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Cars and Bids Review

There’s a sense of disorganization when shopping for cars on sites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. Sure, you may find a great deal after scrolling for countless hours, but there has to be a more streamlined alternative, right?

Well, that’s where Cars and Bids step in. This online retailer provides a more curated assortment of modern enthusiast vehicles

Easy to navigate, customers are allowed to buy and sell cars using the auction feature on their website. You can sift through several different models, including a 1987 Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon and a 2011 Mercedes-Benz E350 Cabriolet. Cars and Bids is quite active on social media, as their Instagram page boasts 90.4k followers. 

Looking to hitch a new ride? If so, perhaps this brand can hook you up with a solid deal. Stay tuned, as in my Cars and Bids review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the company, its products, services, customer ratings, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out.

Overview of Cars and Bids

Cars and Bids Review

We tend to forget that antiques aren’t exclusively knick-knacks, furniture, and clothes. Vehicles also fall into this category. Unfortunately, most car dealerships tend to focus on newer models, which isn’t promising for those who covet collectible automobiles. 

Doug DeMuro, a renowned reviewer within the car industry, thought it was time to provide a hotspot for vintage four-wheelers. 

Founded in 2020, Cars and Bids made its first-ever debut in the pre-owned automobile industry. Today, their website is home to hundreds of unique vehicles from across the nation. The brand’s headquarters are currently located in San Diego, California. 

Before I jump ahead in my Cars and Bids review, I thought it best to go over some initial highlights.


Cars and Bids Review
  • A wide selection of cars to choose from
  • Customers can buy and sell cars 
  • Focuses on collectible cars
  • Affordable 
  • All automobiles come with a vehicle history report 

Purchasing a brand-spanking new car is a luxury these days. Sure, you can sign up for financing to help soften the initial punch of expenses, but let’s be honest. You have yet to gain that jarring realization of “yes, I fully own this car.” It’s probably why most customers turn to pre-owned vehicles, but that in itself involves a lot of ins and outs.

Thankfully, Cars and Bids makes the buying and selling process quite easy. By choosing their services, customers can look forward to a curated selection of vehicles. Plus, each automobile comes with a lengthy product description, which is something you won’t find at sites like Facebook Marketplace. 

Require some additional specs? If so, I’ll walk you through their auctioning process up next in my Cars and Bids review.

Cars and Bids Car Dealership Review

Cars and Bids Review

There’s a common misconception that adulting is hard. Yes, it does involve a bit of know-how and critical thinking, but you can relax knowing that buying a car doesn’t have to be difficult. Cars and Bids is designed as a streamlined alternative to traditional dealerships. Let’s see how it works.

How Does Cars and Bids Work?

Cars and Bids provides two different services on its website: buying and selling. If you’re looking to participate in either, I’ll offer a brief rundown of what each process includes.


Cars and Bids Review

Before you jump into the proverbial rabbit hole of comparing cars, you’ll need to register to bid on their website. Key information is required to sign up, which includes a valid credit card and a phone number. Afterward, you can peruse through their selection to your heart’s content. 

That said, I recommend you sift through with caution, as it’s ultimately your responsibility to read through each car’s description. Customers are encouraged to reach out to the seller for any questions. In some cases, you can arrange an in-person meet-up to check out the car itself.

Cars and Bids provides LightStream financing in place of upfront payments. It’s a good idea to rope in your lender to discuss specifications concerning loan terms, interest expenses, and more to help streamline the process.

During this time, you should also talk to the seller about transportation and storage. Once you’ve placed a bid, it’s time to wait and cross your fingers for a hopeful win. It’s worth mentioning that some auctions have a reserve button, which lets the buyer and seller know if the amount meets or exceeds the allotted amount.


Cars and Bids Review

Selling your vehicle on Cars and Bids requires more work compared to buying. From the get-go, it’s a free process, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. 

It involves inputting important information such as photos, VIN, and the specifications of your automobile on your page. The brand will also ask you to set a reserve price. After finalizing your report, the representatives at Cars and Bids will review your submission.

Once approved, it’s time to polish up your listing. This includes removing any past ads you’ve posted, photo retakes, and providing an in-depth ownership history report. Afterward, Cars and Bids will review your submission again. It’s worth mentioning that they’ll schedule the auction for you.

If a sale has been made, it’s time to do a happy dance. Orders must be finalized by reviewing specifications such as payments and transportation with the customer. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, don’t worry. Cars and Bids is designed to help buyers and sellers every step of the way.

Who Is Cars and Bids For? 

