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About Proper

Proper Sleep Review

Proper sells holistic, evidence-based medicine for enhanced sleep, developed by a team of doctors. The brand ensures that your mind and body rejuvenates overnight with deep, restful sleep to make the most out of each day. 

The success of the product landed Proper features in People Magazine and TechCrunch, and this company fosters a community of 7.2k followers on Instagram with many happy customers commenting and sharing their love for Proper products.

This Proper sleep review provides an in-depth analysis of the company; how their supplements work, ingredients, customer experiences, promotions, and more to help you decide if Proper is worth the buy.

Overview of Proper

Proper Sleep Review

At its core, Proper wants to get rid of the mindset that tossing and turning until dawn is normal. Instead, you should expect to have a solid REM cycle and wake up feeling revitalized. After all, that’s what sleep is intended to provide.

With that mission in mind, Proper was founded by Nancy Ramamurthi, Kamiu Lee, and David Berzin in 2020 to give you the best sleep of your life, night after night. 

Modern life has made that increasingly difficult, and due to a combination of factors, including poor education on the issue, many people don’t know how to snooze effectively. Proper fills the gap with Ph.D. sleep specialist knowledge and products that have an impact.

Their premium supplements, designed by psychologists, nutritionists, and physicians, are only part of the solution. Proper also provides a team of sleep coaches that are available for consultations and advice on how to use these products effectively. 

The company has an intense approach to fixing your sleep that may seem pushy to some, but really, they are hyper-aware of how important good rest is to long-term health.

This Proper sleep review will now break down some highlights behind the NYC-based brand. 


  • Variety of effective supplements to improve sleep quality
  • Supplements are not addictive or habit-forming
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Non-GMO, vegan, and sugar-free
  • Manufactured in FDA-approved US facilities
  • Advised by a board of Ph.D. sleep experts
  • Complimentary sleep coach consultation (subscription required)
  • Subscription option for a 10% discount and free shipping
Proper Sleep Review

Proper Sleep Supplement Review

The company has a small catalog of carefully formulated supplements. This Proper sleep review explores the subtle differences between select bestsellers and how they can impact your life, followed by what real customers think about the supplements. 

With a monthly subscription, you can save on Proper and enjoy free shipping on all products mentioned below. 

Proper Sleep + Immunity Review

Proper’s Sleep + Immunity is a daily supplement that will have a tangible effect after 2 weeks. Its key ingredient is 250mg of Wellmune, a concentrated beta-glucan that is clinically proven to bolster your natural immune system

One 5/5 star review on the Proper website says, “Longtime intermittent insomniac here. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been using Proper for 6 months now and it’s been a total game-changer. My biggest achievement yet: I slept through my first California earthquake!!!”

This supplement also contains vitamins, including zinc, as well as valerian root and ashwagandha, to nurture your sleeping ability. Sleep + Immunity is available in a 60-capsule bottle for $40 or $36 by subscription.

Proper Sleep + Clarity Review

Sleep + Clarity gives you a blend of ashwagandha, GABA, venetron, and valerian root as the core agents to promote healthy and restful sleep. The outlier ingredient is 250mg of Cognigrape, a grape extract that functions as an antioxidant and cognitive booster.

Pair with the Proper Sleep Calm for the best of both worlds; relaxation while asleep, and focus when you get up. It has 30 ratings (almost all above 4/5 stars) on Proper’s website, with one customer stating:

“Immediately after I started taking Proper + Clarity I noticed a reduction in my usual brain fog the next day. It was really something! I’m just bummed that I started to build a tolerance to it after about a month, that’s the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars.”

You can buy a 60-capsule bottle of Sleep + Clarity for $40.

Proper Sleep + Restore Review

Proper’s Sleep + Restore is based on around 3g of melatonin. This naturally produced hormone is a critical feature of sleep therapy and recommended by experts around the world.

Along with valerian root, tart cherry, ashwagandha, GABA, and venetron, MicroActive time-release melatonin enters your system throughout the night.

This special formula helps you adjust to a proper sleep pattern. Note that this supplement often brings increased vividness to dreams due to deeper REM cycles.

These pills are best taken when you have at least 8 hours to sleep, to avoid any grogginess upon waking up. Sleep + Restore by Proper is available for $40 for one month’s supply.  

