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About Lit Method

Lit Method Review

Ready to get those gains? Flex your fit with Lit Method. Best known for their patent-pending rower, this sporting goods brand hypes up the benefits of low impact training. They also offer membership plans, including virtual classes to pair with the strength machine.

Amassing a following of over 46.2k on Instagram, Lit Method is a common headliner in several online publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Byrdie, and PopSugar. This company is also affiliated with many celebrities, notably Jay-Z and Adrián González

For those looking to get on the fitness grind, perhaps this health and wellness brand is for you. Keep reading, as this Lit Method review will take a look at their products, membership plan, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth the buy. 

Overview of Lit Method

Lit Method Review

It all began with a willingness to recover. Before meeting each other, Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor (now Norris) both suffered physical injuries. The founders both sought rehabilitation through exercise. 

Justin was fascinated with resistance bands, as he was prescribed resistance exercises as a recovery method. It wasn’t long until he met Taylor, and the two began a lengthy journey by creating their own sporting goods brand. 

By working with patients, Justin and Taylor started to teach the importance of low impact training. They started integrating rowing machines and resistance bands into their high-intensity workout programs.

With their headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, Lit Method made their official debut in 2015. Throughout the years, the brand has grown in popularity and expanded their workout programs while garnering some online publicity. 

What started out with a realization that broken fitness ideologies lead to broken bodies, has inspired a method and a movement designed to help people at any age, physical disadvantage, disability, or circumstance, build and sustain their long-term health and well-being,” via a statement made by Lit Method. 

Before we get into this Lit Method review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons


  • A straightforward shopping experience. They only offer one exercise machine and one membership plan alongside a few workout accessories
  • Considered a great way to recover from physical injuries due to the brand’s low impact training regimens 
  • Members can view their progress and join Lit Method’s community of workout enthusiasts on their app
  • Offers a convenient way to work out indoors compared to costly gym memberships 
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Financing options available 
  • Military and front line workers discounts available
  • Backed by high profile celebrities
  • Risk free trial


  • Premium Pricing

It’s time to get your heart racing. Lit Method offers a ‘lit’ solution designed to push trainers to their limit. 

Alongside their indoor rower, this brand also provides a wide selection of workout accessories. This is divided into two categories: machine and method. If you hate training alone, users can sign up for the Lit Method on-demand app

Let’s get started, shall we? This Lit Method review will give you an inside look at some of their best-selling products. 

Lit Method Lit Strength Machine Review

Row like an all-state champion with the Lit Strength Machine

Designed specifically for low-impact training, this bad boy is equipped with 500+ exercise programs, including cardio, physical therapy, and pilates. It operates on water resistance to deliver a smooth and seamless experience. 

This Lit Method strength machine comes with a variety of accessories, including two 15lbs pair resistance bands, grip handles, dual ankle cuffs, and a nifty tablet holder for entertainment. 

Once you’ve finished working out, this rower is designed to be space-friendly. Stored vertically, the machine features built-in wheels for mobility

There are two ways to get your hands on the Lit Strength Machine. Customers can either buy it as a one-off purchase for $1,750 or opt for Bread’s financing program: for 36 months, buyers can pay as low as $49 per installment with 0% APR. 

Lit Method Lit Kit Review

The Lit Kit is all you need to achieve that perfect Instagram belfie. Packed with a bootie band, a 30lbs resistance band, and foam roller, trainers can easily tone their bodies in preparation for hot girl summer. 

This bundle is optimized for low-impact workouts, such as pilates and strength training. 

If you’re looking for workout ideas, we suggest downloading the Lit Method app. It offers a wide variety of programs designed to make you sweat. For a 3-in-1 bundle, the Lit Kit costs a cool $70

Lit Method Power Band Set Review

Ditch those clunky, heavy weights and opt for the Power Band Set instead. Designed to provide a heave of 100lbs when combined with regular bands, this workout necessity is made to be affixed to your Lit Method machine

The bands add 45lbs of resistance in total and come with a nifty cable hook for added accessibility. 

