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Indestructible shoes review

Indestructible Shoes specializes in high tech men’s work shoes, promising safety and near invincibility in their footwear. The brand has been featured in Futurism and recommended by Military Times. Our Indestructible shoes review tells you everything there is to know⁠—if these shoes really are invincible, top sellers, customer ratings, promotions, and more.

Overview of Indestructible

Indestructible Shoes was founded by Eric Nyugen, and other guys who had been working on their feet for years. They were determined to create an all-in-one work shoe, where the typical sneakers, work boots, and slip-resistant shoes just didn’t cut it. This all-in-one shoe would be built to function in different environments and protect the feet against workplace hazards. Intensely durable, lightweight, and comfortable all at once.

Raise your hand if you’re only used to finding clunky, old-timey decidedly unattractive work shoes. Indestructible vows to design work shoes that actually look good. Stylish and safe don’t have to be mutually exclusive. When you browse the Indestructible Shoes site, every pair looks like trendy and casual footwear you’d find at Nike. Except your Air Jordans can’t walk across a bed of nails or be set on fire. 

Unbreakable Shoes

Indestructible shoes review

Indestructible Shoes recommends its shoes for construction and labour jobs, hiking and the outdoors, military and security personnel, and the restaurant environment. That’s a pretty wide reach. How can we be sure that these shoes will survive all that foot abuse? This Indestructible shoes review took me to their website, where you can watch a video all about their safety testing.

The camera rolls and it appears that members of the Indestructible Shoes team are in a lumber yard, for some reason. While a hammer is dropped on one of the shoes, we hear, built with military-grade kevlar, Indestructible work shoes are incredibly tough. Damn, ok. Kevlar. 

Then we are introduced to a guy named Steve, who apparently works on a construction site. Steve is safe at his work station surrounded by dangerous tools, because of the steel toes in his shoes, which are made of fire-proof material. Steve and the narrator give each other a thumbs up. It’s all very chill.

Some other stuff happens, the narrator tells us to pick up some Indestructibles, and then he drops a brick on his shoes. In slow motion. The video ends as we hear make-believe sounds of the construction site. I was both impressed by the shoes, while also entertained by how cheesy the video is.

You can find other safety testing evidence on the site, like someone walking on nails and the shoes being run over by a car tire (while being worn). I’ve only mentioned comfortability in passing, which we’ll get into for each bestselling pair in this Indestructible shoes review.

Indestructible shoes review


  • Stylish, comfortable, and durable work shoes
  • Extensive safety features like kevlar, fire resistance, and electric shock protection
  • Versatile footwear that can be worn in different environments
  • Reasonably priced work shoes
  • Free worldwide shipping


Ryder Indestructible Shoe Review

The Ryder Green was showcased by Military Times, with variations in black, grey, and pink. Something to know about kevlar: it’s seriously tough, yet also incredibly lightweight (the shoe weighs less than 1 lb). The Ryder shoe contains a breathable kevlar flymesh, providing tons of airflow to prevent stinky and sweaty feet on the job. European heavy-duty steel protects your toes from crushing and falling objects. 

The Ryder soles are puncture resistant, with a padded midsole for extra cushioning. They feature no tie laces, where you just pull to customize the fit. Ryders are built to be springy and flexible, which helps distribute body weight evenly. They’re so flexible, that they’re twistable (photo evidence on the site). These lightweight work shoes are on sale for $79, originally $160.

Indestructible Shoes Waterproof CamoX Review

The CamoX is Indestructible’s first waterproof work shoe. It’s made of the classic military grade kevlar, weighing less than 1 lb, with steel toes and puncture resistance. The CamoX features a shock resistant sole that can keep up with strenuous activity. Working with that shock resistance is an upgraded insole: extra-padded heel cup, 3D arch support, and breathable mesh. 

These red and black work sneakers have an easy slip on/off design to save time. The CamoX is springy and flexible for even weight distribution. The red camo details, red numerals, and white line texture on the outsole definitely puts them a level up in work shoe aesthetics. These Indestructibles also come in black/white, discounted to $79 from $160.

Indestructible Military Battlefield Shoes Review

This military-inspired Camouflage Green shoe is hardcore, as far as civilian footwear goes. Built with Indestructible’s go-to kevlar, these sneakers have a separate shock absorption layer and wear-resistant tech. An anti-puncture steel midsole plus insulation from electric shock keeps you protected from numerous workplace hazards. Plus, an anti-slip rubber sole makes this Indestructible shoe skid proof. 

