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Andie Swimwear Review

Buying swimwear has always been a tough one for us—it’s even harder online. With so many different styles and models with bodies that don’t quite look like ours, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Andie is different.

Andie is a luxury women’s swimwear brand. Understanding that swimsuit shopping is a challenge on a good day, the brand supports customers by helping them find the right style, fit, and coverage. We particularly appreciated the Fit Quiz tool which offered up suggestions based on our body and style preferences.

We’re not the only one that values Andie’s refreshing approach to swimwear, though, we saw its name featured in Insider, People, and InStyle and its social community of 210k+. We even read that Andie grew 1000% between 2018-2019—a statistic that only further shows the need for this kind of brand.

So what can you expect in this Andie swimwear review? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand and its best-sellers, along with customer feedback, information on promotions, and more. Let’s suit up and dive in.

The brand believes that “when you wear a suit that fits, enjoying yourself comes naturally.” And honestly, we have to agree. Wearing an uncomfortable, pinchy bikini totally ruins volleyball matches—not to mention it gives you an unflattering rash in the process.

Founder and CEO, Melanie Travis, launched AndieSwim in 2017 to help women find a swimsuit that actually makes them feel good. The brand provides support throughout the entire process of swimsuit shopping, even if it’s some feedback when you’re at home critiquing yourself in the mirror. Too thorough? We don’t think so. We see it as the BFF of the retail world.

Andie swimsuits are made for the pickiest of consumers. Which means they were made for us. They designed their suits based on feedback and wear tests from thousands of women of different shapes and sizes, and are made from luxury-standard fabrics and finishes.

The suits are a blend of nylon and spandex and come in five different fabric options with a range of fun prints and colors. We loved that we could shop by classic styles, featured edits, or fit.

While we did read that Andie manufactures its suits and coverups in China, they work with ethical factories with fair labor practices and environmental initiatives. Some of the highest-quality work comes out of China, so don’t roll your eyes just yet.

Pros & Cons

Andie Swimwear Review

To give you a synopsis of what’s to come in this Andie swimwear review, we’ve rounded up the brand’s pros and cons. Spoiler: there aren’t many cons.


  • Quality Materials: Andie Swimwear uses high-quality materials in their swimsuits, including durable fabrics that are designed to provide comfort and longevity.
  • Simple and Timeless Designs: The brand focuses on minimalist and classic designs, offering timeless styles that can be worn season after season.
  • Size Inclusivity: Andie Swimwear offers a wide range of sizes, including extended sizing options, making their swimwear accessible to a diverse range of body types.
  • Mix and Match Options: The brand allows customers to mix and match tops and bottoms, providing more flexibility in creating personalized swimwear sets.
  • Home Try-On Program: Andie Swimwear offers a home try-on program where customers can order multiple swimsuits to try at home and only keep the ones they love. This makes the online shopping experience more convenient.


  • Limited Style Variety: While Andie Swimwear focuses on timeless designs, the brand’s collection may not offer as much variety or trend-driven styles compared to some other swimwear brands.
  • Limited Availability: As a direct-to-consumer brand, Andie Swimwear is primarily available for purchase online. This may be a drawback for customers who prefer trying on swimwear in-store before making a purchase.


Andie Swimwear Review

Getting to know the brand through its collection, we learned its style is as much about looks as it is about comfort. Great fitting and feeling clothes can totally make the woman, and we believe they can transform confidence.

Andie swimwear is made with women’s bodies in mind, so there’s a variety of coverage and support options, as well as picks for long torsos and small or large chests. Sexy in an understated way, the line is flush with soft, skin-friendly fabrics and fun colors and prints.

Want to buy suits for your mini? Andie had a kids’ collection to match its women’s, though many of the styles are now on final sale. We’ll walk you through both lines in this Andie Swimwear review, but first, let’s see what sets this brand apart from the rest:

  1. Timeless Design: Andie Swimwear focuses on creating classic and timeless swimwear designs. Their styles are clean, minimalistic, and versatile, allowing customers to wear them season after season without worrying about trends going out of style.
  2. Size Inclusivity: The brand recognizes the importance of catering to a diverse range of body types. Andie Swimwear offers an extensive range of sizes, including inclusive options for different bust and hip measurements. This commitment to size inclusivity ensures that more people can find swimwear that fits them well.
  3. Mix and Match Options: Andie Swimwear provides the flexibility to mix and match tops and bottoms. This feature allows customers to create their own personalized swimwear sets according to their style preferences and body proportions. It also enables them to achieve a better fit by choosing different sizes for tops and bottoms.
  4. High-Quality Materials: Andie Swimwear utilizes premium fabrics that are carefully selected for their durability, comfort, and performance. The materials used are designed to withstand the harsh effects of chlorine, sun exposure, and saltwater, ensuring that the swimwear maintains its quality and shape over time.
  5. Thoughtful Construction: The construction of Andie Swimwear garments focuses on fit and functionality. The swimsuits are designed with features such as adjustable straps, removable padding, and supportive underbands to enhance comfort and provide a flattering fit for various body shapes.
  6. Home Try-On Program: Andie Swimwear offers a unique home try-on program, allowing customers to order multiple swimsuits to try in the comfort of their own home. This feature helps customers find the perfect fit and style without the pressure of a traditional fitting room.
  7. Sustainable Practices: Andie Swimwear is committed to sustainability and ethical production. They use eco-friendly packaging and partner with responsible manufacturers who adhere to fair labor practices.


