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Atlas Coffee Club Review

About Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club Review

Atlas Coffee Club is a made-to-order coffee subscription service that delivers a new bag of coffee to your home monthly.

The company was launched with the idea of combining a love of traveling with a love of flavor, showcasing different roasts from around the world

There is plenty of glowing Atlas Coffee Club feedback including Home Grounds naming Atlas Coffee Club “most exciting” in their roundup of best coffee subscriptions. Forbes also wrote, “the quality is on a level that will impress the most discriminating coffee critics.”

Atlas Coffee Club has also been showcased in USA Today, Food & Wine, The Boston Globe, Coffee Talk, and more. 

This Atlas Coffee Club review will dive into all things Atlas Coffee: subscription process, customizable options, and customer reviews, to determine if this coffee subscription should be supplying your next homebrew.

Overview of Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club Review

Atlas Coffee Club finds its home in Austin, Texas, headed by co-founders Jon Miller and Michael Shewmake. The team extends to Executive Creative Director, Jordan Rosenacker and Director of Operations, Omar Abdel-Latief.

All members are self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs and travel enthusiasts who source beans globally to bring their customers the best, diverse regional flavors.

Their mission statement is “to share the world of coffee. Satisfy your wanderlust with your coffee addiction and satisfy your coffee addiction with your wanderlust.”

With a team of 8 additional contributors of varying backgrounds, The Atlas Coffee Club blog, Coffee Culture feels like a magazine. Serving as a community hub for subscribers, it offers brewing tips to interviews with accredited personalities and cultural write-ups.

The team also assures that all Atlas Coffee is sourced with sustainable practices and that the farmers are paid a premium price for their beans.

Approximately 50 to 60% of Atlas Coffee is Fair Trade Certified, direct trade, or goes through a coffee cooperative from countries like Kenya, Guatemala, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Rwanda, Congo, and Burundi.

This Atlas Coffee Club review will now highlight the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • A variety of coffee flavors sourced from all over the world
  • All coffee is sourced responsibly 
  • All products are Fair Trade Certified, goes through direct trade, or a coffee cooperative
  • A new flavor added every month 
  • Customizable subscription options 
  • Inexpensive compared to other coffee subscriptions
  • Easy sign-up and cancellation process
  • Rewards program
  • Gift subscriptions available  

How Does Atlas Coffee Club Work?

Atlas Coffee Club Review

On the main Atlas Coffee web page, underneath the “How It Works” heading, there are two links: one that takes you directly to the Coffee of The Month Club (Subscription) and the other outlining The Coffee Collection.

Note that you can not select and purchase individual bags from the collection. You can only select subscription preferences to result in certain flavor palettes, all of which are listed in detail on the collection page.

An Atlas Coffee Subscription comes with: 

  • A bag of single-origin coffee
  • A postcard from the country of origin
  • Tasting notes and brewing tips 

Your subscription can be customized from as little as half a bag to 4 bags (or more if you make a custom order), with options of:

  • Light or Dark roast
  • Whole beans or Ground

Once you’ve subscribed, you can use an Atlas Coffee Club customer account to login to the portal and change your preferences at any time. These include the roast and grind type, quantity, and frequency of delivery.

Atlas Coffee allows you to receive coffee orders as frequently as 1 bag every week, or infrequently like one bag every 2 months.

Your Atlas Coffee subscription is billed on a pre-order basis but you can change this or cancel at any time by logging into your customer account. 

The subscription flavor preferences are listed as 3 options:

  • Light to Medium
  • Medium to Dark
  • All roast types

The tasting notes reading as follows in the same order. Some of the varietals include: 

  1. Fruit, Berry, Citrus, and Chocolate
  2. Chocolate, Bold, Rich, Full-Body

The third option is the default on this page and offers a surprise element that is kind of the essence of what the company stands for: a novelty coffee experience delivered each month.

There are also decaf options for those among us that prefer the taste of coffee but want to avoid the caffeine kick. 

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club Review

The Atlas Coffee Club Subscription is a fun way to try different roasts from regions around the world. The monthly novelty of a new surprise flavor is ideal for someone who enjoys coffee and is just starting to develop their tasting abilities.

This Atlas Coffee Club review has determined that the monthly subscription is a good way to create the illusion of traveling (whether that be worldly or to a local indie coffee shop) while working from home or in quarantine. 

A single 12 oz bag (approx. 30 cups) typically costs $14 excluding shipping but presently it is on sale for only $4.

This promotion will only apply to your first shipment, after which the original subscription price will come into effect.

You can also purchase an Atlas Coffee Club Gift Subscription in packages of 3, 6, and 12 months:

  • 3-Month “Starter Pack” for $60, presently on sale for $55 
  • 6-Month “Standard” for $120, presently on sale for $99
  • 12-Month “Coffee Lover” for $240, presently on sale for $189

If you’re the recipient of a gift subscription, you can register an account to claim your gift and specify your preferences. Just scroll to the main menu at the bottom of the web page and click “Claim a Gift”.

Then, enter your zip code and order number (or last name). Once you’ve completed the very easy Atlas Coffee Club claim my gift process, you’ll be able to view your upcoming orders, receive notifications, and update your preferences.

How Much is Atlas Coffee Club?

Atlas Coffee Club Review

As outlined in this Atlas Coffee Club review, the default purchase option is a single 12 oz bag which costs $14. You can also purchase:

  • Half a Bag (6 oz) for $9
  • Two 12 oz bag for $28
  • Three 12 oz bags for $39 
  • Four 12 oz bags for $49 

If you want to order a subscription for more than four bags a month, you can contact [email protected] or call customer support at (512) 522-1337 to discuss options.

