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QALO Rings Review

About QALO

QALO Rings Review

QALO is committed to connecting families through the sales of high quality accessories. QALO silicone rings and QALO dog tags are hypoallergenic, non-conductive and heat resistant. The brand is buzz-worthy with an impressive 215k followers on Instagram. Are QALO rings worth it? That’s for you to decide.

This QALO rings review will take an in-depth look at the brand and a selection of bestsellers, customer ratings, promotions and more to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of QALO 

At QALO, everything starts with family. Established in 2013, in Santa Ana, California, QALO values family as the centre that stabilizes life. They place emphasis on marriages, expanding and unified families. The company creates products that adapt and integrate to family life and healthy, active outdoor living. 

When it comes to their products, there are four values that guide the team: quality, athletics, love and the outdoors. If you didn’t catch it right off the bat, those principles are what make up the acronym QALO. Before we really get into this QALO rings review (plus dog tags), check out these pros and cons. You have to scroll past a very handsome pup first.

QALO Rings Review


  • Rings and dog tags are durable and able to withstand hard working conditions, extreme environments, and outdoor adventures
  • Unique patterns, designs and colors
  • Customizable
  • Fair pricing
  • Good shipping and return policies with no complaints from customers about either process


  • With hard wear, some customers reported rings after approx. one year of wear

This QALO rings review will take you through some popular styles for men and women. They’re all available for men and women, so you can match if you want to (we encourage it).

Black Sparkle Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Black Sparkle Silicone Ring

This is the kind of ring that you just know other people don’t have. It kind of gives off a galaxy vibe. Its innovative silicone construction is safe, comfortable, and extremely tough. The Black Sparkle Silicone Ring adds glamor to a woman’s finger, and shows that a guy is confident to rock pink. There is no room for gender double standards here.

This black QALO ring is accented by a shimmer of glitter which catches the eye without making a scene. It’s an everyday piece that offers a glimpse into your sparkling personality. The Black Sparkle Silicone Ring *rings* in at $26.

Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

We were attracted to the simplicity of the Classic Q2X Silicone Ring in our QALO rings review. Just looking at the smooth, thick band and cool engraved detailing. Seriously sleek. If you’re not into army green, it also comes in black. It’s a tough pick between the two, honestly.

This silicone ring is designed for hard-working hands. Patented Q2X‚™ material makes it heat tolerant and gasoline & oil resistant. Paired with QALO’s signature non reactive silicone tech, and the Classic Q2X Silicone Ring can stand up to the toughest jobs.

QALO Rings Review
QALO Classic Q2X Silicone Ring

The Classic Q2X Silicone Ring is functional, durable, and simple. Perfect for ladies and lads who like to keep it classic. Get this QALO ring for $26.

Classic Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring

QALO partnered with the US air force to design this powerfully patriotic Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring. It can act as a wedding ring, show your American pride, or that you’re married to defending your country. The ring is dedicated to the brave and honourable men and women who served to protect our freedom. 

With Q2X‚™  technology, this QALO ring is made to do the dirtiest jobs and survive the most extreme environments. It is temperature tolerant, gasoline and oil resistant, and non-conductive, so there isn’t much you can’t do. For $20.60, the Military Air Force Q2X Silicone Ring is available in silver and navy, but we’re partial to the silver with its shade variation. 

Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring

If you’re into tribal designs and fishing, this Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring speaks for itself. The picture above shows the same ring in different orientations, so you can see that it has a lot going on. It’s a great option for any avid outdoorsman/outdoorswoman who wants to carry their passions with them everywhere they go. 

There are two contrasting layers of silicone in this ring and a laser engraved pattern. The texture is an additional perk of the ring, which is breathable and slides on and off easily. The $42 Strata Arrowhead and Fish Silicone Ring is available in olive with a black interior for men. The women’s version comes in beige with an olive interior with some heart detailing, so if you’re not a fan of hearts, just go with the men’s (check the sizing first). 

Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring

The Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring has a delicate feather pattern with a strong band. The goal of this ring is to achieve fit and function, a combination important to any active, busy, inspired woman. The ring “floats” on your finger and offers breathability. The laser engraving looks especially interesting with the dual layering.

While this QALO design looks dainty, the ring is as tough and enduring as the woman who wears it. This ring is made to make you feel beautiful but at the same time, it fits into whatever adventure and chaos life brings. The Women’s Strata Realtree Tail Feather Silicone Ring comes in blush/sage and evergreen/moss for $42.80.

Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring

QALO Rings Review
QALO Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring

Ok, this QALO ring is bad a**. It’s got a rugged hammered iron aesthetic that we’re really into. The Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring is another piece designed for heavy duty jobs with temperature tolerance, extreme durability, and non-conductive properties. It has a tensile strength of 50.12 lbs before it breaks.

The Men’s Classic Forged Silicone Ring represents a high level of craftsmanship. It’s made for hardworking hands, complemented with a rustic but modern finish to highlight your individuality. This QALO ring only comes in black for $26.

QALO Dog ID Tags

QALO Rings Review

If you’ve been waiting to get to the dog tags in this QALO rings review, same. There are lots of design options for your pup. QALO Dog ID Tags feature images of campsites, sunrises over ocean views, mountains, floral features and patriotic themes. You have the option to include your phone number and microchip information as well. 

You can show your dog’s personality with one of these tags. Maybe Rex is most suited to a camping theme, while Simon is more of a mountain guy. These tags will give your dog an edge in the puppy park and provide you with the security that they’re securely labelled. QALO Dog ID Tags ranged from $26 to $38 depending on the level of customization.

QALO Customizable Rings

QALO Rings Review

Rings are deeply personal, and designing one for someone is a way to say you care. In our QALO Rings review, we learned all about the customization process. Check it out: 

  1. Choose your gender
  2. Choose the color of your ring 
  3. Engrave your ring for an added $17 with up to 12 characters
  4. Select your interior engraving font
  5. Choose your size
  6. If you like, add a gift box for $7

QALO Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

QALO Rings Review

To get the full picture in this QALO rings review, we did some research and were impressed by how pleased customers were with their rings. Many thought QALO was a fantastic brand and that the rings stood the test of hardworking, outdoor life. The rings were durable, comfortable and stylish according to customers and they would highly recommend them to friends and family. These were QALO reviews we found on Amazon and on the brand website, since there aren’t many other sources. 

All that glowing feedback aside, some of the customers who worked hard in the rings were disappointed that the ring developed cracks after a year or so of work. One welder who worked unprotected in the ring, however, said that with the way the ring held up on his finger, it should last a lifetime on an office worker’s hand. Similarly, a firefighter was confident that the ring could rise up to the challenges of the job. 

QALO Rings Review

Our QALO rings review confirms that multiple customers said the ring had been covered in oil and gas and that there had never been a problem. One QALO rings review said that moisture could get trapped under the material, so to avoid skin irritation, it’s good to take it off once in a while. Super helpful!

Are QALO Rings Worth It?

QALO Rings Review

Customers live authentically and adventurously in their rings and enjoy the look, feel, and quality of the rings. After completing our QALO rings review, it’s safe to say that they’re a worthy buy. The rings and dog tags were priced well, with unique designs and tailored features. 

The style of the rings makes them a signature piece, one that binds you to loved ones, while keeping you connected with your passions and demanding lifestyle. The ring isn’t a delicate little piece to be taken on and off with worry. It’s a reliable piece that can stand up to tough conditions.

QALO Promotions & Discounts 

Our QALO ring review uncovered a stellar deal. Buy one, get one free on all clearance styles. Grab the deal, it’s for a limited time only! Enjoy QALO’s 30% off sale on select items and check back at their website regularly for a QALO promo code or QALO discount code. 

QALO Rings Review

Where to Buy QALO 

This QALO rings review turned up a list of places to get their accessories:, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Academy Sports. If you want access to their entire collection, stick to the QALO website.


QALO Sizing

If you don’t know what your ring size is, the solution is simple enough. Get a pen, scissors, a ruler, a flexible measuring tape or string, and consult the QALO ring chart.

  1. Wrap the string or measuring tape around the base of the finger where you want to wear the ring
  2. Make sure it’s snug but not choking your finger
  3. Mark the tape or string with a pen where it overlaps or cut it with scissors
  4. Then measure the string in millimetres
  5. Compare your millimetre reading to the QALO wedding ring size chart to find the optimal fit!

If you’re in between sizes, the team suggests sizing up. The silicone material makes the sizing slightly different. You’ll find the best fit for your ring if you size your finger at the end of the day. Note that silicone doesn’t shrink; it may stretch slightly over time, especially if you move your ring around a lot or take it off often.

QALO Shipping Policy

We’ll keep shipping simple in this QALO rings review. QALO ships throughout the US and internationally. Order processing happens within 1-2 business days for all in-stock merchandise. If your order is customized, allow 7-10 business days for your ring to be engraved.

US Shipping

Shipment MethodTimeline (Business Days)
USPS First Class5-8
USPS Priority Shipping2-3
UPS Ground1-5
UPD Second Day Air2
UPS Next Day Air1

International Shipping

Shipping outside the US takes 10-20 business days for Standard and 2-8 business days for Express. Shipping charges depend on location, with any customs and duties being the responsibility of the customer.

