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Pique Tea Review

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Pique Tea Review

Pique tea is highly recommended by doctors: the tea supports radiant health by supporting gut health, fasting, and calmness. The tea is extracted via the “freshest and rarest” plants through Cold Brew Crystallization. This process preserves active compounds at their highest potential. The main selling points of Pique tea are its high-quality ingredients, specifically herbs from family-run farms. Pique tea undergoes triple toxin screening for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold as well.

World-renowned physicians, Mark Hyman (New York Times Bestselling Author) and Jason Fung (World expert in Intermittent Fasting) comment on the excellence of the tea, its purity, simplicity, and health benefits. Their endorsement was enough to pique our interest in investigating further. This Pique tea review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Pique Tea 

Pique Tea Review

Pique was founded in 2014 by Simon Cheng and the fast-growing company is headquartered in San Francisco. The teas are produced on farms around the world. For instance, the black tea is from Uva, Sri Lanka and the matcha is from Kagoshima, Japan. 

Pique prides itself on efficacy, purity and accessibility. Behind these claims are strong science-based practices, including Cold Brew Crystallization, triple screening for toxins, and the simple fact that the teas involve no prep and have high absorbability and bioavailability. 

If you would rather catch the highlights of this Pique tea review, here’s our sum up:


  • Many delicious Pique tea flavours
  • Endorsed by doctors
  • Highly evolved methods of extraction to produce Pique tea crystals
  • Pique tea assists in gut health, immunity, energy, calmness and sleep
  • Pique tea weight loss products available
  • Powerfully positive Pique tea reviews


  • Though the brand is high quality, it is pricey, especially for specialized products such as the matcha
  • When you subscribe you can only cancel after the second delivery

Pique tea offers products for immunity, fasting, calmness, and other health objectives. They also provide a Build Your Own Bundle Feature to further customize your tea intake.

Pique Tea Bestsellers

We’ll get into Pique’s most popular products. Let’s spill the tea.

Jasmine Green Tea 

The Jasmine Green Tea has many benefits including increasing satiety, immune support and calmness. Reviewed as the tea that you “just cannot stop drinking,” the superior Japanese green tea is infused five times with fresh Jasmine petals. The tea will give you calm focused energy while supporting your gut health with polyphenols. The tea is free of preservatives, sugar, and artificial sweeteners and it is triple toxin screened

More than any other tea, green teas are filled with concentrated probiotic catechins. How does this translate to your tummy? The probiotics encourage the good bacteria in your microbiome which means you’re more likely to be regular, have restorative sleep, and divine skin! The l-theanine in the tea induces calm, and the caffeine in green tea gives you a jitter-free energy boost. The Jasmine Green Tea also has a delightful floral flavour. 

You can purchase the Jasmine Green Tea for $11.99, and the single carton includes 14 packets. Other options include 6, 9 and 12 cartons. 

Earl Grey Black Tea 

We looked into the Earl Grey Black Tea in our Pique tea review, since this is such a popular type in general. Earl Grey Black Tea will give you a steady surge of energy at the start of the day when you need to rev the engine. The citrus bergamot is very invigorating. You can purchase 1 carton which includes 14 packets for $11.99. One customer said, “this is by far my favourite Earl Grey tea.” 

Theaflavins (not Teaflavins) support digestion and gut health, while the caffeine and l-theanine give you calm energy. Black tea gives you the lift in energy you need to give your best effort to the day without inducing a case of the shakes. You’ll find you start the day with a focused mind due to the l-theanine and the aromatic flavour will have you hooked. 

Sun Goddess Matcha

Points to this awesome name. Customers say that the Sun Goddess Matcha is the best matcha they’ve tasted. Go on, treat yourself! The tea features multi-action on your health by increasing satiety, giving immune support, and inducing feelings of calm. You can drink the tea in the morning or in the afternoon. One of the key benefits of the tea is that it is shaded 35% longer for higher l-theanine content and umami flavour. 

The Sun Goddess Matcha tea is made in collaboration with Mr. Mori who is one of under 15 10th degree teamsters worldwide. The tea will give you a state of mindfulness; it brings you to that heavenly state we all yearn for: relaxed, yet alert. The matcha will give you endurance and alignment. 

This tea is from Kagoshima, the furthest point in Japan. Kagoshima is home to Japan’s first national park and is a haven secluded from pollution and radiation. I could go for some Kagoshima right about now. One carton of 14 packets costs $58.00. For free shipping, subscribe and you can cancel anytime after 2 shipments. 

