Pure Formulas Review

About Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas Review

Do you wish you could get all your supplements at one store from the comfort of your home? Enter Pure Formulas, an online company that sells tons of top-quality supplements from third-party brands. 

With a large inventory of many health, beauty, and pet supplements at a reasonable price, it’s no surprise that this brand sits among the best according to TrustPilot. To top it off, it also won the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award.

Pure Formulas’ accolades, excellent customer service, and free shipping have won the hearts of many loyal customers, including their 10k Instagram followers. 

Is this company truly an online pioneer in distributing authentic supplements? This Pure Formulas review will take an in-depth look at all these aspects, the company’s background, and some of its best-sellers to give you an honest assessment of the brand.

Overview of Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas Review

Today, the stresses and demands of our daily lives make it hard to get all the nutrition we need from our diet alone. And after the onset of COVID, having new ways to help support your health has become at the top of everyone’s minds. So having a one-stop shop for good-quality supplements is more in demand than ever.

Pure Formulas is a Miami-based company founded by Jose Prendes in 2007. Before that, Prendes discovered VetAmerica.com, a provider of pet supplies. Through his commitment, dedication, and conscientiousness, he was named the CEO of the Year by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

With a mission to “help people lead a pure, happy life,” the company is committed to gaining your trust through its stellar customer service. Pure Formulas is a great store to order clean accessories with third-party tested supplements, manufactured and packaged in GMP-certified facilities

Even better for the residents living in the United States: standard shipping is free. They also provide hassle-free returns within 30 days and offer a price-match program under certain conditions. This is just one part of their impeccable customer service. 

They also offer an auto-ship program that works like a subscription where you can get 10% off specific products at a regular delivery. Their Pure Rewards Program is another way they’ll help you save money. When you sign up, you’ll earn one point for each $1 spent, saving you money at checkout. 

Before I look at some specific products, this Pure Formulas review will highlight some key features of this company. 


  • Wide range of quality supplements and organic foods for men, women, children, and pets
  • Reasonable prices
  • Price match guarantee
  • Free standard US shipping
  • Ship to some international locations
  • Won several awards 
  • Rewards Program to earn points
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Pure Formulas Review

Pure Formulas Microbiome Labs Mega Spore Biotic Review

Pure Formulas Microbiome Labs Mega Spore Biotic Review
Pure Formulas Microbiome Labs Mega Spore Biotic Review

Hippocrates said a long time ago that “all diseases begin in the gut,” and after years of clinical studies, I now know that he was on the right track.

Formulated by top-notch microbiologist Kiran Krishnan and functional medicine practitioner Dr.Tom Bayne, this acclaimed pair created their first all-spore probiotic called MegaSporeBiotic.  

Apart from not requiring refrigeration, this probiotic is highly recommended by functional doctors as it survives the harsh acids[1] in your stomach. This makes sure that the probiotics make it down to your intestine, where their action is needed. 

Improvements in gut health have many benefits for overall health, as I’ll explain in this Pure Formulas review. A bottle of 60 capsules retails for $60 on their website. Let’s take a look at the ingredients of this product and how they stand out from other probiotics on the market. 

Ingredients Label

This probiotic is made with a proprietary blend of 5 different bacillus strains of bacteria. A 2022 study[2] on chickens showed that spore-based bacillus probiotics improved their overall gut health. It also concluded that including multiple strains of bacteria has more benefits for the gut than one strain. 

The only other ingredients in this supplement are cellulose and water. 

Nutritional Value

In terms of nutritional value, each serving of 2 capsules contains 340mg of their proprietary blend. This contains a total of 4 Billion Colony Forming Units (number of bacteria) in each serving.

The number of bacteria present is not the number of active bacteria that will reach the small intestine. A lot of the bacteria cannot survive the acidic conditions of your body. These novel spore-based probiotics have an edge compared to many other traditional probiotics. 

So what exactly is a spore-based probiotic? Let’s take a look below, as this Pure Formulas review tries to give you a simple explanation without the scientific jargon. 


