Wild One Harness Review

About Wild One Dog Harness

Wild One Harness Review

Wild One is made for pets and their humans. Targeted at design-conscious millennial dog owners, the company sells one product per category, ensuring that they’re as useful and durable as they are pleasing to the eye.

Delving through the brand website, this Wild One harness review discovered that the brand is into a lot more than leashes.

Their line of aesthetically pleasing yet functional pet products extends to treats, grooming kits, poop bags, toys like the Wild One tennis balls for dogs, and everything in between. 

With a feature in Forbes, 111K followers on Instagram, and 84K on the Wild One Facebook page, and partnerships with major chains like Target, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Harrod’s in the UK, this little brand has a big bark! 

This Wild One harness review will take you through how the brand began, as well as sniff out some of its products and nose around customer reviews and opinions to help you decide if this is the Wild One you want to bring home. 

Overview of Wild One 

Wild One Harness Review

Wild One was created in New York in 2018, after co-founders Minali Chatani, Adam Danker-Feldman, Bill Wells, and Veronica Becchetti noticed a gap in the overly saturated pet apparel and accessory market. 

Despite the overwhelming amount of pet gear being offered, they found that there was very little that “appealed to younger, digitally native consumers, particularly first-time pet owners, who often are overwhelmed by the hundreds of options when it came to leashes, bowls, and other pet gear.” 

Their solution? To create a line of Wild One pets products that were functional, practical, and chic.

Though the look of their products is pleasingly minimalist, the brand takes a maximalist approach to their design, making sure that they are easy to use and simple to clean

But Wild One does more than provide dog owners with stylish gear at a reasonable price.

They also participate in campaigns to help find abandoned dogs forever homes, sponsor animals through the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to help fund rescue missions, and host adoption events. 

That’s the big picture—let’s start getting into the nitty-gritty. Next, this Wild One harness review will lay out some of the pros and cons of the brand and its products:


  • A variety of affordable, stylish, and durable pet products
  • A minimal product catalog ensures each item is made to meet the highest standard 
  • Easy-to-clean leashes, collars, bowls, and toys 
  • Pet-safe hypoallergenic grooming and bath products
  • Many bundles to help save money in the long run  


  • Products may not be suitable for “rough dogs” 
  • The harness can be bulky on smaller dogs 

Wild One Dog Products Review

Wild One has a limited line of products that give customers and their pups a “custom for you feel.” From harnesses to customizable bowls and a variety of kits, Wild One creates products that are suitable for every pup. 

This Wild One harness review will now give you some insight into the company’s bestselling products, examining their major features, color options, and price. 

Wild One Dog Harness Review 

What better way for this Wild One harness review to begin than with the thing itself? The Harness is a soft, stretchy, and resilient harness made for everyday use.

The cushioned poly-base, woven straps, and D-rings make this harness a triple threat: safe, comfortable, and secure. 

The Wild One harness size is adjustable at the neck and chest, making it suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The three leash attachment points make it easy to walk your dog the way you like, and, for multi-pet owners or those dog walking as a side hustle, they make linking dogs together with a breeze. 

Make sure to follow the Wild One Harness instructions about how to care for it. Regularly hand wash your harness with mild soap and water and let it air dry to keep your dog clean and comfortable all the time. 

Available in three sizes and eight colors, the WildOne Harness is sure to please every pup and paw-rent. It retails for $48, and you can also get it as part of the Walk Kit, which includes everything a pup parent needs for walkies. 

Wild One Leash Review

The Leash was designed to be maximally functional and easy to clean. Available in eight colors, this waterproof and dirt- and odor-resistant leash puts a modern, minimalist spin on a pup-owner essential. 

The Leash comes in two lengths: the standard leash is 5.5’, while the short leash measures 4.25’. Both versions can be unclipped at the handle loop so you can adjust their length. 

The flex-poly straps and sturdy hardware are also adjustable, making them perfect for tandem walking or temporary tie-ups. You can also easily attach a Wild One Poop Bag Carrier or any other walkie must-haves. 

