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About American Crew

American Crew Hair Products Review

American Crew is a men’s grooming brand that sells hair styling products, skincare, colognes, and more. Carried by numerous salons, their merchandise is also commonly sold at commercial retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. 

With a following of over 109k on Instagram, American Crew has also been spotlighted by a few media outlets, including Allure, Men’s Journal, and Vogue Magazine.

Plus, the brand has won a few awards over the years, like the 2015 Look Great Award by Men’s Fitness.

But, the brand has also given awards for their yearly All-Star Challenge, where stylists and customers compete for the best hair looks achieved using American Crew products.

This American Crew hair review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more. At the end, you’ll be able to decide if their products are worth the buy.  

Overview of American Crew

American Crew Hair Products Review

Three decades ago, hairstylist, David Raccuglia noticed a lack of innovation within the male grooming industry. He knew that men would be keener to look their best if they saw products on shelves with a more “masculine touch”.

Raccuglia decided to kickstart a brand that would sell just that. So, American Crew was born in 1994, its headquarters nestled into the bustling streets of New York City.

A statement on the company website details his mission that they still uphold today:

“It has been an absolute honor to create a brand that has led the men’s grooming category throughout our 25-year journey. We pride ourselves on consistently innovating, predicting the trends and growth of the grooming industry, and creating products that meet the needs of all men.” 

Before we get into this American Crew hair products review, let’s go comb through some initial pros and cons: 


  • A variety of accessible men’s grooming products to choose from including skincare, hairstyling, shaving tools, and more 
  • A grooming tips section on their website for customers
  • Available at many local salons and online retailers 
  • Many positive customer reviews sources from multiple sites
  • Offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option
  • Buy two, get one free promotion 
  • 15% off your first order with a discount code 
  • Free samples with every purchase 
  • Free ground shipping on all orders 
  • 30-day return policy for a full refund


  • They do not offer international shipping 
  • Pricier compared to other retailers 
  • Some customers didn’t respond well to the smell of certain products 
American Crew Hair Products Review

Men, it’s time to step up your game. American Crew has a wide assortment of grooming products tailored to every need. Their collection includes tools for shaving, hair styling, skincare, and colognes

They also provide gift sets for those looking to buy something special for friends and loved ones. Below, this American Crew hair products review will provide insight on some of the brand’s bestsellers

American Crew Products Review

You don’t always need an occasion to look good. Anybody who looks clean, cut, and fresh will always embody a sense of confidence and poise

Want to take your style up from 7 to 10? Keep reading this American Crew hair products review, where we’ll go over some cult classics from their shampoos and mustache waxes to the quintessential beard cream. 

American Crew Pomade Review

Fellas, time to embrace that slicked-back look. The Pomade wax by American Crew comes in a water-based formula that you can apply directly to curly or straight hair. 

You can also use the Pomade wax to achieve that short blowout style or to help keep those wayward curls in place.

It also contains Lanolin, a substance that makes all that meticulous styling appear effortless while providing a touch of classic shine

If you’re feeling adventurous in quarantine, this American Crew hair products review dares you to recreate that iconic Elvis Presley hairstyle using the Pomade.

Currently, there are 2 ways that you can purchase this styling product:

  • 1.7 oz: $12
  • 3.3 oz: $19

American Crew Fiber Review

Unless you love the look of thinning hair, the Fiber styling formula by American Crew promises to deliver volume and radiance.

This men’s conditioner contains a proprietary mix of Lanolin, Cetyl Palmitate, Ceteareth, and Beeswax.

This sounds like a lot, but these ingredients are used to ensure lift, smoothness, and protection against moisture loss so you avoid the dreadful “crunch” when your average hair product dries.

The Fiber styling formula easily emulsifies into hair to quickly provide thickness, texture, and fullness. For best results, this wax works best on hair that is between 1–3″ in length

Guaranteeing high hold and shine, the Fiber is priced at:

  • 1.75 oz: $12
  • 3 oz: $19

American Crew Fiber Cream Review

If you hate the sticky feeling of hairspray but still want the hold, Fiber Cream by American Crew might be the answer.

Whether you’re aiming to create that sleek and straight look or want to soften naturally curly hair, this product can bend and groove to your needs with an in-house mix of Polyethylene Glycol Polymers, Methyl Gluceth-20, PVP, VP/VA, and Polyquaternium-69.