Atlas Coffee Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Atlas Coffee Club Review

During its research, this Atlas Coffee Club review found an article in May of last year from CNN Underscored that called Atlas Coffee “a must-have for any coffee fanatic.”

After multiple taste tests, staff attested to great flavor, “The flavors were strong and it definitely tasted better than your average cup of joe.” Keep in mind that CNN Underscored is sponsored. 

In a personal review conducted by the blog Pull & Pour Coffee, author Andrew Pautler breaks down a detailed grading scheme that results in an overall 8.9/10 rating for Atlas Coffee club.

He determines the lowest score for “coffee variety” and the highest for “cost”, “packaging”, and “customer service.”

This Atlas Coffee Club review noted that Home Grounds rated Atlas Coffee Club a 4.5/5 for overall user experience while a Business Insider named it “some of the best coffee out there.”

After trying the subscription last month, this Insider called it some of the best coffee she’d ever had. She writes that “If you enjoy fresh coffee and want to learn about the background of your beans,” she couldn’t recommend Atlas more.

However, Atlas Coffee Club Reddit is the method of tried and true inquiry for direct-from-customer experiences. 

An Atlas Coffee Club review Reddit thread was more positive. Customers enjoyed the packaging and had several favorites amongst the coffees tried in their 12-month subscription, calling the flavor “impressive.”

As observed by this Atlas Coffee Club review, posts on the r/coffee thread on Reddit conclude that the customer service is great.

This Atlas Coffee Club review encourages you to keep in mind that since the brand roasts all its beans, the methodology is a contributing factor to consistent taste.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews on TrustPilot or BBB.

Is Atlas Coffee Club Worth It?

Atlas Coffee Club Review

This Atlas Coffee Club review has determined that a subscription is worth it. At a time when most are stuck at home, running out of activities to keep them engaged, food and drink are one of the few constants that can still incite excitement.

Even regularly, your daily coffee is a great moment to enjoy yourself before taking on the day ahead. 

That being said, an Atlas Coffee Club subscription is a great way to incite some excitement into your daily life by allowing you to try different flavors each month at an affordable price.

Customer reviews note that the:

  • Packaging is fun
  • The flavors are at par with your local coffee chain
  • Customer service is said to be responsive and informative

The Atlas Coffee website is also full of good-to-know coffee content to help you get the most out of your at-home coffee experience. So, is Atlas Coffee Club legit? This review believes that yes, it is.

Atlas Coffee Club Promotions & Discounts 

Atlas Coffee Club Review

During research for this review, we did not come across an Atlas Coffee Club discount code, however, the company seems to offer discounts seasonally so consider registering for an email subscription to keep up to date.

Typically, there is also an Atlas Coffee Club Black Friday sale so you can look out for promotions next year.

The Atlas Coffee Club Rewards Program allows members to earn points for: 

  • The miles your coffee travels
  • Each country you visit/receive coffee from
  • The money you’ve saved with our Subscription
  • Gifts purchased
  • Friends referred

These points can be used to unlock Atlas Coffee Club free shipping, store credit, and other site promotions. 

Sign up for Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club Review

The Subscription set-up is incredibly easy as outlined in this Atlas Coffee Club review: 

  1. First, you select the number of bags you want per shipment (½ a bag- 4 full bags or more if you place a custom order)
  2. Select how often you want your order to ship (every 2 weeks or 4)
  3. Your roast preference
  4. Your grind type (whole bean or pre-ground)
  5. Review your order and checkout

You can also alternate your preferences for Atlas Coffee delivery should you want your package to arrive at a different time.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you can click on the Atlas Coffee Club login tab at the top right of the web page to make an account and begin taking advantage of the Rewards Program.


Atlas Coffee Club Review

Where is Atlas Coffee Club located? 

The Atlas Coffee Club warehouse is in Austen, Texas.

Does Atlas Coffee Club charge shipping? 

Shipping rates vary slightly depending on your location. The Atlas Coffee Club shipping cost is a flat-rate fee of $5 within the United States.

The company says that they charge a minimum of $6 for international shipping (Canada Only), but $8 is more accurate. 

How do I cancel my Atlas Coffee Club subscription?

This Atlas Coffee Club review found that you can easily cancel your subscription at any time through the portal in your customer account. To cancel your subscription:

  1.  Login to your account 
  2. Click “Coffee Membership Settings”. 
  3. Follow the prompts under “Stop Subscription” to cancel your subscription

What is Atlas Coffee Club’s Shipping Policy?

Atlas Coffee only ships to the United States and Canada. For standard US shipping within 3 to 6 business days, there is a flat-rate fee of $5.

For international shipping (Canada only) in 5 to 12 business days, the shipping fee is approximately $8. The company warns that shipping to Canada may be delayed due to customs.

What is Atlas Coffee Club’s Return Policy?

Atlas Coffee is non-refundable as it is considered a food item. But, Subscriptions can be canceled at any time with a 48-hour notice.

Atlas Coffee Club states that they will try to accommodate cancellation requests with shorter notice, but they require 48 hours due to the automated nature of the order fulfillment process. 

How to Contact Atlas Coffee Club

The Contact Us link at the bottom of the page brings you to the brand’s official Feedback Form.

However, you can also contact customer support at [email protected], and the Atlas Coffee Club phone number is (512) 522-1337.

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