The Battlefield Series is also available in blue and grey, discounted for $79 (originally $160).

Airwalk Indestructible Shoes Review

These Airwalk Grey sneakers share a lot of the same features as the Battlefield Series, with a more modern look. Kevlar, protective steel toe cap, anti-slip rubber sole. An extra shockproof layer, anti-puncture steel midsole, wear-resistant tech and protection from electric shocks. 

These are basically the Camouflages, minus the military theme. Indestructible Airwalk shoes also come in blue, black, red, and pink for $89 (discounted from $160).

Indestructible Hummer Shoes Review

The Hummer Red is another fan favorite and Indestructible’s most futuristic design. They look cool, and the airflow from kevlar fly mesh actually makes them cool. No sweaty and odorous feet on the job (at least, that reek won’t be coming from you). European steel toes, a shock-resistant sole, and puncture resistance are Indestructible’s MO. 

The Hummer sneaks have an upgraded insole like the CamoX, providing extra-padding in the heel cup, 3D arch support, and breathable mesh. They’re flexible, completely twistable, and weigh less than 1 lb like the Ryder. I like the sweet texturizing on the outsoles, which stand out like the ones on CamoX. These Indestructible shoes also come in grey, all black, and black with a neon yellow stripe for $79 (originally $160).

J3 Indestructible Shoes Review

There’s no point trying to decide whether the J3 Black is a sneaker or a work boot—it’s a bit of both. Even though it gives you extra coverage around the ankle, you won’t be sweating it out in the J3. It’s got moisture-wicking kevlar flymesh to keep things nice and airy. European steel toes, puncture resistance, you know the drill. 

What sets these apart from other Indestructibles is their fire resistance. Please do not tempt fate and set them on fire. They have the extra-padded insole of the Hummer and CamoX, plus the flexibility and super light traits of the Ryder, weighing less than 1 lb. The J3 also comes in green, grey, red, and black for $79, originally $160.

Indestructible Accessories

Indestructible Shoes also sells shoe insoles, compression socks, knee support pads, and no-tie shoelaces. We won’t be discussing them in this Indestructible shoes review, but you can get a sense of their pricing:

  • Indestructible Insoles: $18.65, originally $24.40
  • Indestructible Compression Crew Socks (2 pairs): $17.20, originally $24.40
  • KneeTec Support Pads: $58.80, originally $99
  • Indestructible No-Tie Laces: $8.60, originally $14.35

Indestructible Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Indestructible Shoes Review

Indestructible Shoes have near perfect 4.5/5 star ratings on the website. Like this Ryder shoe review: “Wow. It’s much lighter than my boat shoes. I work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and so far it feels great to be on my feet.” The reviews are positively glowing.

Our Indestructible shoes review ventures deeper, since you can’t judge a book by its cover (or a shoe by its website). The Indestructible shoes review Reddit scene is decidedly less favorable. A plumber called the video advertising the shoes as impenetrable to nails “a flat out lie,” since nails did go through the soles of his. Another user said that the Indestructible shoes he purchased for his grandson only lasted a month. In a separate Reddit thread, a reviewer claimed that the outsole completely detached within a month.

Indestructible Shoes also do not fare well on Trustpilot, with 1.5/5 stars and 92% bad reviews. The amount of times I read “scam” started to make my head spin. Customers complained of having to wait months for delivery, shoes arriving fallen apart or falling apart shortly after, and the near impossibility of receiving a refund. 

There was a lot of discussion about drop shipping scams and customers buying the shoes from unverified sources. It may be that these Reddit users thought they were purchasing from Indestructible, but only received knock-offs. The Indestructible Shoes page on Facebook has a lot of positive reviews. rated Indestructible shoes favorably, and the brand wouldn’t have been featured in Military Times if they were poor quality, right? Hmmmm.

Our Verdict on Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible Shoes Review

We absorbed some conflicting feedback in this Indestructible Shoes review. Close to perfect reviews on the website and endorsement from big media sources, all amounting to a scam? I searched on Amazon and AliExpress, and it turns out that there are shoes being advertised with the exact product names as Indestructible shoes.