It is recommended that you apply this product liberally to damp hair to help keep cuticles and roots healthy. Make the 3 oz Fiber Cream part of your morning routine for $18.50

American Crew Beard Balm Review

To help keep your facial hair from being untamed, try the Beard Balm enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax.

This Beard Balm acts as a conditioner and styler to tame stubborn ends and add an enticing gleam that lasts you through errands, your workday, or even a burger!

If you want a sculpted look, we recommend checking out the American Crew Matte Clay formula for the extra hold with the same shine. 

But, if you’re just here to snatch up a 2.1 oz container of this American Crew beard cream, it costs just $19

American Crew Moustache Wax Review

Whether you’re going for a chevron look, walrus cut, pencil-style, or the iconic handlebar, American Crew’s Moustache Wax can help you achieve the trend you’re pining after. 

It’s scented with a pleasant, light fragrance, and tames flyaways while providing moisture all the way to the tips.

The wax can come to your rescue whenever you want to emulate that Clark Gable moment. For a 0.5 oz container, this American Crew Moustache Wax costs $14

American Crew Forming Cream Review

If you’re new to the hairstyling game, American Crew’s Forming Cream can help make the process a little bit easier. 

Made out of a water-based substance, this product contains a blend of Lanolin Wax, Sucrose, PVP Copolymer, and Glycerin.

All of these ingredients create movable hold, moisture, body, and medium shine so you can rock the beach waves look or just tame your flyaways (cowlicks, we see you). 

This Forming Cream can be easily applied to dry or damp hair and is great to use for when you just need a bit of lift. Pick up this American Crew styling formula for:

  • 1.75 oz: $12
  • 3 oz: $19

American Crew Defining Paste Review

The Defining Paste by American Crew is an essential styling product for when you want to achieve that perfect, tousled kind of look.

This formula contains a mix of Lanolin, Beeswax, and Glycerin, for volume and texture that will make Timothee Chalamet’s curly tresses just that more attainable. 

Its wax-like consistency also provides a matte finish and still remains pliable for easy distribution through the hair. Suitable for longer cuts, this product provides medium hold and low gloss. 

Make the Defining Paste your next bathroom cabinet essential. A 3 oz tub costs just $19.   

American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo Review

Dear men, we are absolutely astonished that you believe that shampoo, conditioner, and body wash hybrids work. It might get the job done, but you end up only devoting a third of the product towards each of your needs. 

If you want to show some special care to your hair, look into American Crew’s Daily Moisturizing Shampoo.

Containing a blend of Surfactants, Panthenol, Rosemary, Thyme Extracts, and more, this cleanser works to ensure a moisture balance while ridding your locks of debris and excess oil.

Not to mention, it does what it came to do, and keeps your hair touchably conditioned and soft.

Suitable for all types, the Daily Moisturizing Shampoo comes in 4 different quantity options:

  • 33.8 oz: $26 
  • 15.2 oz: $17 
  • 8.4 oz: $12 
  • 3.3 oz: $8 (currently sold out

American Crew 3-in-1 Review

Some products tend to strip your roots of natural oils, but the 3-in-1 might just be an exception to many haircare industry staples.

Powered by Sage Leaf Extract, this American Crew shampoo, conditioner, and body wash provides shine and softness while also working as an effective hair detangler

This versatile product also relies on Citric Acid to cleanse and refresh the skin without drying it out. Cut your get-ready time in half with the 3-in-1 with size and price options of:

  • 33.8 oz: $27
  • 15.2 oz: $19
  • 8.4 oz: $14
  • 3.3 oz: $8.50

American Crew Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

American Crew Hair Products Review

This American Crew hair products review found out that customer opinions lean favorably towards this brand. Most of the best-selling formulas on their website have garnered dozens, if not hundreds of reviews with positive ratings

For example, the Pomade wax has over 592 user testimonials with a score of 4.5/5 stars. Buyers have noted that this product helped to achieve the look that they were going for and that it isn’t too greasy or heavy when applied.  

“What I find best about the pomade is that it allows for easy sleek styling of short hair. It doesn’t dry hard like gel; it leaves your hair looking sharp, clean, and perfectly styled,” one reviewer wrote for the Pomade wax. 

We also found more rave reviews on websites such as XYStuff and Influencter. There are a total of 498 comments that have been made for the Fiber styling formula, which has a general rating of 4.4/5 stars on XYStuff. 

