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Wild Alaskan Company Review

About Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Wild Alaskan Company makes it easy to eat healthy with their wild-caught, sustainable seafood subscription service. Enjoy a variety of fresh and flash-frozen fish in one of their 3 wild-caught boxes, offering salmon, white fish, or a mix of both. 

With more and more skepticism emerging about consuming farmed fish in the media, it’s no wonder this company has received praise for doing things differently. 

Epicurious, Martha Stewart, The Wall Street Journal, Bon appetit, The Seattle Times, Reader’s Digest, Well+Good, and The Chicago Tribune have all featured the company and their wild-caught fish. 

In this Wild Alaskan Company review, we’ll take a deep dive into the brand and their subscription boxes, fill you in on what customers have to say about them, as well as provide information on discounts and more to help you decide if their service is worth the buy. 

Overview of Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Growing up in Alaska, founder Arron Kallenbrug ate a ton of wild-caught fish. His upbringing was extremely naturalistic, picking berries, hunting for mushrooms, and digging for clams yearly. 

Upon going to college, Arron realized how difficult it was to find real, nutritious food, especially the kind he was used to growing up. 

Sick of fake food,” the Wild Alaskan Company founder and 3rd generation fishmonger set out to deliver quality fish to the US. During his 15 years working in tech startups, Arron grew frustrated with the facts he uncovered about the fishing industry. 

It turns out that “91% of the seafood that the United States consumes is imported from overseas. A significant portion of that fish is unsustainably farmed.” 

The brand aims to share the wealth of their eco-friendly fisheries in Alaska with people who want to make healthier dietary choices. 

While the Wild Alaskan Company headquarters are located in Brooklyn, the company has operations and fulfillment centers across the country. 

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Now that you know about how and why they started, we’ll move on to the Wild Alaskan Company pros and cons before taking a look at their subscription options: 


  • Sustainably-caught & wild-caught fish
  • Wild-caught fish are more nutrient-dense and have fewer toxic elements than farmed fish 
  • A Family-owned company with generations of experience
  • Fish is freshly caught then frozen quickly to keep it fresh, and individually packaged for portion size
  • Convenient & delivered right to your door
  • Variety of fish in each box, including different types of salmon
  • Wild Alaskan Company packaging is made from recyclable material
  • Provides access to information on how to cook fish & expert recipes 
  • Get $15 off your next order when signing up to the mailing list
  • Ships to all 50 states
  • Full refunds on your first order if you didn’t enjoy their fish


  • Slightly expensive
  • Some customers complain about the products smelling or being overrated
  • Only ships within the USA

Is Wild Caught Salmon Really Wild Caught? 

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Wild-caught salmon is caught in its natural habitats, like oceans, lakes, or rivers, as opposed to farm-raised salmon, where fish are bred and raised in an enclosure. 

There are benefits to eating both, but typically wild-caught anything has a better reputation, one for being healthier, cleaner, and more nutritious

Salmon caught in the wild have brighter, red flesh, as opposed to the pale pink of farmed salmon (the typical color we associate with the word). Wild-caught salmon have this color due to their diverse diet and the high amount of orange-red krill they munch on. 

Wild-caught fish are nutritionally better for us, but this form of fishing puts a strain on the naturally occurring salmon population. 

If done with the proper practices, such as giving the fish time to reproduce and repopulate and throwing back females as this company does, then Wild Alaskan Company wild-caught salmon undeniably comes out on top. 

How Does Wild Alaskan Company Work?

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Wild Alaskan Company delivers sustainable seafood directly to your door every month to help you lead a healthier life. You can switch the frequency to 1.5 or 2 months if one month is too often for you. The company has three plans available:

  1. Wild Combo Box
  2. Wild Salmon Box
  3. Wild White Fish Box

To sign up for your subscription, all you need to do is pick your plan and wait on your order, then enjoy as you please. The subscription box is sent to your door every month after the Wild Alaskan Company Alaskan fish is fresh-caught then frozen to lock in nutrients and taste.  

Your order is shipped in a recyclable box with Green Cell Foam, an insulation material made from corn grown in the US. This foam can be composted or simply dissolved in your sink. As for the fish, all you need to do is thaw the individually wrapped portions and cook it up.

As a member, you’ll get information about the fish and how to cook it, as well as Wild Alaskan Company recipes from their expert fishmongers. Simply give them a call or email and they are happy to help. 

While you can’t purchase a wild-caught fish box individually, this Wild Alaskan Company review found that you do have some options for switching up your service. 

If you love your subscription but need a little break, you can pause it at any time. You also have the option of canceling anytime too, as Wild Alaskan Company doesn’t have a minimum commitment length. 

Now that you understand how the Wild Alaskan Company subscription box works, we’ll provide more details on what you can expect to find within their 3 subscription plans. Each of the plans includes 12 or 24-packs of wild-caught seafood, with add-ons available.

