Cuup Bras Review

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About Cuup

Cuup Bras Review

Cuup is transforming how we think about the undergarment industry. In order to design bras that fit the modern female form, the brand has moved away from outdated size charts that we have been taught to just deal with.

This no-nonsense company cuts the need for frills and lace and instead focuses on ensuring an optimal fit. Cuup’s ability to offer high-performance bras that fit how real women are shaped has earned the brand over 186k followers on Instagram. Its sleek and functional products have landed features in Refinery29, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue Magazine, just to name a few.

Ladies, we all know how much of a pain it is to go bra shopping. Perhaps this brand can serve as a light of hope amid the darkness. Stay tuned, as this Cuup bras review takes a closer look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if its undergarments are worth adding to your collection.

Overview of Cuup

Cuup Bras Review

Abby Morgan is the everywoman, when it comes to bra shopping, that is. At her former job as a marketing director for Free People, she quickly discovered that she was wearing the wrong cup and band sizes.

Following her revelation, Morgan sought to pick up a few new pieces at her local lingerie boutique but was soon met with disappointment. Most options came with ridiculous frills, lace, and accouterments that she deemed unnecessary.

Her newfound frustration quickly transformed into a viable business idea. Morgan set off to establish her own lingerie shop, realizing that there was a veritable gap within the women’s undergarment industry. With the help of co-founder Lauren Cohan, Cuup made its official internet debut in 2017.

Headquartered in New York City, this online brand works to reinvent the way we traditionally design bras. This includes sourcing high-quality fabrics, underwire for support, and updating the traditional sizing system. It also has a side blog dedicated to empowering women called Cuup Body Talk.

The brand is passionate about accentuating women’s bodies instead of hiding them. According to Cuup’s website, its undergarments are designed to complement our natural shapes and encourage confidence:

CUUP’s design philosophy is rooted in everyday reverence for every woman’s body. We are in awe of the female form and believe the act of dressing it each morning should always be far from ordinary.” 

Now that you know a bit more about the brand and where it came from, this Cuup bras review will go over some initial pros and cons:


  • A variety of undergarments to choose from, including thongs, demi bras, high-waisted panties, and more
  • 40 different sizes: Its bands range from 30 to 38, and its cups range from A to H, so it offers sizes like the Cuup 30d bra
  • The brand is currently working on expanding its sizes even further
  • Offers a Cuup fit quiz that customers can use to find their size
  • A bra fitting service: buyers can schedule an appointment at their SoHo location or opt for a virtual session
  • Hundreds of customers attest to the fit, feel, and quality of the company’s pieces
  • Offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option


  • Only ships within the United States and Canada
  • Swim tops and bottoms are only given a 14-day return window
  • Some customers may find it inconvenient to shop for a bra online due to sizing issues

Cuup Bras Review

We hate bra shopping, and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones that feel that way. It can be incredibly difficult to find a style that strikes the balance between fit, support, and comfort perfectly. Here’s to hoping that this brand provides a life-changing alternative.

From the demi model to the classic scoop design, this Cuup bras review will now go over a few of its most popular pieces.

Cuup The Balconette Review

A modern design for a modern woman. Though The Balconette bra looks simple at first glance, it features a number of elegant details that’ll have your eyes gravitating back to it again and again. Its unlined mesh cups provide a sneak peek at your breasts, letting them do the talking, instead of unnecessary lace, bows, or padding. 

This Cuup mesh bra is cut with clean symmetrical lines. If you want to flatter your breasts in orange or blue, you can. Plus, you have eight other colors to choose from. Each solid shade is complemented by elegant gold hardware. Add The Balconette to your bra rotation for $68.

Cuup The Plunge Review

A sexy bra doesn’t need to come with frills, lace, bows, or padding. Cuup does things differently with The Plunge bra. Forgoing the excessive bells and whistles, this bra accentuates your breasts for a simple yet seductive look. Its sheer fabric provides a peek at what’s underneath (for those lucky enough to get past first base), but still offers support.

