Onnit Total Human Review

About Onnit Total Human

Onnit Total Human Review

We all know how hard it is to choose a supplement that works best for us. To top it off, the massive influx of new pills in the market doesn’t make it easier on us.

Onnit is a natural supplement brand promising to optimize your total health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Onnit believes in the holistic well-being of each person, so it’s no surprise that this revolutionary brand has 965k Instagram followers. They have also been featured in Men’s Fitness, Atlantic, and Spirit.

But does this popular brand truly live up to its promise of improving your overall health and fitness?

Keep reading this Onnit Total Human review as I give you an unbiased, in-depth look into one of the brand’s most popular supplements.

I’ll look at its ingredients, benefits, side effects, and customer opinions. I promise that deciding whether to buy it will be easier after reading our review. Let’s start with more about the company itself.

Overview of Onnit Total Human

Onnit Total Human Review

Onnit was founded by New York Times bestselling author and podcaster Aubrey Marcus. In 2011, their first supplement, Alpha Brain, made waves. It was quickly followed by more Onnit supplements for human health.

To top it off, Joe Rogan also promotes Onnit products on his popular podcast. 

Being an athlete and believer in ancient philosophy, Marcus created this company to empower individuals to perform at their peak potential.

We all know that playing a sport involves physical and mental strength and spiritual well-being. Marcus created this line of supplements with the idea of Total Human Optimization in mind. 

Although this brand caters to the general population, their website and marketing seem more fitness-focused. They have a gym based in Texas along with several types of equipment and home routines that further solidify their focus on fitness optimization.

Apart from supplements, they offer an attractive clothing line too. 

Even though they are all about fitness and performance, their THO philosophy serves everybody. They believe that improvement in one area will improve everything else, while deficiency can prevent you from achieving your full potential. This applies not just in sports but also in your day-to-day chores and career. 

What makes this brand even more reputable is its certifications: Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. These two certifications signify their commitment to sustainable farming methods and supporting local farmers. 

These supplements are third-party tested by Informed Sport and BSCG Certified Drug-Free Program, which are gold standards for testing banned substances and dietary supplements, respectively. When I was researching this Onnit Total Human review, this solid third-party testing and certifications was music to our ears. 

Before going into the specifics of this supplement, let’s catch a glimpse into its main features:


  • All-in-one pack
  • Supports focus, energy, mood, and stress 
  • Comes in convenient Day and Night packs
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Ingredients backed by clinical evidence
  • Free shipping over $150 
  • 15% off when you subscribe to the product
  • Third-party tested

Onnit Total Human Review

Onnit Total Human Review

After reading the highlights of our Onnit Total Human review, you might wonder if this is just a multivitamin. The brand claims that this product is more than that. It’s a combination of several vitamins, minerals, and herbs that support different body systems. 

Onnit has taken its best supplements and wrapped them up in Day and Night packs. This is where Onnit’s originality lies, creating a two-part supplement

The daytime supplements address your mood, energy, focus, and cognition, while the nighttime ones are for de-stressing, relaxation, and sleep. Very fitting.

Although you can buy supplements for each purpose separately, Onnit has just made it much easier for you by placing all of them in one pack and focusing on all body systems. But what’s in each pack exactly?

The Daytime pack contains Alpha Brain, Stron BONE, Shroom Tech SPORT, and Total Human B Complex.

The Nighttime pack contains New Mood, Key Minerals, and Virutech.

In addition, these supplements are in both packs: Shroom Tech Immune, Krill Oil, and Spirulina and Chlorella

Now, if you think that is a whole lot of supplements to take, then you are not alone! The good thing is that you only have to open two packets instead of 10 bottles of supplements to take these pills. 

Remember your grandparents’ pill organizers with days of the week on them? Onnit just gave that concept a contemporary twist by packaging their pills in these Day and Night packs.