Wild Alaskan Company Wild Combo Box Review 

If you feel that variety is the spice of life, and you love all the flavors of the sea, then this Wild Combo Box is the box for you. This product is a customer favorite that includes both wild-caught whitefish and salmon. 

In any shipment of this box, you may find a mix of salmon, (including sockeye and coho) along with pacific cod, halibut, and Alaskan pollock. These selections make for a wonderfully varied diet full of nutrition. 

Wild Alaskan Company Wild Salmon Box Review 

If you love salmon, then you love salmon. There are so many ways that you can add this heart-healthy fish to your diet, from breakfast to dinner. This Wild Salmon Box is a great choice for anyone who eats salmon 3-5 times a week

In your delivery each month you will find a selection of salmon, including Alaskan sockeye and coho varieties. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and protein, this anti-inflammatory fish makes a wonderful addition to any meal. 

Wild Alaskan Company Wild White Fish Box Review 

Salmon may not be your thing, and that’s totally ok. But salmon isn’t the only fish on the menu, nor is it the only one that provides nutrients. 

The Wild White Fish Box is brimming with a variety of white fish, including Wild Alaskan Company Cod, Halibut, and Alaskan pollock. A clean protein source, these fish are light on taste and versatile when it comes to cooking. 

Wild Alaskan Company Seafood Recipes Review

When perusing the brand’s website, we discovered an informative recipe section filled with delectable Wild Alaskan Company wild seafood recipes.

Read ahead in this Wild Alaskan Company review for some examples that we found particularly mouth-watering

Broiled Rockfish

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Wild Alaskan Company rockfish recipes are simple, ensuring the delicate nature of the fish shines through and is properly accented by standout flavors. 

This simple recipe recommends smothering your rockfish with a miso butter sauce before popping it under the broiler for 3 minutes. The fillet should be shrunken and flaky. If not, leave it in for another minute, but keep a close watch eye on it, as miso butter can burn. 

Easy Cedar Plank Salmon

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Cedar has a special aroma: it’s smoky and earthy and goes wonderfully with salmon. This recipe involves a quick marinade in bold spices, garlic, and lemon, before slapping your salmon on a beautiful plank of cedar and cooking it on the grill. 

While your salmon cooks, you’ll baste it with a bright pomegranate glaze to add a tart sweetness to this otherwise savory and smoky dish. 

Crab Benedict

Wild Alaskan Company Review

This recipe is featured in the brand’s ‘10 Festive and Cozy Holiday Brunch Ideas Starring Wild-Caught Seafood’ post. There are some really great ideas in there, but this one caught our eye. 

It looks something like Eggs Benedict, only instead of ham, this recipe features a crispy crab cake hidden under a perfectly poached egg and savory hollandaise sauce

When putting this dish together, toast up an English muffin and lay ripe seasoned avocado on top before placing your crabcake for a succulent, flavorful dish

Sockeye Salmon Teriyaki Skewer

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Salmon goes wonderfully with many different styles of cooking. From Cajun, to French, to Asian, the hearty and slightly sweet fish is complemented by many different spices and vegetables. 

This recipe is simple: all you need to do is create your glaze of garlic, soy, brown sugar, and honey, marinade your skewers and grill them for 2 minutes per side. You now have the perfect summer party appetizer or accompaniment to rice and fresh grilled vegetables. 

How Much is Wild Alaskan Company?

Wild Alaskan Company Review

The brand has 3 subscription plans available, with options for 12 or 24-packs for each order. This Wild Alaskan Company review notes that prices are the same for all of their options, but, of course, vary depending on the size of the box you choose. 

For their Wild Combo Box, Wild Salmon Box, and Wild White Fish Box the prices are as follows,

  • 12-Pack $132 (including $10 shipping)
  • 24-Pack $240 (free shipping)

Wild Alaskan Company Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wild Alaskan Company Review

To give you a better understanding of the brand, this Wild Alaskan Company review turned to the internet to find helpful customer reviews. 

Next, you’ll read about real customer experiences sourced from the brand’s Facebook page, subscription box blog Subscriboxer, and Best Products, all shedding some light on what the brand is really like. 

Wild Alaskan Company is rated 4.7/5 stars by 847 buyers on the brand’s Facebook page. In general, customers love their boxes and the way they help them to eat healthier

Buyers are overjoyed at the quality and freshness of the fish, with one writing, “We tried Wild Alaskan Company on a whim… This service sends us the freshest fish, a great variety of types, and conveniently packaged for ease of use.” 

This certainly speaks of the great service that Wild Alaskan Company provides for their customers from start to finish. 

Wild Alaskan Company Review

There aren’t many negative reviews on the brand’s Facebook page. In fact, it was a little hard to find one in between the abundance of 5-star ratings. The one negative Wild Alaskan Company review that we did manage to find spoke of the fish not being “anything special.” 

