Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

About Tuft and Paw

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

Tuft and Paw believes that your cat deserves the best. Despite the usual ‘comical’ design of traditional furniture, this online brand handcrafts stands, climb ladders, and scratch posts that can blend into any modern household. 

Considered the “West Elm” of cat furniture by Racked, Tuft and Paw has also been featured in several publications such as Vogue magazine, Forbes, and The Washington Post. They’ve garnered an impressive following of 58.9K on Instagram. 

Need a purrfect pet stand that fits within your modern decor? Perhaps this brand is worth looking into.

Keep reading, as this Tuft and Paw cat furniture review takes an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help readers make an informed decision. 

Overview of Tuft and Paw

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

Jackson Cunningham loved his pet cat. After picking up his new kitty at a local rescue shelter, he immediately drove to his local pet store to collect a few supplies.

Sadly, Cunningham was unsatisfied with the lack of high-quality animal furniture—as most options looked cheap and tacky. 

As he walked out of the shop that day in 2016, he decided to develop his own brand and called it Tuft and Paw. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, this cat furniture company handcrafts its own collection of unique and stylish pet stands. 

Tuft and Paw ensures that their furnishings are designed with a modern touch; ranging from a simple scratch post to a standard climb ladder.

They also make it a point to support local animal shelters, as the brand provides a discount for customers willing to donate to a pet rescue organization. 

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

In a statement made by Tuft and Paw modern cat furniture:

“Tuft+Paw is a cat-first brand, and we’re raising the standards of cat products by focusing on behavioral research, modern design, and quality. We respect cats and we feel honored that our customers trust us to care for their beloved companions.” 

Before we get into this Tuft and Paw cat furniture review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons: 


  • A variety of Tuft and Paw luxury cat furniture to choose from. This includes scratch posts, kitty litters, and pet beds 
  • Sleek, modernized style compared to other brands  
  • Offers a 50% discount when customers donate to a local pet rescue center 
  • Free shipping on orders $195
  • Has a side blog on their website dedicated to cat-related topics and advice 


  • Pricier than other retailers
  • Limited customer reviews 

Let’s face it; traditional pet furniture is bland, boring, and oftentimes an eyesore. For those who’ve designated it as an ‘ugly spot’ in their living room, perhaps it’s a sign to start shopping for a better alternative.

At Tuft and Paw, owners are treated to a wide assortment of fashionable cat furnishings that can enhance any living space. Their inventory includes pet beds, scratch posts, litter boxes, climbing units, and other feline-friendly amenities. 

Moving forward, this Tuft and Paw cat furniture review will outline a few of their best-selling models for pet owners to compare. 

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

This pet brand offers a broad selection of fashionable animal furniture for kittens and pet owners to love. From scratch posts to litter boxes, this Tuft and Paw cat trees review will take a brief look at some of their most popular models down below. 

Tuft and Paw Milo Cat Tree Review 

There’s no need to call in your local firefighter for this one. The Milo Cat Tree serves as an indoor solution for climbing enthusiasts—with the exception of squirrels, chipmunks, and birds, of course. 

Handcrafted to look like a miniature jungle gym, this kitty tower comes with a slide, two scratch posts, and four ascending shelves. Made with durable birch plywood, this model is wrapped with a sturdy carpet fiber that’s perfect for clawing and scaling.

This is a great model to have if your cat needs some alone time, allowing it to manage stress levels and physical health. Stained in muted tones of beige and stone-gray, the Milo Cat Tree is priced at a purr-ty $999

Tuft and Paw Frond Cat Tree Review

Save yourself the hassle of replacing scratched-up table posts, bed frames, and wardrobes. The Front Cat Tree is specifically made for thrill-seeking felines or wannabe agility trainers. With a modern twist, this kitty post features three platform levels that vary in height. 

It’s sturdily wrapped with extra-strength tidal rope, which helps ensure the longevity of this pillar during claw or climbing sessions. Each tier is made to be adjustable, which is a great asset for those easily-bored felines.

Get that security deposit back by purchasing the Front Cat Tree for $399, styled in muted tones of gray or beige. 

Tuft and Paw Rifiuti Litter Box Review 

The traditional pet lavatory needs a serious revamp. Nobody likes seeing those half-buried turds—and let’s not even talk about the foul smell. With that being said, ditch those eyesore alternatives and stick with the Rifiuti Litter Box model instead. 

