’t sure of where to start, we recommend taking a peek at the Bokksu subscription box. 

Delivered on a monthly basis, members can get 20 to 24 Japanese snacks and tea kits. This includes goodies like Hoshino Matcha Latte, Calpico Mochi, and the Pokémon Noodle: Seafood Flavor Cup. You also get a nifty booklet, which acts as your ‘tourist’ guide that’s chalked full of information about each treat. 

It’s worth mentioning that all bundles are pre-selected, meaning that customers can’t personalize their own set. 

Delivery & Cost:

Bokksu offers 4 different subscription plans for their boxes. We’ll briefly cover them in point-form to help you decide:

  • Monthly plan: $50/per shipment 
  • 3-month plan: $45/per shipment 
  • 6-month plan: $43/per shipment 
  • 12-month plan: $40/per shipment 

Once you’ve settled on a plan, it’s time to wait for your Bokksu subscription box to come in the mail. While there’s no exact timeframe for when their bundles arrive, they will issue a tracking number to help customers monitor their orders. Shipping is free in select countries, such as the United States. We suggest heading over to their website for a full list of delivery details. 

Due to the perishable nature of their product, Bokksu does not accept any returns on their products or boxes. Buyers should know that they can skip and cancel their subscription plans at any given time. 

#7: Japan Crate 

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

When it comes to snacks, no country is more well-known for its diverse collection than Japan. Founder Hank Rao found himself in love with Tokyo. Inspired by the interesting food, vibrant music, and bright colors- he wanted some way to bring its culture to the rest of the world. 

In 2014, Japan Crate made its official debut as an online subscription service. By choosing their monthly plan, customers can get direct access to some of the rarest Tokyo finds. From Cheesecake flavored KitKats to Lipton Sakura Tea, members don’t have to look far to enjoy a collection of sweet and savory goods. 

What You Get:

For those obsessed with anime, manga, or food, the Japan Crate embodies the same spontaneity and diversity typically found in its home country. Packed with Tokyo sweets and treats, customers will find a variety of delicious snacks that they can either share or hoard for themselves. 

There are currently 2 monthly boxes to choose from, with 4 of them related to products outside of food. For the purposes of this review, we’ll just be focusing on just their snack crates: 

  • Premium Japan Crate: 18-20 full-size items (drink and DIY snack kits)
  • Umai Crate: 8-10 Japanese noodles plus one culinary item (bonus recipe card included)

You should know that Japan Crate doesn’t allow for customization for their boxes. As a result, customers are given the opportunity to try foods they’ve never had before. For those who’d like a little ‘snack trailer’ to see what they have in store, members may be treated to the Meiji Lemon Peel Gummies or the Kyodo Assorted Fruit Mochi in their next monthly bundle. 

Delivery & Cost:

If you’re a snack fanatic, chances are that Japan Crate is well worth the money. The Premium box and the Umai bundle both cost $50 per shipment. All of their collections are delivered on a monthly basis with free worldwide shipping included. Customers will also be given a tracking number to help locate their order. 

If you’re full of salty treats and sweets, members can either skip or cancel their next shipment by logging into their website. 

Like most Best Snack Subscription Box plans, Japan Crate doesn’t accept returns or refunds for its products. However, a case can be made for missing and damaged items. We recommend getting in touch with their customer service team to sort out any details.

#8: Keto Krate

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

It’s often rumored that dieting involves no yummy treats or sweets. Founders Jordan Litvinenko and Scott Hoiland wanted to break this stereotype- when it comes to Keto foods, that is. Established in 2015, this Texas-based subscription service collects snacks that are both healthy, gluten-free, delicious, and low in carbs

Over the years, Keto Krate has amassed a cult following online for its unique program. With an Instagram count of over 130k, they are also featured in numerous media outlets, including Women’s Health, Health Magazine, and Wired

What You Get:

On a mission to cut carbs out of your diet? Keto Krate ensures that customers keep on track without sacrificing taste and deliciousness. Within each monthly delivery, members can get 8 to 12 snacks that are both calorie-conscious and gluten-free. 

This includes some hard-to-find items that you’d typically never see in a grocery store, such as ChipMonk’s Birthday Cake Keto Cookie Bites and the Chewy-Nutty Salted Caramel Bar from Love Good Fats. 

Each Keto Krate contains a set of discount codes, a bonus recipe, and an inspiring success story to help motivate dieters. You also get VIP access to their members-only shop, in which customers can pick up a few goodies on their own. 

