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Kit Review

Kit provides a modernized solution to the at-home testing box. Offered for health insurers, wellness brands, clinical trials, and other related disciplines, this online service keeps things neat and organized when it comes to saliva samples or blood pressure readings

This company is relatively new, as it launched in the summer of 2020. Because of this, not many media outlets have reported or endorsed this brand. 

For those curious in learning more about this brand, look no further than this Kit review. We’ll take an in-depth look at the company, its service, customer ratings, and other important available details to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Kit

Kit Review

Philip Fung was unimpressed with most at-home testing brands out in the market. With a background as a lab technician, he knew the quirks and kinks of the diagnostic industry. 

Drawing from his own experience, Fung decided to formulate an inventive solution. Kit made its official debut in July of 2020, after partnering with healthcare consultant Erik Salazar. 

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, this at-home testing program acts as the middle man between the consumer and the company. Designed to be streamlined and easy to use, members can access their services all through the comfort of their own homes. Today, Kit acts as a subsidiary of Ro, which is a telehealth company. 

In an article published by Medium, Kit was hailed as a more affordable and convenient alternative compared to leading brands: 

Kit is a complete paradigm shift to the current status quo. No longer do you need to go into a doctor’s office for routine health data collection — you can do it all from the comfort of home. When you try Kit, you’ll notice it’s the little details that make it magical.”

Before we get into this Kit review, let’s go over some highlights: 


  • Convenient online health service
  • The brand has an easy-to-navigate app for users to download 
  • Good variety of medical exams and testing kits
  • Provides a more convenient way of ordering at-home diagnostic kits for professionals and doctors
  • A more discreet option to limit embarrassment and awkwardness 

How Does Kit Work?

Kit Review

Since this brand is relatively new, their website holds very little information on how their services work. From what we’ve gathered so far, it seems that their program is not intended for patient use, as it’s mainly directly for professional healthcare workers or telehealth brands. 

Kit operates solely online. By partnering with this company, professionals are able to choose from a selection of at-home testing exams. From blood to saliva samples, clients can receive critical data concerning diseases and life-altering conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. 

And don’t worry; Kit is all too familiar with that ‘antsy’ feeling of pricking your finger. To help make things easier for the patient, they’ll include a heating pad to make the sampling process quick and pain-free.

In terms of data input, clients can simply share their information through the brand’s mobile app. Other thoughtful details include color labeling and their paperless instruction manual—which is available as a virtual file. 

Not only does Kit provide medical exams, they also act as a ‘communicative bridge’ between the company and the consumer. This is partially done through their mobile app and their team of brand representatives. Once everything is ready to be sent to the lab, patients are instructed to seal their samples in an air-tight container for examination. 

When it comes to the testing process, Kit uses a state-of-the-art lab facility that is CLIA and CAP-certified. Affiliated with Johnson & Johnson, this online service ensures that professionals and patients alike get the thorough results that they need. According to the brand, results will be issued in a matter of days. 

In the future, Kit is hoping to integrate more helpful functions within their service. This includes creating a one diagnostics API to collect additional data for healthcare providers and patients. For more information on how their program works, this Kit review recommends reaching out to the brand for further specifics. 

Kit Review 

Kit Review
Kit Review

Kit doesn’t provide much information concerning the signup process on their website. This includes what testing kits they offer or specifics on their mobile app. 

We’re hoping that in the future that they’ll have more details on their online service. For the time being, those interested are encouraged to fill out their message form online. 

Who is Kit For? 

Kit Review

As we mentioned before, Kit is intended for businesses, insurers, or healthcare professionals. The online brand works to make the at-home testing process more convenient by offering it as a virtual service. 

Since it eliminates the need to go to the doctor’s office, physicians and patients can save a bit of time. Their program is intended to be accessible, cost-effective, and less ‘paperwork inducing’ compared to traditional methods. 

Kit is also a great program for patients diagnosed with more private conditions. If you have an issue concerning sexual health or other intimate matters, this service aims to be totally discreet and embarrassment-free. 

Comparison: Kit vs. Viome 

Kit Review

It may be rash to bank entirely on Kit since it’s still relatively new to the market. On the other hand, we do want to help readers make a more informed decision by the end of this review.

Within this section, we’ve decided to pit Kit against another at-home testing service: Viome. We’ve compiled some similarities and differences between these two brands down below:


  • Provides a variety of at-home testing kits for professional use 
  • Operates solely online 
  • Has a mobile app that companies and patients can use
  • Offers limited information concerning its services 


  • Offers an at-home testing kit related to gut health and immunity defense 
  • Operates online and offers a mobile app that customers can use 
  • Provides more information on company services, costs, and education surrounding gut health 
  • Has more customer reviews compared to Kit 

At the end of day, it all comes down to the customer in question. For instance, Kit can serve as a viable option for certified professionals. On the other hand, Viome may be a more suitable alternative for patients, as it doesn’t come with any company quotes or prerequisites. 

How Much is Kit?

Kit Review

Kit doesn’t offer prices for their online service. Instead, customers must contact the brand in order to negotiate a plan. This Kit review recommends filling out their message form to get further specifics on their program. 

Kit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kit Review

As we mentioned before, this brand doesn’t hold many customer testimonials online. As a result, this Kit review is unable to paint an accurate depiction of the company as a whole. 

Their website offers no comments on their service. This can be said for their Facebook page as well, with the exclusion of over 2,986 users hitting the like button.

We’ve uncovered no testimonials on other websites such as Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau. This also applies to independent blogs. The most that we could find were a few basic reports of the brand’s official partnership with Ro.co. From the limited information this review has compiled, we cannot grade this company with an accurate score. 

Is Kit Worth It?

Kit Review

Due to the lack of veritable customer experiences online, this Kit review cannot recommend or disapprove of this brand. But if you’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt, we can say that their services seem to be quite convenient at first glance. 

By transforming that stack of doctoral notes into a virtual experience, patients don’t need to feel like they’re stuck waiting at their local clinic. Instead, everything can be done online and at home. It also keeps things easy for the company, healthcare provider, or expert in question—as Kit does all the work for them in terms of testing and compiling data. 

With the hope that this brand issues more information about this service, this Kit review places confidence towards this online service. 

Kit Promotions & Discounts 

Kit Review

This Kit review uncovered no promotions and discounts that readers can use to save money. We suggest following them on their social media platforms for any future updates. 

Sign Up For Kit

Kit Review

If you’re interested in learning more about Kit, the brand requires customers to fill out their message form on their website


Kit Review

How do I cancel my Kit subscription?

This Kit review found no information concerning subscription cancellation on their website. We recommend reaching out to a brand representative for more details on this matter. 

What is Kit’s Shipping Policy?

Kit offers no info on their shipping policy. This includes locations, prices, or tracking numbers that customers can use. 

What is Kit’s Return Policy?

Again, Kit doesn’t issue any details regarding their return policy. Here’s to hoping that they’ll share more information on their website in the future. 

How to Contact Kit

For inquiries unrelated to this Kit review, you can contact the company through:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Filling out their message form online 
  • Direct messaging them on their social media platforms 

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