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Jungalow Review

If you’re settling in to read this while surrounded by your house plants and artisanal decor, you’ll probably fall in love with Jungalow! This Jungalow review has learned that this company has really found their niche in creating stunning homeware that celebrates humanity and the natural world.

Jungalow offers bedding, home accessories, wallpapers, gardening decor, and even live plants! Their styles are bold and fun, often featuring geometric patterns, wild animals, and every kind of plant imaginable, set in a palette of natural tones and modern, earthy greens, beiges, and pinks. 

The brand also partners with artists to offer a wide selection of colorful and unique art prints inspired by wildlife, nature, and people in joyful scenes

Jungalow has earned a massive fan following, and it seems this brand is really resonating with millennial women who love eclectic patterns and natural, informal decor. This company has over 57k followers on Facebook and a remarkable 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

Keep reading my Jungalow review to find out more about this company’s story.

Overview of Jungalow

Jungalow Review

Jungalow was founded in 2009 by artist and businesswoman Justina Blakeney. Over the years Justina developed Jungalow from a lifestyle blog into a successful decor company that sells hundreds of unique homeware products.

The company shares that their mission is to “bring good vibes home,” as Justina believes that your home environment can greatly impact your mood and health. She shares that she wants her company “to help foster the human/nature connection.

Justina continues to act as the owner and creative director of Jungalow and many of their products are based on her own designs! 

For every product you order, Jungalow will plant two trees through the agroforestry initiative Trees for the Future. This brand takes sustainability seriously and tries to use recycled or compostable materials when they can, and reduce wasteful packaging, too.

This company is also dedicated to sharing their profits with charities such as The Rainforest Alliance and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others.

My Jungalow review has found the following highlights of buying from this brand:


  • Unique, nature-inspired creative prints, patterns, and imagery 
  • Offers a variety of textiles, bedding, art prints, and decor
  • Dedicated sales section on website
  • Indoor and outdoor product lines
  • 10% off for new customers
  • Sustainability promise: two trees planted for every purchase made!
  • Responsible company that supports a variety of charities

Jungalow Review

This brand creates some seriously colorful and joyful elements for your home. Join my Jungalow review as I shop through some of this brand’s best-selling art and decor. 

Jungalow Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney Sure Strip Review

Jungalow Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney Sure Strip Review
Jungalow Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney Sure Strip

This playful and pretty wallpaper will bring the beauty of the jungle into your living space. The Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney Sure Strip features different kinds of Phoenix palm trees in an array of jewel-toned greens, blues, yellows, and pinks. 

These palms have a hand-painted look and stand out beautifully on a dark forest green background.

If you’re a bit nervous about installing wallpaper, don’t worry – this product comes with a “Surestrip” feature that will help you easily adhere it to your wall.

Jungalow explains that their prepasted Surestrip means you can get your wallpaper up without worrying about special pastes or primers. It goes up like a sticker and is also easy to remove. 

This wallpaper is made in the US and can be used in nearly any room of the house, but is not recommended for bathrooms (too much moisture!).

If you like this wallpaper but aren’t sure if you’re totally ready to commit, you can order a Sample Size of 8×10 inches for only $5

If you’re ready for a whole lot more, each roll is 27 inches by 27 feet and will cover 60 square feet of your wall space.

Buy a roll of Phoenix Wallpaper in Jungle by Justina Blakeney Sure Strip for $175.

Jungalow Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter by Justina Blakeney Review

Jungalow Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter by Justina Blakeney Review

If you’re a dedicated plant parent, you might just love this plant pot as much as the plant you put in it! 

The Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter was made with more high-maintenance indoor plants in mind. This set comes with three pieces that fit together like a beautiful puzzle, intended to keep fussy plants happy by giving them excellent drainage.

Here’s how it all works: the top plant pot has drainage holes which allows extra water to flow down through the middle piece and sit safely in the bottom tray. With this setup, your indoor plant’s roots will never get soggy sitting in excess water. 