Andie Swimwear Review

Andie Swimwear utilizes high-quality materials that are chosen for their durability, comfort, and performance in swimwear:

  1. Nylon: Nylon is a common material used in swimwear due to its excellent strength, stretch, and resistance to wear and tear. It provides a smooth and soft feel against the skin, while also offering shape retention and resistance to fading and pilling.
  2. Spandex/Elastane: Spandex, also known as elastane, is a stretchy synthetic fiber that is blended with nylon in swimwear to provide flexibility and elasticity. It allows the swimsuit to stretch and recover its shape, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit.
  3. Polyester: Polyester is another material commonly used in swimwear. It offers excellent resistance to chlorine, making it suitable for pool use. Polyester is also known for its quick-drying properties and colorfastness, allowing the swimwear to retain its vibrant colors even after repeated exposure to water and sunlight.
  4. Lycra/Xtra Life Lycra: Lycra is a branded elastane fiber known for its exceptional stretch and recovery properties. Swimwear containing Lycra or Xtra Life Lycra offers enhanced shape retention, resistance to sagging, and improved chlorine resistance, resulting in longer-lasting swimwear.

9 Best-Selling Andie Swimwear

Andie swimwear is designed with you and your life in mind. They not only want to make you look good, but they want to make you feel good and stay protected, too.

We love that their suits have UPF 50+ protection, and their one-pieces have the option to select a classic or long torso to ensure you get the fit you need to keep you feeling flirty (and secure) all day long.

Just ahead, you’ll come to know the brand’s bestselling swimwear— a mix of classic and modern styles, all with a luxury look and feel. 

Andie The Tulum Review 

The one-piece made a comeback several years ago, and we couldn’t be any happier. Once shunned for their “basic” nature, one pieces are the new sexy.

The Tulum allows you to channel mega beach-babe vibes and is anything but basic. Soft, buttery fabric offers a look of luxury, while solid and understated patterns compliment any body type. 

With medium booty coverage and a racerback style to provide support, this suit allows you to show off all of your favorite assets. The Tulum style is offered in flat, ribbed, and eco-nylon fabrics in 7 fun colors and patterns like cherry and orchid.

The suit has removable soft cups that let you cover up when you need to, or show off when you don’t. Finally, you can own a suit that makes you feel secure and sassy. get the Tulum for $95-$115.

Andie The Mykonos Review

The Mykonos suit from Andie lets you show off what your mama gave you but in a totally classy way. Based on the name, we think this suit would be perfectly paired with a wide-brim sun hat and oversized shades while sunbathing in Greece.

Add your favorite romance novel and tropical beverage, and you’re the picture of luxury style—even if you’re just lounging in a kid-sized inflatable pool in the backyard. 

The suit features a deep plunging neckline and is secured by a waistband that cinches in the right place to highlight your shape. Thicker straps have a toning effect on shoulders and arms, while the removable soft cups keep your girls lifted.

The Mykonos suit comes in both flat and ribbed fabrics in 4 flattering solid colors like white and navy. Our fave? We think white ribbed is a must. Prices for this suit range between $95-$115 depending on the fabric and print you choose to suit your style.

Andie The Maui Top Review

Not every beach day is about lounging, fun in the sun is all about action, baby. The Maui Top definitely seems like it can keep up.

We think it looks like a crop top or sports bra, perfect for beach runs or island adventures. We’ve read that this top is extremely comfortable, made from a thick material that’s ultra flattering with adjustable straps and under-bust elastic for full support. We adore mixing and matching, so we appreciate that we can pick our preferred style of bottom to go with The Maui Top. Since it’s so versatile, we think it can be paired with just about any bottom.

Get it in flat, ribbed, ripple, or eco nylon in 10 colors and prints. We’re loving tropical palm in glossy eco nylon. When it comes time to pick your bottom, feel free to play around with colors to mix and match. Pick your favorite for $50-$70.

