ProbioSlim Review

About ProbioSlim

ProbioSlim Review

ProbioSlim is a weight loss supplement with the main goal of helping improve your digestion and reduce fat in the process. Force Factor created this supplement to help them focus on creating a positive alternative to crash dieting.

Force Factor has managed to score a great standing on social media, with a whopping 460k followers on Facebook and 154k Instagram followers on their international account. Making its name well-known among notable supplement brands, Force Factor has also won numerous awards from GNC and Bodybuilding.com. 

This ProbioSlim review will take a comprehensive look into the efficacy of this product, the brand behind it, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Force Factor

ProbioSlim Review

ProbioSlim is one of the many products distributed by the global performance nutrition company, Force Factor. Fitness and nutrition are the brand’s primary goals, and introducing ProbioSlim into their product line is another way for them to promote their message of healthy living based on the latest science.

The brand was founded in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts by two Harvard graduates who wanted to create fitness-focussed supplements, inspired by the lack of performance-related supplements at the time. Their goal was achieved by producing a variety of high-quality products, including ProbioSlim

The founders value their products, and said the following about their goals as a company: “We are fueled by an insatiable desire to engineer high quality, safe, and efficacious performance supplements for the body and mind, creating some of the most novel formulas and winning numerous awards in the process.”

With that inspiring dedication in mind, here are a few key highlights of ProbioSlim:


  • Clinically studied ingredients
  • Ingredients are all-natural
  • Capsules are small, easy to swallow
  • A variety of distributors
  • Keto-friendly
  • Positive customer reviews
ProbioSlim Review

ProbioSlim uses science to back up the three aspects of its product, including the promotion of healthy digestion, good bacteria, and weight loss.

The whole idea of digestive supplements can be intimidating, and let’s be real, there definitely is no replacement for a healthy diet and exercise. What ProbioSlim aims for is to direct your fitness goals in the proper direction, adding or taking away any unnecessary steps in between. 

The three parts of the supplement (healthy digestion, good bacteria, and weight loss) come together to fill in the blanks of what you’re missing in your current lifestyle. I’ll get deeper into this supplement’s health benefits in our detailed ProbioSlim review below.

ProbioSlim Review

With all the different processed foods that you probably eat on a regular basis, it’s more than likely that your metabolism, digestion, and overall gut health are not as ideal as they would’ve been if, say, you lived about 100 years ago eating fresh foods straight from a farm or the ocean. 

With the added sugar and unhealthy chemicals in junk food and fast food, the good bacteria in your gut takes a severe nosedive. We don’t even realize it, but our digestion and metabolism aren’t what they should be, and that’s where digestive supplements like ProbioSlim come in handy.

ProbioSlim is more than just your regular diet pill that promises unhealthy weight loss in a ridiculously short period of time, with no lasting results. First and foremost, it’s a digestive supplement.

What that means is that the primary goal of ProbioSlim is to fix your gut, and once you have your good digestive health and healthy bacteria back, weight loss will undoubtedly follow. 

Each ProbioSlim bottle comes with 60 capsules, aimed to last for 30 days. You can buy it from one of a few different partner companies like Amazon, iHerb, Walmart, GNC, and Sam’s Club all sell this digestive supplement for a discounted price, as listed below:

  • Amazon: $20
  • iHerb: $20
  • Walmart: $20
  • GNC: $40
  • Sam’s Club: $30

Who Is ProbioSlim For? 

ProbioSlim Review

As most digestive supplements go, ProbioSlim is only for adults, as long as they are interested in investing in a healthy diet and improving their digestive system

It is especially useful to people with minor to moderate digestive problems. This can include bloating, constipation, and other similar symptoms. 

Research shows[1] that probiotics and prebiotics can have a great effect on the elderly, providing them with the necessary gut bacteria needed to help modulate their digestion and prevent certain dangerous conditions.

What Are the Benefits of ProbioSlim? 

ProbioSlim Review

There are many benefits associated with digestive supplements, but the major problem that ProbioSlim aims to focus on is increasing the healthy gut bacteria in your digestive tract, in turn reducing digestive problems down the road, and helping with weight loss.

ProbioSlim seeks to improve your digestion, help you lose weight, provide you with good gut bacteria, and increase energy levels, all the while encouraging you to change your unhealthy diet to a thriving one

How Does ProbioSlim Work?