If you are wondering what it costs, this Onnit Total Human review is here to give you the low-down:

  • One-time purchase of a 30-day supply costs $138
  • If you subscribe, you can save 15% and get it at $117
  • If you buy the supplements individually, it will cost you 40% more than buying Total Human
  • The cost per day is under $5. When you buy individual supplements, the price increases to almost $8. The subscription drops the price further to under $4
  • They have a 90-day money-back guarantee where the product must be at least half-full to qualify for a refund, or you will get store credit instead

Now that this Onnit Total Human review laid a good foundation for you, I can go deeper into its ingredients, research, and benefits. 

Who Is Onnit Total Human For?

Onnit Total Human Review

Onnit Total Human supplements are for adults over 18 years old. These supplements should not be used as substitutes for a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

As always, if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or suffer from any medical condition, then please talk to your doctor before taking these supplements. 

What Are the Benefits of Onnit Total Human? 

While these supplements come in two convenient packs and cover a lot of benefits together, let’s break down these benefits by product:

  1. Alpha Brain: helps with your memory, focus, mental energy, mood, and overall brain health
  2. Shroom Tech Support: will help increase your overall energy and performance levels. Interestingly, a clinical trial in Florida showed a significant boost in performance levels after 12 weeks of supplementation 
  3. StronBONE: as the name suggests, this supplement will help you build stronger bones 
  4. Total Human B Complex: will help with overall energy and performance levels  
  5. New MOOD: puts you in a state of relaxation, helping you sleep
  6. ViruTech: will help you fight those nasty viruses better by increasing your immune defenses 
  7. Key Minerals: helps support your body’s processes and fixes mineral deficiencies that you may have 
  8. Spirulina and Chlorella: these superfoods can benefit you by providing antioxidant and energy powers and helping our immune systems work better
  9. Shroom Tech Immune: this mushroom blend helps boost your immune system,  something on the top of everyone’s minds in today’s COVID era 
  10. Krill Oil: provides the much-needed fatty acids for its anti-inflammatory powers 

As we can see, the daytime pack improves our energy, focus, and performance, while the night pack nourishes the body with minerals and immune-supporting blends. 

How Does Onnit Total Human Work?

Onnit Total Human Review

While this is no magic pill, Onnit Total Human works through its coordinated effects on the human body. This supplement pack helps to serve your daily needs better, not as a substitute for a healthy, active lifestyle and food. 

The additive effect of the Day pack will energize you so you can conquer your day and help you complete your daily tasks with ease without requiring a caffeine boost. 

The comprehensive effect of the Night pack will help you unwind from your busy day, relax, and help catch some much-needed z’s. 

While this supplement super pack has a good amount of supplements, this Onnit Total Human review would’ve liked to see a supplement for gut health such as a probiotic or a prebiotic.

Our gut and brain are connected and in fact, 70% of our immune system resides in the gut.

What Are the Ingredients In the Onnit Total Human?

This Onnit Total Human review will now focus on the ingredients of each supplement. Let’s start with the Day packs:  

Alpha Brain

This is a nootropic that helps improve brain function and performance. It consists of three proprietary blends: Onnit Flow, Focus, and Fuel Blend. It also has cat’s claw and vitamin B6.

The Onnit Flow Blend consists of amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine for focus. Also, oat straw extract helps to improve brain function and mood.

The phosphatidylserine in this blend is a fatty substance that is a part of the cell membrane of nerve cells. Research shows that PIS can slow down the deterioration of nerve cells.

The Onnit Fuel Blend consists of the amino L-leucine and pterostilbene, L-leucine is an amino acid, and pterostilbene is a derivative of resveratrol with antioxidative properties to protect brain cells.

Onnit’s Focus Blend consists of alpha GPC, bacopa extract, and huperzia serrata to help produce acetylcholine, which helps with memory and focus.

Cat’s claw is a plant extract obtained from the Amazon rainforest known for the aging brain and to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin B6 helps with energy production and neurotransmitter production like dopamine and serotonin.


This bone health supplement helps maintain bone density to prevent common bone injuries. The formula contains vitamins like E and K2, and minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, strontium, and boron.

