Dr. Ritika Nigam (B.Sc, DDS, RHN, YTT)

Ritika completed her Bachelors in Biopharmaceutical Sciences following which she pursued Dentistry at University of Toronto. After practicing for three years, Ritika gave birth to her sons who are 18 months apart. Having gone through some health issues with herself and her son, Ritika found a passion for natural nutrition which prompted her to pursue further trainings in Holistic Nutrition and Yoga. She used her knowledge and wisdom to make her family healthier and happier. Believing that every person is a lifelong student, Ritika feels that the role of a Nutrition writer will keep her zest for learning and research alive along with educating readers on several important topics on health and wellness.

Articles by Dr. Ritika Nigam (B.Sc, DDS, RHN, YTT)