QALO Return Policy

The QALO return policy is convenient and fair. You can exchange a ring with no hassle within 60 days or return within 30 days. QALO has a forever warranty. Their motto is a “one time, any time” warranty. To initiate a return, you can contact QALO by the methods outlined in the next section.

Contact QALO  

If you have extra questions after this QALO rings review, you can get in touch with the team by contact form on between Monday and Friday, 7 am to 5 pm PST.

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Gabriel & Co Jewelry Review

 About Gabriel & Co

Gabriel & Co Jewelry Review

Gabriel & Co is an online brand that specializes in wedding and special occasion jewelry, catering to women as their core audience. Celebrities such as Adrienne Bailon, Lily Singh, and Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted wearing Gabriel & Co at talk shows, premieres, and award ceremonies. Celebrity hype aside, there are so many other jewelry brands—should you choose this one?

This Gabriel & Co jewelry review will take an in-depth look into their brand, highlights in the collection, ratings and more to help you decide if it’s worth the buy.

Overview of Gabriel & Co 

Founders of Gabriel & Co., brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel, realized The jewelry industry needed a touch of originality and sentimentality. They weren’t strangers to gemstones and precious metals. Jack and Dominick were apprentices of their late father, Elias Gabriel, who was a master jeweler of his trade. Following their father’s footsteps, the brothers established their own jewelry company, Gabriel & Co, in 1989.

“[Jack and Dominick] understood why unique, quality jewelry is important to people in the first place: to celebrate the special occasions, to honor the deepest relationships, and to capture the unspeakable beauty of life and those who matter most.” 

Gabriel & Co Jewelry Review

Marking their 30th anniversary in 2019, the Gabriel & Co headquarters is now located in the heart of New York City. Their jewelry encompasses fashion forward designs, ranging from Art Moderne, Victorian, Bukukan, Contemporary, Hampton, Classique, Lusso and Souviens

Before this Gabriel & Co jewelry review ventures deeper, let’s review some of the company’s initial pros and cons: 


  • Ring, necklace, earring and bracelet designs in an array of styles
  • Reasonable prices, especially for engagement and wedding rings
  • Ease of shopping due to detailed product information and certificate of authenticity 
  • Lifetime warranty for any jewelry defects 
  • Gabriel & Co engagement rings can be exchanged within 1 year of purchase for another piece of equal or higher value 
  • Positive reviews specifically on their engagement rings and Gabriel & Co wedding bands 


  • Customers can’t cancel an item in their order; they must arrange for a full refund
  • Buyers can’t return their online orders at their local Gabriel & Co retailer
  • Limited collection for men (only wedding bands)
  • International shipping does not include Asia 
Gabriel & Co Jewelry Review

From pearls and vibrant gemstones, to shining silver and gold, there’s something for everyone in each jewelry piece. Gabriel & Co sells wedding bands, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. If buyers want to find something specific, they can choose styles and cuts in each jewelry category. Want a Victorian inspired emerald ring? How about a Bukujan designed rose gold necklace? Gabriel & Co seems to have it all. 

While the brand’s inventory encompasses various designs, this Gabriel & Co jewelry review will highlight some of their bestsellers.

Gabriel & Co Diamond Engagement Ring

The 14K White Gold Round Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring is simple yet elegant, with a twist (no pun intended). This piece is perfect for those who want something different from the classic engagement ring. With a delicately braided band holding your chosen center stone, it’s hard to turn down a proposal with this in your velvet box. 

Buyers can customize the 14K White Gold Round Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring to suit their hopeful soon to be’s (or themselves). They can select the cut of their diamond from cushion cut, marquise, oval, emerald cut, pear shape or princess cut. To match, customers can also choose the type of metal for the ring band, ranging from white gold, platinum or combinations of white and rose gold and yellow and white gold, as well as the weight of carat from 0.75, 2 and 0.5 carats.

This 14K dream stems from their Hampton collection, which is all about expressing an nautical, ocean led theme. This water inspired design breeds sophistication and class, which, I don’t know about you, makes me reminisce about Rose from Titanic. But don’t drop this beauty in the water. This Gabriel & Co engagement ring is priced at $1,215 for the 0.75 carat version. 

Gabriel & Co Diamond Wedding Band

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but the 14K White Gold Prong Set Diamond Wedding Band, will (hopefully) make her more than your best friend. If she hinted for more diamonds, this beauty has 14 diamonds lining the gorgeous scalloped white gold wedding band. If that’s not detailed enough, you can opt for a different carat weight, ranging from 0.46, 1.42, 0.98, 0.73, 0.24 and 0.09. 

This white gold glamor hails from their Contemporary collection. This design is about celebrating the current hot fashion trends hot, ranging from alluring and minimalist, loud and proud and astrological. Tell your partner that they’re one of a kind and present this at the wedding altar. This Gabriel & Co band is available at $1,705 for the 0.46 carat model. 

Gabriel & Co Diamond Eye Pendant Necklace

Eyes are the windows to the soul. Featuring a chain and eye shape made out of white gold, this unusual but one of a kind necklace showcases a dainty but dazzling diamond as the pupil. The 14K Yellow-White Gold Diamond Eye Pendant Necklace conveys a centuries-old symbol that is meaningful across different cultures, representing intelligence, light, vigilance, moral conscience, truth—even clairvoyance. Choose the meaning that suits you best.

The eye pendant necklace is part of Gabriel & Co’s Fashion Jewelry collection, which showcases designs from timeless classics to today’s hottest trends. “Drawing inspiration from artistic and cultural influences around the globe, these unique and vibrant pieces go everywhere effortlessly.” The pendant could represent the Egyptian Eye of Horus, the Eye of Providence, it could protect against the Evil Eye Curse, it’s very mysterious with a spiritual element to it.

This eye-lluminating necklace can add sparkle to a basic outfit or an intriguing vibe to a boho look. With its minute pendant and short chain, it strikes the perfect balance of not being too overpowering or plain. Pair the 14K Yellow-White Gold Diamond Eye Pendant Necklace with some jeans and a billowy white blouse with an open neckline to show off your new piece. Fasten on this eye catching look for $375

Gabriel & Co Garnet and Diamond Ring

When I think of royalty, I think of historical fashion. Marie Antoinette’s hairstyles, Queen Elizabeth’s ornate dresses, and Queen Victoria’s love of jewels. The 14K Yellow Gold Three Stone Garnet and Diamond Ring is a piece similar to what Queen Victoria kept in her jewelry box. 

This Gabriel & Co ring is part of their Victorian collection, inspired by Victorian class and wealth. Designed with historical aesthetics in mind, this jewel encrusted band has a vintage spin. If ruby red garnets aren’t your cup of English tea, try amethyst, peridot, Swiss blue topaz or citrine. Whatever gem you choose, it’s accompanied with two petite diamonds on either side, matching the yellow gold band. 

Sizes for the 14K Yellow Gold Three Stone Garnet and Diamond Ring range from 3 to 10. If you aren’t a descendant of a great royal lineage, you can definitely feel like one. This Victorian inspired model is currently priced at $455

Gabriel & Co Silver White Sapphire Earrings

Sapphires are for September babies. Even if you aren’t a September baby, the Sterling Silver White Sapphire Earrings with Blue Teardrops have a compelling, cool tone to them with 925 sterling silver and glittering ice blue teardrops crafted from white mother of pearl, green onyx and rock crystal drops. Above the teardrops, delicate floral and pear-shaped white sapphires sparkle exquisitely.

These belong on the Ice Queens of fantasy stories. The earrings hail from the Gabriel & Co Fashion Jewelry collection, which is all about expressing today’s trends. This piece is a definite must have for the minimalist closet. With beauty underestimated by its petite size, it’s demure enough to add some interest in your outfit. 

The great thing about the Sterling Silver White Sapphire Earrings with Blue Teardrops is that they help elongate your neck, due to their dangling style. Earrings such as these put more emphasis on your face by framing it. Snag these easy-to-put-on leverback delights for $265

Gabriel & Co Rock Crystal and Black Pearl Bangle

Bangles are the go-to bracelet for people who hate fastening things. I’ve always had trouble undoing the tiny clasp by myself with several of my bracelets. But with pieces like the Hammered Sterling Silver Rock Crystal and Black Pearl Split Bangle, wearing it is as easy as slipping it on your wrist—and it won’t fall off, thanks to the sturdy clasp.

This sterling silver band has a subtle shine, hammered down to perfection to achieve a scaly, almost mermaid like, texture. For the cuff closure, customers can choose their gemstone, such as rock crystal in black pearl, green onyx and pink mother cultured pearl. If you really can’t pick one you like the most, treat yourself and get all three. The layered look is even better than the single Hammered Sterling Silver Rock Crystal and Black Pearl Split Bangle.  

This rock crystal split bangle is part of the brand’s Souviens collection, which showcases all sterling silver bracelets. While their inspiration for this design collection is unknown, these bracelets are an ideal gift for your loved ones, as souviens is French for ‘remember.’ Bring this bangle home for $265 each.