Shroom Tech SPORT

Known to help with your performance, this blend contains two blends: an adaptogenic blend and an O2 blend. 

The adaptogenic blend consists of ashwagandha, astragalus, rhodiola, and green tea extract to deal with stress. The O2 blend consists of cordyceps extract, which helps support longevity. 

This blend also contains vitamin B12, known for energy production, since having not enough of it can lead to fatigue. Chromium helps regulate glucose levels in the body to prevent the sudden sugar crash associated with poor performance. 

Total Human B Complex

This complex of B vitamins contains B1, B2, B5, biotin, and folate to assist with energy processes in the body.

New Mood

This supplement promotes relaxation and sleep. It has a proprietary tranquility blend consisting of relaxing herbs such as valerian, chamomile, lemon balm, and jujube extract. 

There is also magnesium. Some studies show that magnesium can help with sleep and reduce our stress hormone cortisol after 20 days of use. 

In our bodies, the amino acid tryptophan, present in turkey, converts to 5-HTP followed by serotonin, our happy hormone, and melatonin, our sleep hormone. It’s important to remember this pathway to understand the role of certain ingredients in this mix. 

The addition of tryptophan and 5-HTP allows more serotonin production in the body for mood and sleep regulation

Vitamins B3, B6, and D3 are present in this nutraceutical. Studies show that a vitamin B3 deficiency can lead to insomnia and depression. Also, vitamin B6 assists in the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin. These studies also show that vitamin D levels can affect the serotonin concentrations in the brain. 

Key Minerals

We all need minerals from the food we eat and the water we drink. These minerals get into our foods and drinks from the rocks, soil, and water. However, today our Earth is not as rich in minerals as it used to be.

Onnit’s Key Mineral blend contains calcium, iodine, magnesium, molybdenum, and boron.

Calcium, as we know, is needed for bone health and muscle contraction. Magnesium is needed for hundreds of reactions in the body and is vital for our overall health.

Molybdenum increases the antioxidant capacity of your blood, and iodine is necessary for thyroid health. Amongst its many benefits, boron has anti-inflammatory benefits in improving brain function. 


This formula for immune health consists of antioxidants like vitamin C, zinc, and selenium. There is also a proprietary vitality blend consisting of L-lysine (an amino acid), quercetin, and alpha-lipoic acid. 

Some preliminary studies on rats show that quercetin and ALA have a synergistic effect on the brain to prevent cell damage by free radicals. 

Shroom Tech Immune

This medicinal mushroom blend is known to help with immunity. Their secret recipe consists of two proprietary blends, one containing mushrooms called the Myco-Immune blend consisting of mushrooms like chaga, reishi, and shiitake. 

The other blend consists of immune-supporting herbs called Nutri-Immune blend consisting of turmeric, oregano, ginger, lemon, and black pepper. 

Krill Oil

Krill oil is similar to fish oil. We get krill oil from tiny sea creatures rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA. The added benefit of krill oil is the red pigment astaxanthin, which has added anti-inflammatory properties for heart health benefits. 

Spirulina and Chlorella

Spirulina is an algae found in highly alkaline water bodies and has a very high protein content. It contains five times the protein content of meat! In addition, it has vitamin B and E, carotenoids, and several other minerals, which have all led to its hype. 

Another algae gaining popularity is chlorella, known for its protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It has the compound lutein, which is known to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts. It also has antitumor and antioxidant properties, just to name a few. 

Now that you know everything about these supplements, this Onnit Total Human review will look at the required doses and side effects of these supplements. 

How to Take Onnit Total Human and Dosage

Onnit Total Human Review

The Daytime and Nighttime packs should be taken with water and a snack or a meal to avoid digestive distress. 

As you can tell by their names, the Day Pack should be consumed in the morning or afternoon, while the Night Pack should be taken before bed. 

Onnit Total Human Side Effects

Onnit Total Human side effects are rare, but there is a possibility due to the variety of supplements in these packs. You may be getting enough nutrients from your diet that supplementing certain ones may not be required. These packs force us to pay and take all of them. 