There’s no way to tell whether the reviewers purchased real Indestructible shoes, or fake ones. Or if it really is just some big scam. My shady senses are tingling. Based on everything I’ve read, it seems like it’s a risk to buy Indestructible shoes. If you want to take the risk, make sure you purchase directly from their website.

Indestructible Shoes Promotions & Discounts

We hunted for deals while researching this Indestructible shoes review. You’re offered a unique Indestructible shoes promo code at checkout, plus a lot of the shoes are already discounted.

Indestructible Shoes Clearance

Indestructible Shoes Review

Currently in the Indestructibles Clearance section, you can find discounts on the Airwalk, Camouflage, Jailbreak, and Zero models. 

Where to Buy Indestructible Shoes

Indestructible shoes can be purchased through their website, Indestructible shoes Amazon offers are FAKE.


Indestructible Shipping Policy

Shipping with Indestructible is free worldwide. The company has fulfillment centers in the United States, Canada, and China. After submitting an order, it takes 1-2 business days to process. If there is a lack of inventory in Canada or the US, the order is shipped from the main fulfillment center in China. 

Indestructible uses SFexpress, China Post, USPS, UPS, or FedEx based on location. Delivery generally takes 5-15 days, however, due to COVID-19, expect 6-9 weeks for delivery. Indestructible provides a tracking number within 24-48 hours of ordering, and orders can be tracked on their website.

Indestructible is not responsible for any incorrect shipping addresses, lost, or stolen items. In the case of lost or stolen items, contact your shipping carrier.

Indestructible Return Policy

Customers can return unworn shoes within 30 days of purchase. Shoes must be in the same condition as they were received in with their original packaging. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Contact [email protected] with proof of purchase to process a return.

Once your returned item is inspected, you will receive an email notification. If you are approved for a refund, a credit will be applied to your credit card or original method of payment less than 15% of the original payment, within 2-3 business days.

Note that items will only be replaced if they are defective or damaged. Socks and insoles cannot be returned due to health reasons.

Contact Indestructible Shoes

If you have questions that haven’t been answered in this Indestructible shoes review, you can contact their team via: 

Head Office: 

Indestructible Shoes LLC

5803 Patton Blvd NE, Unit C

Moses Lake, WA 98837

United States

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Asked by Joe C` (2 years ago) Reply

Thank you for your review. Perfect!! Unbiased and truthful. Hard to find nowadays with news like the Corrupt News Network. I have been wanting to buy these shoes only to wonder if they were the real deal and yes I looked on Amazon and thought the other were the same. Must be careful on Amazon.

Asked by Dennis R Lockett (2 years ago) Reply


Answered by Mike (2 years ago) Reply

It’s a scam company in China do not buy them. Same boilerplate coment from their customer service as the other reviewers say.

Answered by Shawn L (2 years ago) Reply

Received mine within a month so I don’t know what your issues were. They feel great and now can’t wait to go to work in them. By the way it did note due to covid prior to ordering that 6-8 weeks on delivery.

Answered by Carlos Galan (12 months ago) Reply

This shoes are made in China and they don’t know what customer service is. They also use false advertisement. There waterproof shoes are NOT waterproof. Very cheap shoes. You get what you paid for.

Asked by Frank E Feather (2 years ago) Reply

Company is a total Mess. Also ordered them Beginning of March. Just got them End of June. From China. Shoes are very heavy, sole is like a Surf board, Insole is like paper. No way in hell i will wear them… I am a contractor and boots cost me $180 and up. Thank god they are cheap but they Def. Got me. will be reporting them to BBB.

Answered by Shaun Chapman (10 months ago) Reply

Absolutely worst $70 I’ve ever spent on footwear. Shoes did not stop a nail, in any way, 3 months into deconstruction work. They have fallen apart. The steel toe flew out of the giant hole that developed rather quickly in my left shoe,, when I was digging under a house. The soles are slippery on nearly every surface…finished floors, grass, concrete, 3 tab roofing…Absolutely trash, not worth $10 as they started falling apart within 2 weeks. I’m only still wearing them 6 months later, barely…because I’m attempting to get my money’s worth. Wish I could share pictures of what they look like…Ryder Green.