Delivery & Cost:

Currently, Keto Krate is only offering one subscription box that customers can purchase. Delivered on a monthly basis, members will need to pay $40 per shipment. Don’t worry; each bundle comes with free U.S shipping. Sadly, they do not deliver outside of the United States, such as Canada and Australia. 

While you can’t return or refund your Keto Krate subscription box, customers can cancel their plan by logging into their account. You may also skip the next scheduled delivery by changing your membership settings. 

#9: Caroo (formerly SnackNation)

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Sometimes the average bouquet of fruit isn’t going to cut it. Founded by Sean Kelly and Andy Makensen, Caroo (formerly known as SnackNation) was established to make corporate gifting more interesting and fun. 

Launched in 2014 with its headquarters based in Los Angeles, California, this snack subscription service allows employees or office heads to find the perfect gift without much worry or hassle

What You Get:

If you’re looking for a way to spice up office parties and other corporate events, Caroo can transform that Dwight-esque celebration into a Kelly-approved gathering. From Moon Cheese bites to Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn, employees can help themselves to a variety of sweet and savory treats. Customers can also receive mugs and stationary upon request. 

Currently, the brand offers 5 different types of boxes that customers can choose from. 

  • The Inspire box: contains ‘themed’ snacks and team building activities 
  • The Nourish box: a wide variety of delicious and nutritious snacks 
  • The Amplify box: includes snacks sold by POC-founded brands 
  • The Teams box: features 150 snacks 
  • The Concierge box: allows members to customize their own box 

Caroo also offers other sets of boxes, such as the Happy Hour bundle and the Mindfulness collection on their website. We highly suggest heading over to their website to see what other sets they provide. 

Delivery & Cost:

Caroo works a bit differently compared to the Top Snack Subscription Box sets we’ve covered so far. After combing through their website, it seems that their bundles are delivered on a monthly basis. 

Moreover, customers are required to fill out a small questionnaire in order to purchase a collection. From there, a brand representative will contact you to arrange the pricing details. For the time being, we’ll provide an estimate of what to expect when it comes to cost:

  • The Inspire box: starting at $54 plus free shipping 
  • The Nourish box: starting at $25 plus free shipping 
  • The Amplify box: starting at $34 plus free shipping 
  • The Teams box: starting at $140 plus free shipping 
  • The Concierge box: varies depending on the custom order 

If you’re looking to get a discount, Caroo offers an in-house membership, in which subscribers will be sent 4 or more boxes on a yearly basis. Fortunately, they provide international shipping (with tracking) to select countries, such as Canada and Britain. 

While the company doesn’t issue much information about refunds and returns, we do know that customers have the freedom to swap or change their orders by logging into their accounts. 

#10: MunchPak 

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Save yourself that $200 airplane ticket. For those craving a pack of Swedish Dumle toffees or Regent’s Golden Sweet Corn from the Philippines, MunchPak offers a more cost-effective alternative that won’t put a damper on your savings. 

Founded by Micheal Beletz and Andrew Hawel, this Connecticut-based brand sources the best snacks from around the world

Over the years, MunchPak has amassed an impressive internet following for its reputable service. With a count of 103K on Instagram, this online subscription program has been commonly headlined by the likes of the media, including Delish, Wired, and Forbes. 

What You Get:

Is it time to start drooling yet? By choosing MunchPak, customers are in for a monthly treat. Every box contains a bundle of themed snacks from a different country- such as Japan or Spain. Goodies vary from sweets to savory bites, so you don’t have to worry about repeats. 

While you can’t customize your own collection, the brand does offer some flexibility depending on taste. Members can opt to have their set spicy, sour, sugary, or salty. 

Currently, there are three subscription plans for customers to choose from. To keep things easy to read, we’ll provide them in a simpler format for readers to compare:

  • The MunchPak Mini box: 5+ full-sized snacks
  • The MunchPak box: 10+ full-sized snacks (comes with an optional soda)
  • The FamilyPak box: 20+ full-sized snacks (comes with an optional soda) 

MunchPak also offers snack crates for corporate events or employee gifting. We suggest visiting their website for more specifics on these subscription plans. 

