Beardbrand Review

About Beardbrand 

Beardbrand Review

Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that offers high-quality, new-age products to “make men awesome.”

Today, the brand has an impressive following of 180k on Instagram, a 140k following on Facebook, and their YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers.

This Beardbrand review will take a close look at the brand, their best-selling products, customer reviews, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their beard grooming essentials are worth the buy. 

Overview of Beardbrand 

Beardbrand Review

Beardbrand founder, Eric Bandolz was eight months into his “yeard” (beard grown for a year) and was thrilled by the camaraderie among men with beards.

He launched Beardbrand via YouTube and Tumblr with the intent of uniting all Beardsmen and eliminating beard stigmas.

Eric knew that grooming a beard requires more work than actual shaving. When he started Beardbrand, he wanted to offer high-quality grooming products that matched the high standards that he had for his own beard.

But Beardbrand’s vision is what it has always been, “[t]o change the way society views Beardsmen.”

If you watched the Beardbrand Shark Tank episode, you’ll know the brand was not offered a deal. Bu simply being on the show launched their sales into over $20k per day and the current net worth is just under $800k.

Beardbrand Review

This Beardbrand review will now highlight some important pros and cons of the brand. 


  • A wide selection of quality men’s grooming products for beards and hair
  • Removing stigmas and empowering their customers
  • Offers all products in the same six alluring scents 
  • Contains no known DHT blocking ingredients
  • Free shipping over $50 in US
  • Alliance members receive free shipping 
  • Offers international shipping options
  • 60-day return policy  


  • Some customers have problems with breakouts
  • Some customers report scent fading quickly  

Beardbrand products are offered in 6 different scents: Old Money, Temple Smoke, Four Vices, Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, and Tea Tree. Fewer scents prevent scent confusion – a combination of smells clashing with each other. 

On average their products last 3 months and do not contain any DHT blocking elements.

If you’re new to this concept, like this Beardbrand review was, DHT is short for Dihydrotestosterone, which is a by-product of testosterone that gives men their “defining characteristics.” 

Beardbrand Review

Beards are beautiful things but they need help to stay tamed, trimmed, and luscious. From beard oil, styling gels, and tools, Beardbrand is committed to empowering bearded men through their growth journey.

This Beardbrand products review will feature the brand’s best sellers that have all been designed to “make men amazing.”

Beardbrand Beard Oil Review

The Beard Oil blends Abyssinian, Babassu, Jojoba, and Castor Oils to condition and smooth your beard and skin. It absorbs fast, lasts long, and is lightweight.

To use, shake out 3 to 5 drops and work it into your skin and beard. For even distribution, use a Beardbrand comb or a hairbrush. If you have a thicker beard, this Beardbrand review recommends using 7 to 10 drops

This Beard Oil comes in a 1fl oz bottle. Shown in the image above, the Old Money option is their most potent scent blend of leather, mahogany, whisky, and cigars. But this Beard Oil is available in a 30ml bottle in:

  • Temple Smoke, Four Vices & Old Money: $29
  • Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus & Tea Tree: $21

Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray Review  

The Sea Salt Spray gives the messy wavy look with added volume, medium hold, softness, and texture thanks to Kaolinite Clay.

Shake the bottle and spray generously onto your towel-dried mid-lengths and ends then air or blow dry for natural-looking waves. Featured here in Four Vices, this Sea Salt Spray is available in any of their six fragrances.

Four Vices exudes earthy and floral notes of coffee, tobacco, cannabis, and hops. Add some beachy-fun back into your life during each and every season with a 100ml bottle of the Sea Salt Spray in:

  • Four Vices & Old Money: $22
  • Tree Ranger, Spices Citrus & Tea Tree: $17

Unfortunately, the Temple Smoke scent is currently sold out.

Beardbrand Styling Balm Review 

Crunchy hair is a thing of the past with the Styling Balm which provides a flexible, medium-hold to any hairstyle. With a satin-like finish, run your hands through your locks as much as you’d like.

Great for all hair types, use a pea-sized amount of the Styling Balm on your wet or dry beard and/or hair, distributing evenly from roots to tips.

