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Viome Review

Viome revolutionizes healthcare by translating information from your body into personalized nutritional plans. The company is made up of physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs  working to bring you the newest technological tools to analyze and improve your health.

Nutrition and health are different for every person, which means no one plan can fit everyone, and personalization to any degree would be beneficial. According to this study[1], the gut microbiome plays an important role in human health, influencing the development of chronic diseases from metabolic diseases to gastrointestinal disorders. In direct relation to this claim, recent research shows that an individual’s microbial content in the gut is crucial in predicting their response to intervention with methods such as live probiotics.

Viome has featured in media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC, Frost & Sullivan, and CB Insights. Our Viome review also checked out the brand on Instagram, where they have a respectable following of 68K

This Viome review will examine the brand, explain how their services work, and give you an idea of their customer reviews, shipping process, and more to help you decide if you’d like to give them a try. 

Overview of Viome

Viome Review

Company founder and namesake Naveen Jain Viome launched the brand in 2016 to “prevent and reverse chronic diseases by decoding human biology and to “help individuals everywhere to gain control of their health and wellness.” 

Viome’s medical testing uses artificial intelligence and metatranscriptomic sequencing technology to diagnose deficiencies and ailments in your body and recommend foods and supplements to help address them and keep you healthy.

Viome’s technology determines what is going on in your gut’s microbiome—the system of microbes that protect us against germs, breaks down food, and produces vitamins. Their AI engine then analyzes your data and compares it with expert knowledge from their team of scientists and other sources to create your specific dietary recommendations. 

Viome Review

This Viome review will now go over some of the highlights of the brand. 


  • Unique medical results and dietary recommendations tailored to your body’s needs[2]
  • Recommended remedies are limited to natural foods and supplements
  • Thorough results, right down to identifying the strains of bacteria in your gut[3]
  • Both single tests and longer-term testing plans are available
  • Results are delivered to you directly via an app, no waiting on snail mail
  • International shipping options
  • US customers get free return shipping 
  • Replacement kits available 

How Does Viome Work?

Viome Review

Viome testing is great for anyone who wants to improve their health in areas such as digestion, stress management, energy, weight, sleep, and more. You can choose from a variety of Viome’s helpful health testing plans or kits to help you change the way you feel and look. 

Viome’s process entails three easy steps:

  1. Order your at-home test and collect your samples
  2. Your sample is decoded in the Viome lab
  3. Results and recommendations are downloaded to your Viome app

When you get your results, follow the recommendations outlined by a Viome physician. They’ll give you suggestions on which supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics to take and a list of foods to eat and what to avoid.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that benefit the digestive system. Referring to this study[4], there is scientific evidence that supports introducing probiotics in nutrition as a means to encourage health benefits. Prevention and treatment of certain conditions are enhanced, the best-being bowel disorder, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, and allergy.

Prebiotics are a source of food and energy for your gut’s healthy bacteria and the organisms encouraging a healthy environment. In this study[5], prebiotic dietary fibers display health benefits to improve consumers’ digestive health. As with other dietary compounds, moderation and variety play a critical part in healthcare professionals’ recommendations and usage.

Finally, Viome will provide you with tons of suggestions for natural foods and supplements. These products have undergone minimal processing and contain no artificial additives or preservatives. According to this review[6], one possible hypothesis is that “organic food consumption may increase the capacity of living organisms towards resilience,” though it acknowledges that future studies are needed.

Viome’s testing kits are single, one-off tests. Testing plans operate on an annual basis but are billed monthly, and there may be cancellation fees if you decide you’d like to cancel your plan before the year is out. 

Next up in this Viome review, we’ll investigate the company’s two bestselling plans and their two most popular kits in detail: the Precision Supplements Complete and Precision Probiotic + Prebiotic plans; and the Health Intelligence and Gut Intelligence kits.

Viome Precision Supplements Complete 

The annual Precision Supplements Complete is Viome’s most comprehensive test. This plan takes a deep look into your microbial, human, and mitochondrial gender expressions[7] to inform the Viome team how your microbiome health is affecting other areas of your body

Supplements have been attributed to managing health conditions and improving overall health by providing nutrients that deal with specific deficiencies.

While these are a great addition to our daily routine, this review[8] emphasizes that the sheer variety of supplements and disease factors can bias how we read these supposed benefits in research.

This plan includes two Health Intelligence tests per year that are delivered to you every six months. You’ll need to collect your blood and stool samples for this test, and the analysis will reveal your biological age, cellular function health, immune health, energy levels, and stress response. 

When your results arrive in about 2-3 weeks, Viome will send you Precision supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics monthly according to the plan they have devised for you. Your formulas will be updated according to the new set of results following the next text six months later.  