Proper Sleep + Calm Review

Sleep + Calm‘s key ingredient is 200 mg of L-theanine: a well-known and tested amino acid that enables physiological relaxation. The supplement is ideal for people who hold tension in their bodies, even when their mind seems to be calm. 

Simply unlocking tight muscles allows the whole body to ease up and better enter sleep. While Sleep + Restore helps users stay unconscious through their crucial REM cycles, Sleep + Calm helps you drift off more efficiently.

If you’re prone to lying awake into the early hours, try out a 60-capsule bottle of Sleep + Calm for $40. For more details on the perfect Proper combination for you, consult their certified experts. 

Proper Core Sleep Review

Core Sleep is powered by 300mg of valerian root extract, which has been used for thousands of years to aid sleep, from Asia to Europe.

Specifically, it helps initiate your sleep cycle by relaxing your body and mind. It blends well with the other primary ingredient, GABA, an amino acid, to gently dissolve stress that has built up over the day.

It has 4.5/5 stars from 37 ratings. One customer considers the results in a fair Proper sleep review:

“I have had trouble sleeping for several years. I’ve tried all kinds of pills and supplements. Proper works better than anything I’ve found. I still have some trouble, but without Proper, it would be much worse.”

Purchase Core Sleep and feel the benefits of their valerian root formula for yourself. It comes in a 60-capsule bottle for $40.

Proper Core Sleep with Hemp Review

Proper’s Core Sleep with Hemp contains 25mg of hemp extract for an extra soothing effect on your system. It’s more sleep-inducing than pure melatonin-reliant alternatives. The hemp comes from a non-GMO farm in Oregon that ensures a clean, pesticide-free formula.

This Proper sleep review must note that the supplement does not contain THC or other psychoactive ingredients. Get started with this hemp sleep aid for $56.

Proper Sleep + Restore with Hemp Review

Sleep + Restore with Hemp is another one for those night owls looking to make a change in their routine. Similar to the previous product, the hemp extract gives you an all-natural, bodily relaxation

Together with a mix of other vegan ingredients, including time-released melatonin, this supplement has a profound effect on lulling your body into a deep sleep. One customer shared her reasons for turning to this supplement:

“I struggle with anxiety and insomnia and decided to try Proper Sleep + Restore with Hemp. I have been taking it for about a week now and it helps me fall asleep easily…I felt a bit groggy after the first night I took it but had no other side effects or grogginess since then.”

Try taking one capsule to start and diligently observe the effects in the morning, before increasing your dosage to two if necessary. Sleep + Restore with Hemp is currently available for $56.

Proper Discovery Trial Pack Review

This Proper sleep review recommends the Discovery Trial Pack if you are unsure about your sleep issues and how to fix them. For $40, this pack gives you a selection of 5 Proper supplements

Each one contains ingredients that are clinically proven to positively impact your sleep, giving you the rest and rejuvenation you need. The Discovery Trial Pack includes:

  • Core Sleep
  • Sleep + Restore
  • Sleep + Calm
  • Sleep + Immunity
  • Sleep + Clarity

Get this Proper set for $40 and discover which supplement or combination is best for you.

Proper Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Proper Sleep Review

Most customers are satisfied with Proper sleep supplements, but a notable number of them reported ineffectual results. Proper reviews from customers are mostly found on the company website and Amazon, so our search focuses on these sources.

Verified users on the official Proper website overwhelmingly give the brand 5/5 stars. For them, the supplement chosen increases time spent in uninterrupted deep sleep. Many users reported relief from sleeping problems caused by stress, afternoon caffeine, and light alcohol consumption.

On the Proper website, many customers cite difficulty settling their busy minds as the reason for taking the hemp-based supplements, especially when anxiety is involved. As one Proper customer writes:

“I struggle with anxiety and insomnia and decided to try Sleep + Restore with Hemp. I have been taking it for about a week now and it helps me fall asleep easily when first laying down … I felt a bit groggy after the first night I took it but had no other side effects or grogginess since then.” 

There are approximately 500 ratings for various Proper supplements on Amazon, most of which have around 3.6/5 stars. The positive Amazon comments generally say that Proper supplements give the intended effects and helped them get a full night’s rest.     

One Amazon customer writes, “Most over-the-counter sleep aids make me feel groggy in the morning but not this product. I slept soundly and woke up without feeling groggy. It makes me feel relaxed and calm without feeling medicated so I can get some rest!”