A Wild Alaskan Company review by Alizabeth Swain on subscription box review site Subscriboxer reveals her experience with the company from start to finish. Swain mentions the high-quality and freshness of the fish, as well as her appreciation of the fact that it is “sustainably sourced.” 

This reviewer wrote, “I loved the quality and freshness of the fish I received from Wild Alaskan Company. I loved that the shipping was super fast.” The same things she loves about the company, so many others do as well. 

The only downside she found with their fish was the smell. She reported that she “wasn’t prepared for the smell the fish left in the house.” 

She also noted the expensive nature of the box, but in the end, said she would gladly pay for something that made her feel as good as it did. 

In a Wild Alaskan Company review by a pescatarian on Best Products, the reviewer noted that the contents of her order were properly frozen. This is good to know as seafood can be iffy when half-thawed, and can spoil quickly. 

Melanie was also thrilled with the taste. She wrote, “each fillet from Wild Alaskan Company tasted so unbelievably fresh that I almost didn’t want to mask them with seasonings and sauces…I was especially impressed with the coho salmon, which had the most gorgeous vibrant color and flaky texture after baking.” 

From these reviews, we learned that customers have experienced fresh, quality fish from Wild Alaskan Company. There are not many negative reviews about the brand, but just as with any food, taste is a preference, and what is considered high-quality to one, may not be up to the standards of another. 

Is a Wild Alaskan Company Subscription Worth It?

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Wild Alaskan Company is loved by many. They offer a large variety of seafood and help customers experience different types of fish that they may not normally get to try. 

Along with broadening horizons, the company also helps buyers across the country lead a healthier life by making fresh fish accessible. If you’re someone who is buying fish regularly, you may actually be saving money while receiving a higher quality product. 

Wild Alaskan Company’s fish is also sustainable and wild-caught. This type of fish yields a much more nutrient-dense food. To help you save a little cash, the company has discounts and will even ship your box for free when you choose the 24-Pack

Is Wild Alaskan Company legit? In terms of quality, the company stands by their product, providing full refunds for any customers who aren’t happy with what they got. 

Trying out their products is incredibly low-risk. If you’re someone who loves seafood, trying new things, and wants to follow a healthy diet, then this Wild Alaskan Company review believes their wild-caught boxes are worth the buy. 

Wild Alaskan Company Promotions & Discounts 

Wild Alaskan Company Review

In a review of the brand’s website, we uncovered the following deals,

  • Sign up for the brand’s newsletter to get $15 off your next order
  • Choose the 24-Pack to get free shipping

Sign Up For Wild Alaskan Company Subscription

Wild Alaskan Company Review

Signing up for a Wild Alaskan Company subscription is simple. First, head to, then follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Click on ‘Pricing’ in the top menu bar
  2. Choose between their 3 subscription plans
  3. Select whether you would like a 12-pack or 24-pack
  4. Add any extra items that look good to you
  5. Enter your payment & shipping information
  6. Await your box’s arrival!


Wild Alaskan Company Review

Who owns Wild Alaskan Company?

Founder Arron Kallenberg owns Wild Alaskan Company. He comes from three generations of fishmongers. 

Where is Wild Alaskan Company?

Wild Alaskan Company is all over the US, but their main headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York. Their operations team is set up in Portland, Oregon, and their fulfillment centers are located in California, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Florida. 

How do I cancel my Wild Alaskan Company subscription?

You can cancel your Wild Alaskan Company subscription at any time, but be sure to do it before the next billing date to avoid being charged for another box. To cancel your subscription, you’ll need to email customer support and they’ll help you get started. 

What is Wild Alaskan Company’s Shipping Policy?

Your Wild Alaskan Company order is usually delivered about a week after you place the order online. After that, it will arrive on the same date every month. 

Your order is shipped to you in a recyclable box with compostable insulation packs. These packs will keep your order fresh until late in the evening if you do not happen to be home at the time of delivery. 

Wild Alaskan Company delivers to all 50 states, and they do their best to get to you even if you live somewhere not easily accessible. Shipping for their boxes of 12-Packs costs $10, while shipping for their 24-Packs is free. 

What is Wild Alaskan Company’s Return Policy?

If it was your first time trying Wild Alaskan Company and did not like what you received, let them know and they will fully refund your order. If you’re a regular customer and are unhappy with your order, let them know within 7 days and they will either,

  1. Send a replacement
  2. Give you a full refund
  3. Add credits to your account

Wild Alaskan Company may ask you to send photos of the box you are unhappy with before they can send a return or issue a refund. 

For any non-food item, you have 30 days from the delivery date to return it. 

You’ll need to contact customer service at [email protected] and ship the product back following the instructions that the company outlines. All products must be unused and in the original packaging. 

How to Contact Wild Alaskan Company

We hope you found what you were looking for in this Wild Alaskan Company review, but if you need any other information you can contact the company by,

  • Phone 1(833)328-9453 11 am – 7 pm 7 days a week, all US time zones
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat 9:30 am-5:30 pm 7 days a week

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