The coolest part of this set is that it’s as versatile as you need it to be. You can buy two in different colours, and mix and match their pieces for a coordinated effect. You can also choose to use the top pot and midsection as separate pots if you want!

The Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter by Justina Blakeney is available in these ten colors:

  • Black dot
  • Black stripe
  • Aqua Stripe
  • Amber
  • Cream speckled
  • Lavender
  • Blue
  • Coral Stripe
  • Amber Stripe
  • Almond

Buy this artistic and versatile planter for $79.

Jungalow Sunset Pom Pom Box Review 

Jungalow Sunset Pom Pom Box Review 
Jungalow Sunset Pom Pom Box

The SunSet Pom Pom Box can store your small precious items, but it’s also so cute it can work as a decoration in itself! This “box” is actually a beautiful rounded basket made of the natural fibers of the raffia and banana plants. 

Jungalow explains that this beautiful box is handcrafted by artisans in Uganda who work for KAZI, a company that works with makers throughout Africa to produce goods using fair labour practices and ecologically responsible materials

People who love traditional basketry will especially appreciate this timeless product. This box is woven out of tan fibers, which have been twisted and coiled to form a short cylindrical body and circular lid.

It’s topped off with a bright, marigold orange pom-pom, giving it a cheerful look that would make a fun accent piece for your shelf or dresser! 

The small box has a 6″ diameter and 8″ total height

Buy the Sunset Pom Pom Box for $60. 

Jungalow In Chorus Art Print by Justina Blakeney Review

Jungalow In Chorus Art Print by Justina Blakeney Review
Jungalow In Chorus Art Print by Justina Blakeney

The In Chorus Art Print by Justina Blakeney will give your room a vibrant and human touch. This piece was designed by the artist who founded Jungalow, and features an overlapping pattern of female faces, all facing the same direction together.

This feminist artwork showcases women of different ethnicities, all painted in a simple, informal, slightly abstract style, using warm textures and tones.

The original piece was done in watercolors. This print comes on matte Moab Laser paper and is made-to-order. 

You can purchase the In Chorus Art Print by Justina Blakeney in the following sizes:

  1. 8” by 10” for $40
  2. 11” by 14” for $60
  3. 18” by 24” for $80
  4. 30” by 40” for $189

Who Is Jungalow For? 

Jungalow Review

If you love Anthropologie and can’t get enough of artisanal Etsy finds, Jungalow is a brand you’ll definitely want to check out. This company caters especially to anyone who loves joyful and artsy prints – whether they’re on curtains, duvets, cushions or even wallpaper!

Jungalow mixes traditional and modern design in creative ways that will attract people with a fun and irreverent sense of style, and appeal to those who want to bring the outside world in.

There’s no grand formality or drab colors here – this company’s products stand out with their use of patterns, modern colors, organic textures, and wild creatures. Jungalow’s love of animals is evident in so many of their styles – there’s nothing like a tiger or giraffe to give your room a lively twist!

As their name suggests, Jungalow’s products are inspired by nature and include a ton of natural imagery, from forest scenes like Hide & Seek Art Print by Maheswari Janarthanan to the Zebra Savannah Garden Pot by Justina Blakeney. If you love botanicals and wildlife, you will probably find something special to take home from Jungalow.

Jungalow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jungalow Review

Jungalow shares customer reviews on the product pages of their official website. These Jungalow reviews show that most customers are very pleased with their purchases. Many buyers specifically praise this brand for their vibrant colors, eclectic design, and cheerful patterns. 

A customer who bought the Jungalow Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter by Justina Blakeney writes in their Jungalow review, I haven’t been this pleased with a purchase in so long!! Zero regrets. I’m a sucker for ceramics and these fit so beautifully in our home. They’re so unique and a great size for an end table or credenza.”

