QALO Rings Review

About QALO Rings

QALO Rings Review

QALO is committed to connecting families through the sales of high quality accessories. QALO silicone rings and QALO dog tags are hypoallergenic, non-conductive and heat resistant. The brand is buzz-worthy with an impressive 215k followers on Instagram. Are QALO rings worth it? That’s for you to decide.

This QALO rings review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions and more to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of QALO Rings

At QALO, everything starts with family. Established in 2013, in Santa Ana, California, QALO values family as the centre that stabilizes life. They place emphasis on marriages, expanding and unified families. The company creates products that adapt and integrate to family life and healthy, active outdoor living. 

When it comes to their products, there are four values that guide the team: quality, athletics, love and the outdoors. If you didn’t catch it right off the bat, those principles are what make up the acronym QALO. Before we really get into this QALO rings review (plus dog tags), check out these pros and cons. You have to scroll past a very handsome pup first.

QALO Rings Review


  • Rings and dog tags are durable and able to withstand hard working conditions, extreme environments, and outdoor adventures
  • Unique patterns, designs and colors
  • Customizable
  • Fair pricing
  • Good shipping and return policies with no complaints from customers about either process


  • With hard wear, some customers reported rings after approx. one year of wear

This QALO rings review will take you through some popular styles for men and women. They’re all available for men and women, so you can match if you want to (we encourage it).

Black Sparkle Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Black Sparkle Silicone Ring

This is the kind of ring that you just know other people don’t have. It kind of gives off a galaxy vibe. Its innovative silicone construction is safe, comfortable, and extremely tough. The Black Sparkle Silicone Ring adds glamor to a woman’s finger, and shows that a guy is confident to rock pink. There is no room for gender double standards here.

This black QALO ring is accented by a shimmer of glitter which catches the eye without making a scene. It’s an everyday piece that offers a glimpse into your sparkling personality. The Black Sparkle Silicone Ring *rings* in at $26.

Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

We were attracted to the simplicity of the Classic Q2X Silicone Ring in our QALO rings review. Just looking at the smooth, thick band and cool engraved detailing. Seriously sleek. If you’re not into army green, it also comes in black. It’s a tough pick between the two, honestly.

This silicone ring is designed for hard-working hands. Patented Q2X‚™ material makes it heat tolerant and gasoline & oil resistant. Paired with QALO’s signature non reactive silicone tech, and the Classic Q2X Silicone Ring can stand up to the toughest jobs.

QALO Rings Review
QALO Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

The Classic Q2X Silicone Ring is functional, durable, and simple. Perfect for ladies and lads who like to keep it classic. Get this QALO ring for $26.

Classic Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO partnered with the US air force to design this powerfully patriotic Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring. It can act as a wedding ring, show your American pride, or that you’re married to defending your country. The ring is dedicated to the brave and honourable men and women who served to protect our freedom. 

With Q2X‚™  technology, this QALO ring is made to do the dirtiest jobs and survive the most extreme environments. It is temperature tolerant, gasoline and oil resistant, and non-conductive, so there isn’t much you can’t do. For $20.60, the Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring is available in silver and navy, but we’re partial to the silver with its shade variation. 

Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring

If you’re into tribal designs and fishing, this Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring speaks for itself. The picture above shows the same ring in different orientations, so you can see that it has a lot going on. It’s a great option for any avid outdoorsman/outdoorswoman who wants to carry their passions with them everywhere they go. 

There are two contrasting layers of silicone in this ring and a laser engraved pattern. The texture is an additional perk of the ring, which is breathable and slides on and off easily. The $42 Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring is available in olive with a black interior for men. The women’s version comes in beige with an olive interior with some heart detailing, so if you’re not a fan of hearts, just go with the men’s (check the sizing first). 

Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring

The Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring has a delicate feather pattern with a strong band. The goal of this ring is to achieve fit and function, a combination important to any active, busy, inspired woman. The ring “floats” on your finger and offers breathability. The laser engraving looks especially interesting with the dual layering.

While this QALO design looks dainty, the ring is as tough and enduring as the woman who wears it. This ring is made to make you feel beautiful but at the same time, it fits into whatever adventure and chaos life brings. The Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring comes in blush/sage and evergreen/moss for $42.80.

Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring

Ok, this QALO ring is bad a**. It’s got a rugged hammered iron aesthetic that we’re really into. The Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring is another piece designed for heavy duty jobs with temperature tolerance, extreme durability, and non-conductive properties. It has a tensile strength of 50.12 lbs before it breaks.

The Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring represents a high level of craftsmanship. It’s made for hardworking hands, complemented with a rustic but modern finish to highlight your individuality. This QALO ring only comes in black for $26.

