Olive Car Warranty Review

About Olive Car Warranty

Olive Car Warranty Review

Buying a car is a big investment. You’ll need to rely on your car to get you to all the important places you need to go. Unfortunately, even the most luxurious cars aren’t perfect, and you might find yourself left dealing with a large repair bill one day because your car just stopped working. That is unless you sign up for an Olive car warranty.

Olive provides an extended car warranty that will help cover repair costs once your original warranty expires. By helping to pay for mechanical repairs, the company has earned a modest 3.4K Facebook followers and has been featured by NBC, Yahoo, CBS, and more.

It’s also the official auto mechanical breakdown provider for the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks.

Interested in what this kind of service can do for you? If so, then keep reading my Olive car warranty review. Coming up, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the brand, including how its warranty works, what it covers, and more. Let’s get started.

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Overview Of Olive’s Car Warranty

Olive Car Warranty Review

When you buy a car, it’s required that you have insurance to protect you from accidents. But what about if your car breaks down and has mechanical issues outside of its original warranty? After all, car breakdowns are 50 times more likely than accidents. This is where Olive steps in.

Olive launched in 2019 with the intention of “helping people live life covered.” It has since earned critical acclaim for its business model and also for how it treats its customers. But there’s much more to this company’s history.

Before founding Olive, Rebecca Howard launched PayLink Direct in 2006. Today, PayLink Direct is one of the biggest payment services on the market with a reported $11 billion of receivables.

With PayLink as its foundation, Olive was able to hit the ground running by letting its customers buy directly from the company, making the process as easy as possible.

Today, Olive has helped a ton of drivers avoid unnecessary payments for repairs. And 59% of its customers are first-time buyers, so the company continues to grow to new heights. It was even named one of the top-ranked car warranties of 2022 by ConsumersAdvocate.

Now that you know more about the brand’s background, let’s take a look at some highlights.


Olive Car Warranty Review
  • Sells extended car warranties for mechanical problems
  • Monthly membership you can cancel anytime
  • Get a quote in 60 seconds or less online
  • No waiting period
  • No robocalls
  • A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau

Olive’s Extended Warranty Coverage Review

Olive Car Warranty Review

Now it’s time to check out the main section of my Olive car warranty review, and it’s all about the coverage. This warranty is really straightforward and simple to use, and it’s even easier to get started.

To start the process, you must complete a short quiz. The quiz results will help Olive customize your warranty so that you get a personalized rate. And the best part is there’s no waiting period once you sign up. That means you’ll be covered by the next day.

As for what exactly Olive covers, the company offers varying coverage via its three different plans. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose which one suits you best.

Here’s an overview of each plan:

  • Powertrain: It covers the most expensive parts of your car, including the lubricated parts of your engine and transmission.
  • Powertrain Plus: This plan takes things to the next level by covering more than just the major parts of your car. This includes coverage for your front suspension, brakes, AC, power steering, and more.
  • Complete Care: As you can tell by this plan’s name, it will cover almost everything. Windshield wipers and tires are the only things that this option doesn’t cover. This is easily the most comprehensive option available.

In addition to this, Olive will cover $100 of your towing bill. It also covers up to 185,000 total miles with no yearly restrictions. What’s even better? Olive is transferable. So if you feel like getting a new car, you can add some resale value by including Olive’s warranty with your sale.

How Does An Olive Car Warranty Work?

Olive Car Warranty Review

To get started, you’ll need to complete a quick online quiz to get a quote for your vehicle’s coverage. As long as your vehicle is under 10 years old and its mileage is below 140,000 miles, you’re eligible for coverage.

With the quiz you’ll get a quote in under 60 seconds. With no waiting period, once you choose your plan, you’ll be all signed up and covered by the next day!

Olive will also charge you manageable monthly payments and you can cancel at any time. Plus, you’ll only be paying the deductible for any repair covered by your warranty plan.

Getting a quote and filing a claim is as smooth as possible. Just follow the steps online or give Olive a call. You’ll find more detailed steps below.

How Much Does An Olive Car Warranty Cost?

Olive Car Warranty Review

How much your Olive car warranty will cost depends on your vehicle, its condition, and which plan you choose. On average, Olive plans will cost between $30-$80 per month but may cost more depending on the model of your car and its mileage. 

How To Get A Quote And File A Claim

Olive Car Warranty Review

You can easily get a quote online by completing Olives quiz here. It will take you 60 seconds or less, and you’ll be presented with the brand’s three coverage plans to choose from. Remember, there’s no waiting period!