Gabriel & Co Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Gabriel & Co Jewelry Review

For this Gabriel & Co jewelry review, I could only find customer reviews off of their company Facebook page. Most buyers rate this company with a 4.8/5 star rating. The comments detail how beautiful and high quality their engagement and wedding rings are. Reviewers are quick to point out that it’s a good buy, especially for the quality of the gemstone and the price that they are getting. 

Gabriel & Co customers also give a nod to the company’s original and creative designs. “The pieces are gorgeous with lots of attention to detail. I own several pieces and am thrilled with the quality, the price point and owning such beautiful jewelry!” One Facebook user says. 

In terms of a Gabriel & Co review red flag, I didn’t come across any so far. That’s definitely a good sign.

Is Gabriel & Co Worth It?

Gabriel & Co Jewelry Review

For the price point given and how original their designs are, this Gabriel & Co jewelry review gives a go ahead. It’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed and scared of buying something that sounds expensive as an engagement and wedding ring. Perusing through their collections, it’s baffling to find gorgeous and one of a kind pieces for a reasonable price

From their Victorian inspired pieces to their fashion collection, it’s easy to fall in love with them. Gabriel & Co does live up to their mission statement, to design beautiful pieces that are sentimental and individualistic. Most of their jewelry pieces have customizable features, ranging from what gemstone you prefer to the weight of the diamond carat, so you can truly make the jewelry your own.

On Gabriel & Co’s website, they even help you find the perfect gift: customers can buy their jewelry based on the personality type of the person they’re thinking of. For instance, you can buy Gabriel & Co rings for an urban and sophisticated type or the modern romantic type. Part of telling your loved one how much you mean to them is showing that you know them

Gabriel & Co Promotions & Discounts 

With something as pricey as luxury jewelry, nothing is more relieving than ways to save money. This Gabriel & Co jewelry review found a few ways: by signing up for the newsletter, buyers have access to special offers and other perks. Free shipping is also included on select items to customers within the US.

In terms of a Gabriel & Co promo code, customers can use code GIFTOFLIFE to receive the circle of life pendant for free with any purchase. Keep checking their website and social media pages for a Gabriel & Co discount code.

Gabriel & Co Jewelry Review

Where to Buy Gabriel & Co 

This Gabriel & Co jewelry review found some sources that customers can access their collections:

  • Via 
  • Visiting their store locator page (stores like Mani, European boutique, and Direct Diamond carry Gabriel & Co) 
  • Morgan Jewelers 
  • Precision Jewelers 


Gabriel & Co Sizing

For this Gabriel & Co jewelry review, I’ve found multiple sizing options for rings ranging from 3 to 10. In terms of engagement rings, the sizing info is not available, as customers would need to book an appointment at a store closest to them. For wedding bands, sizes range from 3 to 15. 

Gabriel & Co Review
Gabriel & Co Ring Size Chart

 For select bracelets such as the 14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Split Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Pavé Hexagon Caps, band sizes range from 5 to 7.75 in circumference. 

Gabriel & Co Review
Gabriel & Co Bracelet Size

Gabriel & Co Warranty

For each jewelry piece, this Gabriel & Co jewelry review turned up four product perks to ensure ease in purchase:

  • Lifetime Warranty for any manufacturing defects on registered styles
  • One year coverage of damages from normal wear & tear on registered styles
  • Certificate of Authenticity with unique serial number
  • Complimentary cleaning twice a year at a retail partner near you
  • Offers to exchange your registered engagement ring within one year of purchase for another of equal or higher value

Gabriel & Co Shipping Policy

Gabriel & Co ships through the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Orders made on Gabriel & Co only occur on business days. If customers order more than one item, it might not deliver all together. However, if your order requires more than one shipment, you will only be charged one shipping fee. 

Gabriel & Co offers UPS Next Day Air. Free shipping is only available within the US. Orders should arrive the next business day after shipping is ordered by 3:00 p.m. EDT. For FedEx International Shipping, orders should arrive 3 to 5 business days after shipping if ordered by 3:00PM EST. 

Buyers are responsible for any duties and taxes added to any shipment outside of the US. This amount will be added at checkout. 

Gabriel & Co Return Policy

Gabriel & Co gladly accepts any returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Refunds will be paid in the original form of payment. Returns should be in saleable condition and be delivered in the same packaging as it came in. This Gabriel & Co jewelry review will give you a short guide into what the return conditions are and how to return a purchase.

Before physically returning your item, make sure you check off every detail below:

  • Items must be returned in its original condition with the security tag intact 
  • All packages must have the RA# written on it
  • Merchandise must be shipped with pre-paid postage to the address indicated on the RA label 

Once you’ve confirmed these four points you can:

  1. Contact their customer service 
  2. Arrange your return
  3. Place the item in the package that it came from
  4. Attach return label and seal properly 

For exchanges, customers must contact customer service. 

Contact Gabriel & Co  

If you still have questions after this Gabriel & Co jewelry review, you can contact the company through:

  • Customer service phone number: (212) 519-1400
  • Via email form on 
  • Live chat on their website 
  • Visiting their headquarters at:

 545 W 45th St 3rd floor

New York, NY

10036 USA

Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM ET

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Rebag Purses Review

About Rebag

Rebag Purses Review

Rebag is the seller of luxury bags and accessories, giving customers the option to purchase or sell their used pieces. You can shop thousands of styles from 50+ brands with high quality and authenticity. Rebag was featured in Fast Company, Vogue, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar and the New York Times. The buzz is loud, but is Rebag worth it? 

This Rebag purses review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Rebag

Rebag was founded in 2014 by CEO Charles Albert Gorra and former CMO Erwan Delacoriz, currently headquartered in NY. The brand’s motto is a simple one: endless access to luxury. The company buys, sells, and exchanges premium, sought after designer handbags and accessories. The Rebag team curates designer collections with new arrivals each week, with over 50 designer brands to choose from.

If you have a bag that you love but you aren’t putting it over your shoulder on a regular basis, Rebag is an excellent answer for turning your bag over in search of another. Rebag makes the purchase of exquisite luxury designer bags simple and accessible. 

Rebag Purses Review

How Rebag Works

You may be wondering, how does selling on Rebag work? Customers can shop new arrivals, sell styles you’ve outgrown, or exchange a bag. You can use the funds of your Rebag sale toward a new bag, or you can get even more of a deal by choosing to receive a payment in Rebag credit which will earn you 20% more. When you return Rebag designer bags in less than a year, you receive a credit for 70-80% of the original purchase price.

I definitely get the want to cycle through designer bags. Unless you’re committing to a long-term investment worth thousands of dollars, it can be tough deciding on trendy/hot pieces that will last a few seasons, and feeling like eventually you won’t get as much use out of them. This seems like a great way to get your money back and continue switching up your style, but we’re just getting started in this Rebag purses review, so hold on to your opinions before we explore the brand in full.

Rebag Purses Review

If you’re looking for the highlights of our review we summed them up here: 


  • Significant discounts on luxury bags
  • Wide selection of styles and designer brands
  • Flexible payment options
  • Ability to buy, sell and exchange with perks for Rebag credit
  • Honest reviews of bag details on the website


  • Some customer reviews reported negative shopping experiences

Rebag sells a wide variety of bags including shoulder bags, leather bags, canvas bags, clutches, totes, handbags, pouches, wrist wallets, and more. The premium pieces range from timeless classics like signature Louis Vuitton monogrammed purses, to more eclectic and vibrant ones from designers like Dolce and Gabbana. 

Rebag Purses Review

This Rebag purses review will showcase some of their top sellers in each category: 

Rebag Large & Oversized Purses

Our Rebag purses turned up tons of options in the bucket, backpacks, totes, crossbody bags, hobos, messengers, shoulder bags and satchels. These roomy purses are great for having sleepovers at the bf’s house, working at a cafe, and or taking on a weekend trip. Let’s dive into some coveted pieces!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram Tote

The classic Neverfull Monogram Tote carries the elegance of Louis Vuitton in every element. The bag features a textured mocha brown background with beige monogram letters and handles with a tan fabric interior. The hardware is gold and ties everything together. This is exactly what comes to mind when I think of an investment piece. I would love to have this versatile piece on my arm with a white dress and heels or laid back jeans, boots and a tee.

It makes sense that you’d want to know the specific conditions of the Neverfull Monogram Tote, and we’re all about disclosure in this Rebag purses review. The bag has creases on the exterior and darkening, plus scuffs and watermarks on the leather trims and handles. There’s also scratches and tarnish on the hardware. 

All that said, the imperfections are subtle and the bag is catalogued as Very Good Condition. Other models of the Neverfull Monogram Tote are available in Great Condition for $1490 and $1580.

Gucci Vintage Bamboo Suede Mini Backpack

The Vintage Bamboo Suede Mini Backpack by Gucci is classy while fitting with everyday outfits. It features an elegant suede exterior, comfortable leather straps and a fabric interior. I really love the bamboo design on the handle, the front tie, and gold hardware. It keeps the look subtle while having an edge over a plain black backpack. It’s a great piece for a beautifully dressed Rebag woman on the go. Even though it’s referred to as ‘mini’, it still offers a decent amount of storage.