Listed below are some benefits of all probiotics, including spore-based probiotics. The difference is that spore-based probiotics provide a higher guarantee that they will reach down to the intestines to work their magic. 

How Does It Work

A probiotic is beneficial bacteria needed in your gut to flourish and provide you with many of the benefits mentioned above. A spore-based probiotic comes from dirt and has the unique property[9] of being wrapped in these spores, protecting them from acids, UV rays, humidity, and more.

By taking these spore-based probiotics orally, they remain dormant till they reach the large intestine, where they flourish. They produce fatty acids called short chain fatty acids[10] which are beneficial compounds for protecting the intestinal wall lining and lowering inflammation.

How to Take & Dosage 

Since this product is quite potent, start with half or even a quarter capsule with water and food. Eventually, increase to one capsule after week one and two capsules after week two. 

The recommended dose is two capsules, but you can take less if that works. 

Pure Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD Review

Pure Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD Review
Pure Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD Review

A powerful blend of a spore-based probiotic, B.subtilis, and other probiotic strains, along with prebiotics and enzymes that help fight yeast, Syntol AMD by Arthur Andrew Medical is another probiotic formula like the one mentioned above.

Founded in 2003, Arthur Andrew Medical makes several non-GMO and vegetarian-friendly supplements. This product has the added advantage of cleaning your intestinal tract by getting rid of dead cells and protein fragments. 

Each bottle of the product contains 180 capsules and is currently on sale for $74. This Pure Formulas review will give you all the deets of this product. 

Ingredients Label

This product contains a prebiotic fiber called isomalto-oligosaccharide, a soluble fiber for the good bacteria living in your gut. These friendly, neighborhood bacteria feast on this fiber and multiply. Some studies show[11] this fiber produces less gas than others. 

In addition, this supplement contains a proprietary blend of 8 different bacterial strains and types of bacteria, providing a nice variety for our gut. I already spoke enough about probiotics in the last product description. 

Lastly, this product contains a trademark Syntol Digestive Yeast Cleanse blend consisting of a potent mixture of 6 different enzymes to help with digestion. In addition, they help get rid of candida/yeast in your body, which can sometimes silently wreak havoc without us knowing. 

The other ingredient in this supplement is vitamin C. Antioxidants in vitamin C can only help us!

Nutritional Value

Each serving size of four capsules contains 600mg of prebiotic, 13.6 Billion CFUs, 1,240mg of Digestive Yeast Cleansing enzymes, and 20 mg of vitamin C.

These capsules use a unique phthalate-free Acid Armor technology to protect the enzymes from the stomach’s acidic environment. Things like heat and acid can render the enzymes inactive and useless.


You all already know the benefits of probiotics, as I discussed earlier. Although this probiotic has different strains, having a variety of probiotics helps diversify their benefits. Just like eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is more beneficial than just eating apples and spinach, having different bacteria is also essential.

In terms of prebiotics, they increase the absorption of minerals[12] like calcium and magnesium, providing us with more energy. Prebiotics also promote satiety and weight loss, according to this study[13]

When candida (a type of yeast) goes out of hand in your gut, they start producing symptoms such as low energy, brain fog, headaches, sugar cravings, etc. Candidiasis in your gut is a very controversial topic[14] in the medical industry, and not many doctors think of it as a real issue. Naturopathic doctors, however, disagree. 

Although we don’t have a lot of clinical studies to prove candida overgrowth in the gut and its associated symptoms, the enzyme blend in this product helps break the protective protein shell of candida. It helps you get rid of the remnants resulting from the breakdown. At least, this is what the manufacturer claims!

How Does It Work

Now that you know how probiotics work and exert their miraculous benefits. Let’s take a closer look at candida. We all have levels of candida (a type of fungi) in our bodies.

However, factors[15] like stress, processed diet, medications, poor hygiene, and gut bacterial imbalance can result in an overgrowth of candida and produce the symptoms we mentioned above. 