Invented to look like a regular table, this secretive cat latrine provides a bit of privacy for when your kitty needs to go number 1 or 2.

Offered with a hidden compartment in the front, this model can fit any pet tray of your choosing. To keep odors concealed, this unit is built with a fence-like exterior to help control airflow

The retro model can also double as a landing table for plant vases or bookshelves. Made with sturdy birchwood, say goodbye to those smelly chamber pots with the Rifiuti Litter Box for $699

Tuft and Paw Freddo Cat Shelf Review 

You hear a sudden crash emanating from the bedroom. Hurrying to open the door, those nonsensical worries start to bubble in your head. Thankfully, it’s just the cat, deciding to make that herculean jump from the floor to the overarching bookshelf. 

To save owners the mess of tidying up, the Freddo Cat Shelf offers a slight distraction for kitties to pounce on. Built in a slightly curved form, this wall perch comes with a plush cushion that’s held together with a walnut or maple frame

If your kitty loves to be by your side all day, we recommend placing this bracket near the kitchen or the office space. Unfortunately, the Freddo Cat Shelf is currently out of stock. But once it’s available to purchase again, pet owners can order it for $199

Tuft and Paw Cove Litter Box Review 

It’s a paw-sibility that your cat was formerly known as a royal superior in one of his past lives. With that in mind, the regular pet latrine made out of plastic might not fit his high maintenance needs.

Ideal for retired kings and queens, the Cove Litter Box features an upscaled, contemporary compartment that’s perfect for those snooty felines. 

Designed to fit within your modern bathroom, this unit comes equipped with a poop scooper, a dustpan, and a hand brush. The Tuft and Paw litter box is also made with a sturdy, matte plastic exterior to make cleaning easier. 

To help prevent spillover, this model also features a partition attachment that acts as an outer wall. Offered in porcelain white, treat your cat like royalty with the Cove Litter Box for $199

Tuft and Paw Smoke & Tobacco Cat Teepee Review 

For those who find their beds or couches caked with kitty fur, perhaps it’s time to find a better napping location for your cat. The Smoke & Tobacco Cat Teepee serves as the perfect indoor hostel fit for that afternoon snooze. 

Crafted with a miniature frame, this tent comes with intercrossing wooden poles, a suede cushion cover, studded details, and a ribbon enclosure for an extra touch of glam.

Offered in muted tones, this crawlspace acts as the ideal model to pair with a Tuft and Paw cat tower. 

Sadly, the Smoke & Tobacco Cat Teepee is currently sold out. Once it’s back in stock, customers can get their claws on this tent for $129

Tuft and Paw Cave Cat Bed Review

Tuft and Paw, I’m begging you. Can we please have a human-sized version of the Cave Cat Bed? Snug and cozy, this little unit is perfect for those secretive felines who love their alone time. 

Oval in shape, this kitty cove comes with a woolen exterior and a hand-stitched edge for the front entrance. As a finishing touch, a complimentary white stripe is painted down the middle. 

The Cave Cat Bed rings up to a total of $149. Put it next to a Tuft and Paw modern cat tower, or create a quiet space for your kitten to rest without distractions. 

Tuft and Paw Amaca Cat Hammock Review 

It’s often thought that felines like to mirror the behavior of their owners. Keeping that in mind, the Amaca Cat Hammock comes with the same comfort and design, but in a miniature size.

Made for backyard-lounging kittens, this adorable porch accessory allows you to suntan alongside your furball.

It comes with a reinforced steel rod frame and an orange woven textile to act as the cushion. We suggest placing this model near a fenced area on your patio.

As an additional compartment, the Tuft and Paw modern cat tower can serve as a miniature jungle gym once naptime is over. 

Perfect for soaking in the sun on those afternoon snoozes, the Amaca Cat Hammock is priced at $169

Tuft and Paw Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

Hold onto your purr-ses. This Tuft and Paw cat furniture review hasn’t found much in terms of independent customer testimonials online.

Because of this, we may not be able to paint an accurate depiction of the brand as a whole. Still, let’s take a look at some available feedback. 