There is wear and discoloration on the exterior of the bag with creasing on the straps. There’s also splitting and cracking on the strap wax edges and scratches on the hardware. It’s still classified as in Very Good Condition. This practical, stylish Vintage Bamboo Suede Mini Backpack costs $535 with an estimated retail value of $1,295. That’s a seriously good price for a Gucci piece. 

Louis Vuitton Artsy Monogram Leather Handbag

The Artsy Monogram Leather Handbag, another timeless Louis V. piece, is more artsy than the other monogrammed bag we looked at. This piece has a soft leather exterior, a stitched handle, and brown fabric interior. I really like the yellow gold hardware and the charms, which gives the bag city girl vibes. The stamped-on Louis Vuitton symbol also adds to the glamor in such a simple way.

The  Artsy Monogram Leather Handbag bag is in Excellent Condition, meaning it falls just short of being in new condition. When it comes to size and fit it is 16”W * 12.5”H *7.5”D with a 6” handle drop. You won’t want to take this Rebag bag off, and it’s available for $2,505

Rebag Medium-Sized Purses

Our Rebag purses looked into medium-sized purses in a variety of styles including larger backpacks, bowlers, buckets, shoulder bags, cross body bags, satchels and totes. You don’t always need an excessive amount of storage, and these purses offer a middle ground between storing the essentials and items you want to carry just in case (makeup touchup anyone?). We’ll showcase some of the most sought-after pieces: 

Valentino Rockstud Leather Messenger Bag

This gorgeous Rockstud Leather Messenger Bag from Valentino is edgy and flirty with its stud detailing and compelling red tone. It features an all leather exterior and interior with soft gold hardware. This shade pairs really well with outfits in white, navy, beige, camel, and even with bold amethyst or fuschia. Are you imagining outfit ideas? Same. Plus, I love storing my computer in a messenger bag instead of trying to fit it into a regular purse.

The Rockstud Leather Messenger Bag comes with some accessories including a dust bag and a detachable strap in Fair Condition, with minor wear on the exterior and interior, cracking on the open trim and wax edges, as well as scratches on the hardware. It’s available at the Miami store in midtown. At $780 with an estimated retail price of $2,495, this is another piece offering significant savings.

Balenciaga City Giant Studs Leather Bag

The City Giant Studs Leather Bag from Balenciaga has such an interesting aesthetic, and since it’s a dark neutral, it can match with many outfits. The navy blue leather stands out against the silver hardware accents. It includes handles and a practical carrying strap, with a black interior and included mirror so you can check yourself out while wearing it (at least, that’s what I think it’s for). Balenciaga never disappoints, in my opinion.

The City Giant Studs Leather Bag is classified as being in Good Condition. There is some heavy wear and discoloration on the base plus on the opening trim corners and handles. There are also creases on the exterior and minor wear on the interior, along with scratches on the hardware. You can purchase this purse for $850, which is very reasonable for a Balenciaga piece.

Rebag Micro & Small Purses

Our Rebag purses review discovered many micro and small purses including bowler, clutches, buckets, clutches, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, satchels, wallets and waist bags. I find purses of this size so useful while running errands or hit up a bar downtown. Lipstick, phone, wallet, hand cream, and I’m good to go.

Dolce & Gabbana Amore Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

The sought-after white leather Amore Leather Flap Shoulder Bag is perfect for a memorable, fancy occasion like a wedding or fancy baby shower. It would also add an attractive, sophisticated touch to a dress or skirt ensemble. The gold hardware, chain strap and details, and pearl accents add a touch of glamor without being showy. The pearl D&G monogram is so fetch, as Gretchen Weiners says. If you haven’t watched Mean Girls, that’s probably a good thing.

The Amore Flap Leather Strap Shoulder Bag from Dolce & Gabbana is in Very Good Condition. There is a small mark on the flap side wax edge and discoloration and scuffs on the rear, along with minor wear on the interior and scratches on the hardware. The estimated retail price of this purse is $1,995 marked down significantly and offered for $1,360. 

Chanel Front Pocket Crumbled Calfskin Waist Bag

This Front Pocket Crumbled Calfskin Waist Bag features fun, flirty peach pink leather that will definitely get compliments from your fashion-savvy friends. The classic Chanel CC monogram, zipper, and gold hardware really elevate the piece. Look seriously stylish at a festival, while walking the dog, or doing errands, and you’ll get some admiring looks for sure.

The Front Pocket Crumbled Calfskin Waist Bag speaks for itself with its effortless style. This stunning bag is in Great Condition, available at Rebag NYC. While you’re at it, you may want to check out Rebag SOHO. This premium Chanel purse costs $2,810, marked down from the original $3,590 price. Get it while it’s hot!

Rebag Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rebag Purses Review

According to ResellerRatings, my Rebag purses review uncovered negative customer experiences. Buyers were especially unhappy with the customer service experience. One customer sent a purse back to Rebag within the first couple of months. Rebag said there was additional wear and tear and they could not take it back, but the customer had not used the bag since purchase. Another dissatisfied customer was never granted their refund after a purchased bag was cancelled. The team never responded to their emails. 

Some customers complained of the customer service experience on the Better Business Bureau. There were challenges in correspondence and extended wait times to receive bags. One customer received a Rebag purse with scratches which was reported to be in prime condition. There were challenges around resale prices and customers feeling that they were not being offered a fair rate. 

Rebag Purses Review

In our Rebag purses review, many customers loved their bags and felt they matched the online descriptions. As an added bonus, they thought the packaging was great. For many customers, their Rebag purses were their absolute favorites and these happy buyers thought the customer service was terrific. Many Rebag customers said that their bags exceeded their expectations

Are Rebag Purses Worth It?

We think Rebag offers affordable, beautiful options that are described in detail on the site. When purchasing, we think you should be wary that some customers had challenges with the customer service experience—does Rebag sell authentic bags? For sure, and the majority of customers were satisfied. We say go for it!

Rebag Purses Review

Rebag Promotions & Discounts 

We looked into promotions & discounts and were delighted to find that if you sign up, you are eligible to receive $200 off of your first Rebag purchase. We encourage you to go back to the website and keep your eye out for a Rebag promo code or a Rebag discount code. 

Where to Buy Rebag Purses

Rebag Purses Review

We investigated where to buy these luxury pieces in our Rebag purses review and created a list for easy access:

  2. Ebay
  3. Etsy


Rebag Handbag Designers

Rebag boasts a seriously exclusive designer list that includes: Alaia, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Bvlgari, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Delvauz, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Givenchy, Goyard, Gucci, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Judith Leiber, Lanvin, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, M2Malletier, Mansur Gavriel, Mark Cross, Miu Miu, Mulberry, Nancy Gonzalez, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Ralph Lauren Collection, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, The Row, Thom Browne, Tod’s Tom Ford, Valentino and Versace. So. Many. Options.

Rebag Shipping Policy

Rebag ships internationally! All domestic packages are shipped with UPS and confirmation through signature is required. Rebag ships with USPS for purchases shipping to PO boxes and military addresses only. Domestic orders take 7-10 business days to arrive after the order date. 

For all orders of or above $500, shipping is free and for orders below $500, shipping is $20. Expedited orders cost $50 and are only available in the US. These Rebag shipments will take 3-5 business days from the order date. All shipments can be tracked by customers.

Rebag Return Policy

Rebag accepts returns in the US, though they have some terms and conditions. To begin with, the customer must make a written request to [email protected] within 7 business days of delivery. This must be supported by the tracking number. 

After you receive the prepaid label, items must be shipped back to Rebag no later than 2 business days. Shipment fees will not be refunded. Once Rebag has received the return, you will get a refund to your original payment method within 10-15 business days. Rebag cannot accept international returns. 

Contact Rebag

If you want to learn more beyond this Rebag purses review, you can write a request to the customer service team on by clicking chat at the bottom right of the screen from Monday to Friday 9 AM-7 PM. You can also call the team at their New York office: 1-844-373-7723. 

You have more designer resell options. Check out these preowned luxury brands:


The Luxury Closet


Reviews Accessories

The Luxury Closet Review

About The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet Review

The Luxury Closet is an online fashion boutique that buys and sells designer items up to 70% off. The Luxury Closet showcases brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, and Rolex for men and women. With a cult fan base of 135K followers on Instagram, The Luxury Closet has been featured in prominent magazines like Elle Arabia, Women’s Health, Esquire, and Grazia to name a few, and is the biggest luxury market in the Middle East.

Join me as we take a deep dive in The Luxury Closet review, exploring their collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to figure out if this budget friendly fashion brand is worth the buy.

Overview of The Luxury Closet

Founded in Dubai by Kunal Kapoor, The Luxury Closet has grown to sell high-end fashion items all over the world since its beginnings in 2011. The Luxury Closet was described by Elle magazine as a “treasure trove” for consumers looking for unique pieces at affordable prices. The Luxury Closet‘s dream is to transition into a completely sustainable global market, with the goal of adding, improving, and disrupting the online designer fashion market.

The Luxury Closet Review

The Luxury Closet has a unique selling model that appeals to many fashion lovers: buyers choose between thousands of previously purchased items, while others sell their high-end pieces to The Luxury Closet customers. Customers can save a bit of money while choosing items in physical conditions they’re comfortable with, while sellers can get back some of their money for pieces they no longer use.

