Shavelogic Review

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About Shavelogic 

Shavelogic Review

With Shavelogic, shaving doesn’t have to be a chore. You’ll finally learn what it means to have a close, comfortable, and easy shave with these blades. 

The extra cartridges mean you’ll never waste time running to the grocery store because your current one is just giving you too much razor burn, and you’ll always be ready for that 8 AM job interview because you’ll always have a fresh set of blades.

Shavelogic has been rated one of the 7 best razor brands by UltiUber Life and featured in magazines like the Gadgeteer. It has also recently partnered with the NHL. It’s clear that this company produces innovative designs and technologies that are valued by the pros and seen as must-haves in the world of gadget lovers.

This Shavelogic review is here with an overview of the brand, in-depth product descriptions, customer ratings, and more. We’ll help you decide if this razor is worth adding to your bathroom shelf.

Overview of Shavelogic 

Shavelogic Review

Though the brand was founded in 2009 by Rob Wilson and Duwayne Miller, Shavelogic spent the past decade perfecting its craft. The duo wanted to ensure that users were getting the best possible shave without injuring themselves. Plus, it was time to say goodbye to hair removal products costing an arm and a leg. 

After launching in 2020, Shavelogic was quickly accepted by customers and even the NHL. The brand had to quickly step up its manufacturing processes to meet high demands. 

Shavelogic is based on the promise that you will have “the best shave of your life.” The American brand is run by a collection of engineers, designers, and people all working together to produce the highest quality shaving experience. 

Before this Shavelogic review gets up close and personal with the brand, let’s go over some highlights:


  • Cutting-edge innovative razors that deliver a close and easy shave
  • Backed with 150 patents and 10 years of skincare research
  • Five blade razor with magnetic cartridge 
  • Easy to clean or switch the blade
  • More eco friendly than disposable razors
  • Arrives in recyclable packaging 
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping and easy returns

Who doesn’t love a gadget with a simple, sleek design that gets the job done? You’re in luck, because Shavelogic offers all that and more. This Shavelogic review will now take a look at the brand’s best-selling razors and cartridges so you can start feeling that smooth face.

Shavelogic Review

Shavelogic keeps things simple with two products: a kit to get you started and replacement heads for the same razor your journey began with. 

These two top-selling products convey a simple message: Shaving should be simple, and one razor truly should perform without fail every time you use it. 

Shavelogic SL5 Welcome Kit Review

If you’re on the hunt for a razor that exceeds expectations, look no further. The SL5 Welcome Kit will start you off with everything you need for a successful shave: a metal handle and four razor cartridges. 

The proof is really in the razor with this kit. There are no extra fancy gadgets or products to use alongside the tool, it is simply a well-designed device that does exactly what you need it to. 

When it comes to the handle, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty (we’ll talk more about this later). Made from chromium and zinc with a sleek black coloring, the ergonomic design means it will feel comfortable in your hands. The weight ensures no tugging or pulling of skin.

If you want to get your hands on Shavelogic’s SL5 Welcome Kit, it retails for only $25.

Shavelogic SL5 Cartridges Review 

When you’ve gone through your original four blades, you’ll need to purchase more, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest in the whole SL5 Welcome Kit again! The brand offers SL5 Cartridges so you can reuse your existing handle and limit waste.

These cartridges attach to the handle magnetically, so even small problems like a razor dropped on the floor means it won’t shatter. This also means that the blade can pivot easier and glide over the contours of your face. 

What makes these cartridges special is how there are five blades incorporated into them when competing brands can only fit three in the same amount of space. Having more blades means you can get into all those hard-to-reach places like under your nose and around your mouth. 

The cartridges come in stainless steel, recyclable packaging. So not only will your face be nick free, but you won’t have to worry about digging through your drawers or travel bag because these puppies are secure. 

A replacement pack of four SL5 Cartridges retails for $18.

Who Is Shavelogic For? 

Shavelogic Review

With a bold, sculpted blade that is all about getting the best shave, Shavelogic is for those who understand the importance of personal grooming. It’s also perfect for anyone who desires an easier process. 

While the products are expensive, quality often comes at a price. This Shavelogic review believes that the brand’s target audience is aware of that fact and is willing to pay for a razor that does exactly what it says it will.