Delivery & Cost:

MunchPak provides 4 different subscription plans for each of their boxes. Depending on how long you’d like your regular delivery to last, customers can choose from a 3-month period to a 12-month period. We’ll provide the specifics in bullet-point form to help you make that crucial decision:

The MunchPak Mini box:

  • Monthly plan: $14 per delivery 
  • 3-month plan: $13 per delivery (or $40 in total)
  • 6-month plan: $12 per delivery (or $72 in total)
  • 12-month plan: $10 per delivery (or $119 in total) 

The MunchPak box

  • Monthly plan: $24 per delivery 
  • 3-month plan: $23 per delivery (or $69 in total)
  • 6-month plan: $22 per delivery (or $132 in total)
  • 12-month plan: $20 per delivery (or $239 in total) 

The FamilyPak box

  • Monthly plan: $44 per delivery 
  • 3-month plan: $43 per delivery (or $129 in total)
  • 6-month plan: $42 per delivery (or $252 in total)
  • 12-month plan: $40 per delivery (or $479 in total) 

We’re happy to report that they offer free U.S shipping on all of their subscription boxes. If you can’t wait to get your snack box- members can opt for expedited delivery. When it comes to other countries, customers outside of America may need to pay for any affiliated transportation costs. 

Unfortunately, customers are unable to return, refund, or exchange their MunchPak subscription box. With that being said, you can cancel your plan or skip any incoming deliveries by logging into your account. 

#11: TokyoTreat

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Nani? You’re saying that there’s a way to enjoy the taste of Japan without going abroad? Packaged with an assortment of foreign delectables, TokyoTreat aggregates the best of Nihon snack cuisine in a convenient cardboard box. 

Launched by Ayumi Chikamoto, this online subscription service hunts for the best sweets and savory goods that are usually difficult to find worldwide. 

They carry a wide variety of brands, such as Calbee, Glico, Milky, and Meiji. Tokyo Treat is also partnered with affiliated companies like YumeTwins, Nomakenolife, and SakuraCo. 

What You Get:

Take this as a sign to bring out your inner kid. For each month, Tokyo Treat handpicks the hottest Japanese snacks on the market. This can range from sweet or savory, as members may be delighted to find the Lucky Cat Candy pack or the Dragon Potato Chips in Tasty Chili Flavor in their regular box. 

As of late, customers can choose from two of their available plans:

The Classic Box: 12 full-size items including 

  • 4 popular snacks 
  • 2 dagashi 
  • 1 DIY Japanese candy kit 
  • 1 Japanese candy guide book 

The Premium Box: 17 full-size items including 

  • 1 Japanese drink 
  • 1 party pack 
  • 1 Anime treat 
  • 5 popular snacks 
  • 1 DIY Japanese candy kit 
  • 1 Japanese candy guide book 

Once you’ve signed up to one of their subscription plans, members will receive access to their community talk webpage and their Streak rewards program. By collecting points, customers can exchange their winnings to collect prizes- such as the No Face coin collector or the Totoro wallet case. 

Delivery & Cost:

For those itching to get their hands on a TokyoTreat bundle, this Best Snack Subscription Box review will take a look at the pricing options for each of their plans:

The Classic Box:

  • Monthly: $35 per delivery
  • 3-month plan: $34 per delivery
  • 6-month plan: $32 per delivery 
  • 12-month plan: $31.50 per delivery 

The Premium Box:

  • Monthly: $25 per delivery
  • 3-month plan: $24 per delivery
  • 6-month plan: $23 per delivery 
  • 12-month plan: $22.50 per delivery 

Depending on where you live, customers will need to pay a fee of $11 to $13 to help cover shipping costs. Currently, TokyoTreat offers 2-5 Day Express DHL delivery for American customers to choose from, with tracking information made available of course. 

TokyoTreat will only honor returns or refunds if you never received your order. For a full list of details on shipping or exchanges, this Best Snack Subscription Box review suggests heading over to the FAQ page on their website. 

#12: Japan Candy Box

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

If you’re in the mood to binge on Nihon sweets and treats, we suggest that you give the Japan Candy Box some careful consideration. Not much is known about the workings behind the brand- including founder, year, or base of headquarters. 

Garnering a steady following of 82.1k on Instagram, this snack subscription service is quite savvy when it comes to social media. Currently, they also have handles on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

What You Get:

Craving for a taste of Tokyo? The Japan Candy Box sources the best sweet and savory goods on the Nihon market. Ranging from Hi-Chew, Poppin Cookin’, Pretz, and Puccho, members can marathon through a selection of delicious treats. Each bundle contains 10 handpicked snacks in total. Sadly, customers are unable to customize their own box, as each set features a select theme each month. 

