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Better Natured® Review

Navigating the realm of color-treated hair can be daunting. You have to trust the salon you go to but you also need the right brand to help maintain and nourish your hair in between salon visits. Meet Better Natured®, a brand focused on effective results using vegan formulations and naturally-derived* ingredients.

With a hefty emphasis on transparency and sustainability, it’s no wonder that Better Natured® has been making waves in the haircare world since their start in 2020. 

Everyone knows that it can be difficult to prevent color-treated hair from fading, but what about reinvigorating it and giving your strands the same glow they had when you first stepped out of the salon? That’s what Better Natured®’s products do (for up to eight weeks!), including their line of Hair Color Kits, shampoos, conditioners, and so much more goodness for your hair.

Before you go moving your next salon appointment up to tackle fading hair color, check out our Better Natured® review. Here, we’ll check out the best of the best of the brand’s products, take a look at ingredients, highlight customer reviews, and answer all of those burning FAQs. Let’s dive in.

Better Natured® Review


  • Offers products aimed at nourishing and maintaining color-treated hair
  • Vegan formulas
  • Naturally-derived* ingredients
  • Ships to all 50 states
  • Subscription options available

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Better Natured® Products Review

Better Natured® Find Your Shade Quiz

Better Natured® Review

The first and best step to take to make the most of Better Natured®’s products is to take their easy, quick 5-minute color quiz, designed by color experts to  match you with the best color to fit your hair needs

While you can easily shop based on what products you think you need or what concerns you’d like to treat, the quiz makes it that much easier to get expert recommendations and take all the guesswork out of the equation. If you want to skip this step right now, don’t worry because we have highlighted some of their best-selling products just down below.

It’s also worth mentioning that Better Natured® also has a Hair Care Quiz in case you’re more in the market for products to help keep your strands glowing and healthy looking.

Better Natured Hair® Color Kits

Better Natured® Review

As Better Better Natured® best-selling product, it’s only natural that we should highlight their Hair Color Kits first. And speaking of natural, that’s exactly the kind of look you’ll have with this product.

With 26 shades to choose from, the Hair Color Kits are the ideal solution for maintaining color in between salon visits. Better yet, they’re easy to use and you can do so right in the comfort of your own home.

You can tell that Better Natured® takes pride in their ingredients and standards just from reading about their Hair Color Kits. On the product page, it’s easy to tell what goes into their products and also what they don’t include (which can often be more important these days).

This 87% to 93% naturally-derived* product doesn’t include any phthalates, parabens, or silicone and is also free from animal-derived ingredients. The brand is also certified as animal test-free by PETA, which is a huge plus in today’s market.

So what do the Hair Color Kits actually contain? Every Better Natured® Hair Color Kit comes complete with everything you need to do your color at home. That includes one application of permanent hair color and the 20 volume developer to mix, your applicator bottle, gloves, barrier cream to protect the hairline, cleansing wipes, and even a Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner for use after application.

The formula for Better Natured(r)’s Permanent Liqui-Creme color are vegan and made up of their signature triple plant milk blend comprised of  coconut, palm, and orchid plant milks, alongside a host of other quality ingredients, that deliver the vibrant color results and nourishing conditioning feeling that makes you feel like you just stepped out of the salon chair. The result is luscious-looking hair with phenomenal gray coverage that lasts for up to eight weeks

The whole kit can be yours for $25.

Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo

Better Natured® Review

Serving as the perfect complementary product to Better Natured®’s Hair Color Kits, the Better Natured® Color Care Shampoo is ideal for keeping your color-treated hair looking healthy and radiant for longer. Boasting a variety of naturally-derived* ingredients, this shampoo only includes what it needs to let it work best on your hair.

All you have to do is lather the Color Care Shampoo into your hair while showering and rinse it out after. The method of shampooing might be nothing groundbreaking, but the ingredients included certainly are. Vegan, biodegradable, and certainly effective, this shampoo is available in a 10.1 FL. OZ bottle for $20.

Better Natured® Color Protecting Conditioner

Better Natured® Review

While your hair might feel silky smooth and conditioned right after applying the Hair Color Kits, it’s important to keep that care up with the Better Natured® Color Protecting Conditioner. Reducing the chance of breakage and locking in the vibrancy, this conditioner is another essential companion to the brand’s hair care regimen.

Specially formulated for color-treated hair, the Color Care Conditioner is made with luxurious coconut oil that we swear you can feel hydrating your locks as you work the conditioner into your hair. After that, your hard work is done, but the conditioner keeps working until you rinse it out. You can grab this powerful yet gentle conditioner in a 10.1 FL. OZ bottle for only $20.

Better Natured® Moisture Replenishing Masque

Better Natured® Review

For some extra care and protection for your color-treated hair, there’s no better option than the Better Natured® Moisture Replenishing Masque

We tried to figure out an effective way of getting across just how good this product is, but the brand does it best by saying that it “drenches [your] strands with an epic dose of moisture.” Hair often needs all the help it can get, so an epic dose of moisture sounds pretty darn nice if we do say so ourselves.

The detangling power of the Moisture Replenishing Masque should also be mentioned because it can make combing up to 14 times easier. With all the moisture and less of the hassle, you can grab a 6 FL. OZ jar of this product for $22.

