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TeePublic Review

The classic graphic tee: a closet staple that’s often married with denim. While it skyrocketed in the 1950s, this old-school necessity has certainly been transformed to meet the fashion demands of the ’60s to the ’90s. 

Fast forward to the early 2010s, the traditional graphic print is now inspired by a hodgepodge of Vimeo, Neopets, and the early ages of Instagram. This is precisely the background that led to the creation of TeePublic

Co-owned by former CollegeHumor founders Josh Abramson and Adam Schwartz, TeePublic made its official debut in 2013. With its headquarters based in New York City, this apparel brand is created as a hub for independent artists to sell their own prints. Today, they offer over 1.2 million designs on their website. 

On another note, TeePublic holds a strong commitment to the environment. They ensure that their printing partners value sustainable efforts, which include non-toxic production and the use of biodegradable ink.  

In the mood for some online shopping? Let this TeePublic review be your leading guide. Join me as I take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth adding to your closet. 

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Pros and Cons

TeePublic Review

Before we get into this TeePublic review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons:


  • TeePublic offers over 1.2 million designs on their website 
  • Offers clothing, masks, stickers, and even stationary 
  • Choices available for kids 
  • Provides customers a chance to support their favorite independent artist 
  • All TeePublic apparel is cleared by the WRAP organization 
  • Offers a program for creators to upload and sell their designs 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • International shipping to most countries 


  • Unable to accept returns (only for defective products)
  • Reported issues with customer service and item quality 

What Does TeePublic Offer?

TeePublic Review

Here’s some basic fashion advice: You can never go wrong with a t-shirt tucked into jeans. It’s considered the pinnacle of basic style—and there’s always room for reinvention. 

With that in mind, a simple graphic tee can do wonders in elevating your outfit. From grunge to skater-chic, there are multiple aesthetics to choose from. 

For those tired of the Rolling Stones lip or the famous Velvet Underground banana, TeePublic offers a broad assortment of unique T-shirt designs on their website.

Made by a diverse community of independent creators, there’s a high chance that you’ll find something one-of-a-kind. Aside from apparel, this brand also sells phone cases, mugs, wall art, notebooks, and other paraphernalia.

By now, I’m sure you’re pretty overwhelmed with their stock, which is why for this TeePublic review I’ve narrowed down a few key items for customers to look at. I’ll provide a shortlist of some best-selling designs that are definitely worth a second glance. 

4 TeePublic Bestselling Shirts

It’s time for some sassy stylin’. From retro Garfield prints to a Goonies-inspired tee, this brand is anything but limited when it comes to originality and creativity. As an added note, customers can also shop by cut, as some tops are offered as a V-neck, ringer, or more. 

Designed by various independent artists, this TeePublic review will highlight a few of their top-selling shirts for readers to compare. 

TeePublic Rule 34 T-Shirt 

Calling all internet degenerates, boy, do I have a tee for you. The Rule 34 T-Shirt offers a brief reminder of the most important interweb commandment: “if it exists, there is porn of it. There are no exceptions.” 

Presented in a simple block text atop the color of your choice, this suggestive top is definitely for your fellow meme enthusiasts, 4Chan users, and Redditors. 

Designed as the perfect conversation starter, this Gorilla Merch tee is best reserved for casual use, and not for work or babysitting events! In terms of colors, customers can opt for blue, green, orange, red, pink, or more. 

For a top that’ll definitely earn some snickers and eyebrow waggling, the Rule 34 T-Shirt is offered in 5 different styles. This includes:

  • The Classic T-Shirt: $20 
  • V-Neck T-Shirt: $24 
  • Heavyweight T-Shirt: $21 

TeePublic ÒwÓ Angry OwO Emoticon Emoji Shirt T-Shirt 

Poking fun at your fellow weibos, the ÒwÓ Angry OwO Emoticon Emoji Shirt T-Shirt will definitely win an uwu reaction from the meme crowd. For those behind on their internet lingo, this sign (or sound effect) is commonly known in the anime community. It’s usually defined as an indicator of cuteness or *ahem* as a nod to your neighborhood waifu degenerates. 

Loud and large in print, this tee will definitely showcase your love for Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tale or Serena from Sailormoon. Offered in 20 different colors, this specialty design is made by Mzethner, who is known for anime-inspired prints.

In terms of price, ÒwÓ Angry OwO Emoticon Emoji Shirt T-Shirt is available in 5 different cuts:

  • Tri-Blend T-Shirt (extra soft): $29
  • V-Neck T-Shirt: $24 
  • Ringer T-Shirt: $26 

TeePublic Funny Birdwatching Gift for Bird Enthusiast T-Shirt 

The Funny Birdwatching Gift for Bird Enthusiast T-Shirt is, no joke, reserved for tit lovers. Made to earn a few smirks and snickers, this comical top shows a harmless selection of miniature birds. There’s blue tits, great tits, and of course—you can’t forget the bearded tit. 