Asked by Brandon (2 years ago) Reply

i bought the j3 model shoe from there website. took 10 weeks which isnt a big deal at the moment. they are lightweight and comfortable. shoe laces suck, to lace them up loose the laces arent long enough, to tie them tight you have to pull on every lace individualy, same process for getting them off. the bottom of the shoe (tread) is made of a soft foam, which is why they are comfy but after only wearing them for 2 weeks the tread has major wear and tearing in spots. wont buy again. ive searched there site so i can add a review….i see no way to add a review on there website.

Asked by Gregg (2 years ago) Reply

These hoes are very narrow.

Returning them is a nightmare. Shipping is on you and there is a 15% restocking fee.

Avoid this cheap Chinese product.

Answered by Fisher (2 years ago) Reply

I need to return the 3 that I bought. I ordered 10.5 US Size but got 37. How did you get them to refund your money?

Asked by LM (2 years ago) Reply

Have worn them for many occasions. Worst would be hiking. Amazingly sturdy sole and steel toe but absolutely no support for the rest of the foot. Going downhill, I practically broke my ankle from feet sliding off the sole. Not to mention it took over 5 months and extensive money to receive, return for wrong size and receive new shoes. Covid may have impacted, but not that much. Not worth the price and policies for these shoes.

Answered by Kevin Walton (9 months ago) Reply

Worst thing I’ve ever spent money on. Absolute garbage. Didn’t make it 3 months. Even the cheapest boots last me 6 months at work. Twice the price, half the worth. Run away from indestructible boots.

Asked by David Hough (2 years ago) Reply

Paid and it took two months for them to arrive. Fell apart in less than two months ……. not so indestructible! Nothing but Chinese junk! DO NOT BUY! Not worth one star rating!

Asked by Ricardo Silva (2 years ago) Reply

Bought the CamoX and ripped them in less then a day’s use.
No kevlar (military or other). These shoes are made of neoprene and have a steel toe.

Total fraud.

Worst of all, no refund possible. Only offered me 40% discount on a new purchase.

Asked by Bret Fresh (2 years ago) Reply

My husband recently purchased a pair of your shoes. They are far too narrow to be worn comfortably. There is no size on the shoes. How can we exchange them for a different size?

Asked by Sally McPhillips (2 years ago) Reply

I purchased these shoes for my son. DO NOT BUY!!! For one, I was told that they would arrive 12-21 days. The day after I ordered I received an email saying they had been shipped! 4 weeks later the tracking info said they were still sitting in Shanghai. Customer service via email is scripted saying the shoes will arrive soon and they will be worth the wait. The shoes finally arrived over 8 weeks later and they were awful. Terrible fit and the soles peeled away from the shoe within 2 weeks. I definitely purchased the shoes from the Save yourself some aggravation and money….. do not buy these shoes!

Asked by Brad (2 years ago) Reply

Really bad shoes… Took nearly two months to arrive, and when they did, I wore them for two weeks until a giant chunk fell out of the sole. I wish I could attach a photo, but these are not good quality. I strongly suggest you don’t buy from indestructible.

Asked by Shari (2 years ago) Reply

Horrible shoes, I could have got better ones at my local Gander outdoor store. You and stupid Paypal messed me up with this took forever to get delivered piece of crap shoes, but it’ll never happen again. You claim these shoes are anti slip and is not true at all, we walked over wet ceramic tiles and stained wet concrete floors and is like if you’re on roller skates. Again, these fricking shoes are a piece of crap.

Asked by Eve (2 years ago) Reply

I bought these for my son who is a landscaper and within 3 months, both laces broke and the sole is coming out. Absolute gabage!

Answered by Helen (1 year ago) Reply

Nothing from the Shoe company. I am really mad the internet lets these
People operATE! Thieves!

Answered by Scott (1 year ago) Reply

They fit narrow, cheap materials, Chinese, first pair shot after two months. Don’t buy them.

Asked by Greg Sember (2 years ago) Reply

Military grade kevlar but my lace pulled through the eyelet. So I contact them and I get this bs.
Hello Gregory,

Thank you for contacting us. Based on the nature of the product, the warranty is not applicable once the product has been used. We do accept return and exchange within 30 days, however; the product has to be in the original condition.

It is an exceptional case and I’ve talked to my boss, we agreed to give you an extra 40% off if you order new shoes. It has never happened here in the past but we’d like to make this offer for you.

