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Smileactives Review

If your heart races at the phrase ‘say cheese,’ perhaps it’s a sign to start whitening those pearls. Instead of opting for strips or good ol’ baking soda, Smileactives offers a full-proof solution to help you get ready for spontaneous photoshoots. They sell a small collection of quick fixes including gels, pens, toothbrushes, and LED accelerators. 

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, which is probably the reason why this brand is so popular online. Coupled with a 14k following on Instagram, Smileactives has also been featured on several media outlets such as Bustle and InStyle. 

In the lineup of makeup, skincare, and hair, perhaps it’s time to add teeth whitening to your glow-up journey.  Keep reading, as this Smileactives review will take an in-depth look at the brand, some bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Smileactives

Smileactives Review

Hands up if you opt for the ‘lip smile’ instead of the toothy grin. Honestly, I don’t blame you. While it’s a habit of mine to brush vigorously three times a day, I still can’t achieve that pearly white sheen that most Insta-influencers have. 

Realistically, it’s a challenging goal to pursue. With the onslaught of coffee, tea, saucy dishes, and sometimes the occasional glass of wine—that coveted brilliant beam seems too far to reach. 

Thankfully, we can resort to professional solutions. Enter player Robert Eric Montgomery, a biochemist and inventor that hones in on innovative dental care. He specifically creates teeth whitening products such as power gels and vibrating toothbrushes. 

While Smileactives’ founding date and headquarters location are relatively unknown, we know that Montgomery was responsible for starting other companies such as BriteSmile, OPI, and Oraceutical. 

Before we get into this Smileactives review, let’s go over some initial highlights. 


  • A curated selection of teeth whitening formulas to choose from 
  • A subscription plan available for some products 
  • Detailed instructions included in each item description 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers 
Smileactives Review

Let’s be honest. We’re all guilty of post-whitening when it comes to the classic camera filter—but can you blame us? Pearly whites are difficult to achieve, especially for coffee lovers or tea drinkers. But before you toss in the towel, let me introduce to you Smileactives. This dental care brand offers quick-fix solutions to help customers regain their confidence filter-free.

Compared to big-name companies like Colgate or Arm & Hammer, Smileactives only sells a small collection of products. This includes whitening gels, pens, LED accelerators, and toothbrushes. Honestly, it’s a less overwhelming shopping experience on my end. The less I spend on a website looking for necessities, the better. 

Unless you’re blessed with a pearly set of teeth, this Smileactives review will move forward by showcasing the brand’s most popular products. 

Smileactives Teeth Whitening Review

Smiling brings joy to the world. With that in mind, it’s all the more heartbreaking if you can’t manage a single grin. For those lacking in self-confidence, it’s time to boost that ego. 

From whitening gels to quick fix pens, this Smileactives review will spotlight a few of the brand’s best-sellers within this category. 

Smileactives 6 Shade Power Whitening Gel Review

Yellow is rarely romanticized. I know, Coldplay has written a whole song about it—but stained teeth are something not many people desire. Leave gold to the stars and opt for white with the 6 Shade Power Whitening Gel

The formula is powered by Polyclean technology, which is integral in providing that coveted shine while ridding your teeth of plaque. It’s also blended with super-oxygenated microfoam that works in lifting deep-seated stains over time. 

According to Smileactives, users are to mix this with their toothpaste and must continue doing this for a span of 30 days. Currently, the brand is doing a BOGO promotion for the 6 Shade Power Whitening Gel for only $20

Smileactives Power Whitening Gel Review

There’s no need to pray to the dental care gods for that Insta-friendly smile. The Power Whitening Gel can do just the trick, as it’s formulated to lift stains and buff deep-seated debris hidden in your teeth. 

This is all thanks to its Polyclean technology and super-oxygenated foam, which goes to work in rejuvenating those yellow pearls. 

This product is offered in two available sizes: large and small. Honestly, we recommend getting both in case of spontaneous vacations. Regarding price, this Smileactives review will provide the deets for the Power Whitening Gel down below: 

  • The Large Power Whitening Gel: $75 
  • The Small Power Whitening Gel: $25

Smileactives Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen Review

We’ve all been cursed with that accidental coffee spill. For some of us, we come prepared with a stain pen in hand and just go to work scrubbing our clothes down in the bathroom. 

But when it comes to dental care, we usually have to rely on the good ol’ napkin for a last-minute touch-up. Alternatively, the Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen acts as a nifty solution in case of emergency situations. 

Formulated with hydrogen peroxide, this convenient applicator comes with a soft-bristled tip for easy cleaning. Since it uses a more concentrated form of whitening ingredients, users may notice a difference in a matter of 7 days. 