Whether buying or selling on The Luxury Closet, you can end up saving thousands of dollars. You can put that toward your savings, lots of fancy coffees, or you know… More designer clothes. Either way, it’s a win win. We’ll get into how this system works the next section of The Luxury Closet review.

The Luxury Closet Review

Follow me in The Luxury Closet review as we detail some highs and lows of the brand:


  • Incredibly huge catalogue for women and men ranging from clothing to accessories and household goods
  • More than 16,000 unique items sold
  • TLC Cash reward program: certain items give you points that you can then use towards further purchases
  • Certain items are offered at a lower price if the listed price doesn’t appeal to you, though this doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive the lower price
  • Some items can be paid for partially so that buyers can reserve the piece, then pay off instalments over a maximum of 2 months


  • Shoppers outside of the Middle East face very long wait times for shipping
  • Heavy customs and duties are placed on items coming into North America that customers have to pay
  • Although returns are free, you only have 3 days to request it
  • Though the brand claims to verify the authenticity of each piece, there are some disturbing reviews online about items that were shipped out in unusable condition and some allegations that products shipped out were fraudulent pieces

How The Luxury Closet Works

The Luxury Closet Review

For Buyers

The Luxury Closet resells previously loved pieces, so they do their best to showcase all angles of their merchandise so that the customer can see if the possible wear and tear is reasonable for their preference. For some items, the price can be renegotiated, if you’re not happy with the listed price-but keep in mind, there’s no guarantee that your haggling request will go through.

The Luxury Closet review turned up seriously flexible payment options: you can buy items upfront or pay the partial cost to reserve them, and pay the remainder by instalments over a maximum of 2 months. You can pay by bank transfer, debit/credit card, or through PayPal. Most high-end fashion brands are not this accommodating, so we give The Luxury Closet some points for these options.

The Luxury Closet provides detailed product specs including any imperfections, where the piece originates from and can be delivered to, and proof of authenticity. You can also learn how much TLC Cash can be earned for each piece, which can be used for future purchases on the site.

For Sellers

The Luxury Closet works on a consignment method, meaning you get paid after your piece sells. Sellers submit their product for sale by completing a form including details like the item’s overall condition, specific areas of damage, and where it can be shipped. From listing items for sale to product visibility to sales, TLC does the work. Much easier than selling on eBay, and way more legit.

After filling out the seller form, users receive a quotation within 3-5 business days. Once you accept the quoted sales price, The Luxury Closet provides a tracking number for sellers to follow their item throughout the sales cycle. Between completion of the form, to quote acceptance and authentication, the process for listing items on the site takes approximately 10 business days.

The Luxury Closet Women’s Collection

The Luxury Closet Review

The Luxury Closet Women’s Collection holds a wide assortment of high-end pieces, including clothing, shoes, bags, fine jewelry, watches, sunglasses, scarves, belts, and other accessories. Each item is stunning and reflects the brand’s artful curation.

The Luxury Closet review gives you a snapshot of the pieces offered for women by some of the most coveted fashion brands. Take a look at some of the highlights:

Chloe Black Patent Leather Ada Shoulder Bag

This medium-sized Ada Shoulder Bag is a sleek and timeless staple in premium Italian-made leather. The artistic silhouette can dress up a pair of jeans or compliment an elegant little black dress, with its glossy finish and gold toned zippered pockets. This Chloe bag features a spacious interior for your essentials and protective metal feet.

The Ada Shoulder Bag is Gently Used, with scratches on the silver hardware, some white marks on the interior lining, and the zip pulls on both sides are missing. It’s in good condition, and if you’re fine with this minimal damage, you can get the bag for $153.90, a 94% discount (!) from its original price of $2,545-it’s a steal for sure.

This Ada Shoulder Bag comes with its original dustbag and has a lifetime warranty. The bag is available for shipment throughout the United States and earns $2 of TLC Cash.

Concord White Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Diamond Watch

The White Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Diamond Watch is not just an accessory, but a powerfully innovative tool. This watch is a gorgeous accent with its unique mother of pearl dial. The smattering of diamonds on the bezel offers a mix of old world luxury with a new world nod to modernity. It’s not blingy or ostentatious and has the look of practicality alongside glamor.

The White Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Diamond Watch features durable stainless steel construction and is the battery has been newly replaced with an original Swiss battery. This Concord piece is in very good condition with only minor scratches on the surfaces and wear and tear on the rubber links. This item is available to ship to North America and is redeemable for 9 TLC Cash.

The White Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Diamond Watch is priced at $921.29, 81% off the original price. It’s a piece that you can make an offer for how much you’d like to pay.

Cartier Vintage Sapphire Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Ring

This stunning Vintage Sapphire Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Ring gives anyone an effortless touch of class. The appeal of this ring is timeless, and with it comes the 150+ years of Cartier elegance. This piece features 18 karat gold and set with an oval-shaped sapphire and six diamonds along the front band.

I love vintage jewelry. You wonder how many lives a piece has touched before it gets to you. Was this once a young lady’s engagement ring? Maybe her lover presented it to her before going off to battle in France during the Second World War. Clearly I’m a bit too much of a romantic history buff, but you get my point.

The Vintage Sapphire Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Ring is such a great piece to have in the modern world, where it’s less common for sapphires to be the centre piece anymore. This size 5.25 ring is in generally good condition with traces of usage adding to the vintage aesthetic of the piece. It’s priced at $1,250, which is 72% off original price. Worth 13 TLC Cash, this Cartier ring ships to Canada and the United States.

Tod’s Gold/Grey Gradient TO 139 Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the easiest ways to create intrigue and mystery to a look and these Tod’s Aviator Sunglasses achieve that look with their mocha brown gradient lenses. These shades stand apart from typical aviators, and it seems like way too many people are wearing those. These sunglasses are so versatile I could see myself wearing them with a little black dress or a pair of jeans with a bomb leather jacket.

These like new sunglasses have a metal base with gold tones. Priced at $174.07, 66% off original price, the Tod’s Aviator Sunglasses are a perfect example of The Luxury Closet’s goal: affordable luxury. Redeemable for 2 TLC Cash these sunnies are available to ship to the USA.

The Luxury Closet Men’s Collection

The Luxury Closet Review

Don’t worry, boys, The Luxury Closet has you covered too. With an impressive range of men’s clothing, men’s accessories, fine jewelry, watches, and men’s shoes, there’s something for every guy looking to add premium fashion to their life.

The men’s catalogue is vast, so we’ll take a look at a few select pieces in The Luxury Closet review of their Men’s Collection.

Salvatore Ferragamo Black Leather Card Holder

Salvatore Ferragamo is renowned for their quality leather goods, and this card holder is no exception to that standard. This Black Leather Card Holder contains Italian-made pebbled black leather. For guys who don’t want bulky wallets looking awkward in their pocket, this card holder can carry two essential cards and cash. It’s made for the back pocket, and you won’t even notice it’s there.

Priced at $125.31, a 72% discount, this Black Leather Card Holder from Ferragamo makes an excellent addition to any man’s basic necessities. With minor signs of use, this card holder is in very good condition and is available to ship to Canada and the USA.

Bernhard H. Mayer Black Stainless Steel Nauticus Astro Limited Edition Men’s Wristwatch

Bernhard H. Mayer’s Nauticus Astro Watch is seriously exclusive, one of 4999 ever made. Talk about having a watch that no one else has (almost). This time piece features a striking black dial against stainless steel, and a date window in the 3 o’clock position. The white hands and numbers stand out against the black face, so while this watch is simple, it’s worthy of admiring looks.

Another cool feature of the Nauticus Astro Watch is that it’s water resistant up to 500 meters. You can wear it in the ocean on your trip to Capri, Italy (this watch is making me imagine locations that match its sophistication). Then pair it with chinos and boat shoes. If you’re a diver, this piece would be very useful.

This limited edition watch has never been worn and is available in the original box and case. Shipping worldwide, this Nauticus Astro Watch is priced at $565.90 and incredible 74% discount. Pair this watch with a casual everyday look, or a suit and suave it up.

Dolce & Gabbana Brown Havana Sunglasses

I am a big believer in the power of accessories to bring a fresh element to your look. These Havana Sunglasses are the perfect example of how shades can take an outfit to the next level. Featuring a metal base, brown tortoiseshell frames, and mocha brown lenses these sunglasses reflect Dolce & Gabbana elegance.

These glasses are brand new in their original box and case which makes their price of $175.68 (55% off) a bargain. The Havana Sunglasses are available for worldwide shipping and come with a lifetime warranty. Wear these classy shades when you’re out with the boys, preferably while drinking a cuba libre.

S.T. Dupont D Atelier Sun Burst Red Ballpoint Pen

An often-overlooked accessory in fashion is stationary. S.T. Dupont challenges this norm with their Sun Burst Ball Point Pen. This pen is lacquered with a sun burst red body finished off with platinum metal. It also features a twist mechanism for easy use.

You don’t have to be a high class lawyer or a real estate mogul to use this pen. Using a premium pen premium pen in the office shows that you’re a professional and have stellar style. The Sun Burst Ball Point Pen shows you’re the real deal, and it’ll almost certainly impress your boss.