Please let me know if it works for you. Thank you,

Best regards,

Van Arcenas
How do you know if they are with a crap unless you wear them and once you wear them it voids any warranty

Asked by norman gluck (1 year ago) Reply

I bought indestructible shoes STAR boots just barely a month ago and the boots are unfortunately starting to fall apart at the seams at the inner instep of the right boot and the outer instep of the left foot. (Photos attached)

Response I got:

“Thank you for sending the photos. Based on the nature of the product, the warranty is not applicable once the product has been used. We do accept return and exchange within 30 days, however; the product has to be in the original condition.

It is an exceptional case and I’ve talked to my boss, we agreed to give you an extra 40% off if you order new shoes. It has never happened here in the past but we’d like to make this offer for you.”

Next reply:

“I’m really sorry to hear about what happens to the shoes.

We stand by the quality of our products but the longevity of the shoes depends on how it’s being used and the environment it’s in. We have no control over how customers use the shoes after but we’ve had customers who have had their shoes for years and still in great condition.

What I can offer in this case is a discount to purchase a new pair of shoes. If you’d like to accept the 40% discount code exclusive for you to get another pair of shoes from us, please let us know.”

Best Regards,


Final response:

“We thank you for the time telling us this. We really tried to appeal for a refund to no avail.

Please know that we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services. Your feedback is highly appreciated and I assure you that this will be forwarded to our management team for future references.”

Asked by Andre (1 year ago) Reply

These are cheaply made shoes. I saw add on a social media site and was hook line and sinker. Don’t buy these shoes. No foot support in shoes. When you can bend them in a ball you know they cheap shoes. Wore them for 2 days and feet couldn’t take them any longer. Doesn’t give size number on shoe. People need to wake up and stop buying this cheap crap china makes.

Asked by Craig (1 year ago) Reply

This is a total SCAM. First, they represent themselves as a U.S.-based company – they aren’t. Depending on what page or ad you view, they represent themselves as being located in Washington state and in Delaware, they are not in either. They are actually headquartered and based in China. All of the product is shipped from China (they will tell you it is just shipping from their warehouse). This in and of itself is not that big of a deal, but check your credit card statement and some may find a Foreign Transaction Fee associated with the purchase because the bank the transaction goes through is also in China. Their bank is based in China. If they were U.S.-based as they claim, why would they perform all of their banking transaction in China? There is NOTHING U.S. about this product except maybe the actors in the ad.

I ordered a pair of shoes on December 4, they traveled around China for a week before arriving at JFK on December 11, as of December 23, they are still somewhere at JFK. The response I received from Indestructible was, “I suggest you reach out to your local post to ask how to retrieve the package. If the package is not claimed and they will return it back to us, we will process a refund as soon as our warehouse receives the package.” Like it’s my job to manage their shipping issues.

I plan on filing a complaint with PayPal, if they receive enough negative complaints PayPal will drop them or charge them higher fees. There is no reason it should take more than 2 weeks for something to arrive from China. But that assumes you don’t mind being duped by some Chinese con-artist that fraudulently represent themselves as being U.S.-based.

I suggest people start writing letters to Google, Facebook, and all of the other social media sites where Indestructible is advertising and let them know they are helping to perpetrate a fraud and SCAM and put pressure on them to drop the advertising here in the U.S.

Asked by Phil (1 year ago) Reply

Bought one pair of boots which I like, got asked for a review of both pairs which I have paid for but still have of received one, and have heard nothing from the company after emailing them asking where the second pair was hm???
If I ever get the other pair (for my step son) I may order more EXCEPT, but they are made in China so I will find a competitor made in NA or at least a nom-communist, non- socialist country

Asked by oddhominid (1 year ago) Reply

I received a pair of the J3’s as a gift. They feel comfortable and light on my feet. Time will tell as I use them whether or not I will regret them, do stay tuned.

Asked by Erinn (1 year ago) Reply

Terrible. Shoes were delivered 11/19/2020 And the photos attached are from 12/21/2020. The shoes did not last a month in the body shop. They are literally falling apart. Save your money. The company is not willing to refund, exchange, compensate, etc. But they were so kind to inform me they’ve “shipped hundreds with no complaints”. That may be true, but it certainly doesn’t put the customer first or do anything to make my experience better. My husband has never gone through a pair of work boots or shoes in less than a month, and he’s been in the industry for 15+ years. The shoes are marketed right in the description for “manual labor”, but they couldn’t withstand a month under regular working conditions inside a collision center. Never again. Photos available!

slow reponse form Info @ indestructable
Asked by Wayne Hill (1 year ago) Reply

I have sent several queries to the email address, I have a small sizing problem. I am very surprised i have not received and answer after several emails by me. I s it possible the company is all ‘sell’ and no ‘service’?