Oh, and don’t worry; the Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen comes in 6 different flavors, so you don’t have to settle for that nasty ‘alcohol’ aftertaste. 

Offered in ultra mint, melon, spearmint splash, winterberry, and more, the Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen retails for $18

Smileactives ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator Review

Calling all brides, grooms, and aspiring models. I’m sure that all of you are doing some prep work before the big day. In the midst of skincare routines, exercise, and dieting, make sure to leave some room for dental care with the ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator

This device utilizes blue light technology to help eliminate stains. Best of all, it requires no professional supervision, as customers can use it in the comfort of their own home. 

Built with a 16-minute timer, customers can sit back and relax while this gadget does its magic. You should know that it will automatically turn off once the treatment is finished. Designed to provide results in just 7 days, the ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator costs $55 in total. 

Smileactives ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator Kit Review

For those super serious about attaining that god-like sheen, the ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator Kit is reserved for the most determined of users. This bundle includes the blue light device and the Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen. Altogether, customers are set for on-the-go moments or a casual day-in. Those stains are basically a goner. 

We recommend tossing the Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen into your carry-on in case of brunches or dates. When it comes to the LED Accelerator, the brand suggests integrating it into your morning and nighttime routines to achieve the best results. 

Regarding price, the ProLite LED Whitening Accelerator Kit costs $65 at checkout. 

Smileactives Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush Review

Of course, nothing will get you that perfect white sheen than a rigorous brushing routine. This Smileactives review will highlight two of the brand’s offered products for readers to compare. 

Smileactives Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush Kit Review

This ain’t your rinky-dink plastic scrubber. The Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush Kit is built with 40,000 brush strokes per minute to help rid any plaque or debris hidden in your teeth. 

In case of accumulated grime, it also comes with 3 intensity settings for a much deeper cleanse. Best of all, this design features a built-in-timer to let users know that they achieved the recommended amount of minutes. 

Instead of the regular plastic container, this model comes packed with a UV sanitizing travel case. Offered with a USB charger, say goodbye to those deep-seated stains with the Vibrite Sonic Toothbrush for $49

Smileactives Vibrite Sonic Replacement Brush Heads (Set of 3) Review

Guys, did you know that you should replace your toothbrush every three to four months? For those familiar with this rule, they’re often met with the same argument. Not only is it a hassle, but it can be very wasteful if you’re keen on using plastic. 

For an eco-friendly alternative, the Vibrite Sonic Replacement Brush Heads (Set of 3) are made to hook onto your existing model. 

It’s designed with color-coded bristles, which act as a subtle reminder of where to apply your toothpaste. Currently, customers can buy the Vibrite Sonic Replacement Brush Heads (Set of 3) for only $30

Who Is Smileactives For? 

Smileactives Review

Everyone has a set of teeth. And with that logic, everyone wants a beautiful grin. Smileactives is designed for anybody looking to achieve that pearly white beam. 

Since most of its products are made to be used at home, this company can act as a more convenient solution to those far from their local dentist. Honestly, the best thing about their whitening gels and pens is that you can move around and multitask while using them. 

What Are The Benefits of Becoming A Smileactives Member? 

Smileactives Review

Let’s be honest. Once you attain that pearly white grin, it’s up to you to keep the momentum going. One-time use isn’t going to cut it, and that bodes especially true for coffee lovers. 

Fortunately, Smileactives offers a membership for its products. By signing up, customers are given a whole set of benefits, including:

  • 33% off regarding auto-delivery purchases 
  • Freedom to personalize shipping frequencies and delivery times 
  • Product customization when it comes to ordering 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on all items 

Curious about learning more? This Smileactives review recommends visiting the brand’s FAQ page for in-depth specifics about its membership program. 

Comparison: Smileactives vs. GLO Science

Smileactives Review

At-home teeth whitening services are far from a new idea. In most cases, customers will usually resort to convenience rather than in-person appointments in an effort to save time. Aside from Smileactives, other dental care brands like GLO Science are also vying for buyers’ attention. 

With that in mind, how does our company compare to its competition? Let’s find out. 


  • Offers whitening products for at-home use
  • Caters to time-sensitive customers (or those preparing for a major event)
  • Sells toothbrushes, whitening gels, stain pens, and an LED Accelerator 
  • Price ranges from $18 to $75 
  • No claims about sustainable manufacturing or ethical labor 
  • Currently offers a free shipping promotion with a 60-day money-back guarantee 

GLO Science:

  • Also known for its teeth-whitening formulas
  • Has been around since 2011 
  • Isn’t specific to one audience (anybody can use their products)
  • Sells devices, whitening gels, toothbrushes, Glo vials, pens, and company merch 
  • Price ranges from $12 to $199 
  • No claims about sustainable manufacturing or ethical labor 
  • Free shipping on all orders with a 30-day money-back guarantee 

While it’s up to you to make that final decision, here’s some food for thought. Those looking for a more affordable way to whiten their teeth may find Smileactives as a viable option. Alternatively, customers who want a more in-depth cleaning service can look towards GLO Science, as they offer professional-grade treatments at request. 