The tool is designed to be used on the delicate skin of your face, so you don’t have to worry about undesirable yet common issues such as razor burn, microcuts, or leftover stubble from a dull blade. Those gripes are a thing of the past with the close shave offered by Shavelogic.

What’s The Science Behind Shavelogic Razors? 

Shavelogic Review

Shavelogic is committed to providing a better shave than what you’re previously used to, but that wouldn’t be possible without the brand’s innovative design and commitment to craftsmanship above all else.

Shavelogic has 11 years of research and development under its belt, having remained committed to testing out the product before releasing the best design. It also received over 150 patents for all of the details that went into producing the single razor. 

Every detail, from how the blade is positioned to the shape of the handle, adds to the brand’s promise. The razor is made to tackle contours flawlessly, ensuring a super close shave on even the boldest jawline or a smooth glide over an Adam’s apple. Even the weight of the metal handle is designed to move with your hand on your skin rather than against it. 

Through rigorous testing, endless rewriting, and planning, Shavelogic has created something beautiful. The razor is simple and yet intricate, promising a better, easier, faster, smoother shave.

Comparison: Shavelogic vs. Gillette

Shavelogic Review

Razors are a necessity for anyone who wants to shave, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be considered luxury items. Shavelogic and Gillette sought to rewrite the narrative of raw skin following every session, instead coming out with tools that cared about the integrity and appearance of the face.

Gillette is a popular choice among many, but Shavelogic has quickly gained traction with a partnership that has sales soaring. It’s impressive because the brand has only spent a year on the market while Gillette has been around since 1901. 

Both brands focus on marketing to men who need a close shave and care about how they look. They mainly sell razors that are built to cut swiftly and cleanly through hair without causing users to bleed. Gillette offers a few more products, such as custom shave sets, trimmers, and accessories. 

When it comes to pricing differences between these brands, there’s no contest. The Gillette Best Bundle retails for $57 while the Shavelogic SL5 Welcome Kit is only $25. Since both options are high quality razors with 5 blades, it’s worth it to go for the inexpensive alternative.

Shavelogic offers replaceable cartridges, meaning they’re more eco-friendly since you’re not constantly needing to toss out the whole razor. Gillette offers this type of tool, but also a wide range of entirely disposable options which impact the environment. 

The two brands are similar in their shipping and return policies, with free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee, though you have 90 days with Shavelogic and only 30 days to test out a Gillette razor.

Gillette is certainly a hot brand on the market, but Shavelogic is committed to one quality razor, simplifying the product range to hone in on the design. While the former famously markets itself as “The best a man can get”, our brand is all about having the easiest shave with a razor that will last a lifetime.

Shavelogic Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Shavelogic Review

This Shavelogic review wouldn’t be complete without some customer testimonials, so we dove into some reviews from Smarter Living, The Gadgeteer, and Sharpologist, as well as some comments from the company’s website. We’ll talk more about how the razors perform and give some insight into whether or not they reach their goal.

When it comes to ratings on the website, there are plenty of customers that have nothing but good things to say. Over 700 people gave the brand an average of 4.3/5 stars. Here’s how the best-selling products are rated:

  • SL5 Welcome Kit: 4.7/5 stars out of 454 reviews
  • SL5 Cartridges: 4.9/5 stars out of 123 reviews

One 5-star review talks about all the uses of the razor and compares it to a competitor, writing, “I use this razor to shave my head and my face and it does a great job on both! Much smoother after my shave is done than what I was with my Mach 5.”

Another customer left a 5-star review on the site and shared that he’d been transitioning from an ever growing list of razors to finally find ‘the one’: “As a dedicated brush and blade man, I’ve tried an exhaustive variety of razors, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 blades, glide strips etc., etc. I took a shot with Shavelogic and the construction surprised and impressed me. The shave I am able to perform is close and comfortable.”

When it comes down to whether these razors get the job done, there is no question. The beauty is in how easy it is to use. Smarter Living rates the brand an overall 4/5 stars because the complex design made the job incredibly simple. The critic states:

“In less than 10 minutes, I had an entirely uneventful, entirely unexciting, and entirely hemoglobin-free shave: exactly how I like it. (Again, it had been a while since I’d taken a bare razor to my bare face, so I was expecting at least a droplet or two around my boney jawline by the end. But nope, I’d somehow managed a bloodless shave.)”