Another customer loved their purchase of the Jungalow In Chorus Art Print by Justina Blakeney, sharing in their Jungalow review, “This piece means the world to me!! My bestie and I went to the women’s march in DC…I’m getting bestie one for Christmas bc I’m obsessed!!!”

This Jungalow review also wanted to see what customers at other retailers were saying. So, I checked out Target, who sell a selection of the brand’s home decor and textile items. They’ve even done a collab with the brand, Opalhouse designed with Jungalow.

Jungalow Review

Many Target reviewers praise the brand for their unique and beautiful designs. One customer shares in her Jungalow review of the Prosperity Quilt and Sham Set: “I absolutely love this quilt. It’s made with great quality and looks absolutely great in my room!”

You can also find some Jungalow reviews on their official Facebook page. Some customers post photos and positive comments about their Jungalow purchases on the brand’s public wall. One woman shared a photo of her new Jungalow cushions, writing, “Love my Jungalow pillow!”.

Overall, this brand has generally great reviews from customers. Most reviewers feel that this brand delivers on the promise of quality artistic home decor and love how their new Jungalow products brightened their homes.

Is Jungalow Worth It?

Jungalow Review

This Jungalow review has found that this unique company has put their own spin on homeware. Their designs are bursting with colors, patterns, wildlife and just plain joy! This brand has also really struck a chord with customers and has a loyal fan following.

Many of their products are designed by founder Justina Blakeney, whose signature style is evident in so many of this company’s pieces. Her enthusiasm for plants and nature really comes across.

The fact that this company contributes to tree planting and sustainability initiatives also shows that this is not a superficial interest but an authentic value system that inspires how they do business.

Jungalow has also partnered with artists to offer beautiful prints at affordable prices.. 

My Jungalow review found that this company has earned generally positive reviews from customers who are pleased with the quality and design of their purchases. For these reasons I can happily recommend making an order from this company! 

Jungalow Promotions & Discounts 

Jungalow Review

Jungalow has a dedicated sales section on their website. Follow the Last Chance tab to find all their latest deals. 

Here are a few that are up for sale now. If you see something you like, don’t wait! These are items that won’t be restocked and can sell very quickly:

  • Giraffe Savannah Garden Pot on sale for $59 (regularly $79).
  • Berkeley Duvet Cover on sale for $100 (regularly $179).
  • Phoenix Printed Scarf on sale for $29 (regularly $59).

Where to Buy Jungalow

Jungalow Review

You can purchase all Jungalow products through their official website. Some Jungalow products are also available at Target.com.


Jungalow Review

Who owns Jungalow?

Businesswoman Justina Blakeney is the founder, owner, and creative director of Jungalow.

Does Jungalow ship internationally?

Yes, my Jungalow review found that this brand will ship some of their items to over 100 international destinations. Check out the Jungalow products for sale internationally on their We Ship Int’l page.

Customers are responsible for paying customs fees and taxes on their purchases.

What is Jungalow’s Shipping Policy?

Jungalow explains that most orders take up to five days to process before they are shipped out. Your shipping fees will be calculated at check out and depend on the destination, weight, and size of your purchase. If you ordered multiple products you may receive them separately. 

When they ship your item, Jungalow will send you an order confirmation and a tracking order so you stay in the loop about your purchase!

What is Jungalow’s Return Policy?

Jungalow explains that if you would like to make a return, you should let their customer service team know within two weeks of receiving your delivery.

Once Jungalow accepts your return request, you will receive store credit from the company. Any shipping charges you paid are non-refundable. 

This Jungalow review has learned that many of this shop’s items, such as art, bedding, and pillows, are final sale

Here is the list of products that are returnable, as long as they are in new condition with tags and original packaging:

  • Planters
  • Rugs (20% restocking fee applies)
  • Wall decor (not including wallpaper)
  • Jungalow x Keds shoes
  • Ceramics

How to Contact Jungalow

My Jungalow review has found that you can contact this company through their customer care email: [email protected].

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