The balm shown above is Temple Smoke, described as having deep, warm layers with an earthy, smoky undertone. But you can get the Styling Balm in a 3.4oz bottle in:

  • Temple Smoke, Four Vices & Old Money for $37
  • Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, & Tea Tree for $28

Beardbrand Utility Balm Review

Unlike the Styling Balm, the brand’s Utility Balm is meant to be versatile for soothing skin as well as hair. Safe to use on your beard, hair, skin, and fresh tattoos, this balm does a little bit of everything.

This one-step wonder comes in a 100ml container but the cost varies depending upon the one you want:

  • Temple Smoke & Four Vices: $48
  • Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, & Tea Tree: $36

Unfortunately, the Old Money scent is currently sold out.

Beardbrand Mustache Wax Review

The Mustache Wax is one of the most popular styling products from Beardbrand. Mustaches are just as important as beards and they need a little help to stay naturally curled with medium hold.

This wax is meant to keep your stache soft without the stiffness and you can choose from:

  • Temple Smoke & Four Vices: $12
  • Spiced Citrus & Tea Tree: $9

Unfortunately, the Old Money and Tree Ranger options are sold out. But when they do come back in stock, the brand also offers this wax in 3-Packs for as low as $25.

Beardbrand Brush Review

This Beardbrand review will start off by saying that all brushes are not created equal. This Brush has bristles made of 100% boar’s hair, which stimulates the skin’s natural oils and makes your beard soft, shiny, and healthy.

The Brush varies in size and price depending upon how you intend to use it:

  • Large: $28
  • Round: $28
  • Travel: $22

Beardbrand Scissors Review

These Scissors were designed by Beardbrand founder, Eric Bandholz. Made with Japanese steel, these feature a matte finish with gold accents and have a hardness rating of 55-56 and measure 5.25”

Use these Scissors by combing your beard then trimming long hairs and split ends. This Beardbrand review notes the brand recommends that you do not trim horizontally. You can get these high-quality Scissors for $45. 

Beardbrand Kits Review

Beardbrand Kits offer high-quality grooming products and tools to help you achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of. Having all of the essentials in one or two bundles not only saves money but also gets you all-around beard care.

This Beardbrand review will now feature the brand’s best-selling kits. 

Beardbrand Wash & Softener Set Review

The Wash & Softener Set actually conditions the skin under your beard for a better look, smell, and feel while also soothing itchiness and eliminating dandruff.  

To use, squeeze a dime-sized amount of the Beardbrand Beard Wash into your hands and apply to your beard, starting at the roots and working down to the ends.

Rinse and squeeze the same amount of Beardbrand Beard Softener into your hands and apply to the length of your beard. Leave on for two minutes before rinsing. 

The attention-inducing 3.4fl oz Wash & Softener Set is currently being sold in: 

  • Temple Smoke, Four Vices & Old Money: $43, down from $46
  • Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus & Tea Tree: $32, down from $34

Beardbrand Grooming Kit Review

The Grooming Kit has everything you need to elevate your hair and beard game, all conveniently organized within a black walnut box.

Included in the Grooming Kit is:

  • A Large Boar’s Hair Brush
  • A Round Boar’s Hair Brush
  • A Travel Boar’s Hair Brush
  • 2 limited edition cellulose acetate Large & Pocket Combs
  • Travel-friendly Beard Trimming Scissors

This extensive Grooming Kit is currently sold out. But was previously on sale for $200 (down from $253).

Beardbrand Fragrance Samples Review

Few of us get to try out scents before we buy a product. But, Beardbrand has you covered when it comes to how you want your beard to smell. The Fragrance Samples you can get can be from the brand’s Silver or Silver & Gold Line.

The Silver Line includes their Spiced Citrus, Tree Ranger, and Tea Tree set only for $7. Plus, these samples get you a $5 credit for your next purchase!

Whereas the Silver & Gold Line includes the previous scents along with Temple Smoke, Old Money, and Four Vices which totals to all 6 of the brand’s scents for just $13.

Beardbrand Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Beardbrand Review

This Beardbrand review will now take a look at customer reviews found on the brand’s Facebook page, Amazon, Reddit, and the brand website, to give you a better idea of what their products, customer service, and shipping are truly like. 