When candida grows in the gut, it can change its shape and start growing tentacle-like structures which can poke tiny holes in the intestinal wall leading to a leaky gut[16]. As a result, toxins produced by candida, along with other unwanted substances, find a way to enter the bloodstream and lead to these symptoms. 

When candida is dying, it produces several toxins, and if we don’t have a way to get rid of them, they lead to symptoms. This product helps kill candida and helps in elimination through the gut thanks to their enzyme blend. 

However, as I said before, the medical world does not take candida seriously. If you go to your naturopath or functional doctor, they may recommend a candida cleanse, and a product to support your cleanse.

How to Take & Dosage

Start with 1-2 capsules per day with water on an empty stomach and slowly increase your amount to 4 capsules per day. Take it one hour before a meal or two hours after a meal. 

Pure Formulas Nutra Biogenesis InflamaZymeReview

Pure Formulas Nutra Biogenesis InflamaZymeReview
Pure Formulas Nutra Biogenesis InflamaZymeReview

Nutra Biogenesis InflamaZyme is a combination of beneficial enzymes that help digestion and absorb nutrients to support your immune health, blood circulation, and joint health

Consisting of 13 different enzymes, this blend helps keep the inflammation in your body at bay, keeping your overall health in check. Each bottle contains 90 capsules that last for a month, costing $51. 

Want to know what enzymes are present in this concoction? Keep reading this Pure Formulas review as I dive deeper into this product.

Ingredients Label

This supplement contains enzymes like pancreatic amylase, lipase, and protease, which help break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

In addition, it also contains bromelain, papain, superoxide dismutase, cellulase, nattokinase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and serrapeptase. Let’s look at the quantities and significance of some of these ingredients.

Nutritional Value

In one serving of three capsules, there is:

  • Pancreatin: 400mg
  • Bromelain: 250mg
  • Cellulase: 100mg
  • Superoxide Dismutase: 100mg
  • Papain: 90mg
  • Trypsin: 72mg
  • Nattokinase: 50mg
  • Chymotrypsin: 3mg
  • Serrapeptase: 2mg

It is also essential to know that although this product is gluten-free, it does contain soy due to the presence of nattokinase.


The benefits of this product come from the variety of enzymes found in it. These enzymes help us break down food and digest it better. When your food digests better, your body can absorb more vitamins and minerals. 

Let’s take a look at some of the enzymes in more detail. 

  • Bromelain[17]: This enzyme comes from pineapple and has studies to show it is anti-inflammatory, able to break down clots and helps in blood thinning, immune system regulating, and benefits the circulatory system. Helping with inflammation indirectly relieves joint pain and helps with mobility.
  • Papain: From papaya, this enzyme also helps with inflammation and pain. It has also been used in sports for injuries such as muscle pain.
  • Nattokinase[18]: Comes from fermented soybeans. A study done in 2015 shows that it can break down clots and help with circulation. Studies on the health benefits of this enzyme are limited and more research is needed. 

All in all, these enzymes help your overall health by improving digestion, absorption, immune, joint and circulatory health. Who knew proteins had that much power!

How Does It Work

Enzymes are proteins that help break down food and help with digestion. With better digestion, the food is broken down properly and nutrients are better absorbed. This allows us to boost our immune response. 

As a result, the immune system and any inflammation are kept in check. The majority of the benefits come from these enzymes.

How to Take & Dosage

Take three capsules daily without food.

Who Is Pure Formulas For? 

Pure Formulas Review

These products are suitable for everyone: adults, kids, and pets. There are separate categories of products for kids and pets. The ones I covered in this review are for adults only. 

For any product I discussed here, please talk to your healthcare practitioner before you start to use it, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition such as being on blood thinners. 

Pure Formulas Side Effects

Pure Formulas Review

As you begin taking any probiotic or gut-health supplement, there can be digestive side effects such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea. They should eventually subside as your body gets used to it. 

If you are allergic to soy, then the Nutra Biogenesis InflamaZyme is not for you. If you notice any unusual symptoms, please stop the product and see your doctor right away. 