The Gadgeteer was impressed by all the intricacies of the razor: “The Shavelogic does have a larger pivot angle and a smaller cartridge area. At nearly 2/3s the size of the Gillette’s cartridge in height and the same in width. The Shavelogic five blades are more tightly spaced, fitting in the space of about 4 of the Gillette’s. This smaller head means that it may be more suited to you if you have issues reaching certain places.”

Similarly, the Sharpologist is impressed by how the design gets rid of any inconveniences other razors might have: “You might think the small cartridge head of the S5 would create problems with lather clogging but I have found that it doesn’t.  The lather seems to gather on each side of the cartridge head as I shave and a quick swoosh of the razor in water does an admirable job of rinsing lather off.  I’m actually rather impressed by it.”

Not only is Shavelogic backed by the NHL, it’s well loved by customers, too. Since the brand is newer, it was definitely harder to find reviews, but we expect nothing but smooth, smiling faces from here!

Is Shavelogic Worth It?

Shavelogic Review

You might still be wondering if Shavelogic is worth the buy. After considering the impressive customer reviews for its eco-friendly products, we’ve concluded that the brand is definitely one to check out. The satisfaction guarantee certainly makes things easier (more on that later)!

With this new brand, the pros only seem to rack up while the cons dwindle away. We expect that Shavelogic will only release more innovative products to achieve the flawless experience they promise. Perhaps a shaving cream is in the works. 

Shavelogic Promotions & Discounts 

Shavelogic Review

Looking for some major deals? Well, you’re in luck because this Shavelogic review found that the brand offers a $10 gift card with your purchase of the SL5 Welcome Kit. This way, you can save some cash on your next purchase of razor heads from the brand!

Where to Buy Shavelogic 

Shavelogic Review

Wondering if this brand is too good to be true? Nope, it’s as real as the hair on your chin! You can buy the Welcome Kit directly from the website at and go back for more blades when you run out.


Shavelogic Review

Who Owns Shavelogic?  

Rob Wilson founded Shavelogic because he was tired of getting nicks in his skin and wanted something better. He is also the CEO and owner of the brand today. 

Where are Shavelogic Products Made?  

This Shavelogic review found that their products are made in the US, where the brand originated. The team is big on craftsmanship, so it’s only fitting that the headquarters are only a few steps away from the manufacturing facility.

How Often Do I Have To Replace The Cartridges?  

If you shave often, you know that blades wear down fast. And there’s nothing worse (or more dangerous) than a dull blade. 

Shavelogic cartridges are different. They last for about 2 weeks before they need to be changed in order to maintain optimal performance and results. You can buy replacement blades in packs of four.

Is Shavelogic Safe To Use On My Head?   

Designed for all facial contours, Shavelogic razors are meant to avoid causing any nicks or tears in the skin. But that doesn’t limit them to the face! Since this blade is super mobile and follows your natural curves, it will easily glide along the surface of your head for a super close shave.

What’s The Best Shave Guarantee? 

Shavelogic stands behind their product, promising not only the best shave of your life, but a handle that will last you a lifetime. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase within 90 days, you can go ahead and return it. Keep reading this Shavelogic review for more info on the returns process. 

As a side note, if you’re experiencing any problems with how the handle is holding up, the brand will replace it free of charge

What is Shavelogic’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, the Shavelogic website doesn’t currently outline a clear shipping policy. The reviews do document, though, that many customers receive their orders in a timely fashion.

What is Shavelogic’s Return Policy?

Since Shavelogic is sure its design will work for everyone, it offers a 90-day return period just in case one buyer happens to be an outlier. This offer only applies to the Welcome Kit. 

This Shavelogic review is here with all the steps for a refund:

  1. Start by contacting the brand by email
  2. Pack up your razor for return
  3. Take it to your nearest mail carrier, attach the postage, and ship the package

How to Contact Shavelogic

We hope you enjoyed our Shavelogic review! If you have any further questions for the brand, please contact their customer service team through the following methods:

It’s always better to have more options. Check out our reviews for other top razor brands:





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