Cars and Bids Review

There’s a good reason why most customers gravitate towards the internet when it comes to buying pre-owned cars. In-person dealerships only feature a small collection of vehicles to peruse.

Cars and Bids, on the other hand, is home to hundreds of modern enthusiast beauties. It’s fairly simple to get started as a buyer and a seller, as this brand makes each process seamless to use.

Cars and Bids Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cars and Bids Review

Cars and Bids doesn’t feature comments on its official page. That didn’t stop me from checking outside sources to see what customers are saying about the brand. I uncovered a fairly positive consensus on websites such as Google Reviews, Auto Start Transport, and Machines with Souls. I’ll be sure to discuss my findings in full in this section of my Cars and Bids review. 

According to Google Reviews, Cars and Bids earned 4.6/5 stars based on 463 comments. Customers reported that the buying and selling process was relatively pain-free, which was partially thanks to the company’s helpful support team. Communicative and responsive, it seems that C&B is a hit with buyers and sellers.

This was my first time actually using cars and bids. I will say the team at Cars and Bids is top-notch. They stayed in communication with me during the whole buying process to make sure that there were no issues,” one Google reviewer wrote. 

“This was my first auction. Communication throughout the process was on-point and I had constant support while getting the auction set up. It was all very smooth,” another customer shared.

For more in-depth information, I looked at websites like Auto Start Transport and Machines with Souls for their own Cars and Bids reviews. The consensus is relatively the same, as both authors praised the ease of using their services.

The entire process was easy, and from shooting the car to loading it up on the truck, took less than three weeks to complete,” Machines with Souls wrote. 

The internet has spoken, and it seems that this brand passes the vibe check. To add to my Cars and Bids review, I thought it necessary to include other details concerning promotions, company comparisons, and shipping details.

Cars and Bids vs Peddle

Cars and Bids Review

I think it’s safe to say that cars aren’t mindless purchases. To help ensure the best bang for your buck, I’ll compare Cars and Bids with another leading company, Peddle.

Cars and Bids

  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Provides services for buyers and sellers 
  • Informational product descriptions 
  • Buyers pay a 4.5% commission at a max of $4,500 
  • Customers and sellers can reserve select auctions


  • Positive customer reviews (more compared to Cars and Bids) 
  • Focused on buying cars from people (does provide a Peddle buyer program)
  • Sellers must sign up to view their selection 
  • Provides a mobile app

If you’re interested in selling your car, Peddle is the way forward. It involves a comprehensive step-by-step to help give customers a sense of assurance. Cars and Bids, on the other hand, is a great alternative for those looking to buy and sell.

Is Cars and Bids Legit?

Cars and Bids Review

In terms of negative comments, I found a small number of complaints to include in my Cars and Bids review. There doesn’t seem to be a shared issue among buyers and sellers, as each case is quite specific.

Some concerns include financing problems, bidding, and unhelpful customer service. Thankfully, you can relax knowing that these types of testimonials are quite rare.

Is Cars and Bids Worth It?

Cars and Bids Review

As far as online car dealerships go, Cars and Bids is a legitimate brand to support. First-time users have a sense of assurance selling and buying from their website, given the vast amount of positive testimonials I found online.

Easy to use, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of purchasing or advertising pre-owned vehicles thanks to their helpful support team. All in all, I can confidently give them two thumbs up in my Cars and Bids review.

Cars and Bids Promotions & Discounts 

Cars and Bids Review

Due to the nature of their services, I found no promotions and discounts at the time of writing my Cars and Bids review.

Where to Buy Cars and Bids

Cars and Bids Review

Looking to buy or sell a used car? If so, you can head over to to see what they have in store.


Cars and Bids Review 1

Who owns Cars and Bids?

Cars and Bids is owned by founder Doug DeMuro. 

Does Cars and Bids ship internationally?

Cars and Bids is only available in the U.S and Canada. 

What is Cars and Bids’ Shipping Policy?

Car dealerships run differently compared to traditional retailers. This especially bodes true for online services. To arrange shipping, you’ll need to contact the seller to discuss transportation methods and costs. The brand recommends using companies like Preowned Auto Logistics and EasyAutoShip for quotes.

What is Cars and Bids’ Return Policy?

I found no information concerning returns and refunds to include in my Cars and Bids review.

How to Contact Cars and Bids

Cars and Bids Review

For any questions unrelated to my Cars and Bids review, you can contact the brand directly through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Using the live chat function on their website to contact client specialists only
  • Mailing address: Cars and Bids LLC, 350 10th Ave, Suite 1000, San Diego, CA 92101

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