In terms of treats, this Best Snack Subscription Box review will provide a ‘tasting’ session of a few of their offered goods:

  • The Easter Ottotto Cracker Snacks pack
  • The Look Matcha Collection Chocolate bar 
  • The Suppa Mucho Sour Plum Potato Sticks 
  • The Koikeya Polinky Corn Puffs bag 

Delivery & Cost:

The company provides 3 different subscription plans for the Japan Candy Box. This includes:

  • The monthly plan: $25 per delivery (plus free international shipping)
  • The 6-month plan: $22 per delivery (plus free international shipping)
  • The 12-month plan: $20 per delivery (plus free international shipping) 

You can expect your Japan Candy Box to be delivered at the end of every month. While there’s no harm in waiting at the post office, the brand will issue a tracking number for customers to use.

Unfortunately, requests for returns and refunds will be ignored due to the perishable nature of their product. As an added note, this Best Snack Subscription Box review found out that the 3-month and 6-month cannot be ended. However, customers can cancel their plans at any time

#13: Try The World 

Best Snack Subscription Box

About the Brand:

Do you consider yourself a ‘snack connoisseur?’ For those who have a refined palette, Try The World offers a premium selection of gourmet snacks and goods fit for the upscaled life. 

Featuring an assortment of delectable treats from around the world, customers are unable to broaden their ‘sampling horizons’ while never having to leave their door. 

Founded by David Foult and Kat Vorotova, Try The World is an online subscription service that’s headquartered in New York City. Ever since its debut in 2013, this snack brand has garnered some internet fame over the years. This includes being featured in numerous media outlets, such as Healthline and Forbes

What You Get:

While the Try the Food subscription box doesn’t contain wine or spirits, customers are still in for a fine-dining experience when it comes to snacks. As of lately, their ‘menu’ consists of two membership plans that are delivered on a monthly basis:

  • The Countries box: includes a selection of 7 to 8 gourmet goods (such as food and drink) from around the world 
  • The Snacks box: contains 6 snacks sourced from several countries 

Each box contains a handpicked selection of snacks, meaning that customers are unable to customize their own box. But don’t worry- the brand won’t repeat a single item twice. There’s a chance that you’ll find a bag of Banana Joe crisps or a pack of decadent Nordic Fudge in your next bundle. 

Delivery & Cost:

Like most subscription plans, Try The World offers four memberships that customers can pick from. You know the drill; we’ll provide their pricing details down below:

The Countries box:

  • Monthly: $39 per delivery
  • 3-month plan: $35 per delivery
  • 6-month plan: $33 per delivery 
  • 12-month plan: $29 per delivery 

The Snacks box:

  • Monthly: $19 per delivery
  • 3-month plan: $17 per delivery
  • 6-month plan: $16 per delivery 
  • 12-month plan: $15 per delivery 

Once you’ve settled on a plan, there’s no need to sweat about shipping- as Try The World covers all delivery fees. However, this cannot be said for international customers. To help monitor the status of your order, the brand will provide a tracking number via a confirmation email. 

From what this Best Snack Subscription Box review has gathered so far, it seems that Try The World does offer returns for their boxes. Customers should send back their orders within 30 days in order to get a full refund. 

How to Choose the Best Snack Subscription Box

Best Snack Subscription Box

So readers, what have we learned so far? From the 13 snack subscription services we’ve touched on, there are a few key aspects that make a membership box stand out. This mainly includes customization, variety, price, and type of goodies offered. 

Let’s be honest, most brands don’t offer customers a chance to personalize their own set. However, if a company provides you with a chance to select a country or a taste preference for your given box, that’s usually a green flag. This is especially towards MunchPak and Universal Yums. 

It’s also important to see if the subscription plan offers some variety. For instance, snack brands that cater to Japan will usually offer the same popular labels—such as Meiji and Pretz. If a company carries more niche items (such as Bokksu), there’s a better chance that you’ll receive a rare item that’s difficult to find. 

And of course—we need to talk about value. Depending on the amount given in each box, it may not be worth it if a bundle contains only 5 items and costs a hefty $50 price tag. Lastly, some areas, such as shipping and returns, are also some crucial elements to look at. Some companies don’t provide international delivery, which can be a downer if you’re starting to get excited. 

Overall, we hope that you walk out of the Best Snack Subscription Box review with a more informed choice. At the end of the day, you’re still treated to a monthly bundle of delicious treats.


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