Ideal for open-necked blouses and dresses, this cut features a dipped shape that highlights your collarbones. It takes the best features of a bralette and the best features of a classic bra and fuses them together in one silhouette. The result? A flexible, breathable, and comfortable design that you might forget you’re wearing anything at all.

For a staple that’ll live in your closet forever, this Cuup plunge bra top is priced at $68.

Cuup The Scoop Review

Perfect for boat-shaped necklines, The Scoop bra comes in a U-cut style that’ll show off some cleavage. Its soft microfiber material ensures comfort and breathability, compared to those itchy, lacy bralettes that’ll have you digging under your shirt.

Though simple in design, this model features a near-stitchless design that pairs with any of the brand’s panties. The thick straps will ensure a supported fit, too. Though the five core and three seasonal color options are solid, each option features gold hardware for an elegant touch. This Cuup scoop bra rings up to a total of $68.

Cuup The Triangle Review

Bras love to ‘peek’ around. While most options offer no discreteness when worn, The Triangle model is designed to hide under most outfits. This versatile essential features a v-neck shape, teardrop cups, skinny shoulder straps, and a simple back enclosure.

Made out of a breathable polyester and elastane blend, this brassiere can be worn during the hot season without worrying about your girls overheating. The Triangle bra is ideal for any fitted top that you want to feel secure underneath—and don’t feel like showing the world your bra. Customers can add one of seven colors to their wardrobe for $68.

Cuup The Demi Review

For those who fear ‘excess spillage,’ The Demi bra is intended to keep your girls in place throughout the course of the day. This full-coverage design comes without padding or foam. Instead, it’s constructed with 3D spacer fabric that covers your nipples while allowing flexibility, airflow, and comfort with every move.

Made for everyday wear, the Cuup demi bra is offered in four different neutral tones, including espresso and blush. Add this minimalistic yet flattering piece to your collection for $68.

Cuup Bottoms Review

For those that don’t like going commando, the brand offers a selection of underwear for customers to choose from. From thongs to bikinis, as well as high-waisted essentials, this Cuup bras review will cover its hottest picks.

If you find your new underwear essential at Cuup, we have good news. You can bundle any style into a pack of three for $45, which is a $9 saving. Each cut is currently offered in sizes XS through XXL.

Cuup The Thong Review 

A good set of undergarments sets the foundation for a good outfit. No matter how expensive your favorite dress is, if you’ve got panties on that bunch up or don’t fit you properly, people will know. But, The Thong cut gives you the freedom to wear those tight-fitting jeans or super-slimming dresses.

Made to provide a cheeky amount of protection, this style of underwear comes with a v-shaped back, a high-waisted trim, and a stitchless design. There’s no need to worry about extra bulk, compared to thick-band boy shorts or briefs.

This pair is constructed using soft modal fabric and an antimicrobial bamboo gusset for the crotch. Customers can choose from 11 different colors, such as blush, clay, or ether blue. Stretchy and flexible to ensure all-day comfort, The Thong cut rings up to a total of $18.

Cuup The Highwaist Review

Okay, if you’re wearing undies that hike up over the course of the day or give you a wedgie, take this Cuup bras review as your sign to upgrade your wardrobe. The Highwaist panties are designed to cover all areas for those no-funny-business days.

This pair sits right on top of your belly button and comes with a non-rollup hemline to ensure that everything stays in place. The high-stretch modal and elastane blend ensures a comfortable fit that will also wick away moisture on sweat-inducing afternoons. Available in 11 different hues and patterns, The Highwaist undies will cost you $18 for a single pair.

Cuup The Bikini Review 

The bikini cut is one of the most classic undergarment styles. Providing coverage and comfort, it’s a pair that most of us reach for daily. Instead of going for frills, bows, and lace, opt for classic comfort with The Bikini by Cuup.