But on Influenster, a sum of 3.3k user testimonials for American Crew are posted with an overall grade of 4.5/5 stars.

Altogether, customers on both websites have reported that their products helped to hold their hair in place and their shampoos and lotions were extremely hydrating.

“The only shampoo and conditioner my dad has used for the past fifteen years. He is obsessed and it is for all the right reasons! The fragrance has a menthol minty smell that is cooling on the head. It also helps prevent dry scalp,” one reviewer wrote for the Shampoo and Conditioner Set

This American Crew Hair Products review found a small number of negative customer experiences online. Unfortunately, some buyers on XYStuff and Influenster shared that the Fiber styling cream felt sticky and greasy upon application.

Others wrote that their hair products were too thick in texture, had an unpleasant smell, and were not a fan of the price

One review from Influenster summarized many of the customer complaints with her 2/5 star review after she bought the product for her boyfriend:

“After a while of using it for himself he really didn’t enjoy it. It makes his hair very greasy very quickly. It’s also a thick consistency that doesn’t hold very well. It is pretty pricey. I wouldn’t buy again.”

Is American Crew Worth It?

American Crew Hair Products Review

Based on the amount of positive feedback found online, this American Crew hair products review seems to think these products are worth it.

The company is dedicated to creating male grooming products that are simple but successful. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional when it comes to beard or hair maintenance, you can use American Crew products easily.

Speaking of easily, this brand has also made their products extremely accessible with frequent promotions and discounts, Afterpay payment options, and fast shipping. Talk about a brand you can rely on!

But, when and if you need, the brand provides a few helpful tips and advice on their website on how to use each item properly, whether you’re holding a hairstyling cream or one of their ultra-nourishing shampoos.

Their shampoos and styling products will usually run around $13- $30 in total. But for those that are quite tired of their drugstore version and are looking for an upgrade, American Crew could be a step forward with a price tag ensuring it.

We acknowledge the negative reviews about the smell and ineffective products. But each American Crew item is formulated for certain hair types and may not be one-size-fits-all.

If you do have difficulty with the products, rely on their tips online or their 30-day return policy.  

So is American Crew a good brand? Yes, we think this brand is worth the buy.

American Crew Promotions & Discounts 

American Crew Hair Products Review

This American Crew hair products review found a few ways that customers can save money: 

  • Buy two products, get one free by using the promo code ‘ACBOGO’ at checkout
  • Take 15% off your first order with the code ‘NEWTOTHECREW’
  • Free samples with every purchase 

Where to Buy American Crew

American Crew Hair Products Review

Customers can purchase the brand’s complete line of products (including the classic American Crew hair gel by visiting

Some of their items are carried by select hairdressers, try the Salon Locator feature on their website to find one closest to you. 

This American Crew review also found a list of their major retail partners in North America:

  • Walmart 
  • Amazon
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Shoppers Drug Mart 
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Sally Beauty 


American Crew Hair Products Review

Who owns American Crew?

American Crew was founded by David Raccuglia. The brand is now owned by its parent company, Colomer Beauty Brands. 

Is American Crew made in the USA? 

This American Crew hair products review hasn’t come across a definitive answer as to where their products are made. However, they are based in New York City. 

Is American Crew all natural? 

Not all of their products are made of natural ingredients. Some of their formulas, such as the Classic Body Wash, do contain a few in its blend. 

Is American Crew healthy?

American Crew’s products claim to improve your hair and scalp’s overall health. Their nourishing shampoos could restore dyed or brittle hair. 

Does American Crew have alcohol? 

Some American Crew products claim that they do not have alcohol. The Firm Hold Styling Gel is one example. 

What is American Crew’s Shipping Policy?

This American Crew hair products review found out that they offer free ground shipping on all orders. They also provide other options such as second day and overnight delivery for a set price. 

Standard orders are usually delivered within 7 business days. Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email to help locate their packages. 

Unfortunately, American Crew does not offer international shipping

What is American Crew’s Return Policy?

Customers have 30 days to send back their orders for a refund. All items must be in good condition and in their original packaging in order to be considered eligible. 

American Crew does not cover return shipping costs. To initiate this process, buyers are encouraged to contact their customer service team. 

How to Contact American Crew

For inquiries and concerns unrelated to this American Crew hair products review, you can contact the company through:

Using the Live Chat function on their website

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