QALO Dog ID Tags

QALO Rings Review

If you’ve been waiting to get to the dog tags in this QALO rings review, same. There are lots of design options for your pup. QALO Dog ID Tags feature images of campsites, sunrises over ocean views, mountains, floral features and patriotic themes. You have the option to include your phone number and microchip information as well. 

You can show your dog’s personality with one of these tags. Maybe Rex is most suited to a camping theme, while Simon is more of a mountain guy. These tags will give your dog an edge in the puppy park and provide you with the security that they’re securely labelled. QALO Dog ID Tags ranged from $26 to $38 depending on the level of customization.

QALO Customizable Rings

QALO Rings Review

Rings are deeply personal, and designing one for someone is a way to say you care. In our QALO Rings review, we learned all about the customization process. Check it out: 

  1. Choose your gender
  2. Choose the color of your ring 
  3. Engrave your ring for an added $17 with up to 12 characters
  4. Select your interior engraving font
  5. Choose your size
  6. If you like, add a gift box for $7

QALO Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

QALO Rings Review

To get the full picture in this QALO rings review, we did some research and were impressed by how pleased customers were with their rings. Many thought QALO was a fantastic brand and that the rings stood the test of hardworking, outdoor life. The rings were durable, comfortable and stylish according to customers and they would highly recommend them to friends and family. These were QALO reviews we found on Amazon and on the brand website, since there aren’t many other sources. 

All that glowing feedback aside, some of the customers who worked hard in the rings were disappointed that the ring developed cracks after a year or so of work. One welder who worked unprotected in the ring, however, said that with the way the ring held up on his finger, it should last a lifetime on an office worker’s hand. Similarly, a firefighter was confident that the ring could rise up to the challenges of the job. 

QALO Rings Review

Our QALO rings review confirms that multiple customers said the ring had been covered in oil and gas and that there had never been a problem. One QALO rings review said that moisture could get trapped under the material, so to avoid skin irritation, it’s good to take it off once in a while. Super helpful!

Are QALO Rings Worth It?

QALO Rings Review

Customers live authentically and adventurously in their rings and enjoy the look, feel, and quality of the rings. After completing our QALO rings review, it’s safe to say that they’re a worthy buy. The rings and dog tags were priced well, with unique designs and tailored features. 

The style of the rings makes them a signature piece, one that binds you to loved ones, while keeping you connected with your passions and demanding lifestyle. The ring isn’t a delicate little piece to be taken on and off with worry. It’s a reliable piece that can stand up to tough conditions.

QALO Promotions & Discounts 

Our QALO ring review uncovered a stellar deal. Buy one, get one free on all clearance styles. Grab the deal, it’s for a limited time only! Enjoy QALO’s 30% off sale on select items and check back at their website regularly for a QALO promo code or QALO discount code. 

QALO Rings Review

Where to Buy QALO Rings

This QALO rings review turned up a list of places to get their accessories:, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Academy Sports. If you want access to their entire collection, stick to the QALO website.


QALO Sizing

If you don’t know what your ring size is, the solution is simple enough. Get a pen, scissors, a ruler, a flexible measuring tape or string, and consult the QALO ring chart.

  1. Wrap the string or measuring tape around the base of the finger where you want to wear the ring
  2. Make sure it’s snug but not choking your finger
  3. Mark the tape or string with a pen where it overlaps or cut it with scissors
  4. Then measure the string in millimetres
  5. Compare your millimetre reading to the QALO wedding ring size chart to find the optimal fit!

If you’re in between sizes, the team suggests sizing up. The silicone material makes the sizing slightly different. You’ll find the best fit for your ring if you size your finger at the end of the day. Note that silicone doesn’t shrink; it may stretch slightly over time, especially if you move your ring around a lot or take it off often.

QALO Shipping Policy

We’ll keep shipping simple in this QALO rings review. QALO ships throughout the US and internationally. Order processing happens within 1-2 business days for all in-stock merchandise. If your order is customized, allow 7-10 business days for your ring to be engraved.

US Shipping

Shipment MethodTimeline (Business Days)
USPS First Class5-8
USPS Priority Shipping2-3
UPS Ground1-5
UPD Second Day Air2
UPS Next Day Air1

International Shipping

Shipping outside the US takes 10-20 business days for Standard and 2-8 business days for Express. Shipping charges depend on location, with any customs and duties being the responsibility of the customer.

QALO Return Policy

The QALO return policy is convenient and fair. You can exchange a ring with no hassle within 60 days or return within 30 days. QALO has a forever warranty. Their motto is a “one time, any time” warranty. To initiate a return, you can contact QALO by the methods outlined in the next section.

Contact QALO  

If you have extra questions after this QALO rings review, you can get in touch with the team by contact form on between Monday and Friday, 7 am to 5 pm PST.

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