Terrible quality, no warranty
Asked by Ben (1 year ago) Reply

I purchased these shoes 3 months ago and the stitching is coming out. They have 0 warranty and will not assist. Their statement is,
“Though our label is “Indestructible”, the longevity of the shoes depends on how the customers are using it. It also depends on the work environment. We have no control over how customers use the shoes after purchase. So we are not held liable for any damage that may be caused from usage.”
I wore these around the house and barely even went outside (I work from home). This is not representative of a company that believes in their product.

Asked by Denis Paul (1 year ago) Reply

The INDESTRUCTIBLE SHOES company is Chinese and they claim to have offices and warehouses in Canada and the USA, but in order to do an exchange, they require that I return the shoes to China; which will obviously cost even more more than the shoes themselves. Furthermore, their very BAD Customer Service persists through many many emails with big lies and lame excuses for not giving me their address in Canada or the USA to return my shoes to complete my exchange. They are Chinese people from China who have absolutely no ethics or respect for the Customer and only want your money. My Advice to you all good people, BUY AMERICAN and BUY CANADIAN, you will get good products and good service. So, skip this one and avoid INDESTRUCTIBLE SHOES at all cost!

Industructable shoes are the worst
Asked by Cara Alden (1 year ago) Reply

I bought these peices of crap and they sent the wrong size then made me $20 to return them. Sent the same size. Only wore them like 2 months and here’s what the whole damn some came off!!! Indestructible, my ass…what a rip off!!!

Answered by Cara Alden (1 year ago) Reply

I meant, the whole sole came off!!!

Asked by Laurie (1 year ago) Reply

I ordered (and paid for) a size 7.5 and a size 8.5 in US and they sent me 10’s. It’s 10 pounds of HEAVY junk.
They sent the wrong shoes then want me to pay for a return receipt fee AND a restocking fee.
Their offer was to give me a 20% back refund of the $115.00 I spent if I didn’t want to return them.
OR they keep 20% anyway to get them back to resell.
This is a scam and people need to know this about their policies and procedure.

true shoe review
Asked by steven p (1 year ago) Reply

i have been working over 20 years wearing steel toe, composite boots / shoes . these are the worst i have ever purchased. they are NOT slip resistant like they say . they are made in china not usa like stated. the shipping took over 3 weeks. i wanted to return them and the policy is so crazy it makes you not want to return them . they try to offer you partial refund to make you keep the shoe. you also have to pay the shipping charges back to them yourself. they are alot heavier then they make it seem. the toe cap is very narrow unlike most other shoe/boots having a wider cap . the insole is not comffy , this is why they sell/offer insoles to add to them which your charged if you purchase them . my feet at the end of the day were so beat up it wasnt funny. they are not true to size , i purchased a size bigger mind you and they were still snug. just a big waste of time and your money. if you read this and move onto a better named brand shoe then im happy to help . if not you will learn in the end, why they say , you get what you pay for . i will go back to my normal goto shoe/boot name brand and not look back , change sometimes is not a good thing .

Indestructible ???? NOT
Asked by CG (1 year ago) Reply

Yes took over a month to receive. Order up a full size. And only after 4months of everyday use. The soles are good. But the seams are blowing out and the leather I think isn’t leather. Flaking.

No one can tell me where they are
Asked by Korey C Pepper (1 year ago) Reply

It’s been 6-7 weeks they made it to customs in Chicago, delivered to a Fed ex facility over 2 weeks back. no update, no tracking number. I called fedex they can’t verify it showed. Indestructible says in one email it’s the same (impossible) and then tell me I can’t track it because it’s not the same. They are crooks, and incompetent at shipping. I’ll never get them most likely. Avoid at all cost

J3 black
Asked by Brian Kakuk (1 year ago) Reply

Dont fit.cant return because I wore thrm.its a work boot and I tried to break them in.i bought 2 pair.1 pair fits the other the right shoe dont.the sold me lemons! now trying to return is exhausting.dont buy scam if not right.