These versatile panties can be placed at the height you want. They’ll hug your unique figure, thanks to the modal and elastane blend. For breathability, each pair is reinforced with an antimicrobial bamboo gusset. Though simple, these panties still offer sex appeal—if anyone is lucky enough to catch a glimpse of you in them, that is.

They show a good amount of your behind, which you can choose to flatter in one of seven permanent shades and four limited edition colors. This Cuup bras review is gravitating towards the leopard print, so you can unleash your wild side. The Bikini cut costs $18.

Is Cuup Ethical?

Cuup Bras Review

This Cuup bras review found very little information on the brand’s sustainability practices. According to its website, the brand does all it can to minimize waste. But, its team provides no additional specifics on how they accomplish this.

With that being said, its swimwear collection is created in collaboration with ECONYL, a company that recycles nylon in order to reduce pollution. The material used in Cuup’s line is sourced from recycled fishing nets. The brand also states that it supports eco-friendly companies, such as Act+Acre and Brother Vellies, and encourages its customers to shop there.

Do Cuup Bras Stretch Out?

Cuup Bras Review

Cuup uses an elasticated material for its bras to ensure an optimal fit. According to the brand, it’s quite normal that your band will expand when first worn. When it comes to stretching out, we found very few reviews that list this as a con. It is worth noting that most bras, from any brand, are only meant to last for 6 months to 1 year if you wear them frequently.

In an article written by Business Insider, the author reported that Cuup’s mesh bras seem to spread out faster than their non mesh styles. For those who need a bit of assurance before committing to a purchase, we suggest booking a virtual appointment with one of the company’s fit experts.

Lingerie and gourmet food have an uncanny list of similarities. That extra garnish on top doesn’t do much to change the way the food tastes, if you know what I mean. Frills and lace might be eye-catching, but they ultimately serve no purpose. That’s why Cuup forgoes unnecessary details and instead focuses on undergarments that fit, support, and accentuate our bodies.

Designed to be minimalistic and timeless, the brand’s undergarments are offered in over 40 sizes, which you’ll be happy to hear if you’re looking for hard-to-find sizes like the Cuup 30c Bra. Its bands range from 30 to 38, and its cups range from A to H.

With hundreds of bras, panties, and swimsuits to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Stay tuned as this Cuup bras review provides the details on a few of its top-selling pieces.

Cuup Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cuup Bras Review

So, is Cuup a good brand? Based on what we’ve seen so far, its products are ticking all the boxes when it comes to a good bra. But, we wanted to learn more. We turned to online customer testimonials to see what real customers were saying about the brand.

On the company’s website, all of its bras have garnered hundreds to thousands of ratings. Collectively, they average a respectable 4.1/5 stars. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Balconette: over 2.2k ratings and an average of 4.2/5 stars
  • Demi: almost 500 ratings and an average of 3.9/5 stars
  • Plunge: 1.8k ratings and an average of 4.2/5 stars
  • Scoop: over 1.3k ratings and an average of 4.2/5 stars
  • Triangle: over 300 ratings and an average of 4/5 stars

Overall, customers are pleased with how the brand’s undergarments fit, as well as how much support they provide. Other commenters shared that they feel beautiful and confident when they put on one of Cuup’s pieces. Take this example:

It has been so long since I have felt comfortable in a bra that I wasn’t constantly adjusting. This fits snug but I forget I’m wearing it…The material is so soft and sexy. The shape of my boobs are perfect and look smooth under my shirts.”

Meanwhile, in a Cuup bras review, another woman noted that the bra accentuates and lifts her natural shape: “…now I wear only cuup. Supportive, sexy, comfortable, lightweight, and keeps the natural shape of my boobs while still lifting as much as I want. Literally the most incredible bra I have ever owned.”

In Cuup Reddit threads, customers spoke highly of this lingerie boutique. Some Redditors wrote that its bras fit snug around their bodies. A few commenters gave a shout-out to the brand’s helpful customer service in helping them find the right size.