Who Is Better Natured® For?

Better Natured® Review

Do you have color-treated hair that could use a touch-up or an extra helping of TLC? Better Natured® designed their products for exactly those purposes. 

If your next salon visit is ages away and you want to inject some brilliant shine and vibrancy into your hair, the brand’s Hair Color Kits are the way to go. Top it off with some of their other products to maintain that pop of color for weeks on end.

Better Natured® Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Better Natured® Review

Flowery words and scents are alright, but if we really want to get the full scoop on Better Natured®, we have to take a magnifying glass to what their customers think about them. On that note, we’re happy to say that the positivity we came across is as shiny as the reported effects of the brand’s products.

Starting off on the Better Natured® website, here are the star ratings for the products highlighted in this article (spoiler alert: they’re all really good):

  • Hair Color Kit: 4.4/5 stars based on 84 ratings
  • Color Care Shampoo: 4.6/5 stars based on 199 ratings
  • Color Protecting Conditioner: 4.7/5 stars based on 128 ratings
  • Moisture Replenishing Masque: 4.6/5 stars based on 174 ratings

Honestly, although there may be some incentivized reviews, in today’s internet culture, near-perfect scores just lend legitimacy to the fact that these reviews are as glowing and real as they get. Let’s start out with one particularly telling customer testimonial for the Hair Color Kit:

“I recently tried Better Natured in dark brown and I am genuinely blown away by the great coloring results. It was very easy to apply, it didn’t smell too chemically, and I loved the way my hair looked and felt. It wasn’t splotchy, I didn’t miss any spots and I got a lot of compliments on the color. Overall I liked it and I definitely think I’ll be switching from my old box dye to this from now on.”  

A true convert, we love to see it! Other customer reviews were equally filled with praise, like this next review for the Color Care Shampoo:

“My first [instinct] with a product is to smell it, as silly as it sounds. The smell is refreshing and invigorating, not at all pungent and overwhelming. After my shower I could immediately tell a difference with my hair. When my hair dried I noticed how silky and shiny it was. I didn’t have to add any additional leave in conditioner products afterwards to achieve this, which for me is out of the norm with natural based products, so this was a very pleasant surprise.”

Smells like a quality product by the looks of it. It’s great to hear just how effective Better Natured’s products are even on their own. Imagine if you combined their shampoo and conditioner. That would just be moisture and shine paradise.

For another perspective, we took to Amazon to see what customers had to say there. It comes as no surprise, however, that products like the Better Natured® Hair Color Kit hold scores like 4.3/5 stars. Even here, there were so many reviews that looked a little bit like this one:

“I have naturally dark hair and my grays stick out like a sore thumb. I have tried a bunch of other products that don’t cover all of them. I have never dyed my hair at home, I’ve always gone to a salon but it was 25 dollars so it’s worth trying. And I am shocked, it was super easy to do for my first time and I have yet to find a gray. My hair is soft and so cute. Highly recommend this!!!”

It really does seem like Better Natured® has created some truly remarkable products. Vegan, naturally-derived*, and appreciated by many of their customers, this brand is a certified hit in the world of color-treated hair.

Is Better Natured® Worth It?

Better Natured® Review

Figuring out whether a brand is worth it depends a lot on your needs. With that in mind, if you do have color-treated hair that you’d like to maintain and nourish, then you need to check out Better Natured®

With effective formulas that are vegan and naturally-derived* (along with heaps of customer praise), it comes as no surprise that we believe that Better Natured® is definitely worth it.

Where To Buy Better Natured®

Better Natured® Review

While you can shop for their products on sites like Amazon and JCPenney, Better Natured’s website is the place to go for their full lineup and to take advantage of their subscription option.

Better Natured® Promotions & Discounts

Better Natured® Review

Better Natured® keeps things simple by providing 20% off your first order when you sign up to their mailing list. Besides that, keep an eye on those emails for any potential promos or discounts that might pop up.


Better Natured® Review 1

Where is Better Natured® based?

Better Natured® is owned by Zotos Professional, Darien CT USA 06820, a division of Henkel Corporation, Darien CT USA 06820.

Who owns Better Natured®?

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, a consumer goods company that also owns brands like Dial and Loctite, owns Better Natured®.

Better Natured® Shipping & Returns

Better Natured® is happy to ship to 50 states and even provides free shipping on all orders. 

The brand proudly offers a money-back guarantee with no time constraints. This assurance means you have the freedom to return any product, regardless of when it was purchased, if it doesn’t meet your expectations. This commitment ensures you can genuinely experience the product and return it if it doesn’t align with your satisfaction, providing you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

To start the return process, all you have to do is fill out their contact form and include the order number and the name of the items being returned. After that, their customer service team will take it from there and guide you through the rest of the process.

How to contact Better Natured®

If you have any lingering questions after reading this Better Natured® review, you have several options when it comes to reaching out to their customer service team. 

You can use the Live Chat function on their website for immediate assistance or fill out their Contact Form. Lastly, you can give them a call at 1-800-242-9283 Monday through Friday 9 AM – 6 PM EST and Saturday 9 AM – 12 PM EST.

**Disclaimer: According to the Global ISO Standard 16128 which defines naturally-derived as a plant or mineral derived material and water which is found in nature and has undergone limited processing.

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