This Sun Burst Ball Point Pen is available never used in its’ original box and case, and ships worldwide. Redeemable for 4 TLC Cash, this pen is priced at $379.50 which is 84% in savings.

The Luxury Closet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Luxury Closet Review

Overall, it appears that customers are very happy with their purchases and customer service from The Luxury Closet. Most buyers rate their experiences between 4-5/5 stars stating that customer service reps made their buying and selling journeys effortless and enjoyable. Many buyers rave about the unreal prices of these previously loved luxurious pieces, while other admire the multitude of ways The Luxury Closet takes payment.

With everything on the internet, there is a catch. Along with these 5 star reviews lurk more than uncomfortable 1 star reviews from customers complaining about long delivery times. After digging into these complaints it seems like regardless of global location, shipping times come up as an area of frustration for some customers.

There are a few troubling allegations from customers claiming that the products they have been sent are either in worse condition than previously stated, or even calling the authenticity of some items into question. The Luxury Closet has yet to respond to these complaints from what I can find, so I cannot say for certain if these complaints are well founded or not, but it’s definitely something to take into consideration.

Is The Luxury Closet Worth It?

The Luxury Closet Review

With the reviews being so mixed with extremely high praise and devastatingly scathing disappointment, it’s hard to say whether or not The Luxury Closet is worth it. It’s clear from The Luxury Closet review that their prices are competitive and offer great savings. It sounds like the majority of customers would return to shop again, and if long wait times and heavy duties don’t scare you away, then I would say go for it.

There’s always a risk in buying items second hand, but The Luxury Closet is quite transparent about the wear and tear on their items and most pieces are returnable, so the risks don’t seem to be that high.

The Luxury Closet Promotions & Discounts 

For The Luxury Closet review, I hunted the site for a Luxury Closet promo code, but couldn’t find one. The website does have a permanent Sale section and seasonal sales, so this makes up for the lack of a Luxury Closet discount code.

The Luxury Closet has an internal reward program that encourages customers to return to their site to redeem TLC Cash. Most items in the boutique are eligible for TLC Cash of varying amounts. To collect TLC Cash, shoppers must create an account with the boutique and items that are eligible for the rewards show up as account credit 7 days after receiving the item.

The Luxury Closet Review

Shop The Luxury Closet

To shop The Luxury Closet’s items or sell designer pieces, visit their website: They also have a pop-up store in Dubai, where a limited selection of products are available. The company recommends ordering items and selecting the Pick Up option if you’re located in Dubai, so you can see and try on items before you buy.


In The Luxury Closet review, we cover some of the most frequently asked questions, and you can always find out more by reaching out to the company through one of the methods listed in the next section on contact info.

The Luxury Closet Sizing

Since The Luxury Closet resells items rather than manufacturing themselves, they use a standard global size conversion chart for men’s and women’s clothing and footwear. Each item includes a description of the size it’s available in, as well as flat-lay measurements of pieces to help the buyer gauge whether or not it will fit them.

The Luxury Closet Shipping Policy

The Luxury Closet offers free shipping on all orders and they ship all over the world. For local Dubai shoppers they include an option to pick up their orders in person. For those of us outside of the UAE here’s what shipping looks like:

The Luxury Closet Review 1

While shipping is always free, the cost of duties varies from country to country and these costs are to be covered by the customer. International orders take approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive. Tracking is available for every purchase on the My Purchases page on the website.

It is important to note that there are some items that will not be able to be shipped to certain countries due to materials used that are illegal in said country (Alligator skin for example).

The Luxury Closet Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you have 3 days after receiving the item to request a return. The customer is eligible for a full refund excluding duties and customs charges already paid. If a customer changes their mind before the item is shipped, out then the customer will save on duty charges.

Each item will indicate whether or not they are returnable, as not every piece can be returned keep an eye out for that if you’re at all unsure of a purchase you plan to make. Refunds are processed within 7 business days of receiving the item, and the refund amount will be processed within another 3-5 business days.

If you sell an item on The Luxury Closet and wish for it to be returned, note that there is a consignment lock-in period during which the item remains for sale on the website (90 days for sellers within the UAE, 180 days for sellers outside the UAE). After this period, you can request for your unsold items to be returned.

If you feel that a return is necessary during the consignment period, returns can be requested after a waiting period of 10 days; a charge of $20 is placed on each item, and sellers are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

Contact The Luxury Closet

If you have questions that weren’t covered in The Luxury Closet review, you can contact the team by:

  • Live Chat on the website
  • Calling their customer support hotline at +97142472985
  • Emailing [email protected]
  • Sending mail directly to their office:

Novotel Dubai Al Barsha,
API Trlo Tower,
Office 908,
PO box 502626

If you’re not sold on The Luxury Closet, check out other buy/sell platforms for luxury items:




Reviews Accessories

James Allen Jewelry Review

About James Allen

James Allen Jewelry Review

James Allen is one of the world’s largest privately held online diamond and jewelry retailers. James Allen presents each of its ring settings and diamonds with hundreds of customizable styles to choose from. The brand maintains a solid reputation in the jewelry industry and has been featured in notable press outlets including ENews, Business Insider, National Jeweler, and CNBC. 

This James Allen jewelry review will provide an in-depth look at what this brand has to offer including a selection of bestsellers, customer reviews, promotions, and more.

Overview of James Allen 

In 2006, four talented individuals came together to form Oded Edelman, with a family history in the diamond business spanning three generations. James Schultz and Michele Sigler, who brought online and retail experience to the company. As well as Dean Lederman, with over 20 years of operational and financial management experience in diamond manufacturing. 

The James Allen mission statement is to offer consumers online the highest quality diamonds and the largest selection at the best price. The company guarantees conflict-free diamonds sourced from members of the professional diamond trade. James Allen diamonds are all certified conflict-free in compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and the United Nations resolutions, in addition to further internal guidelines.

James Allen Jewelry Review provides a unique viewing experience for their diamonds. Using 360° Diamond Display, customers can see pieces in close detail from every angle. To help you make an informed purchase decision, you can examine a diamond’s shape, cut, color, and clarity in high definition. 

Before we showcase some bestsellers, here’s a sum up of this James Allen jewelry review:


  • Hundreds of engagement rings, wedding rings, diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry pieces offered
  • 360° Diamond Display technology
  • All jewelry has a Lifetime Warranty
  • James Allen financing and jewelry insurance available
  • Thousands of positive customer reviews
  • Free engraving 
  • Free ring resizing in the first year
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Free 30-day returns


  • Some negative reviews regarding return services offers hundreds of fine jewelry pieces to suit a wide range of personal tastes. Specializing in diamond engagement and wedding rings, they also offer a variety of other gemstones and fine jewellery including tennis bracelets, earrings, and pendant necklaces.

James Allen Jewelry Review

Customers can design their own engagement rings in Solitaire, Pavé, Channel-Set, Side-Stone, Tension, Vintage, Halo, and Three-Stone styles. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can explore the selection of customer’s rings James Allen displays on their site.

Although James Allen doesn’t have personal design options for wedding rings, there are quite a few styles to choose from. You can shop classic wedding rings, eternity, carved, stackable, diamond, and alternative metal

If you’re thinking of gifting someone a ring outside of the engagement and wedding realm, James Allen offers rings with blue, pink, or yellow sapphire, ruby, and emerald gemstones. Customization is also available for earrings and pendants, so there’s a lot of gifting potential there as well.

This James Allen jewelry review showcases some of their popular pieces. Spoiler alert: they’re pretty enchanting.

Blue Sapphire Oval Cut Halo Engagement Ring

James Allen Jewelry Review
Blue Sapphire Oval Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Not every girl dreams for a big piece of ice to be presented to them when they get engaged, and the Blue Sapphire Oval Cut Halo Engagement Ring stuns in a different way. Just look at those facets. It looks like the ring that matches the necklace Rose wears when Jack paints her in Titanic. Paint me like one of your French girls (wearing this ring).

This James Allen blue diamond ring features a cool 3.13 carat blue sapphire with diamond framing, set upon a 14K white gold band. The diamond halo blends well with the ones along the front part of the brand. This ring shines so beautifully in the light, I can’t stop looking at it. With the selected stones and band, the Blue Sapphire Oval Cut Halo Engagement Ring is priced at $2,320.

Pink Sapphire Round Cut Pave Engagement Ring

James Allen Jewelry Review
Pink Sapphire Round Cut Pave Engagement Ring

This four-prong Pink Sapphire Round Cut Pave Engagement Ring is another non-traditional take on the diamond engagement ring. The contrast between the sapphire and diamonds on the front band is captivating. With the twisting elements along the front band, it has an almost mythical air. Pink isn’t my color, but if you’re all about that shade, it’s not surprising that this is a popular choice among ladies.

This James Allen pink diamond ring incorporates a beautiful 1.31 carat pink sapphire with surrounding diamonds and an 18K white gold band. With the selected stones and band, the Pink Sapphire Round Cut Pave Engagement Ring retails at $3,560.

White Gold Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring

James Allen Jewelry Review
White Gold Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring

A simple band like this White Gold Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring exudes elegance. Its sophisticated, understated design can pair with any silver or white gold engagement ring. Think of an engagement ring as a lively and vivid snapshot of a relationship, while the wedding band represents the day to day of married life. Beautiful in its simplicity.