Created by artist qwertydesigns, customers can also buy this print as a hoodie, stick, mug, or mask. Made for those who love boobies and tits, the Funny Birdwatching Gift for Bird Enthusiast T-Shirt is available in 5 offered styles. I’ll only include three for the time being:

  • Classic T-Shirt: $20
  • Tri-Blend T-Shirt: $29 
  • Heavyweight T-Shirt: $21 

TeePublic stupid fly T-Shirt 

For a buzz-worthy tee that’ll tuck nicely in some fly-zip jeans, the Stupid Fly T-Shirt offers a bright pop of turquoise and purple. Showcasing a vibrant print of your favorite insect-on-the-wall, this zany top can act as the final piece to a back-to-school outfit. For those not savvy on white or grey, this shirt is also offered in green, pink, blue, red, or more. 

Sold by designer Charlottahaaigis, this Nickelodeon-inspired print will definitely be a hit among the Ren & Stimpy crowd. Also offered as a mug, mask, and a sticker, the Stupid Fly T-Shirt is offered in various different styles, including:

  • V-neck T-Shirt: $24 
  • Ringer T-Shirt: $26 
  • Heavyweight T-Shirt: $21  

2 Bestselling TeePublic Stickers

Come on, those duo-tangs, notebooks, and folders are practically begging for a makeover! Designed to add a pop of color to your set of documents, my TeePublic review will gloss over a few of their hottest stickers down below. 

TeePublic Blue Waffle Cone Aufklebar Sticker

The Blue Waffle Cone Aufklebar sticker is considered the ‘adult version’ of your typical frozen swirl. Anatomical in design, this suggestive print seems to depict the vagina. But don’t worry, there are some sprinkles added on top to keep things family-friendly.

It took a while for me to understand the punchline behind this evocative design. Once it clicks in your head, you may want to refrain from adding this to your laptop or phone case. 

This adhesive is one of many suggestive designs created by Freezethecomedian. If you’re a fan of their artwork, I suggest taking a look at the ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ print or the ‘Wet My Plants’ decal. 

Offered in size 3 ⅞” x 2 ¼”, the Blue Waffle Cone Aufklebar sticker costs only $3 in total. 

TeePublic None Pizza With Left Beef Sticker  

Considered a Tumblr meme classic, the None Pizza With Left Beef sticker serves as a funny reminder of takeout gone wrong. This hilarious decal showcases the saddest of Italian pies—stripped from cheese, tangy tomato sauce, and the absence of American-style toppings. 

As a result, this provocative image showcases the literal commitment of your fellow Domino’s employee. Truly, it is a photo emblematic of today’s working class. 

This BARHOOM design deserves more recognition, as customers are invited to sport it as a t-shirt, phone case, mug, or mask. Available in size 3 ¼” x 2 ⅞”, make your love for None Pizza With Left Beef known with this sticker for $3

Who Is TeePublic For? 

TeePublic Review

Fashion comes with no age restrictions. Anybody can rock a shirt from TeePublic. Designed for adults and children, this apparel brand offers a variety of designs suited for any aesthetic. 

Aside from memes and Nickelodeon-esque prints, customers can also find vintage pieces ranging from Felix The Cat to The Golden Girls. 

With that being said, I do recommend shopping in your own designated section. This is because some designs are quite suggestive and provocative. For instance, the Blue Waffle Cone Aufklebar t-shirt is definitely not suited for those under 13. 

Comparison: TeePublic vs. Redbubble 

TeePublic Review

It only makes sense to compare TeePublic to Redbubble—which is another e-commerce marketplace for independent artists. Both of these brands offer a variety of unique designs for phone cases, mugs, and apparel.

So this begs the question, which company outranks the other? I suggest you keep reading to find out. 


  • Offers 1.2 million designs for their apparel section
  • Also sells mugs, wall art, phone cases, stickers, totes, pins, and more 
  • Most shirts sell for $20 
  • Upholds sustainable and environmentally friendly practices 
  • Customers can contact the artist directly for commissions 


  • Offers hundreds of designs made by independent artists. This includes phone cases, home & living decor, stationery, masks, and more
  • Most t-shirts are sold within a $20 range 
  • Also values sustainable and eco-friendly practices within manufacturing 
  • Customers can also contact the artist directly

To be honest, TeePublic and Redbubble are quite similar when it comes to company perks and business practices. In terms of the product in question, prices will vary, but it’s safe to say that they’re in the same ballpark regarding t-shirt costs. 

In our opinion, it’s best to opt for Teepublic if you’re specifically looking for wearable items like pins, tote bags, and tops. On the other hand, Redbubble is a great hub for home decor pieces and framed artworks. 