Once you’re covered, you can easily file a claim by calling the company. First, you’ll want to find a repair shop that will work with Olive—so you’ll need to use RepairPal. If you aren’t able to find one, you can use any center that’s ASE certified.

An employee from the repair center will get in contact with Olive to get their estimate approved before they start working on your car. Once your car is fixed, Olive will pay the repair center directly so you won’t have to wait for a reimbursement. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is the deductible and any parts that aren’t covered by your Olive warranty plan. It’s that easy!

Who Is An Olive Car Warranty For? 

Olive Car Warranty Review 1

An Olive car warranty is for people looking for that extra peace of mind when driving their car. We all know accidents happen, but breakdowns happen too. Unfortunately, cars aren’t perfect, so having that extra coverage is a great idea.

Olive Car Warranty Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Olive Car Warranty Review

Olive sounds like the perfect partner for your car to ensure you don’t have to pay for unnecessary expenses after you drive off the lot. But what do customers have to say about the company after using its service? 

Here are a few ratings I found on the web:

  • Google: 4.6/5 stars
  • Better Business Bureau: 4/5 stars; A+ BBB rating
  • Consumer Affairs: 4.5/5 stars; 251 ratings

Overall, this brand seems to be loved by its customers. But let’s take a closer look. First of all, Olive features Google reviews from real customers on its website. There, customers raved about their great experiences with the brand. The Olive car warranty review below is a prime example of this:

“It was seamless and efficient. My Olive coverage is the best thing that’s happened for my car and the most worry-free purchase I’ve made in a long time.”

While there’s a good selection of similar Olive car warranty reviews on Google, I wanted to look elsewhere to get a comprehensive view of the customer experience. So I hopped on the Better Business Bureau’s website where the brand’s parent company Repair Ventures has been awarded an A+ score.

The brand has closed 14 complaints in the last 12 months, so you know its team is active and accommodating. Here’s what one customer wrote about their experience with Olive:

“I did quite a bit of research before I chose Olive. The process was seamless, customer service was awesome and super friendly. My Mini is in the process of being fixed and paid for minus my deductible by Olive. The claims process is just as easy as setting up your plan. Just want to say thank you for being there when I needed you, you’ve earned a lifetime customer.”

Finally, I turned to the Consumer Affairs website where a lot of customers rated the brand highly and shared their experiences. Unsurprisingly, Olive car warranty reviews here were all very similar. Here’s one of them:

“I purchased a new vehicle and needed a warranty on it. I called Olive because I had several questions. Their rep was very knowledgeable and he was able to answer the questions that I needed answered very clearly. With the extended warranty, I have a whole lot of security driving.”

They went on: “If I need to call, I can call. Olive is good coverage. From what I see so far, it’s very affordable. The team that I talked to was very informative and they do a great job.”

Overall, customers seemed to love the coverage Olive provided them and the peace of mind that came with it. And if they ever had any questions or issues, Olive’s customer service team seemed prepared and pleasant to deal with.

Are Olive Car Warranties Legit?

Olive Car Warranty Review

After visiting a bunch of websites and reading countless Olive car warranty reviews, I can safely say Olive is legit. I saw no red flags anywhere!

Is An Olive Car Warranty Worth It?

Olive Car Warranty Review

If you want some extra peace of mind when driving your car once its original warranty expires, you should check out Olive. With different coverage plans that cover such a wide range of repairs, Olive is a comprehensive warranty company that has your back.

Olive Car Warranty Promotions & Discounts 

Olive Car Warranty Review

At the time of writing my Olive car warranty review, you can save $100 off your deductible when you file your claim through the brand’s partner RepairPal.

Where To Buy An Olive Car Warranty

Olive Car Warranty Review

If you’re interested in the services I highlighted in my Olive car warranty review, visit to get started.


Olive Car Warranty Review

Who owns Olive?

Founder Rebecca Howard remains the CEO of Olive and PayLink Direct.

What is Olive’s privacy policy?

Olive is responsible for protecting your privacy and takes this responsibility seriously. As you use the service, the company collects personal data such as your phone number, address, credit card number, and information about your vehicle to come up with your price. The brand also collects usage data such as your IP address and the internet browser you use.

What is Olive’s return policy?

While you can cancel your membership at any time with no penalty, you’ll also have the first 30 days after signing up to get a refund for your premium. This will be prorated and may be subject to fees depending on your location.

How To Contact Olive

Olive Car Warranty Review

If you have any questions after reading my Olive car warranty review, you can contact its customer service team by using one of the following methods.

  1. Phone: 888-654-8348
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Fill out the contact form here
  4. Use the live online chat feature

Olive’s customer service department is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (PT).

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