Bath Fitters Review

About Bath Fitters

Bath Fitters Review

Home renovations typically start with a bathroom makeover. Traditionally, you’d hire a team of professionals to install flooring, manage the plumbing, and position the tub. Noisy, inconvenient, and oftentimes expensive, it’s common to wonder if there’s another alternative. If you need a better replacement, Bath Fitters is here to give you peace of mind. 

Designed to fit over your pre-existing tub, Bath Fitters only require one day of installation. They’ve completed over 2 million requests over the years, so I think it’s safe to say that they’re definitely a contender in bathroom renos. They’re also featured in a few media outlets, including Fox News, CBS, and the Financial Post. 

Looking to turn your 70s-themed bathroom into a contemporary dream? If so, perhaps this brand can lend a helping hand. Keep reading, as in my Bath Fitters review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out.

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Overview of Bath Fitters

Bath Fitters Review

The word demolition doesn’t conjure the best imagery. For homeowners, it often entails a long-winded process filled with mess, expense, and time. Commercial businesses, like hotels, also faced the same problem. Brothers Brian, Wayne, and Glenn Cotton believed that there was a better solution, which led to the debut of Bath Fitters in 1984. 

Located in Montreal, Canada, Bath Fitters services customers across North America. They provide an easy way for homeowners and businesses to remodel their bathrooms without much fuss. Constructed out of high-gloss acrylic, clients can take care knowing that Bath Fitters isn’t a one-day hack job.

Bath Fitters states that it’ll continue to provide convenience and accessibility to its North American clientele:

“We still work every single day to be better and to continually improve our products and our customers’ lives. That’s the Bath Fitter promise — the spirit of continual improvement guides us as we look forward to a long future of serving our communities and getting it right.”

Before I jump ahead in my Bath Fitters review, let’s go over some initial highlights. 


Bath Fitters Review
  • Easy bath remodeling
  • Only requires one day of installation
  • Customers can design their own baths 
  • Consultations are free 
  • A more affordable and convenient alternative to demolition 
  • Available in several locations in North America
  • Positive customer reviews 

At first, having your bathroom remodeled is an exciting venture. But once the initial enthusiasm is over, the struggle begins. Renos mean noise, mess, and getting to know your team of professionals.

If you’d rather skip to the good part, Bath Fitters only requires one day of installation. Designed to be quick and easy, homeowners don’t have to suffer through annoying drills and loud hammering. 

So, how does Bath Fitters work? Homeowners must book a free consultation to get a better understanding of potential layouts and pricing. Afterward, the brand will custom-make your own bath set. The last step is installation day.

The company also offers its services to commercial businesses such as hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes, and even cruise ships. It’s worth noting that the consultation process is a bit different compared to a single renovation request.

For a better view of their products and services, I’ll discuss some specifics to consider next in my Bath Fitters review. 

Bath Fitters Bathroom Design Review

The Bath Fitters bathroom design module is like the adult version of a Barbie room makeover game. It allows homeowners to create a potential layout of their tub or shower. Available in different options, I’ll quickly go over what the brand offers in my Bath Fitters review. 

Bath Fitters Bathtub Replacement and Remodel Review 

Bath Fitters Review
Bath Fitters Bathtub Replacement and Remodel

There’s a reason why we love hotel bathrooms. Polished, clean, and oftentimes luxurious, it offers that quintessential 5-star experience even if you’re booked at Sheraton or the Marriott.

If you used up all of your vacation days, there’s a way to attain that relaxing, getaway reverie. The Bathtub Replacement and Remodel allows homeowners to transform their old bathroom into an Architectural Digest dream. This four-step process involves a comprehensive consultation, measuring, custom product creation, and of course, installation. 

In terms of bathroom styles, customers can choose from 12 different designs. This includes options like aristocrat, empire, hamilton, utopia, and princess. Price-wise, the Bathtub Replacement and Remodel is based on what you choose and the size of the operation. Don’t worry, this will all be covered during the consultation process.

Bath Fitters Showers Review 

Bath Fitters Review
Bath Fitters Showers

Not a bath stan? If so, you’ll be glad to know that Bath Fitters installs Showers too. Constructed out of high-gloss acrylic, clients can achieve glistening perfection without the need for demolition. Installation day takes as little as 24 hours, which gives you enough time to prep your shower tunes and your makeshift microphone for ‘vocal warm-ups.’