TeePublic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

TeePublic Review

Customer reviews will make or break a company. With that in mind, how does TeePublic fare when it comes to online testimonials? While there are no comments posted on its official website, I found other sources that critiqued this e-marketplace. This includes:

  • Trustpilot: 145k reviews with 4.4/5 stars 
  • Sitejabber: 1,617 reviews with 4.26/5 stars 

According to thousands of reviewers, TeePublic shirts seem to be a crowd favorite. A majority of customers were happy with the quality of their designs. Others hailed its large selection of unique styles and prints. 

I have been shopping at TeePublic for years now. They are my “go to” for gifts. The selection of shirts, either ready made or customized, is enormous and you can find absolutely any style to fit any personality,” one Sitejabber reviewer wrote.

“I love this company,” one Trustpilot customer added. “Excellent quality, great designs, huge selection, fast service and terrific prices. And I love the collective approach that assists so many fine designers.” 

The rave reviews for TeePublic continue on a few independent blogs, such as ClothedUp. According to the author, this online marketplace served as an excellent way for independent creators to sell their designs. They also gave credit to TeePublic quality control, which is specifically towards their apparel collection. 

“Teepublic is a great place to support independent artists while getting a good deal on clothing. On top of that, you can truly get some unique designs that will make everyone wonder where in the world you got that,” reads the TeePublic review by ClothedUp. 

Despite the number of glowing TeePublic reviews, I found a few dismal reports online. Their official Better Business Bureau page showcases a total of 269 complaints, voicing complaints dealing with quality and delayed delivery. Others noted conflicts with their customer service team. 

“I have reached out to Teepublic twice with an email for information on my order and I haven’t received any emails in return,” one BBB user wrote. 

So far, it seems that this apparel brand is a coveted favorite among many. Despite the number of customer complaints, the amount of positive experiences outweighs the bad. This is partially due to its focus on quality and affordability

Is TeePublic Worth It?

TeePublic Review

We need to support our fellow independent artists—especially during challenging times like this. While big-name brands like Walmart or Old Navy eat up most of the profits, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for local creators to make a living. 

On the other hand, visiting your neighborhood craft store or apparel shop isn’t the most convenient option. Fortunately, TeePublic offers a way for hard-working designers to sell their own creations without the need for a website. 

When it comes to price, TeePublic is quite affordable compared to other marketplaces like Etsy. As I mentioned before, most of their t-shirts cost around $20. But, by far, the best part about this company is that the artist gets a fair cut of the money, which helps to generate that feel-good attitude at checkout. 

If you’re looking for a company that supports independent creators, I’m going to wrap up this TeePublic review by encouraging you to check them out. 


If TeePublic doesn’t have what you’re looking for, these brands also offer unique designs created by independent artists:

  1. Society6: Society6 is an online marketplace that sells a wide range of products, including apparel, home decor, phone cases, and accessories, all designed by independent artists.
  2. Threadless: Threadless is a brand that sells artist-designed apparel, home decor, accessories, and more. They also have a community of artists who submit designs that are voted on by the public.
  3. Design By Humans: Design By Humans is a brand that sells artist-designed apparel, phone cases, and accessories. They also have a community of artists who submit designs that are voted on by the public.
  4. Zazzle: Zazzle is an online marketplace that sells a wide range of products, including apparel, home decor, accessories, and more, all designed by independent artists.

TeePublic Promotions & Discounts 

TeePublic Review

Good news! At the time of this TeePublic review, customers can shop at the TeePublic sale outlet to find select designs at a discounted price. Unfortunately, this is the only promotion that the website offers so far, which means there’s no active TeePublic coupon code that readers can use. 

I recommend keeping an eye on their social pages for any future updates. 

Where To Buy TeePublic

TeePublic Review

Looking to buy a TeePublic star wars t-shirt for yourself? Aside from their New York store location, customers can find its collection exclusively at


TeePublic Review

Where is TeePublic made? 

Depending on the product in question, Tee Public owns multiple facilities throughout the United States. For instance, cases and pins are shipped from Georgia. Stickers are sourced directly from Iowa. 

What sizes does TeePublic have? 

For their adult t-shirts, Tee Public offers sizes from small to 5XL for the men’s section. For women’s clothing, this ranges from small to 3XL. I suggest visiting their website for in-depth specifics on measurements. 

What is TeePublic’s Shipping Policy?

I’m happy to report in this TeePublic review that the brand offers international delivery to select countries such as Canada and Australia. Sadly, they do not provide TeePublic free shipping at this time. 

In terms of American orders, transportation and handling usually costs $7. Outside shipments may range around $8

Currently, the brand offers three different shipping methods for customers to choose from. This includes standard, FedEx Ground, or Air. As a final note, buyers will be given a tracking number to help monitor their orders. 

What is TeePublic’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, Tee Public does not accept returns on its products. With that being said, defective items are considered eligible under its policy, which is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

It’s worth noting that they do accept exchanges based on sizing issues. For any concerns or queries related to your order, customers are encouraged to reach out to the brand for additional information. 

How to Contact TeePublic

For questions unrelated to this TeePublic review, you can contact the brand through:

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