The shine on this ring is so compelling, since there aren’t any diamonds or gems to steal the spotlight. The White Gold Traditional Slightly Curved Wedding Ring is crafted from 14K white gold, priced reasonably at $400.

Men’s White Gold Flat Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band

James Allen Jewelry Review
Men’s White Gold Flat Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Most men like it simple, and the Men’s White Gold Flat Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band is a fan pick for this reason. It’s not ostentatious, with only a slight lustre to it. It should go without saying in this James Allen jewelry review, that women can wear this piece as well—there’s no room for gender inequality in the 2020’s.

The Men’s White Gold Flat Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band is crafted from 14K white gold. This version features a satin finish with a modern, flat profile and measures up at 6mm wide, priced at $1,090.

White Gold Four Prong Earrings

James Allen Jewelry Review
White Gold Four Prong Earrings

Diamond studs are a classic choice. They’re a perfect minimalist style statement that you can make with casual and formal outfits. Just be careful not to lose them like Kim K did in the ocean. The White Gold Four Prong Earrings feature a a round diamond and four-prong mounting in 18K white gold, offering a touch of class to any occasion.

James Allen Jewelry Review
White Gold Four Prong Earrings

These stunning White Gold Four Prong Earrings are made with standard friction back posts, available for $220. They’re also available with screw backs for an additional $75.

White Gold Milgrain Bezel Diamond Pendant

James Allen Jewelry Review
White Gold Milgrain Bezel Diamond Pendant

Maybe you’re looking for a necklace to pair with your diamond earrings, or just have an eye for a delicate diamond setting necklace. Either way, if the White Gold Milgrain Bezel Diamond Pendant stirs something in your heart, I wouldn’t ignore it. Its attractive length falls just past the collar bone (18″).

James Allen Jewelry Review

This James Allen piece is a mix of modern and vintage design, featuring a diamond of your choice and 14K white gold milgrain bezel and rolled wire basket. This pendant uses a lobster clasp and 18” chain. Before customization, this piece is priced at $400.

James Allen Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

James Allen Jewelry Review

This James Allen review has found that customers across the world love James Allen diamonds. Their website flaunts a near-perfect review history—common themes include customer service, quality, and price. See for yourself:

Amazing quality, great customer service, well worth the money!” – James Allen jewelry review by Kienan S.

Brilliant masterpiece!” – James Allen jewelry review by Buhlebenkosi L.

We will definitely be buying from James Allen again for future ring purchases” – James Allen jewelry review by Matthew W.

“In love, perfection, best quality for your budget!” – James Allen jewelry review by Crystal T. is BBB certified with an A+ rating, which is very difficult to achieve. On TrustPilot James Allen diamonds have an excellent 4.5 star rating with more glowing positive commentary on customer service, selection, price, and quality. James Allen’s Facebook and Instagram pages also feature thousands of positive comments and photos from happy customers and followers.

Is James Allen Worth It?

James Allen Jewelry Review

Research for this James Allen jewelry review suggests that James Allen jewelry is a worthy investment. James Allen’s unique 360° Diamond Display technology makes a thorough shopping experience extremely accessible when in-person examination may not be feasible.

Lovers can craft personally-suited engagement rings to go with the proposal they envision for themselves. You can custom design earrings and pendants, or simply shop James Allen’s pre-made collection to find a great gift for someone special.

Past customers remark on the quality and beauty of the pieces they received, often sharing photos and comments on social media pages. The James Allen brand also offers some amazing perks including free worldwide shipping, a Lifetime Warranty, and 24/7 customer service (more on this in the FAQ section).

Overall, this James Allen jewelry review deems the brand transparent and accessible, with stunning, high quality designs at reasonable prices for a premium jeweller.

James Allen Promotions & Discounts 

At the time of this James Allen review, is not offering any sales and/or promotions, having just finished their summer sale. For a James Allen promo code or James Allen coupon code, check back with their website frequently and like/follow them on social media.

James Allen Jewelry Review

Where to Buy James Allen 

James Allen diamonds and fine jewellery can be purchased from or in one of their physical locations in New York or Washington. The 24/7 customer service team can assist you with any element of the purchase process.

In New York, you can find the operations and fulfillment center, as well as the exclusive Fifth Avenue Showroom where customers can book a personalized, red carpet service experience. also has a showroom in Washington DC that can have specific diamonds and pieces available for examination by advance request.


James Allen Sizing can accommodate and resize for any ring size. They offer a handy Ring Size Guide and Ring Size Wizard with options to measure your finger online or request a free James Allen sizing kit. They also have a ring size converter to convert UK sizing to US sizing and vice versa.

James Allen Financing

At the time of this James Allen jewelry review, the brand offers the option for customers to access a revolving line of credit and buy now, pay later financing options with $0 down. Financing options include a promotional period of 6 months to pay in full with deferred interest, with a minimum purchase of $1000 required. An alternative option is a 9.90% APR with 24 monthly payments contingent on a minimum purchase of $2000 and subject to credit approval.

James Allen Shipping Policy offers free worldwide shipping, however, international orders are subject to duties and taxes levied by the destination country. Couriers will contact customers about these fees once the package arrives in the destination country. Some important notes on shipping:

  • US orders greater than $500 in value are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight
  • International orders over $500 in value are shipped via FedEx International  Priority
  • US orders under $500 in value are shipped via FedEx Two Day Saver
  • International orders under $500 in value are shipped via FedEx Economy or USPS 

James Allen only ships orders once they’ve passed through quality control. Loose diamonds are shipped immediately after passing inspection, while all other jewelry and engagement rings are shipped in 1-3 weeks, depending on the production schedule of the item(s).

James Allen orders are fully insured during transit, in the case of lost packages. Order fulfillment requires a signature for all packages. You can check the status of your order and tracking on

James Allen Return Policy offers free 30-day returns for customers in Canada and the United States. Note that special orders cannot be returned, and items must be in new condition to be eligible for return. James Allen diamonds also have an upgrade policy, meaning any diamond can be exchanged for a 100% credit towards a new purchase valued at least 2x the original amount.

To return James Allen jewelry, follow the process outlined below:

1. Contact customer service (see the Contact James Allen section)

2. Advise the representative that you wish to return your order

3. Within 1 business day of your phone call you’ll be provided with a pre-paid, fully insured FedEx 2-Day label, along with instructions on how to safely and securely package items

4. Take your order and the label to the nearest FedEx location and mail it back

5. Your order should arrive in the James Allen office within two business days (excluding weekends and holidays)

6. All refunds will be processed within two weeks, in the form of the original purchase 

James Allen Lifetime Warranty

The James Allen Lifetime Warranty includes free prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating, and cleaning services. To take advantage of these services, you can either mail the jewelry to their offices, or take it to a qualifying Jared service center for complementary jewelry maintenance and repairs. Refer to the Store Locator page on to find a service location closest to you. 

If there are issues with the jewelry that are not covered in the Lifetime Warranty, you can mail the jewelry back to a James Allen office for evaluation. After inspection, you will be notified of any charges that will apply to service your jewelry. US customers can purchase a fully insured shipping label for $30. International customers are subject to return shipping costs, and in all cases, James Allen will ship your item back for free.

Contact James Allen  

If you have questions beyond this James Allen jewelry review, you can contact the team via:

  • Phone (US toll free): 877 826 9866
  • Phone (International): +1 412 314 9060
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat or direct message on

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Filippo Loreti Watches Review

About Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti watches review

Filippo Loreti is a luxury watch brand that handcrafts unique timepieces for men and women. The collection draws inspiration from Italian culture and history, and pays homage to icons of the Roman Empire. If you’re looking to add a vintage-style timepiece to your collection, this brand that was featured multiple times in Business Insider may have your next watch.

This Filippo Loreti watches review will give you more insight into the brand, some of its top selling watches, customer feedback, and promotions. Read on to learn more.

Overview of Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti began in 2015 with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign, which spanned two years, was wildly successful and garnered over 30 thousand supporters who contributed over 10 million dollars collectively. The support and intrigue behind the company brought life to the brand. 10 million dollars. Whoa.

The Filippo Loreti brand was founded with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal: to offer designer accessories at a revolutionary price. The products are made out of a facility in Hong Kong, with components sourced from Japan and Italy. Filippo Loreti aims to give you the look and feel of a designer timepiece, without the markup.

Filippo Loreti watches review

Before this Filippo Loreti watches review showcases some bestsellers, take a look at the highlights: 


  • High quality watch construction
  • Offers a range of watches, jewelry and accessories for men and women
  • Affordable pricing without retail markup 
  • 9500+ 5-star reviews
  • Free Shipping
  • 10 Year International Warranty


  • Customers reported issues with delivery wait-times, as well as a challenging and expensive return process (products must be sent back to Lithuania)
Filippo Loreti watches review

In this Filippo Loreti watches review, I’ll cover popular pieces for men and women. Delving deeper into the timepiece collections, this guide will style elements and insight into the designs.