ProbioSlim Review

There are three goals that ProbioSlim tries to achieve: 

  1. The promotion of healthy digestion
  2. Increasing good gut bacteria
  3. Helping you lose weight. 

The probiotic strain in the supplement aims to replenish the good bacteria in your stomach and intestines to start, improving your current digestion. Probiotics have a beneficial effect on our gut bacteria that work to prevent and treat certain[2] ailments and conditions.

They also help to keep[3] the bile acid in your stomach in check. This is further helped by the prebiotic fruit ingredients which add to the recipe, providing further relief to your stomach. And finally, green leaf tea and caffeine are used as additional tools to increase energy and help control your appetite.

All aspects of the ProbioSlim supplement come together to provide the ideal digestive health and weight loss tool for anyone suffering from uncomfortable stomach problems. 

What Are the Ingredients In ProbioSlim?

ProbioSlim Review

Aiming to reduce the digestive problems that usually accompany a delicious (and totally unhealthy) meal, ProbioSlim works to reduce constipation, gas, and bloating. It does this through four main ingredients:

1. LactoSpore: a probiotic strain that makes your food go down smoothly and is made to withstand your stomach acid contents and help ease the tension in your intestines[4].

Probiotics are essential to any digestive supplement, as they work to help not only gut health but overall health in general, as this study shows[5].

2. Super EGCG Green Tea Leaf Complex: this ingredient is likely familiar to you, found naturally in green tea. They help to reduce your calorie intake and deliver you with a boost of energy that can sustain you for the day.

The ECGC green tea compound that ProbioSlim uses is especially useful in this supplement, as it is known for reducing fat content and increasing the health span of humans, as shown in this study[6].

3. Caffeine: everyone knows this energy-boosting ingredient from your favorite cup of coffee! Research on caffeine shows[7] similar results, with caffeine intake resulting in weight loss and fat oxidization.

The hope is for the combination of the supplement, the green tea, and the caffeine to all come together and help fix your gut as well as reduce your weight, all at the same time. Efficient, isn’t it? 

4. Natural Prebiotic Fruit Extracts: these fruits include kiwi, fig, and papaya. All of these will just help provide you with the digestive relief that you crave. Research even shows that the kiwi prebiotic, for example, has a great effect on modulating gut metabolism[8], and papaya extracts help in preventing many degenerative diseases[9].  

Both probiotics and prebiotics are essential in improving gut health, preventing disease, and helping to maintain long-term health in the digestive tract[10]. The use of these two ingredients along with the green tea leaf compound and caffeine aids in bringing together the ideal digestive supplement and weight loss tool.

This supplement also comprises other ingredients to create the capsules, such as gelatin, microcrystalline, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and titanium dioxide. 

How to Take ProbioSlim and Dosage

ProbioSlim Review

The good thing about ProbioSlim is that it achieves a bunch of goals, with a simple formula. Although it targets three different digestive problems, it requires just one pill to do so. 

ProbioSlim should be taken twice a day, one capsule with breakfast and one with lunch. The results will be best if taken daily and completed in a 30-day period.

ProbioSlim Side Effects

ProbioSlim Review

Too much of any good thing can become a bad thing, and the same goes for this supplement. 

As natural and healthy as the ingredients of this supplement are, some of the ProbioSlim ingredients may not sit well for everyone, due to sensitivities or allergic reactions. The primary ProbioSlim side effects can be caused due to two ingredients: LactoSpore and caffeine.

Possible side effects of LactoSpore may include bloating, flatulence, upset stomach, and heartburn.

Caffeine for one day’s dose of ProbioSlim is equal to the dose of one cup of coffee. If you take other caffeine products alongside taking the capsules every day, the following side effects may occur: restlessness, shakiness, insomnia, headaches, and dizziness.

It’s important to take the supplement as instructed, as too much of ProbioSlim won’t produce the results you’re hoping for. Too much of this product could cause an abundance of ingredients in your body, which could possibly be dangerous. 