This Wild One dog leash sells for $58, or you can upgrade to a Walk Kit and save $20

Wild One Dog Bowl Review 

The Wild One Bowl is sleek and sturdy. Made of food-grade stainless steel and with a non-slip silicone base, this bowl was designed with your growing pup in mind and can hold up to 4 cups

Available in three colors, and with customizable lettering up to 26 characters and a choice of 10 emojis, this will fit into any home. The dishwasher-safe Bowl retails for $25 individually, or you can grab two for $48

Wild One Poop Bag Carrier Review 

Dog parents know very well the hassle of stuffing bags in your pocket before a walk…or forgetting them altogether! That’s why Wild One created the Poop Bag Carrier

A proper home for poop bags, the convenient, easy-to-load Wild One dog poop bag holder features a twist top, a small opening to access the bags, and an elastic attachment that makes it simple to loop this on on your Wild One Leash

The Poop Bag Carrier comes with 10 bags and is available in 8 colors that match with those of the Wild One leashes and harnesses. Pick one up for $8 and make your walk routine that much easier. 

Wild One Poop Bags Review

As with all their other products, Wild One simply calls this what it is, and lets form and function speak for themselves. These Poop Bags are biodegradable, extra-thick, leak-proof, and unscented.

Made of plant-based starch, Wild One poop bags are the perfect size to clean up any dog’s business, no matter the size of the pup (or the business).

Poop Bags come in six rolls of 10 (so 60 in total, for all you math geniuses out there) for $8, or you can subscribe and save 5%

Wild One Grooming Wipes Review 

Wild One designed their Grooming Wipes with your pup’s well-being, and your furniture’s, in mind.

Made with coconut oil and aloe vera, these biodegradable wipes are hypoallergenic as well as paraben-, sulfate-, and alcohol-free.

The light eucalyptus scent helps to minimize odor while the wipe gently removes dirt from your pup’s coat and paws. These Wild One dog wipes are human-grade, so you can feel confident using them around your dog’s face and outer ears 

Grooming Wipes come 70 to a package, and retail for $10. For those of you who like to think ahead and save at the same time, why not try subscribing to save 5% off every package?

Wild One Travel Carrier Review 

Heading out of town, or just paying a visit to the vet? The Travel Carrier makes taking your pet anywhere a breeze. 

The breathable mesh walls, dual-use shoulder strap/ leash, interior cushion, and fold-out bed make this the ideal for keeping your pet comfortable and safe while you’re on the road. If you’re in the sky, no worries: it’s airline-compatible as well. 

This Wild One dog carrier measures 17.5” long, 11” wide, and 10” tall, and is recommended for pups up to 16 lbs. Available in two colors, the Travel Carrier goes for $125

Wild One Harness Walk Kit Review 

Save $20 on your walk essentials with the Harness Walk Kit. This all-in-one-package gives you everything you need to hit the pavement with your pup.

The lightweight, durable Harness, the must-have Leash, in either standard or short lengths, and a matching Poop Bag Carrier

Perfect for pairing, the Wild One harness kit can be color-coordinated or mixed and matched according to your preference.

Retailing for $98, the Harness Walk Kit is comfortable for you, your pup, and your wallet. You can also choose the Wild One collar and leash set for $10 less.

Wild One The Harness Walk & Play Kit Review 

The Harness Walk & Play Kit is ideal for park playdates with your pup. This ultimate outdoors set includes all the components of the Harness Walk Kit, plus three of Wild One’s bestselling and incredibly durable toys. The full list of items is below:

  1. Harness
  2. Leash
  3. Poop Bag Carrier 
  4. Triangle Tug 
  5. Bolt Bite
  6. Twist Toss

This set gives you all the features you know and love from the individual Wild One items, and tosses in a savings of $25 in the bargain. Get the perfect package for endless outside adventures with your dog with the Harness Walk & Play Kit for $132.  

Wild One harness reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wild One Harness Review

Since dogs can’t talk, this Wild One harness review did some digging to find out what their owners thought of the company, their products, and their customer service. 

With hundreds of 5-star reviews at, it’s clear that Wild One is earning a place in its customers’ hearts. The essential Harness, for example, has an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars based on responses from 754 users. 

Many commenters echo the thoughts of this reviewer, who raved about both its comfort and its stylish design:

“Secure closures, and made from material soft enough to nap in, plus there was no chafing or hair loss on contact point…Looks clean and classic and keeps my dog safe, what’s not to love!”  

Also pulling in a mighty 4.5/5 stars from 116 reviews was the Leash. Customers especially appreciated the quietness of this walkie must-have:

I was finally able to enjoy a QUIET walk with my Golden Doodle…without the annoying clanging that comes along with so many leashes. Hallelujah!” 

