Doe Lashes Review

About Doe Lashes 

Doe Lashes Review

Doe Lashes describes themselves as having createdthe perfect pair of lashes that combine the gentleness of Korean silk hair with the weightlessness of a fresh cotton band that makes it feel and look like it’s a part of you.” That’s a hefty claim, and we intend to explore its veracity.

Doe Lashes has been praised by MarketWatch, Bazinga, and KTVN, among other media outlets. The biggest supporter of Doe Lashes Michelle Phan, makeup guru Youtuber, has an impressive 8.86 million subscribers.   

This Doe Lashes review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if these lashes are worth the buy.

Overview of Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes Review

The owner and founder of Doe Lashes, Jason Wong, wished to create lashes that were comfortable for his girlfriend to wear. Impressively, he launched the brand with $500 in just a matter of days. Major boyfriend bonus points.

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, the Doe Lashes philosophy is that makeup should be an extension of your natural beauty. Their lashes are designed to feel lightweight, apply easily, and not irritate the eyelid.

Handmade with ultra-fine Korean silk-fiber and a light cotton blend, Doe Lashes provides a weightless feeling while also boasting multiple lash looks. They’re produced and sourced in South Korea by sustainable means and are cruelty-free.

Doe Lashes Review

If you’re not sure which kind of lashes would suit you, complete the Doe Lashes Quiz to find the perfect style.

This Doe Lashes review will now look at the pros and cons of Doe Lashes as a brand.


  • Variety of lightweight, non-irritating, and comfortable lashes
  • Handmade containing ultra-fine Korean silk fiber
  • Sustainable and cruelty-free
  • Lash quiz helps customers decide on their preferred style
  • Easy hassle-free application  
  • Customers can save 10% through subscription
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews 
  • Affordable in comparison to other brands 
  • International shipping available


  • Expensive shipping 
  • Potentially long delivery times 

Doe Lashes False Lashes Review

This Doe Lash review will explore the brand’s bestselling lashes. Whether you are going on a first date, want to look great for a family get-together, or want comfortable everyday falsies, Doe Lashes has a diverse selection to choose from.

Our Doe Lashes review discovered a subscription, where customers can save 10% on each purchase. All lashes are available in single packs for $16 or three-packs for $48.

From romantic fluttery lashes to bold looks for a night out, check out these fan favorites:

Doe Lashes Starry Night Review

Subtle glamor and charm are what the Starry Night lash set has to offer. Designed for a sultry aesthetic, these dual-layered lashes add an alluring layer of volume. 

With individual lashes ranging from 8mm-16mm, the Starry Night set is safe to wear over 15+ times with all-day comfort.

Doe Lashes Fairy Dust Review

The Fairy Dust lash set is so dreamy. Add light glam to your look with lashes ranging from 7mm-14mm in length. The long lashes extend in the center for a more natural, non-cat eye look.

The company named the Fairy Dust lashes as their “most delicate yet voluminous set,” since they provide just enough length to stand out.

Doe Lashes Morning Dew Review

The Morning Dew lashes accentuate your natural beauty while providing weightless comfort. They have a graceful, Disney princess aesthetic to them, with options ranging from 7mm-12mm in length.

Whether you want a Doe Lashes graduation look or flirty eyes for date night, the Morning Dew set can vibe with you.

Doe Lashes Cloud 9 Review

The Cloud 9 lash set is designed to amplify “soft-glam” with subtle charm. This pair features multiple layers for thick, enviable lashes.

Ranging from 3mm-10mm strands, the Cloud 9 lashes look natural while making your eyes pop. This Doe Lashes review deems this pair our favorite choice for everyday wear.

Doe Lashes Really Really Lowkey Review

The Really Really Lowkey lashes have a wispy, delicate air to them. With strands from 3mm-7mm long, these are the shortest lashes in the collection. Even so, they add noticeable length and a touch of volume.

While these lashes are short, they definitely won’t be missed. Add a bit of flair to the no-makeup look to accentuate your natural beauty.

Doe Lashes Accessories Review

Next up, we’ll explore Doe Lashes’ bestselling accessories. Those who invest in lash products need the tools for lash application and removal. Doe Lashes makes the process easy by patches, applicators, headbands, and more. Check out these convenient lash tools:

Doe Lashes Doe Applicator Review

The Doe Lash Applicator is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool to apply your lashes quickly and efficiently. Choose from cute pink or blue to apply your lashes right the first time.

The plastic Doe Lash Applicator is currently on sale for $2.50, down from $6.

Doe Lashes Doe Reusable Cotton Rounds Review

Step one, take off your falsies. Step two, remove makeup. If you apply eyeshadow and liner on the daily, cotton pads can really add up. Trade those in for more eco-friendly reusable versions.

The Doe Reusable Cotton Rounds are softened on one side with velvet crystal for makeup removal or toner application. The other side contains bamboo cotton (a sustainable material) that soothes skin after cleansing.

These 3-inch rounds come with a pink storage container and a drawstring laundry bag to throw them in the washer for easy reuse. This 16-pack of cotton pads are usually $13.50 but they’re currently sold out.