Need a clue on how to work these resistance straps? Trainers can strap on a pair of ankle cuffs to the end of the cords to provide a leg workout. You can even attach a handlebar to mimic the effect of lifting weights. Priced at $45, you can exercise like a champ with the Power Band Set

Lit Method Lit Heavy Bootie Band Review 

Everybody has a butt. Flat or not, there are several ways to get that Kim Kardashian-like bod. While some turn to plastic surgery or those TikTok famous leggings, the Bootie Band by Lit Method offers a more natural approach. 

Designed to be worn across your knees, ankles, wrists, and legs, this workout necessity is best used during squats and hip lifts. 

Also known as the brand’s ‘Bootie Blaster,’ this resistance band comes in all black with the company’s logo on the side. Alongside your workout bra and water bottle, don’t forget to pack the Bootie Band in the gym bag for $16

Lit Method Bootie Band Bundle Review

Let me preface this by saying that everyone is beautiful. You, dear reader, are not obligated to change your body to fit a certain beauty standard. But there’s nothing wrong with working out to achieve the desired fit, because we all deserve to be happy. 

With that in mind, the Bootie Band Bundle allows users to define their curves and heighten their confidence levels.

This set comes with 5lbs and 15lbs resistances. Made to be used for squats, hip thrusts, and fire hydrants, trainers can make full use of this product in their exercise routines. For a two-pack set, the Bootie Band Bundle costs $32

Lit Method Lit Band Review 

Level up your training regimen with the Lit Band. Offered as either 30lbs or 50lbs of resistance, this low-impact training accessory is what you need to tone those biceps and hamstrings. 

Don’t worry, this band is designed to be snap-proof, meaning the only thing you’ll be sweating is getting through the next glorious rep. 

For those who need some guidance on how to use this tool, the brand offers a great list of Lit Method workouts on their YouTube page. We suggest watching the ‘New Low Impact workout to burn calories’ video for some exercise ideas. 

Complete with grip handles to ensure no slippage, the Lit Band costs $19 for the 30lbs version or $25 for the 50lbs option. 

Lit Method Puma Shoes Review 

Don’t opt for any old sneaker when it comes to training. The Puma Shoes offer shock absorption, flexibility, and durability in preparation for those intensive workouts. 

Featuring a TPU heel clip and all-purpose traction, these kicks provide ankle support and grip to ensure you keep pushing forward. 

Designed with lace-up front, these trainers also come with a high tensile mesh upper, an internal midsole for balance, and a PUMAGRIP outsole for stability.

Coming in a solid black hue, exercise enthusiasts can pair these with a tracksuit and a comfy workout tee. The Puma Shoes cost $100 in total. 

Lit Method The Bundle Review

Sometimes a bit of motivation is just what we need to complete our workout routine. Founders Justin and Taylor Norris know this all too well, so they developed The Bundle for customers to use. 

Complete with the Bootie Band, Resistance strap, and Foam Roller, this set includes their on-demand Lit Method classes to provide low-impact workout programs.

Endorsed by doctors and physicians, this set is recommended for those on the road to recovery, or for anyone looking to lose a few calories per day.

In terms of Lit Method cost, we’ll outline the plans they offer for The Bundle Kit:

  • 1 month + Lit Kit: $25 per month plus a $70 sign-up fee
  • 3 months + Lit Kit: $72 in total plus a $60 sign-up fee 
  • 6 months + Lit Kit: $138 in total plus a $45 sign-up fee 
  • 1 year + Lit Kit: $240 in total plus a $40 sign-up fee 

Lit Method Free 30-Day Trial Review 

If the word ‘complimentary’ sends tingles down your spine, this Lit Method review is happy to report that the brand offers a Free 30-Day Trial

Designed to provide a boost of motivation, this program provides trainers unlimited access to their custom programs. Through the on-demand app, members can track their progress, receive shout-outs from their favorite coach, and join a community of like-minded individuals.

Subscribers can choose from over 500+ programs, including live or pre-recorded classes. This Lit Method membership includes sessions on rowing, pilates, cardio, and strength training. 