Customers who have had interactions with the company’s customer service say that they were responsive and speedy.

One commenter gave their experience of exchanging their item for a different size: “they replied super fast, and got my exchange organized and in the mail within a day or two.” 

This Wild One harness review must confess that it was difficult to find many customer testimonials about the brand outside of their website. The Wild One Harness Nordstrom store, for example, had ratings for only one of the five Wild One products in their inventory.

We did scratch up a few reviews from Bloomingdale’s and Target, though. Based on 6 reviews, the Travel Carrier scores an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars at Bloomingdale’s.

One satisfied customer praised the overall thoughtful and functional design of the product.

Best doggy carrier ever. It has so much space and is extremely convenient. I especially love that it can fold up really flat and that it can open up on one side to turn into a “bed”. my puppy 10/10 recommends,” the user wrote.

Over at Target, the Poop Bag Carrier gets an average of 4.5/5 stars based on 14 ratings. One customer singled out the convenience and durability of the elastic attachment.

This is really cute! I like too that the attachment is a stretchy band (like a hair tie), versus a silicone tie that usually breaks. It matches the bags and had a little tube on the inside that holds the bags in place,” the reviewer commented.

With all these howls of approval, does anyone have anything bad to say about Wild One? Well, this Wild One harness review did dig up some dissenting opinions here and there.

Regarding the Travel Carrier, some customers noted that the size of the carrier limits how compatible it is with different breeds.

Way too big for puppy or toy breeds. The bag is bigger than my actual suitcase! The top doesn’t zip all the way and feels heavy but otherwise made nicely,” said one reviewer at Bloomingdale’s.

Fair enough, says this Wild One harness review—dogs do come in all shapes and sizes, so no one carrier is going to be right for every single variety.

But we do think that Wild One has clearly made the best effort possible to make their carrier adjustable to the needs of as wide a range as possible.

Is Wild One Worth It?

Wild One Harness Review

This Wild One harness review took into account the brand’s mission, its products, and what customers thought about them in order to advise you whether or not to get out your credit card. We can confidently say yes

Whether it’s the hundreds of 5-star reviews, the affordability factor, or the clean and chic design, Wild One is a pet brand that has earned its stripes (or dots!). Their customers love the quality and versatility of the products as well. 

With their limited range of items, you can tell the brand focuses on quality over quantity. With harnesses that are comfortable and don’t chafe and pet-grooming products that are human-grade, you can feel confident that your dog is getting the best with Wild One.

Wild One Promotions & Discounts 

Wild One Harness Review

There is no current Wild One harness sale at, but this Wild One harness review did find a few different opportunities for savings at the brand website. 

For example, the Refer program allows you to refer a friend and save them $20 on their first order over $75. After their purchase, you’ll get a $20 credit to put toward your next order. 

The company also offers bundles, or Kit & Save, as they call them.

Ranging from the New Puppy Kit, Harness, or Collar Walk & Play Kit, these sets are up to $25 cheaper than buying the items individually, and they give you all your soon-to-be favorite Wild One products in one convenient package. 

Where to Buy Wild One 

Wild One Harness Review

Wild One products are available for purchase through the brand’s website, You can also find them at Target, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Harrod’s in the UK. Unfortunately, there is no Wild One harness Amazon store.


Wild One Harness Review

Who owns Wild One? 

Wild One is a private company owned by Minali Chatani and Adam Danker-Feldman. The other key members of the leadership group are Bill Wells and Veronica Becchetti.

How do you clean a Wild One Harness? 

For all Wild One products, hand wash and allow them to air dry. You can also wipe them down with a damp cloth. 

What is Wild One’s Shipping Policy?

Wild One ships internationally, to any location accessible by major carriers. Continental US orders of $50+ receive free shipping.

For orders under $50, standard shipping is $5, or you can receive it within 2-3 business days for $20

International shipping is calculated at checkout, and international customers are responsible for any duties and taxes incurred. 

What is Wild One’s Return Policy?

Unused/unworn items can be returned within 30 days of delivery. If your order is older than 30 days but you have an issue and are covered under the 1-year warranty period, email Wild One at [email protected].

You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label and receive your refund upon the reception of your return. 

How to Contact Wild One 

This Wild One harness review found that the only contact option the brand offers is email: [email protected]. 

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