To customize your Bath Fitters Showers model, you must choose a color base, a wall pattern, and a preferred faucet. You can also add accessories such as a soap dish and a corner shelf to help store your shampoos and conditioners.

Bath Fitters Walls and Wainscoting Review 

Bath Fitters Review
Bath Fitters Walls and Wainscoting

Bath Fitters Walls and Wainscoting are the bathroom equivalent of traditional wallpaper. Meant to overlay on your existing model, this installation process allows homeowners to choose what kind of wall pattern they prefer. Designs include Napoli, Verona, Genova, Roma, and more. To further accentuate the space, the brand offers wainscoting as a better alternative to tiling.

Worried about potential water leakage? There’s no need to be nervous. Bath Fitters’ design remodeling ensures a water-tight seal when it comes to the fitting process. Available in different options, Walls and Wainscoting definitely puts the umph in bathroom makeovers. 

Bath Fitters Accessories Review

It’s worth mentioning that Bath Fitters accessories don’t include loofas, shower brushes, and squeegees. Instead, their selection involves added bathroom features like handlebars for accessibility. If you’re looking to deck out your bath or shower space, I’ll feature some of their top-selling additions next.

Bath Fitters Faucets & Handheld Showers Review

Bath Fitters Review
Bath Fitters Faucets & ndheld Showers

Wall and tub replacement only covers 70% of the remodeling process. The rest is accessory installation, as no bathroom is complete without a working faucet or handheld shower. 

For this reason, Bath Fitters offers a great selection of modern designs to choose from. Faucets & Handheld Showers range from traditional spigots to technologically advanced options. This includes products like the Wynford Posi-Temp, Brantford, and the Lahara ActivTouch slide bar hand-held. 

If you aren’t sure what model looks best for your bathroom, Bath Fitters’ team of professional designers can help steer you in the right direction. In terms of cost, faucets and handheld showers are considered part of the entire remodeling process, which depends on the scale of operation.

Bath Fitters Tub & Shower Doors Review

Bath Fitters Review
Bath Fitters Tub & Shower Doors

Unless you plan on showering in the open, Bath Fitters offers custom shower rods and glass doors for a bit of privacy. 

Available in several models, each product comes in a polished finish to emphasize style while making the cleaning process a bit easier. It’s also worth mentioning that the Bath Fitters Tub & Shower Doors are attached to a sliding track for a touch of convenience. 

Ideally accessorized with a suction cup squeegee to ensure continued transparency, the Bath Fitters Tub & Shower Doors is what you need to complete the remodeling process.

Bath Fitters Finishing Touches Review

Bath Fitters Review
Bath Fitters Finishing Touches

You know what they say, the devil is always in the details. This brand doesn’t skimp on accentuation, as they offer custom trims, ceiling installation, and moldings to help transform your dream bathroom from 10/10 stars to 12/10 stars. 

Bath Fitters Finishing Touches are not only stylish, but they’re also functional as well. Designed to be moisture-resistant, you can relax knowing that this makeover is meant to last. 

If you have a layout in mind, you can add some Bath Fitters Finishing Touches by utilizing the brand’s remodeling program.

Who Is Bath Fitters For? 

Bath Fitters Review

Bath Fitters is for homeowners who hate demolition. The brand’s remodeling process is a quick four-step journey, as their high-gloss acrylic models are meant to easily fit in your preexisting shower and bath.

Convenient, mess-free, and less complicated compared to researching viable contractors, Bath Fitters is meant for those limited in time and expense. Plus, they offer accessories for clients who require more accessibility, which include handlebars for extra support and safety.

Bath Fitters Pricing

Bath Fitters Review

As previously mentioned, Bath Fitters doesn’t offer set pricing on their remodels. Cost depends on the size of the operation. If you want to get a sense of the overall expense, the brand provides free consultations. By booking an appointment with one of their design experts, homeowners can plan a potential layout and an accurate estimate on pricing. 

Bath Fitters Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bath Fitters Review

Demolition is something that all homeowners choose to avoid. The idea of custom-fit tubs and shower models over your pre-existing space seems too good to be true. That said, I found an overwhelmingly positive response for Bath Fitters.

Considering that the brand doesn’t publish comments on its official page, I’ll feature some Bath Fitters reviews posted on other sources:

  • Consumer Affairs: 262 votes with 4.4/5 stars 
  • HomeStars: 255 reviews with 7.7/10 stars 
  • Sitejabber: 41 reviews with 2.3/5 stars
  • Angi: 43 reviews with 4.7/5 stars 

Convenient and professionally handled, homeowners reported that Bath Fitters proved to be an excellent alternative to traditional demolition. Customers were impressed with the brand’s speedy installation process as well as the quality of its materials. Others found their prices quite reasonable.