Customers who subscribe to this plan will also have access to discounts on any additional Viome tests they would like to purchase, and the subscription can be paused at any time.

Viome Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics 

We owe our guts more than we give them. An unhealthy gut can not only make us feel bloated and tired but is also linked to weight gain and depression.  

Get better acquainted with your gut with the Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics plan. This Viome subscription is designed to help bring balance to our gut, boost immune health, and reduce bloating and aid in digestion, among many other benefits.

This plan gives you one Gut Intelligence test per year, which will provide an analysis of over 20 areas of essential gut health, including your digestive efficiency[9] and inflammatory activity.

Inflammatory activity[10] considers the systemic and local inflammation that correlates with the microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, the administration of probiotics and the outcomes are summarized as an intervention for issues affecting inflammatory activity.

After receiving the results, you will receive a specially designed regime of probiotics and prebiotics delivered to you monthly, as well as food recommendations from the Viome team and insights on how to improve and maintain gut health. 

You’ll also get discounts on any other Viome tests you’d like to try during your subscription term. 

Viome Health Intelligence 

The Health Intelligence test dives deep into your genetic makeup, covering everything from your gut to your mitochondria. Along with your results from this one-off test, Viome will provide you with health insights and recommendations to help you improve on any critical areas where you may be lacking. 

Here’s what you’ll get with the Health Intelligence test kit:

  1. Your comprehensive Health Intelligence test, which includes the Gut Intelligence test (also available separately)
  2. Over 30 scores analyzing areas like your overall health, energy, and stress response 
  3. Personalized list of foods to eat and avoid
  4. Recommendations for supplements

This test involves taking a blood and stool sample, and your results will be downloaded to your app in 2-3 weeks. Viome’s physicians will recommend a unique blend of vitamins, food extracts, herbs, amino acids, and probiotics and prebiotics. 

This kit does not include the cost of your first round of supplements, but you can purchase them before you check out or order them monthly whenever you like. 

Viome Gut Intelligence 

Our guts are wonderfully complex things. If we provide them with unhealthy or unbalanced diets, we can negatively impact our digestive health and lay the groundwork for potentially bigger health issues that we would never have connected to an unhappy gut.

The Gut Intelligence test zeroes in on exactly what’s going on inside your body’s processing center. The kit comprises a single, at-home stool test along with a questionnaire. The results from the test are then subjected to a complete gut microbiome health analysis to let you know if your lifestyle is helping or harming your gut (and overall) health. 

Viome will also supply you with a personalized 90-day nutrition plan that will tell you which foods to enjoy, avoid, or minimize in your diet and which supplements to take. Supplements are available for purchase at any time on the brand website.

How Much Is Viome?

Viome Review

Viome’s pricing for their plans and tests is listed below:

  • Precision Supplements Complete$199/month
  • Precision Probiotics and Prebiotics$60/month
  • Health Intelligence$299 (marked down from $599)
  • Gut Intelligence$149 (marked down from $299)

Viome Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Viome Review

How good is Viome? This Viome review took a look at positive and negative reviews on the brand’s website, Reddit, and Amazon, to get a better picture of what their testing process and recommendations are like. Some customers experienced life-changing results, while others thought the brand’s suggestions were unhelpful. 

Viome.com has tons of positive customer reviews about their experience with the service. One speaks of the clarity the tests have given her about her health situation: 

Best thing I’ve ever done really. I feel like I have answers for perplexing health questions I’ve been trying to solve for years. Just following recommendations not even 2 months and I’m sleeping better and feeling better already.” 

Another Viome test review speaks of the weight loss and positive changes in skin that the customer experienced from following the company’s personalized plan. 

I’m down 20 pounds since switching to ‘Viome Approved’ foods. More energy. Thinking clearly. And I’ve had some big bumps on my face and skin… [that have] almost completely disappeared,” the user wrote.

A Viome reviews Reddit thread discusses the benefits and the logistics of the Viome method. A user who has gotten good results said (with a little bit of TMI), “So far the stuff they are telling me to eat has given me more energy and not mucus in poop anymore.” 

There is some skepticism floating around about the Viome method, though. In one Reddit thread, a user questions the science of the system.

It’s undeniable that e-commerce has given birth to some highly questionable health-check systems. The difference with Viome, though, is that they don’t only provide you with a health analysis but prescribe a dietary and supplement plan which, if you follow it, will give you concrete evidence of improved health.

Is Viome Worth It?

Viome Review

To this Viome review, and probably to anyone who suffers with any kind of ailment, getting an explanation for the way you feel is incredibly helpful. And getting advice on how to heal yourself naturally is even more useful. 