Doe Lashes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Doe Lashes Review

This Doe Lashes review will now explore what customers think of the company and its products. The company website contains positive feedback from thousands of customers. Users rate the lashes high for ease of use, durability, and comfort.

Most customers would recommend the lashes to a friend and essentially all products have 5/5 stars on the website. This does seem unrealistic, though. Take a look at these testimonials from Doe Lashes customers:

“They are extremely comfortable as well as easy to put on…They feel so lush and soft to the touch.”

“I am currently wearing them and I can’t feel a thing, but they still look gorgeous on me.”

“These lashes are my life, they are perfect for everyday wear and are so light on my eye. They give me the perfect amount of natural lash beauty but also makes me feel glam on the inside and out.”

Doe Lashes Review

Amazon carries the Morning Dew lashes and 197 customers rate them 4.2/5 stars. Numerous testimonials compliment the natural, lightweight, and comfortable lashes. From newbies to makeup aficionados, customers say Doe Lashes are effortless to apply and high-quality considering their affordability.

Now for something more official. Hollywood Hill, a beauty and fashion site, reviewed their experience with the brand’s Whimsical and Fuccboi Repellent lash sets and concluded that:

“My experience with Doe Lashes was extremely positive – it is clear that the products are created with a true vision of beauty in mind. It is also extremely refreshing to support a cruelty-free brand that makes product quality a priority.”

After scouring the internet, this Doe Lashes review found it difficult to find negative feedback. On Amazon, 6% of the reviews are unfavorable. One customer mentions that the lashes were flat and undesirable when applied: “the thickness and weight is OK, but the look is really unappealing and fake.”

A small number of customers on Amazon and the company website share similar sentiments, noting that the lashes are too long or dramatic.

Are Doe Lashes Worth It?

This Doe Lashes review thinks that the falsies are worth buying. The lashes flatter and last while being eco-friendly and affordable, containing quality ultra-fine Korean silk fiber.  

What’s more, Doe Lashes are beautifully handcrafted, durable enough to wear 15+ times, apply easily, and vary in length and style. Thousands of glowing 5-star reviews give us a lot of confidence in this brand.

While some customers note that the lashes are too long or unrealistic looking, they may have chosen an unsuitable style. The Doe Lashes quiz can help narrow down the options and find the right pair for you.

Doe Lashes Promotions & Discounts 

Doe Lashes Review

Doe Lashes has an ongoing sale with certain items are reduced by up to 30%. You can also save 10% by signing up for the Doe Lashes subscription.

Where to Buy Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes Review

The entire collection can be accessed through If you’re set on the Morning Dew set, visit the Doe Lashes Amazon page.

Sign up for Doe Lashes

To become a Doe Lashes member, chooses the lashes you want on the website and select the subscribe option. Choose between delivery every 20 or 40 days. After subscribing, you’re billed for the first box and will receive the lashes in 2-3 business days!


Who created Doe Lashes?

Doe Lashes founder and owner, Jason Wong created the brand to make comfortable faux lashes for his girlfriend.

How long do Doe Lashes last? 

Doe Lashes can be worn throughout the day or night with the right glue. Doe Lashes recommends adding a bit extra on the strip’s ends to avoid the corners falling off. 

Are Doe Lashes reusable?

Doe Lashes can be worn 15+ times with proper care. Remember to remove the lash adhesives after each use and put it back in the lash case to retain their shape. 

How long does Do Lashes take to ship?

Doe Lashes offers international shipping to most countries worldwide. Doe Lashes offers free US shipping on orders over $60. If located in the US, Doe Lashes offers Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

Doe Lashes offers First Class International shipping, Priority Mail International shipping, or International Priority Mail Express shipping for international orders. USPS Priority Mail International: starts at $46 and $30 for Canadian residents. Doe Lashes is not responsible for international taxes and duties.  

  • For US customers, delivery takes 5-10 business days 
  • International Standard Shipping takes 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the location
  • International Priority Mail Shipping takes 6-14 business days 

When your Doe Lashes order has been processed and shipped, an email notification is sent out containing shipping details and a tracking number. Go to the “Track Your Order” section of the Doe Lash site and enter your order number and email/phone number to check the order status.

What is Doe Lashes’s Return Policy?

Doe Lashes accepts returns on items that are unused and in their original condition. The full order amount minus the postage charge will be refunded. The company accepts exchanges within 30 days of delivery.

If goods were damaged upon arrival, you must email Doe Lashes within 24 hours of delivery. You can initiate a return by emailing [email protected].

How do you cancel Doe Lashes?

Subscribers can make changes to their Doe Lashes membership, including delivery frequency, lash orders, and cancellation through the website.

Members must log in, select Manage Subscriptions, and follow the cancellation instructions. Make sure to cancel Doe Lashes before the billing date, otherwise, you’ll be charged for the next shipment.

How to Contact Doe Lashes

If you have more questions after this Doe Lashes review, you can contact the company through:

Doe Lashes customer service will respond within 24 hours.

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