Asked by Doug Ummel (1 year ago) Reply

Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. #indestructibles shoes. Seen these ads? Advertise shoes that can step on nails, get run over by a tire, take a sledge hammering. My son wore them for 2 weeks in a tire shop. Kicked some tires. No nails, no sledge hammer action, didn’t even have to get run over. I emailed the company. NO WARRANTY of any kind. They don’t even pretend to have customer service. Offered me 40 % off if we buy a new pair 😵 #indestructibles #notsomuch

Rip off
Asked by Edward Camp (1 year ago) Reply

Ordered j3 shoes and it took 3-5 weeks for delivery(no issue). When they arrived they were too small and did not fit and were the wrong color. I had to return them at my cost and pay a restocking fee of 15 %. So my 85 dollar work book just cost me north of 100 bucks. They told me I should have ordered a larger size. I told them they should have stated that in the ordering instructions. I have wore the same size for over 30 years without a issue.

Working man
Asked by Dave (1 year ago) Reply

I bought the black/white camo version because they were supposed to be water proof. Well, they weren’t water proof. My feet got wet just walking the the damp grass in the morning. Also the sole wore off in less than 6 months.
Customer service said too bad. I must have worked too hard.

Honest Review
Asked by Phil (1 year ago) Reply

Second pair purchased because I thought I did something to ruined the first pair. Wore the second pair for two months and noticed the fabric body tearing at the sole (again). The material also tears at the top of the steal toe, guessing because it can’t move much so just wears out.
The shoe is comfortable and haven’t had a nail go thru the sole (I work in the remodel industry). Customer service is terrible!!! They don’t care if there’s a problem with the shoe, they just want you to buy another pair and say they’ll give you 40% off. Will never buy again!!!

Shoes Not Worth a Penny
Asked by Cliff (1 year ago) Reply

Shoe eyelets tore after 3 days and they will not do a thing about it.

Indestructable shoes, poor company
Asked by Thomas (11 months ago) Reply

To Eric Nyugen the owner. you are a bad person ripping people off in a classic over promise then under deliver marketing style. When I bought my shoes you hounded me during the purchase and after the purchase to purchase your special insoles to go with them as everyone who liked the shoes did that.
What a ripoff, those insoles are meant to be part of the shoe when made…. NOT as separate part… BUT you have stolen from customers by removing the factory insole and making people pay you separately for something that should be part of the shoe already AND IT IS IF YOU BUY ANYONE ELSES PRODUCT… ALWAYS.
Eric you are a bad person. Without the insole in the shoe they are extremely uncomfortable like hard cement, and the inside wears out very quickly, it should have come with the shoe and your shoes were no cheaper than other better shoes without the insole.
No wonder you sent me daily emails to try and get me to buy the special insoles….bullshit, it’s just a scam! Bad company with bad practices!

Recognized as A Scam by PayPal
Asked by Darren Stevens (11 months ago) Reply

DO NOT BUY! The shoes look great but when you get them they reek–for days–of chemicals and solvents–and still do 2 weeks after receipt. The morons who created the sizing information on their web site conflated too much international sizing information resulting in the wrong sizes for US buyers. When challenged about all this with a PayPal attempt at resolution, the company lied about their responses and then offered a 50% discount for product that doesn’t fit, OR, face a 15% restocking fee plus shipping back to a Sacramento, CA address. PayPal issued a full refund, citing, “this company is known to be fraudulent.” Great. They know the web site to be a serious risk yet they still allow charges to go through.

Bogus shoe
Asked by Roland (11 months ago) Reply

I ordred a pair of j3 and a 15/16 staple whent right through the sole wish I could get my money back …what a waste😤😤😤😤😤

Save you money!! Do not buy these shoes!!
Asked by Rob (10 months ago) Reply

Bought these shoes for my son! He hardly wore them and a part of the hardened piece over the toe bent down so they are not comfortable to wear. Also, the sole punctured. All they will offer me is 40% off the next pair! Why would I buy more when these shoes are failing so soon!

These shoes are great!!!
Asked by Steve Haynes (9 months ago) Reply

I have bought 4 pairs of these shoes starting with the original blue camouflage ones. Now I stick with the high tops. I got everyone at my job buying these. I walk on nails and have had the forklift ride over them with no problem. They last about two years with good care. The back of the shoe will wear down if you slide your foot in them instead of taking the time to place your foot inside. The cloth material will separate from the sole depending on your level of wear and tear. The only problem I have is they don’t come in a wide width.

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