One shopper, who wears the hard-to-find 32E size, appreciates that the mesh fabric provides sex appeal: “It’s minimalist, with low, sexy lines. The see-thru factor adds a ton of sex appeal, but the construction is still stable enough for my needs. The fact that they even carry sizes like mine is fantastic.

A few independent media outlets and online blogs voiced their approval for Cuup bras. On the Quality Edit, the author complimented the brand’s broad inclusion of cup and band sizes. She also loved how comfortable the underwriting was when compared to other ill-fitting, tight cables that other brands use:

CUUP’s bras felt disarmingly comfy from day one. Instead of suffocating the girls, they offered a gentle hug. Rather than compressing my chest, they sculpted and celebrated my natural shape.”

We uncovered a few negative Cuup bras reviews when combing through the internet. Some buyers reported issues in the company’s delivery methods and quality of customer service on their Better Business Business page.

On the BBB, the brand received an F rating, though it is not accredited. There are 16 complaints in total, with many stating that they had trouble reaching the brand due to COVID-19. One lengthy complaint details trying to get in contact with the brand for months for an exchange to no avail.

While we take negative Cuup bras review seriously, we are happy to report that such statements only account for a small percentage of overall views on the company. The vast majority of customers are extremely pleased with how its products fit, feel, and look. We do hope that the company works to improve its customer service experience so that more shoppers have a pleasant experience.

Is Cuup Worth It?

Cuup Bras Review

It should come as no surprise that most women find bra-shopping to be a laborious nightmare. There are several reasons why it’s best to go commando, as most brands offer ill-fitting bands, unsupportive cups, and an uncomfortable design. Worst of all, they try to hide their mistakes by adding frills, gemstones, and other trims.

The folks at Cuup cut the bullcrap and instead focus on the necessities: performance, quality, and wearability. We are impressed by the brand’s dedication to inclusivity. It offers a respectable range of sizes and is even working on adding more. Plus, the brand features women of all shapes and sizes in its advertisements—something that we really wish we saw more of.

This Cuup bras review also has to give credit to its fit quiz and virtual ‘try-on’ sessions. It’s evident that the company is doing all it can to ensure that customers get the right option. 

All in all, if you’re looking for a lingerie boutique that calls for no fancy bits or fluff, Cuup is only here to offer the basics. With its collection, you’ll find designs that accentuate your natural body while supporting your breasts.

Cuup Promotions & Discounts

Cuup Bras Review

We discovered that the brand has a refer-a-friend program. For each successful referral, customers will receive $30 off their next purchase. We haven’t come across an active Cuup discount code for readers to use.

Where To Buy Cuup

Cuup Bras Review

Customers can purchase their undergarments exclusively by visiting


Cuup Bras Review

Is Cuup a black-owned business?

Cuup is not a black-owned business. It is currently led by founders Abby Morgan and Lauren Cohen.

Where is Cuup based out of?

This Cuup bras review found out that its headquarters are based in New York City. The company’s fitting rooms are located in the Soho neighborhood.

Does Cuup run large?

After combing through the internet, this Cuup bras review found no discernible information if their sizes run large. We suggest getting in touch with one of their fit experts for more specifics, but most customers report that its bras fit how they are described to.

How long does Cuup take to ship?

This Cuup bras review is happy to report that the brand offers free standard shipping on orders that total $50 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $3. It usually takes 8 to 15 days for packages to arrive. The company also offers other delivery methods, such as expedited and express shipping.

Customers can use the tracking number found in their confirmation email to help track their orders. In terms of international shipping, it seems that the brand only delivers to those living within Canada or the United States.

How do I return Cuup? 

The Cuup returns policy offers a 30-day window for customers to return their bras. Swimwear and bottoms are given a 14-day time limit. Items must be in new condition in order to be considered eligible, but you’re allowed to try them on. To initiate this process, buyers can visit their Cuup returns portal by heading over to their website.

How to Contact Cuup

If you have any questions after reading this Cuup bras review, you can contact the company through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Chat function: available on its website
  • Direct messaging: on the Cuup Instagram page

The brand’s customer service hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm EST.

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