With the vast number of ingredients in each supplement, interactions with certain medications are possible. Make sure to check with your doctor before taking them.

Digestive issues like nausea, stomach discomfort, diarrhea are possible as you take these supplements. Always remember to take it with food to minimize this side effect.

Also, since the New MOOD supplement contains vitamin B3, flushing is a possible side-effect that goes away within an hour. 

Finally, don’t consume products with mushrooms if you are allergic to them.

Onnit Total Human Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Onnit Total Human Review

Onnit Total Human has a ton of reviews from happy customers, averaging positive reviews on a couple of websites:

  • Onnit: 4.6/5 stars over 1,200 reviews
  • Amazon: 4.7/5 stars following over 2,000 global ratings

One delighted customer reported: “It is excellent all in one support for day and night! Never had a down day while on total human! Super energized and immune system all the way up.”

Another customer wrote: “Total Human is the easiest way to ensure you’re getting everything you need. I’ve found myself sleeping better, having more general focus, and overall feeling totally human. Big fan!”

Generally, Onnit Total Human seems to be somewhat of a cure-all for many folks. Another buyer reported feeling “Totally Human” taking this product. Check out ther review: 

Man these were great. If I had to pick only one product from Onnit to use for the rest of my life, I would go with the Total Human Supplement Packs. It just seemed to have everything I needed to get me through the day, and then wind me down when it was time to sleep.”

Lastly, an extremely satisfied reviewer wrote: I have taken supplements my entire life. I have never, tho, ordered from a company that put together a day/night packaging system. I have to say that I love it. My son feels a difference in his energy level if he misses his day support. I, on the other hand, can feel a BIG difference if I miss my night support.”

These reviews are testaments to Total Human‘s quality and efficacy. Plus, it makes spending the money on these supplements worthwhile when other people in the same boat find that they work wonders too. 

Is Onnit Total Human Worth It?

So, is this product worth it? You already know that I’m a fan of how it’s made of research-based ingredients that are sourced sustainably and rigorously tested.

To top it off, they are a complete care package to suit all your basic needs.

While its proprietary blends can keep us in the dark, Onnit has managed to still gain our trust through its numerous certifications, awards, and positive reviews. This Onnit Total Human review considers this brand as legit and this supplement to really be worth it. 

Onnit Total Human Promotions & Discounts

If you refer your friend, you get $20 off after their first purchase of over $35, and they get 10% off.

Also, they have a free 7-day trial where you can try some of the supplements in these packs for free, only paying for shipping. This Onnit Total Human review thinks it’s an excellent opportunity for you to try these supplements.

Where to Buy Onnit Total Human

Onnit Total Human Review

The best place to buy Onnit Total Human is their official website. You can also find it at retailers like Amazon and iHerb. However, their official website is your best bet to ensure authenticity, discounts, and subscriptions.


How many Onnit Total Human should I take daily?  

There are 7 supplements in the Day Pack and 6 in the Night Pack. Both packs should be taken once a day.

Should I take Onnit Total Human with food?

Yes. You should take it with a snack or meal to avoid digestive issues. 

Is Onnit Total Human vegan?

No, Onnit Total Human is not vegan. There is krill oil in both packs which comes from fish. Also, the inactive ingredients have gelatin in them. 

Is Onnit Total Human gluten-free? 

Yes, all products have the gluten-free label on them. 

What are the supplement facts of Onnit Total Human? 

Since there are too many supplements in this complete pack, we have linked the supplemental facts here.

What is Onnit Total Human’s Shipping Policy?

There is free shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $150, shipping within 4 business days. There is also international shipping available via FedEx, which will take 2-10 business days.

What is Onnit Total Human’s Return Policy?

There is a 90-day money back guarantee on many of Onnit’s supplements. Anything more than 90 days may qualify for a store credit. Supplements should be at least half full to qualify for a refund.

How to Contact Onnit Total Human

If you still have some questions about Onnit Total Human that we couldn’t answer here, you can contact the company using one of these ways:

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