Ginger Digestion Elixir

If you’re in search of a caffeine-free tea that soothes the gut, gives you feelings of calm and aids digestion, stop searching. The Ginger Digestion Elixir is perfect for curling up beside the dog with a good book, decompressing after dinner, or soothing raw nerves or an unsettled stomach. 

The Ginger Digestion Elixir also helps the body’s anti-inflammatory response. You’ll never have to worry about losing sleep and this tea will perk your day with stimulating flavour and supportive functions. Our Pique tea review found that it’s great hot or cold. 1 carton costs $15.99 and the tea is reported to have good flavour, “spicy and tangy.” You can drink this time anytime, morning, afternoon or evening. 

Pique Tea Immune Support

We consulted the Pique tea blog for more information about the power of Pique Tea for Immune Support. It turns out that tea is endlessly fascinating and there is a lot of science to learn about with Pique tea. We know that Pique is doing something right because many top doctors and wellness professionals are behind the tea, relying on it in their own health journeys

Polyphenols have hero status among antioxidants. If you’ve heard of oxidative stress and free radicals from environmental toxins on the news or in your reading, you’ll know these are the bad news. So, how do the polyphenols intervene? You might have guessed it, they bind to the free radicals preventing them from causing damage. This is precisely why antioxidants and polyphenols are important for immune function and there are plenty of them in Pique teas.

As it turns out, different types of tea have different kinds of antioxidants. Green teas have catechins which are great for cellular health. Black teas have theaflavins which are important to sustaining good gut health. 80% of your immune system is inside your gut. Mind blown. Herbal teas help with your body’s cellular response, so as you can see every tea has its place in the immune health picture. 

Pique Tea Review

The best way to get immune benefits from tea is to:

  1. Drink regularly 
  2. Drink enough 
  3. Drink the rainbow
Pique Tea Review

So, if you’re going to drink the rainbow, how do you tackle it? 

  • Drink black in the morning (1-2 cups English Breakfast, Earl Grey)
  • Drink green after lunch  (1-2 cups Sencha, Jasmine)
  • Drink herbal in the evening (1-2 cups Ginger, Hibiscus, Rooibos)

If you don’t get results within 30 days, and we’re talking transformational results, Pique will provide you with a full refund. Just contact [email protected].

Strong immunity is one of the keys to healthy living, so prioritizing it is important. There are many options for immune support and some of them come in bundles for added convenience. The Essential Immune Support Bundle might be a great place to start. It includes 1 carton of Jasmine Green, 1 carton of Sencha Green, 1 carton of English Breakfast, 1 carton of Earl Grey and 1 carton of Rooibos Vitality Elixir. This total 70 servings for $64.

The Complete Immune Support Bundle offers 2 additional herbal teas and 84 servings for $76 marked down from $84. If you’re looking for the ultimate immune support, you can get the bundle for $92 originally $108 with seven teas and 112 total servings. 

Pique Tea Fasting

Pique Tea Review

Some people stress eat, others have a slow metabolism, or just want to shed some pounds. One way to course correct is fasting, and Pique tea can help by fighting off cravings, beating boredom, and helping you stay fasted for longer

The Matcha Green Fasting Tea is high in catechins, with calming amino acids and L-theanine, so it reduces anxiety and improves mood. There is a dash of peppermint in the tea which suppresses hunger. In fact, an interesting fact about Japanese Geishas is that they used to munch on mint leaves before dinner so that they wouldn’t stuff themselves! 

The Ginger Green Fasting Tea is a partner in the digestive process and contains ginger, licorice root, citrus, and mint. Like the matcha, it is full of green tea catechins and gives you the kind of energy you need when the day is starting to drain you. 

The Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea has cassia cinnamon in it. Did you know that cinnamon curbs cravings and helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels? It also combats sugar cravings. No more late night trips to the snack drawer. This calming caffeine-free tea is flavorful and naturally sweet.  

The Bergamot Fasting Teas come in two flavours—green and black. Amazingly, bergamot has mood-lifting properties and the bold, bright flavour profile matches. If you need a blast of energy and are looking for a fasting tea, this is the only one that will fit the bill. 

If you’re looking to start fasting, a bundle is your best bet. The ultimate fasting bundle has been marked down from $188 to $169 and includes one black tea, two green teas and one herbal tea for a total of 140 servings. You can also purchase the complete fasting trio for $103 marked down from $112. This bundle includes a black, green and herbal tea amounting to 84 servings. 