Pure Formulas Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pure Formulas Review

At this point in our Pure Formulas review, you’ve heard about many clinical studies explaining the science behind these supplements. Now, let’s turn our attention to how well they perform in the field by hearing what real customers have to say.

Here is how these products are rated:

  • Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic: 5/5 stars over 65 reviews
  • Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD: 5/5 stars after 42 reviews
  • Nutra Biogenesis InflamaZyme: 5/5 from 1 review

One loyal customer had this to say about the Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic: “I have been taking this for about two years. Start low with dosing and work your way up. I trust this company and have used several of their products.”

Looking at the Arthur Andrew Medical Syntol AMD, one satisfied buyer said: “My daughter started taking this for over 10 years because of her Crohn’s disease. Back then, most people thought we were a bit crazy, unlike today. She is in remission. All of us use this product; and love the different strains and spore based products.”

There weren’t many reviews on the Nutra Biogenesis InflamaZyme product, so we turned to Amazon, where it’s rated 4.5/5 stars from 37 global ratings. One delighted user said: 

“Three of these caps in the morning and my day goes much better. Glad to have a natural product that eases general inflammation resulting from fibromyalgia and osteo-arthritis. I definitely notice a difference.”

While there are several positive customer reviews on these products, I noticed that most negative reviews for Pure Formulas are based on their poor customer service. However, their top-quality products and comparable prices still outweigh the negatives. 

Is Pure Formulas Legit?

Pure Formulas Review

If you are still wondering if this retailer is legit, sit back and relax. My research shows that they carry several doctor-recommended brands with third-party testing to prove their safety and efficacy.

To top it off, they have several perks for their customers, including price matching, free shipping, money-back guarantees, and auto-ship subscription, to name a few. As you can see, I’m convinced that this retailer is legit.

Is Pure Formulas Worth It?

Pure Formulas Review

Their website has a multitude of well-researched supplements to choose from, with added perks as we spoke about. To top it off, it caters to a wide range of customers, including pets. I believe that this supplier can be your one-stop shop for all supplement needs.

They can be slightly expensive compared to drugstore brands, but their quality speaks through their efficacy. Their ingredients and blends are backed by research, so we stand by them and their mission.

I’m confident that their products are authentic and worth it.  

Pure Formulas Promotions & Discounts

Pure Formulas Review

On their website, they have a Deals tab called where they have several deals with Pure Formulas coupon codes listed there. I definitely think you should take advantage of them while they last.

Where to Buy Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas Review

Since they are a third-party retailer themselves, we recommend you buy all supplements from them. If you see a cheaper version of the supplement elsewhere, contact their customer support team to request a price match.


Pure Formulas Review

Is Pure Formulas vegan?  

The MegaSporeBiotic and Syntol are vegan, but there is no certification on the InflamaZyme product to be sure it is vegan.

Is Pure Formulas gluten-free? 

The MegaSporeBiotic and InflamaZyme product is gluten-free, but there is no certification for the Syntol product to be gluten-free.

What is Pure Formulas’ Shipping Policy?

There is free standard shipping for US orders that take 5-7 business days to reach their destination. If you want your supplements faster, you can choose one of these other shipping options:

  • Priority Mail (3 business days or more): $6
  • 2 Business Days: $13
  • Next Day: $26

They also ship to a lot of countries outside of the US. Depending on the country, shipping charges apply. International taxes are based on the country of shipment. 

What is Pure Formulas’ Return Policy?

They have a 30-day return policy on unopened products. Products that are opened or require refrigeration cannot be returned.

To return something, contact the Customer Happiness team to get a prepaid shipping label. You’ll want to make sure you have your original order number as well.

How to Contact Pure Formulas

If you’ve still got questions we didn’t answer in our Pure Formulas review, feel free to contact the brand in one of the following ways:

  1. Phone: 1-800-383-6008
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Live Chat: Online
  4. Mail: PureFormulas, Attn. Customer Happiness Team, 11800 NW 102nd Road, Suite #2, Medley, FL 33178

Their customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EST.

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