ProbioSlim Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

ProbioSlim Review

Based on customer reviews, there seems to be a mostly positive reaction to ProbioSlim before and after results. Due to the fact that ProbioSlim is sold on a few company websites, there is a wide range of ratings, including: 

  • Force Factor: 4.1/5 stars from 514 reviews 
  • Amazon: 3.9/5 stars over 4,518 global ratings
  • iHerb: 4.5/5 stars by 69 reviewers
  • Walmart: 4/5 stars over 914 reviews
  • GNC: 4/5 stars by 390 reviewers
  • Sam’s Club: 4.1/5 stars from 522 reviews

As you know, the product’s main goal includes digestive health, with weight loss as an added feature that follows healthy digestion, and many ProbioSlim reviews on the main website confirm that information.

One positive review said: “I chose ProbioSlim to help with my digestion. I have suffered [from] digestion issues forever. ProbioSlim aided in my problem, along with a healthier diet. Surprisingly I lost weight as well.”

On Influenster, the reviews went on to confirm the same information, with one person writing: “I really like the fact I can enjoy a probiotic that also helps you stay slim and balanced very affordable and available at Walmart.”

ProbioSlim seems to help adults of all ages, as another happy customer from Amazon wrote: “I’ve suffered from bowel issues all my adult life & I’m 59. This is amazing after the 1st month of taking 1 capsule in the morning with a protein shake & 1 capsule four hours later with a meal I’m regular & no bloating.”

Despite the high levels of positive reviews and comments, there were a few people who didn’t think this supplement was for them. Some complaints included the fact that there were some side effects, including bloating and constipation. 

In addition, some users reported that they didn’t notice any significant weight loss following the use of the capsules. However, the positives outweigh the negatives in this situation. 

Is ProbioSlim Worth It?

ProbioSlim Review

When it comes to any supplement, it never hurts to try. For ProbioSlim in particular, based on thorough research, the science behind the ingredients, and the customer reviews, we think that ProbioSlim is worth trying. 

ProbioSlim helps to achieve three major goals: good gut bacteria, digestive tract health, and weight loss. ProbioSlim’s website shares all ingredients in great clarity, which is a great way to put your mind at ease as well.

ProbioSlim Promotions & Discounts 

ProbioSlim Review

There are a bunch of discounts available for ProbioSlim, as the partner companies who sell this supplement provide a price lower than others, as we included above. Some sights even offer subscription discounts. So be sure to shop around when you buy!

Where to Buy ProbioSlim

ProbioSlim Review

You can buy ProbioSlim from the following online and retail stores: Amazon, iHerb, Walmart, GNC, and Sam’s Club.


ProbioSlim Review

How many ProbioSlim should I take daily?  

ProbioSlim should be taken twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. For the best results, you should ensure to take the capsules daily for 30 days straight. 

Should I take ProbioSlim with food?  

Yes, ProbioSlim should be taken with food, ideally breakfast and lunch. 

Is ProbioSlim vegan?  

Unfortunately no, ProbioSlim is not a vegan product. It contains gelatin which is made from an animal product. 

Is ProbioSlim gluten-free? 

ProbioSlim is not a certified gluten-free product. There are ingredients that may contain gluten.

What are the supplement facts of ProbioSlim? 

Every capsule of ProbioSlim contains 541mg of their Whole Health Superblend, with 60 servings per container. It contains the following:

  • LactoSpore Bacillus Coagulans
  • Super EGCG Green Tea Extract
  • Kiwi Extract
  • Fig Extract
  • Papaya Extract
  • Chlorophyllin 
  • Sodium Magnesium Chlorophyllin

What is Force Factor’s Shipping Policy?

ProbioSlim is available at a few different retailers, linked on their website. Depending on who you order from, shipping cost and time will vary.

What is Force Factor’s Return Policy?

The return policy of ProbioSlim may vary based on the different retail locations from which it was purchased, as each company has its own set of rules about returns and refunds. However, due to the fact that ProbioSlim is a digestive supplement, only returns will be allowed if the product remains unopened.

How to Contact Force Factor

For any further questions about ProbioSlim that we didn’t get to in this review, you can reach out to Force Factor using the following contact information:

The United States & Canada

  • Phone: 1-800-429-0415
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm ET 


  • Phone: 1-800-849-073

Hours: Monday through Thursday 11:00 pm to 8:00 am, Friday 11:00 pm to 3:00 am AET

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