Smileactives Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Smileactives Review

Aside from its promising collection of whitening products, is Smileactives ‘smile-worthy’ regarding genuine customer feedback? So far, we’ve found no frowns on our end—as we found hundreds of happy buyers online. 

While there are no comments posted for their formulas individually, their company website boasts a total of 1,041 reviews with an impressive score of 4.1 out of 5 stars

The results seem impressive, as a majority of customers report a drastic improvement after using their products. Take it from one happy buyer, who left a positive rating of 5 out of 5 stars. 

“I’ve tried hundreds of teeth cleansing and whitening products and was never satisfied with any product until I got Smileactives. In a matter of 2 weeks, my teeth looked cleaner and whiter than ever before. I highly recommend this product and the price can’t be beaten.” 

We can also get a better look at Smileactives products by searching up other websites that sell them. From Amazon to QVC, it seems that most customers are happy with the results after continued use of their formulas. We’ll let the ratings speak for themselves:

  • QVC for the Advanced Teeth Whitening Trio: 89 reviews with 2.5/5 stars 
  • Amazon for the Power Teeth Whitening Gel: 4,337 reviews with 4/5 stars 
  • Best Views Reviews for the Power Teeth Whitening Gel: 546 votes with 7.4/10 stars 

“I was very skeptical about this product. I have a mouth full of crowns, large cavities filled with everything, but, this stuff really works. After a month of use, I went to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning & they were amazed at the way my teeth, most importantly my gums looked,” one Amazon customer wrote. 

Some independent blogs, like The Teeth Blog, also left a commendable review of this dental care company. According to the author, Smileactives products have gotten beautiful results for thousands of people and given its affordable price, it’s definitely worth a try!”

And if your worried, luckily, the brand offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results. 

Is Smileactives Worth It?

Smileactives Review

In an effort to curb yellow stains, I’d say it’s worth giving Smileactives a shot. It definitely beats going to the dentist, as users can apply their teeth whitening products in the comfort of their own homes. The best thing about their formulas is that it doesn’t require much know-how or professional supervision. 

Ultimately, it’s a hassle-free way to attain that beautiful white sheen. For an affordable way to achieve that coveted brilliance without a degree in dentistry, this Smileactives review recommends that you check this company out. 

Smileactives Promotions & Discounts 

Smileactives Review

This Smileactives review found out that the brand is hosting a BOGO promotion, in which customers can get two Daily Power Whitening Gels for the price of one. You can also sign up for their subscription program to receive 33% off on all orders. 

Where to Buy Smileactives 

Smileactives Review

Prepping for a big event? You can buy the brand’s teeth whitening kits at They are also available at select retailers, including:

  • Amazon 
  • QVC 
  • Walmart


Smileactives Review

Who Invented Smileactives?   

Smileactives was founded by owner Robert Eric Montgomery. He happens to run Oraceutical and BriteSmile as well. 

How Long Will It Take To See Results?   

It ultimately depends on how often you use Smileactives products. Generally speaking, it may take between 7 to 30 days for results to show. 

What Is The Active Ingredient in Smileactives Whitening Gel?  

This Smileactives review found out that the brand uses hydrogen peroxide in its whitening gels. Specifically, it comes at a 9% concentration rate. 

What is Polyclean Technology?  

According to the brand’s FAQ, Polyclean technology generates an ultra-fine foam that whitens the whole tooth.” 

Does Smileactives Have a Money-Back Guarantee?  

Yep! If you’re not happy with the results, the brand offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for its products. Luckily, this also applies to empty items. 

What is Smileactives’ Shipping Policy?

This Smileactives review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on a limited timeframe. Unfortunately, it seems that the brand only provides international delivery for select products. 

As of lately, we haven’t found any indication that the brand provides a tracking number or confirmation email to help customers keep track of their orders. But, here’s hoping that there’s more information in the future. 

What is Smileactives’ Return Policy?

As mentioned, Smileactives offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for all of its products. From what we’ve gathered so far, it doesn’t seem that they provide a free shipping label for customers to use. 

When you’re ready to intimate the process, simply send back your order using the mailing address provided on the brand’s website. 

How to Contact Smileactives 

For inquiries unrelated to this Smileactives review, you can contact the brand through:

  • Phone number: 888-575-5700
  • Using the live chat function on its website

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