One customer on Consumer Affairs wrote: Mike and John did an excellent job of installing our new shower. They arrived on time, they explained what was going to happen, and went right to work. They were very professional and polite and they finished the job in 1 day.” 

“The install was not intrusive, They were less than a day and didn’t leave a mess. We had this done 2 years ago. The tub still looks good. I would recommend this over a tub replacement and re-tile,” another user shared on HomeStars. 

One Sitejabber, one reviewer detailed: “We are very happy with how both bathrooms turned out. We did the painting and flooring and new vanity, mirror, and lights to make it look modern and first-class. We priced out other contractors who were way higher.”

To beef up my Bath Fitters review, I looked to online magazines and independent blogs for more information. Today’s Homeowner offered a fair critique of the brand’s services, with the author concluding that it was an affordable way for customers to achieve the bathroom of their dreams without breaking the bank:

“The provider offers custom-built, high-quality acrylic bathtubs and showers that install over your existing model, helping you revitalize your bathroom and increase your home’s value.”

Other websites, such as This Old House, stated that Bath Fitters provided homeowners with an easy way to transform their old bathrooms on a budget. It’s a brand that prioritizes accessibility and reasonable pricing for those who can’t afford to deck out their living space:

“Bath Fitter offers homeowners a range of shower and tub liners for a new look and feel. The provider’s custom-built inserts can revitalize a bathroom, updating the space’s appearance, functionality, and value.”

Given the insurmountable amount of positive testimonials I found online, it seems that Bath Fitters can do no wrong. That said, I did uncover a few unsatisfactory remarks concerning its customer service and line services. I’ll be sure to discuss this in full in the next section of my Bath Fitters review.

Is Bath Fitters Legit?

Bath Fitters Review

You’ve probably noticed that Sitejabber holds the most amount of negative reviews. Scoring 2.3/5 stars, a few homeowners reported issues with planning installation dates, shoddy workmanship, and communication problems with the brand’s customer service. 

It’s worth mentioning that Bath Fitters is quite responsive on its Better Business Bureau page when it comes to addressing online grievances.

Is Bath Fitters Worth It?

Bath Fitters Review 1

I can confidently conclude my Bath Fitters review by saying that this brand is a great alternative for homeowners looking to remodel their bathrooms. Easy to request and professionally handled, it’s an excellent compromise between DIY and costly demolition. Plus, clients are allowed to customize their own spaces by utilizing the brand’s online module.

Options range in the dozens, as Bath Fitters provides homeowners some freedom in choosing wall patterns, bath designs, faucets, and other additional accessories to help achieve the bathroom of their dreams. With the help of Bath Fitter’s team of design experts, customers can relax knowing that they’re in good hands. 

The brand also offers a blog full of insightful information regarding bathroom organization hacks, a picture gallery for inspiration, and extensive maintenance guidelines, as Bath Fitters provides tips on the best way to clean their products.

Bath Fitters Promotions & Discounts 

Bath Fitters Review

At the time of writing my Bath Fitters review, I didn’t find any active promotions or discounts. I recommend keeping tabs on the brand’s social media for any updates on special offers. 

Where to Buy Bath Fitters

Bath Fitters Review

Looking to remodel your bathroom? If so, you can book a free consultation by visiting to view the full selection of Bath Fitters tubs and showers.


Bath Fitters Review

Who owns Bath Fitters?

Bath Fitters is owned by co-founders Brian, Wayne, and Glenn Cotton.

What is Bath Fitters’s Privacy Policy?

According to the brand’s website, they “use the information we collect for our business purposes, including fulfilling orders or processing a service request.”

What is Bath Fitters’s Refund Policy?

To conclude my Bath Fitters review, I thought to go over some important information. It doesn’t seem that the brand offers a refund policy for their bathroom remodels. 

Do Bath Fitters Offer Warranties?

Bath Fitters offers a lifetime warranty for all of its items. Customers must register their products on the brand’s website to make use of this guarantee. It’s worth mentioning that this policy comes with limitations depending on where you live. I suggest contacting the company if you have any questions regarding bathroom remodels.

How to Contact Bath Fitters

Bath Fitters Review

If you have any questions after reading my Bath Fitters review, you can contact the brand directly through one of the methods below:

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