One Beardbrand reviewer on Facebook loves their products but wishes there were less expensive shipping options. He wrote:

Their scents are great, something for everyone…Their customer service is awesome…My only gripe is with the shipping…They are in Texas, and I’m in Canada. So shipping costs me more than a bottle of oil is worth…It’s making buying from here less and less frequent.” 

Beardbrand Amazon reviews rate the brand with 5 stars among 74% of reviews with one Beardsmen praising the Tree Hugger Beard Oil: “Awesome aroma- not greasy- I look forward to using this every morning. Can’t believe I have had a beard for so long without this.”

A Utility Balm review thread on Reddit also writes of the brand’s quality for the price. “High quality stuff. Usually, they’re on the upper tier of price, but their Target line is very reasonably priced.”

Another 5-star review on says, “I’ve been using the Beardbrand oil for about three or four years now, … I’ve tried other oils before I found Beardbrand, and every now and again I’ll try something new. But nothing comes close to performing like the Beardbrand oil.”

But no brand is without some bad press. A 1-star reviewer on Amazon wrote that the Tree Hugger Beard Oil product, “Does nothing but make your beard smell better briefly.”

Whereas a Reddit user wrote that you’re paying for the name rather than a product when it comes to the Utility Balm. “They are an expensive product where you are paying more for the name and their online presence rather than a true upgrade in ingredients.”

Finally, for the Beard Oil, a 1-star review said it caused issues with their skin. “The beard oil caused my face to itch and break out. Will not buy again.”

Is Beardbrand Worth It?

Beardbrand Review

Is Beardbrand any good? With a loyal online following and products belonging to a larger community devoted to promoting beard de-stigmatization and appreciation, we say this brand is great.

Some customers believe that their products are hiding under the name and do not speak for themselves. But in the same breath, this Beardbrand review will say that after looking at the ingredients and the results of their products, we couldn’t disagree more

Beardbrand’s products shout quality, loud and clear. From the packaging to what’s inside, to the effects they have, this Beardbrand review certainly believes they are worth the buy.

Although we have come across certain reviews that speak of a product causing breakouts, we must note that the brand doesn’t have a guarantee that this won’t happen. 

What this Beardbrand review did appreciate is the fact that a customer service rep, or the owner himself, commented on negative reviews on each site with solutions to fix the mentioned issues.

This provides the true quality of the company and we believe that their products are worth looking into.  

Beardbrand Promotions & Discounts 

Beardbrand Review

There is currently no Beardbrand discount code or promo code available on the website. 

Where to Buy Beardbrand

Beardbrand Review

Beardbrand is available at and in retailers across America. Their products can also be found in stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Mexico.

You may find their products on Amazon, or in big retailers like Walmart, Simons, and Target. 

This Beardbrand review will note that the brand has a blog post to notify customers that they do not directly sell to Amazon. The products are purchased online and resold through the platform.


Beardbrand Review

What is Beardbrand? 

Beardbrand is a company that develops and sells game-changing men’s grooming products. 

Where is Beardbrand located? 

Beardbrand’s office is located in Austin, Texas, and their fulfillment center ships from Spokane, Washington.

What is Beardbrand’s Shipping Policy?

Beardbrand offers US Standard for a flat rate of $5, Premium for a flat rate of $10, and there is free shipping on orders over $50.

Beardbrand makes it their mission to ship out your order by 2 pm the same day you placed it. US shipping usually takes about 2 days but varies on location.

International Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. But note that Beardbrand does not ship to Europe, UK, Russia, Mexico, Ghana, and Morocco.

Note that all international duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer and please allow 14 days to receive international orders. For Alliance merchandise, shipping is free of charge.

What is Beardbrand’s Return Policy?

Beardbrand offers full refunds up to 60 days from purchase. If you return your product after 60 days, a store credit will be issued. Beardbrand exchanges are always free and you’ll receive, or have to pay, the difference. 

Beardbrand’s return policy states that the company understands their products won’t work for everyone, every time. If you do need to return a product, contact customer support to get your return started. 

How to Contact Beardbrand

If you’re looking for any other information that this Beardbrand review did not provide, you can contact the brand via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form via website
  • Text STYLE to 512-879-3297 for personalized styling and grooming advice

We love a good brand focused on men’s grooming, which is why we recommend Tiege Hanley for all things skincare.

Alternatively if you want to do more research, The Beard Club is another option.

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