Filippo Loreti Men’s Watches Review 

Filippo Loreti watches review

The Filippo Loreti men’s timepiece collection offers a variety in colors, from vivid emerald and ocean blue to neutral silver and black. The watches come with straps in rubber, mesh, link, and other styles ranging from more sophisticated to casual. Continue reading this Filippo Loreti watches review to see some of the top sellers for men.

Okeanos Green Steel Link Watch

The Okeanos Green Steel Link timepiece is named after Titan god Oceanus, a personification of all the salt water of the world. The watch features thoughtful details paying homage to this theme, including an intricate engraving of the trident of Oceanus on the caseback and crown. I liken the emerald green watch face to that of crystal clear ocean in the tropics.

The link bracelet of the Okeanos is constructed of stainless steel, while the glass covering is made of a sapphire coated mineral glass. The movement is a Miyota 2025 and this watch is water resistant up to 100 metres. You could go for a shallow reef dive or snorkelling session with the Oceanus. It features luminescent hand and hour marks, making easy to tell the time anywhere.

The Okeanos Green Steel Link watch was originally priced at $359, but is currently marked down to $219. So if you’re a bit of a greek mythology buff, if green is your color, or you’re simply looking for a good deal on a watch, check this one out.

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 Watch

Inspired by one of Italy’s racing icons, Alberto Ascari, the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 is a timepiece made with the racer’s careful precision and finely judged accuracy in mind. The piece features a tachymeter scale around the face and Ascari’s legendary vehicle is etched on the caseback. There’s even a little checkered flag detail on the crown. 

The link bracelet of this Filippo Loreti timepiece is constructed of stainless steel with a sapphire coated mineral glass covering, with a high quality Seiko VK64 movement and a tachymeter to boot. Water resistant up to 100 metres, the watch is quite striking to behold with its combination of steel, gold, and vibrant blue face. It’s definitely made for the man who likes to stand out. At $259 (marked down from $489), the elegant Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 is a solid deal.

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952 Watch

Similar to the 1951, the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952 shares the same namesake with a more rugged feel. The caseback and crown feature the same emblems, but the band is swapped out for a sensible and comfortable rubber strap. This watch is more casual in comparison with the ‘51. You could throw this on with a casual outfit and it would add a style accent, without looking excessive.

In regards to specs, the two watches are much the same but this one features Seiko VD54 movement and doesn’t display the date. And of course, the colorways are different. I love the combination of black and rose gold here, it’s quite sleek. The price point for the Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952  is $259 (marked down from $489), on par with the ‘51. 

Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition Watch

FP’s Odyssey Collection is a salute to Riviera style and all of it’s luxuries. The Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition watch has a classic look with it’s silver monochrome style and artful engravings. A watch like this is definitely more versatile, and just has an air of sophistication about it,  in my mind.

Now specs. It’s crafted of durable stainless steel and features luminated hands and markings to make it easy for you to read the time, even in the dark. A hardened mineral glass coating prevents scratching. This Filippo Loreti watch water resistant up to 100 meters and has a Japanese Seiko VD54 movement.

If you’re looking for a timepiece to compliment casual or business looks, this one could easily switch between the two. The Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition, similar to the previous, is marked down to $249 (from $489).

Filippo Loreti Women’s Watches Review

Filippo Loreti Watches Review

The Filippo Loreti women’s timepiece collection offers a variety in colors and styles that vary from formal to casual. The collection offers trendy feminine designs like pearl and marble watch faces to more classic minimalist gold and silver pieces. Keep scrolling through this Filippo Loreti watches review to see the most popular styles for women.

Asea Silver White Pearl Watch

Ok first off, love the stunning mother of pearl face on this one. The Asea Silver White Pearl watch shares a little bit of a resemblance to the likes of Omega’s Ladymatic collection. Okay but don’t get TOO excited, these aren’t diamonds, but they’re lovely sparkly crystals, and for a watch at this price point it will do. This fashion jewelry is the kind to wear at the office, on a date, or an upscale event.

Let’s check out the specs here. PVD coated stainless steel, as is standard for many premium watches. A hardened mineral glass coating to prevent scratching. A Miyota 2025 movement for accurate and precise timing. AND a modern-day mermaid goddess featured on the caseback, what a sweet touch. This is my favorite women’s timepiece of this Filippo Loreti watch review.

The Asea White Pearl watch is priced at $189 (marked down from $269), and seems to have amassed some positive reviews. One Filippo Loreti review gushed, “The Filippo Loreti watches are beautiful pieces of art. I have purchased watches for myself and as gifts for my siblings. Everyone loves them!”

Asea Two Tone Cream Gold Watch

The Asea Two Tone Cream watch features all of the same specs as the previous, just with a different color palette. The combination of silver, gold and cream evokes a more timeless vintage feel. So to reiterate: PVD coated stainless steel. Hardened mineral glass coating to prevent scratching. A Miyota 2025 movement for accurate and precise timing. And the same whimsical mermaid artwork on the caseback.

The elegant Asea Two Tone Cream timepiece rings in at $209 (marked down from $319), a little pricier than the monochrome version, but worth the extra bucks if you want something with a more charming look.

Marble Gold Mesh Watch

Filippo Loreti’s Marble Gold Mesh watch is one of the more minimal looking of the bunch. It’s simple, yet feminine in appearance. The face is cut from genuine marble, so the look of each watch will be unique.

The Marble Gold Mesh watch is constructed of a stainless steel mesh bracelet. It features the same Miyota 2025 movement, hardened mineral glass for scratch protection, and is water resistant up to 50 meters. This watch seems to be on the lower end, looking at their price points. But this piece is an affordable, chic way to dress up your day to day look. It rings in at $99 (marked down from $189)

Marble Silver Mesh Watch

This piece is the same as the previous in this Filippo Loreti watches review, but instead, it features a silver mesh bracelet. I love the inherent femininity of this design. The Marble Silver Mesh watch looks quite modern and elegant in this silver tone with its monochromatic color palette. Simplicity at its best.

The Marble Silver Mesh features the same hardened mineral glass for scratch protection, Miyota 2035 movement, and is water resistant up to 50 meters. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, this one is very well priced at $99 (marked down from $189).

Filippo Loreti Watch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Filippo Loreti watches review

TrustPilot rates Filippo Loreti 4.1/5 stars. Looking at the review distribution the ‘excellent’ reviews at 68% outweigh the ‘bad’ at 12%. But I was quite concerned with some of the negative commentary found online for this Filippo Loreti watches review below.

The biggest concern I found was relating to shipping and delivery times. Countless people mentioned that it took them many many months to receive their order. One Filippo Loreti review read, “I ordered a watch in Jan 2020 and was told it is not available until July 2020 after I made the payment. I feel really bad because the company had hidden this fact.”

There also seem to be credibility issues with the return policy. One Filippo Loreti watches review read “BEWARE, if you don’t like the watches you must pay to ship them back to Lithuania which is MORE than the watch costs.” It seems that customers are required to pay the international shipping costs to send products back to Lithuania…

As many bad reviews as there are, it seems that on the whole, customers are satisfied with the quality, pricepoint, and fashionable styles. One Filippo Loreti watches review reads, “The quality is so good I have a Cartier that was passed down from my dad and your watches supersedes expectations and looks better”.

Are Filippo Loreti Watches Worth It?

Filippo Loreti watches review

Based on my research, I would definitely purchase a Filippo Loreti watch if I was looking to add an affordable trendy piece to my collection. I believe that investing in a pricier timepiece is worth it if you have the funds, but these fun and fashionable watches are reasonably priced, stylish, and a good way to up your outfit game when you don’t have tons of cash to dole out on a new timepiece. They look to be of higher quality in comparison to watches of a similar price point on the market.

Filippo Loreti Promotions & Discounts 

I couldn’t find a Filippo Loreti promo code advertised on their site. But, you can easily subscribe to their newsletter to be informed of the latest Filippo Loreti discount code. It’s also worth noting that many of their watches are currently marked down on the site. So if you’re looking for a deal, now is the time!

Filippo Loreti watches review

Where to Buy Filippo Loreti Watches

You can only purchase Filippo Loreti products on


Filippo Loreti Shipping Policy

Filippo Loreti ships all around the world. As previously mentioned in this Filippo Loreti watches review, standard shipping is free, although you do have the option to pay for expedited delivery options if you desire. All shipments are made from Filippo Loreti’s European or US warehouse depending on supply, and you’ll receive a tracking code when your parcel ships out. 

In stock items ship within 3-5 business days with the express method but may take a little bit longer if you opt for the free standard shipping. Also note that pre-orders and made-to-order timepieces can take quite longer to recieve. If you are ordering from outside of the EU you will be responsible for import duties and taxes.

Filippo Loreti Return Policy

Filippo Loreti offers a 90 day return and exchange policy. But note that the product being returned must be unused and in mint condition. To initiate the return or exchange, fill out a form that you will find on their website and a support representative will contact you with further instructions. 

Unfortunately, customers outside the EU will be responsible for the shipping fees to send their item back to Europe which can be quite pricey. 

Contact Filippo Loreti

If you have any questions beyond this Filippo Loreti watches review, you can contact the team via the contact form on or by:

If you’re not sold on Filippo Loreti, check out these other affordable luxury time pieces:



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