Their company website holds a few positive comments for their best-selling models. For instance, the Cove Litter Box hosts a total of 65 rankings with a full score rating of 5/5 stars

One customer writes, “This is without question the most esthetically pleasing litter box on the market. I have two cats and bought one to start and it didn’t take long for me to order a second. worth every penny!”

Pet owners also praised this model for its craftsmanship, cleanability, and its versatile design. This is especially towards the litter box’s wall attachment, broom, and dustpan. 

Other products, such as the Milo Cat Tree, also showcase positive ratings. Based on 18 reviews in total, several buyers provided favorable ratings due to the product’s beautiful design and sturdy build. 

An excited cat owner shared, “The Milo Cat Tree is terrific. Have had it for a month and it blows all “cat trees” away. This is so much more than any other cat tree you can find in the store and online. It is beautiful, well-designed, and provides plenty of things for the cat to do. Highly recommend it.” 

Online blogs, such as Modern Castle and Cat or Cat, also left positive reviews for Tuft and Paw. Both authors were in agreement that their pet furnishings provided a more stylish alternative compared to other brands.

Additionally, the two articles noted the brand’s use of high-quality materials, which helped make the product more sturdy and durable after continuous uses. 

In terms of negative comments, this Tuft and Paw cat furniture review uncovered a few online. Some customers noted that their products are quite expensive when compared to other brands.

A couple of bloggers stated that their shelves, tents, and beds were not commonly used by their pets. 

Modern Castle briefly mentions one shortcoming of the Cave, “The cats instantly gravitated towards the cave. They are actually very possessive over the cave. However, due to their size, they don’t fit in the cave. Instead, they decided to lay on top, squishing the lid.”

Is Tuft and Paw Worth It?

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

Pet owners, perhaps it’s time to invest in a few Tuft and Paw pieces of your own.

At the local pet store, it’s pretty common to see the same, repeated options when it comes to animal furniture. Often bland and unappealing in style, we’re forced to choose a model that doesn’t fit within our aesthetic. 

This online brand provides a chic alternative that’s both functional and fashionable. Think of it as a win-win situation for householders and cats alike. After perusing through their collection, we fell in love with the modernized designs.

All of their products come in a soft, muted undertone that pairs quite nicely with an urbanized home. We also need to give credit to how versatile their cat furnishings are. For instance, the Rifiuti Litter Box can act as a simultaneous living room table and pet lavatory. 

That being said, this Tuft and Paw cat furniture review recommends that you carry a bit of buyer’s skepticism when purchasing from this brand.

This is due to the lack of adequate buyer testimonials online. Aside from their products, there are little to no reports of the quality of their customer service team or shipping methods. 

Overall, if you value style and utility equally, Tuft and Paw ensures that customers don’t sacrifice either when it comes to scratch posts, cat beds, or climbing ladders. 

Tuft and Paw Promotions & Discounts 

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

This Tuft and Paw cat furniture review found out that they have a sale outlet. By browsing through this section, you can find lowered prices for select models. The brand also offers a 50% discount for customers who donate to one of their partnered animal shelters. 

Customers can also input the Tuft and Paw promo code: ‘COVE10’ to get 10% off their Cove Litter Box. 

Where to Buy Tuft and Paw

Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

Is your heart set on Tuft and Paw cat litter box furniture? Customers can purchase all of their products by visiting


Tuft and Paw Cat Furniture Review

What is Tuft and Paw’s Shipping Policy?

In terms of Tuft and Paw free shipping, orders that total $195+ are eligible for complimentary delivery. 

To make use of this offer, input the code: ‘SECRETSHIPPING’ at checkout. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $20. It usually takes 5 to 10 days for packages to arrive. 

After combing through their policy, this Tuft and Paw cat furniture review found no indication of a tracking number or confirmation email that customers can use. Fortunately, they do offer international shipping in select countries. 

What is Tuft and Paw’s Return Policy?

Tuft and Paw offers a 90-day window for customers to send back their products. Shipping charges will be subtracted from the refund total. To initiate this process, buyers must use the return portal found on the brand’s website. 

How to Contact Tuft and Paw

For inquiries unrelated to this Tuft and Paw cat furniture review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: 1 (800) 213-0157 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Filling out their Message Form online 
  • Using the Chat Function on their website 
  • Direct messaging them through their Tuft and Paw Instagram page 

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