People wrote a Proper sleep review on the one-on-one sleep consultation service and a few of their supplements. The author wrote about Sleep + Restore:

“Unlike other melatonin products I’ve used in the past, these pills release the melatonin slowly, so they promise to not only put you asleep but also keep you asleep.” 

The writer echoes the sentiment of many customers that her sleep coach was easy to work with: “Coach Jen was incredibly personable and knowledgeable. Given that I am prone to anxious thoughts, she suggested that I try “constructive worrying” in my sleep plan.”

The most significant complaints for Proper are that the capsules have a strong odor and, in the case of Sleep + Restore, caused an upset stomach. This is important to keep in mind, for those of you with food allergies or general sensitivities.

Is Proper Worth It?

Proper Sleep Review

With Proper supplements, sleep, the clarity, productivity, and joy of daily life are all greatly improved. The company is bold and ambitious but uses time-tested and clinically proven ingredients to balance your hormones and relax the body for a full night’s rest. 

They also use some experimental (yet still effective and highly-regarded) ingredients that provide you with safe, industry-leading options for controlling your sleep.

Proper states that as all of us have different biochemistry, sometimes it takes some trial and error to find out what works. But, if you need more guidance, subscribe for a complimentary consultation with a sleep specialist. 

While not every customer reported the desired results, remember that the supplements should be taken consistently. Proper instructs customers to take the products for a couple of weeks to a month before the effects are realized in full.

If that is a commitment you can handle, give Proper a chance and order a single bottle. The capsules are clean, non-GMO, sugar-free, vegan, and manufactured in safe, FDA-approved US facilities.

Anxiety, to-do lists, hormones, and the like are all things that impact our sleep schedules. Getting a sound night’s rest is crucial for immune system functioning, mental health, work performance, and numerous other aspects of life.

After looking over customer feedback, formulations, pricing, and a slew of other data points, this Proper sleep review believes the supplements are worth trying out.

Proper Promotions & Discounts

Proper Sleep Review

The best discount you can get at the time of this Proper sleep review is saving on the supplements with a Subscription Plan. By automating your next order for monthly delivery, US customers can save 10% off the product’s list price and also get free shipping.

A huge benefit of the Proper subscription that shouldn’t be overlooked is the complimentary consultation with a sleep expert. The session will last up to 30 minutes and is designed to discover all the aspects of your sleep behavior. 

Through a behavioral science lens, the sleep expert will advise you on best practices and techniques for getting a full night’s rest, customized for your specific living situation, habits, and needs.

The only time that the subscription is less beneficial, from a money-saving perspective, is if you are interested in purchasing single Proper calm sleep products with the hemp ingredient.

For these supplements, the brand bumps the price over $50, and so you get free shipping no matter what.

For more savings, this Proper sleep review recommends following the company’s Instagram and signing up for their mailing list to catch their newest promotions and discounts.

Where to Buy Proper

Proper Sleep Review

To access their full collection of sleep supplements, visit the company website, GetProper.com. A curated selection is also sold on their official Amazon store page.


What is Proper’s Shipping Policy?

This Proper sleep review is pleased to say that all products $50+ are shipped for free, while those under $50 cost $5 for shipping. Proper only ships within the US and processes most orders within 24 hours

You can expect the delivery to arrive within 3–7 business days in the continental states. Whereas, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Alaska, and Hawaii, unfortunately, experience deliveries of indeterminate length. 

But no matter where you order from, you will be given a tracking number that allows you to find out where your parcel is at every step of the delivery process.

What is Proper’s Return Policy?

Proper’s return policy is unfortunately vague. They accept refunds, but out of safety concerns, cannot accept exchanges. Completing a refund requires you to contact [email protected] with your order number. 

Once the returned item is processed by Proper, they will alert you with a confirmation email. Then you must wait for the amount to appear in your bank account.

Proper does not give information on the timeframe for returns (if one exists at all) or whether or not they cover the cost of return shipping. We recommend referring to the FAQ page on the brand’s website for the latest updates to this information.

While Proper’s public return policy raises as many questions as it provides answers, their website mentions a Happiness Guarantee. Customers who are unsatisfied with their supplements should contact the team if they do not experience benefits within a few weeks.

How to Contact Proper

For any questions beyond this Proper sleep review, get in touch with the brand directly through:  

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Text: 646-328-6813

Mail: 85 5th Ave, 8th Floor, New York, Ny 10003

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