If you’d like to continue using their app after the Free 30-Day Trial is over, users are billed a minimum of $25 per month.

Lit Method Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lit Method Review

It’s lit fam. Honestly, that’s the only way to describe the amount of praise Lit Method receives online. Their company website boasts a score of over 5/5 stars based on 155 ratings

Customers are generally happy with their membership program and their indoor strength machine. Some reviews gave praise to the versatility of their stationary rower, while a majority of users were impressed with the variety of their training programs. 

We had taken rowing classes before, so the Lit rower seemed like the best option. We’re both so glad that we chose Lit. The variety of classes (including live ones!), workout programs, accountability, and attachments have made this machine our go to,” one reviewer wrote on their website. 

In terms of independent sources, we found very few substantial Lit Method Reddit threads. Internet blogs The Gina Miller and Kayla In The City gave favorable reviews to Lit Method Lit Fitness. 

Both writers agreed that their equipment and exercise tutorials provided an exceptional full-body workout

“My shoulders got the most work during this particular workout thanks to the pushups, shoulder taps and planks. I am writing this more than an hour after I finished the workout and they’re still burning. My legs also got a solid workout,” via a statement made by The Gina Miller

Gains are meant to be seen and felt, so it’s no surprise that the majority of customers love Lit Method’s products and classes for their effective results.

Is Lit Method Worth It?

Lit Method Review

If you’re looking for a solid way to work out, this Lit Method review encourages you to check this brand out. More often than not, indoor exercise can get boring fairly quickly. 

By offering their rowing machine and membership plan, customers are treated to a sweat-inducing training session that’s both motivating and entertaining

We were impressed with the variety of programs and the kinds of regimens the brand offers. Compared to other sporting goods companies, Lit Method offers a distinct approach, as they hype up the benefits of low-impact workouts for those recovering from physical injuries. 

With that being said, the Lit Method Rower doesn’t come with a performance monitor, which could be a major deal-breaker for some.

We also need to talk about their hefty price: at $1,750, this machine easily fits within the more expensive range of rowing machines.

However, it’s safe to say that the quality and experience you get with the Lit Method justifies its premium price; you get what you pay for.

For those who’ve ‘Goldilocks-ed’ their way through several training programs and haven’t found the one that’s just right, perhaps it’s time to give Lit Method a try.  

Lit Method Promotions & Discounts 

Lit Method Review

Other than their Free 30-Day Trial, this Lit Method review found out that they offer a military and frontline worker discount. Those who are eligible will get 10% off their products. 

Customers can also save $200 by inputting the promo code: BOLT200 at checkout. Buyers also receive complimentary workout accessories when making use of their offer. 

The brand also offers financing options for affordable payments with 0% APR.

Where to Buy Lit Method

Lit Method Review

You can purchase their products, such as the Lit Method Lit Kits, by visiting In terms of visiting their gyms, readers can find their health center locations by heading over to their website. 


Lit Method Review

Who owns Lit Method?

The brand is not owned by one Lit Method founder, but two. This sporting goods brand is led by husband and wife team Justin and Taylor Norris. 

How much is Lit Method?

In terms of their rowing machine and membership plan package, it costs $1,750 altogether. If you just want to sign up for the on-demand app, it’s free to download, but users must pay $25 each month to access their services. 

What is Lit Method’s Shipping Policy?

This Lit Method review found very little information on their shipping policy. Currently, they are hosting a promotion on their website, in which customers can save $145 plus complimentary delivery. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for orders to arrive.  

For the machine itself, the brand offers complimentary shipping to the US and Canada. We uncovered no details on tracking numbers or shipping locations.

What is Lit Method’s Return Policy?

Lit Method offers a 14-day window for customers to return their products. Customers are expected to pay a $400 restocking fee due to the packaging and the weight of the machine. Items must be in new condition to be considered eligible. 

They also offer several warranties on their rower. In terms of their app, no refunds are given, but customers can cancel at any time.

How to Contact Lit Method

For inquiries unrelated to this Lit Method review, you can contact the company by,

  • Phone number: +32 3 592 31 03 
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Visiting one of their gym locations 

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