Viome’s services come with a hefty price tag to provide us with this, but given the benefits, that cost is not outside of the realm of reason. Good health, a happy mood, abundant energy, and an overall improved life doesn’t really have a price tag. And while it would be disappointing to spend the money and not see results, that’s a chance we may have to take. 

Does Viome really work? Many people have seen extraordinary results with the service. This Viome Testing review appreciates that the brand offers single tests and plans, as a one-time test is more affordable and a good trial run for the brand in case you’re skeptical.

Is Viome testing worth it? Viome is available in multiple countries, and we think  it’s super convenient that results are uploaded onto an app that you can access anywhere at any time. After thoroughly surveying customer feedback, this Viome Testing review believes the brand is worth trying out.

Viome Promotions & Discounts 

Viome Review

There is currently a 50% off the first month of your plan offer available at viome.com with the Viome promo code DECODED. This Viome Testing review has not discovered any other Viome coupon or Viome discount code at this time.

Sign up for Viome

Viome Review

To sign up for Viome, head to Viome.com and follow these steps:

  1. Click “Get Started”
  2. Choose your plan or test
  3. Click “Subscribe” (for plan) or “Add to Cart” (for test)
  4. Enter your shipping and payment information
  5. Wait for your Viome test kit to arrive


Viome Review

Where is Viome located?

Viome Inc is located in Cupertino, California. They also employ researchers who work in New Mexico and New York. 

What does Viome test for? 

Viome tests for viruses, parasites, yeast, fungi, archaea, bacteria, and bacteriophages at the strain and species levels. Based on these results, the company will recommend a personalized dietary and supplement plan.

Does Viome test for parasites? 

Yes, parasites are one of the things Viome tests for in all of their test kits. 

Can Viome detect Sibo? 

Viome does not diagnose or treat SIBO. For the uninitiated, SIBO stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, a term for an abnormal increase in the number of bacteria in the small intestine, particularly bacteria not normally found there.

How long does it take Viome to analyze results? 

It takes Viome about 2-3 weeks to analyze your results and get back to you. Your Viome results will be downloaded onto the Viome app. 

How much is a Viome test? 

The Viome testing cost is $150-$300 for a single test. The Viome price for their subscription services is $60-$199 per month. 

Is Viome covered by insurance? 

This Viome Testing review has found that Viome does not accept Viome HSA or FSA insurance. They cannot guarantee that your insurance provider will be able to reimburse you for your Viome services. 

How do I cancel my Viome subscription?

To cancel your MyViome subscription, head to support.viome.com. Click on “Support” in the top right-hand corner of the homepage, and then scroll down to click on the “Contact Support” bar. 

Does Viome ship to Canada? 

Viome does offer its services to Canadian residents. Customers in Canada must pay for the return shipping of their samples.

What is Viome’s Shipping Policy?

For US customers, Viome will ship your test kit to you in 5-7 days via USPS ground shipping. After collecting your samples, attach the pre-paid return label and send it back. International customers will have a varied Viome shipping time, as Viome ships to Canada, the UK, Australia, France, and Germany. International customers are responsible for their return shipping fees. 

Before you ship your samples, you need to place the brown-capped tube inside the rigid safety bag, seal it, then place the rigid safety bag inside the return mailer and seal it. Your samples will be stable in the return box for about 4 weeks. If your package becomes compromised in the shipping process, Viome will send you a replacement kit. 

This Viome Testing review notes that you’ll also need to register your kit online. To do this, head to their registration page and enter the 12-digit kit ID located on the side of your box. 

You’ll need to create an account if you don’t already have one, or enter your Viome login code if you do, and accept Viome’s terms and conditions. When you’re ready, send your kit to the following address:

Viome, Inc.
Accessioning Dept.
81 Camino Entrada, Suite 100
Los Alamos, NM 87544

When Viome has received your samples, it may take up to 48 hours to be reflected on your Viome app account. 

What is Viome’s Return Policy?

For purchases of the single Gut Intelligence test and Health Intelligence test, Viome will issue you a full refund if you cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. 

If you request a refund within 14 days of purchase, Viome will give you a partial refund if your sample has not been returned or shipped to the Viome lab. The partial refund is the purchase price minus a $25 processing fee. This applies to customers in all locations. 

This Viome Testing review notes that the companywill not honor Viome refund requests after 14 days. Valid refund requests will be processed within 45 days. To start the refund process, click on “Contact Support” in the Support section of viome.com. 

If your kit has been damaged or is unusable, you can request a replacement kit as long as you have not submitted your sample. The Viome retest cost is $25 for your replacement kit. There will be no charge if your compromised kit is Viome’s fault. 

How to Contact Viome

If you need any other information that this Viome Testing review did not include, you can call the Viome phone number (855-958-4663) or get in touch with Viome customer service by clicking “Contact Support” in the Support section of viome.com.

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