Pique Tea Build Your Own Bundle

When it comes to building your Pique Tea Bundle, the more you purchase, the more you save. The bundle is flexible, allowing you to pick any tea you like. With the Pique Tea Bundle, you’ll secure huge savings. 

Bundle TypeShippingTotal Number of Cartons
BasicFree shippingBuy 8 cartons
RecommendedFree shippingBuy 9 cartons, get 1 free carton
Maximum SavingsFree shippingBuy 10 cartons, get 2 free cartons
Pique Tea Bundles

Pique Tea Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In our Pique tea review, we looked into customer commentary about the products. There were mixed reviews about Pique tea. Some customers were highly impressed with the tea and said that they would recommend it to others. They said that the crystals dissolved well. Many were tea connoisseurs. Customers who loved the tea made comments about a “rich and balanced taste.” 

Others were not quite as keen. Some said the taste was weak, others said it was just plain bad. These reviewers may have not let the tea steep for long enough, and everyone has distinct preferences. Some customers found the tea to be expensive, which is fair.

Is Pique Tea Worth It?

Pique Tea Review

Our Pique tea review led us to the firm conclusion that Pique tea is worth it. There are some poor customer reviews, which to the taste profile, and customers didn’t comment on the effects of their digestional and mental systems. This may be because the impact on gut flora, or on the neurochemical transmission is invisible.

The tea is backed by top doctors with evidence that the tea makes a difference to health and wellbeing. Additionally, Pique teas use high-quality processes and substances. We are a fan of the many flavours and we took note that customers didn’t complain about customer service, shipping or returns. Our Pique tea review affirms that Pique is a great buy!

Pique Tea Promotions & Discounts 

Pique Tea Review

For this Pique tea review, we scoured the website for deals. Pique is currently offering 20% off and free shipping (US only). On some bundles, the price reduction is already applied. Right now there is no Pique Tea promo code or Pique Tea discount code but continue to check back on the website for updates.

Where to Buy Pique Tea 

Pique Tea Review

We looked into where you can buy Pique tea, and you’ve certainly got options:

  2. Erewhon
  3. Wegmans
  4. HEB
  5. Whole Foods


This Pique tea review covers some commonly wondered about topics.

Cancel Pique Tea Subscription

The Pique tea subscription is customizable, flexible and easy to cancel. There are no long term commitments and it is easy to skip or cancel online without penalties after your second shipment. 

If you wish to cancel, visit the Subscriptions menu of your account and click cancel for any product you no longer wish to purchase. Choose your reason for cancelling the product. 

Pique Tea Shipping Policy

Pique processes and ships all orders the same day, if the order is placed before 12:00 PM PST. Orders are processed and shipped during regular hours (Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM). They offer USPS Priority Shipping for all products shipped within the Contiguous US, and   additional shipping fees apply to international shipments. 

Shipping times vary between carriers, but USPS Priority mail will arrive within 3-5 business days after processing. After your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with tracking numbers.

Pique Tea Return Policy

Pique has an exceptional and generous return policy. They stand behind the highest quality and guarantee satisfaction. Full refunds are provided for orders within 30 days of receipt but return shipping is not included. 

Not every tea fits your palate! If you wish to exchange your teas, follow the process in the returns centre. Enter your email and click the green button to start a return. 

  1. Select the items for return
  2. Send back the teas with the pre-paid return label
  3. Receive your refund

Contact Pique Tea  

If you have questions beyond this Pique tea review, you can contact their team in the following ways:

  • Input your name, email, phone number, and message at
  • Contact customer service at 1(888)747-8398 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST Monday to Friday)
  • Contact [email protected]

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Pique Tea Good for Diabetics?
3 years ago Reply

I have type 2 diabetes and goes on IF (16/8). I usually drink black coffee to suppress my hunger during my fasting period (about 5-6 cups) and noticed that my blood sugar glucose keeps going higher. Will Pique Tea be a good replacement? If it does, what kind of tea is recommended? I love taking jasmine tea so will this help me? Need to get a suggestion before I even order. Appreciate getting a response. Thank you.

Good Job
3 years ago Reply

Great job explaining your product. It sounds like a true representation of the facts—good and bad. I intend to buy a sample of everything. I have a wide ranging palette and I’m looking forward a tea tasting.

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