Andie The Bikini Bottom Review

Microfloss and loincloth bikini bottoms are fun and all, but sometimes a girl needs a good, dependable bottom. You know, one you can wear to a family beach day.

The Bikini Bottom is the brand’s most versatile bottom that offers a wide array of options for different looks. We suggest pairing it with a tube top and breezy kimono for cabana days, or with a tankini top for water gun fights in the backyard.

Available in 21 different colors and patterns, choose from flat, ribbed, or glossy eco nylon. We’re in love with the ditsy floral olive.

With a medium rise and snug fit, grab a pair of these classy and classic bottoms for $45-$55—select styles are on sale for $35-$40.

Andie The Maternity Amalfi Review

Yes, you can still look sexy while pregnant! We love the direction maternity wear is going. Gone are the days when mumus and boring swimsuits were your only style option. This Andie Swim pregnant style comes in navy, black, and cherry red with a flattering but classy neckline.

We imagine pairing the black Maternity Amalfi with a flowy, neutral bohemian coverup with tons of fun tassels. This suit isn’t all looks through. It also offers added support for your growing belly. Ideal for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester, it features side ruching for a comfortable fit and a medium-high leg cut.

When choosing your size, be sure to select your typical pre-pregnancy size. This belly-flattering suit retails for $95.

Andie The Kids Bikini Review

We positively adore the fact that the brand makes kids’ swimsuits to match their women’s versions. Who doesn’t love a ‘Mommy and Me’ moment? Coordinate with your little one with The Kids Bikini, which comes in cheeky prints like Summer Stripe and Cherry Red.

Enjoy a mommy-daughter day at the pool, and make memories in matching swimsuits that will have you smiling for years to come. The Kids Bikini comes in their eco-friendly recycled fabric. Turn “beach-babe” into “beach-baby” with this classic two-piece for $50

Andie The Eco Amalfi Kids Review

The Eco-Amalfi Kids one-piece has the same classic cool look as the matching women’s swimsuit. Cute patterns, like rose stripe, have a trendy vibe that your little girl will love. Heck, we love them for us.

The classic scoop neckline and slim straps offer a higher neckline and a comfortable fit to keep your little one happy and carefree. You can purchase The Eco Amalfi Kids suit to match your own for just $50.

Andie The Eco Kids Trunks Review

Let’s not forget about the little boys out there! The Eco Kids Trunks are lightweight and a great go-to option for your trendy guy to shine at the beach. These trunks are available in classic colors like navy and cherry red and offer protection and practicality for long days spent in the sun. 

Let your kid explore the sand or dive deep with confidence in The Eco Kids Trunks. These trunks are currently on sale for $41, normally $45.

Andie The Eco Rashguard Kids Review

Extra sun protection never hurts. The Eco Rashguard Kids top will keep your kid safe during days outdoors without making them overheat.

Lightweight and breathable, this rashguard offers UPF 50+ and comes in solid colors like cherry red and navy, or patterns like sky and summer stripe. 

We love the summer stripe option. We think it looks like a multicolored popsicle. Make things safe and fun for your kids with The Eco Rashguard Kids top for $30-$40.

Who Is Andie Swimwear For?

Andie Swimwear is designed for women who value both style and functionality in their swimwear. The brand caters to a diverse range of individuals, including:

  1. Women of all ages: Andie Swimwear offers a variety of styles and cuts that are suitable for women of different age groups. Whether you’re a young adult, a professional woman, or a mature individual, you can find swimwear options that align with your personal style and preferences.
  2. Women seeking comfort and confidence: Andie Swimwear prioritizes comfort without compromising style. The swimsuits are designed to provide a secure and supportive fit, allowing women to feel confident and at ease while enjoying their time in the water.
  3. Active individuals: For women who lead an active lifestyle and engage in water activities such as swimming, paddleboarding, or beach volleyball, Andie Swimwear offers options with features like secure straps, adjustable closures, and durable materials that can withstand movement and maintain their shape.
  4. Fashion-forward individuals: Andie Swimwear incorporates contemporary designs and trends into their collections, appealing to women who want to stay fashionable and on-trend while enjoying their time at the beach or pool. The brand offers a range of colors, prints, and silhouettes to suit different style preferences.
  5. Women seeking high-quality swimwear: Andie Swimwear focuses on using premium materials and expert craftsmanship to create durable and long-lasting swimwear. It is ideal for women who value quality and want swimwear that will stand the test of time.

Andie Swimwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Andie Swimwear Review

Eyeing up swimwear online is one thing, but this wouldn’t be a complete Andie swimwear review if we didn’t hear what customers had to say about the brand as of June 2023.

After scanning the web, we found customer reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, Insider, and the brand website that comment on the secure fit and appealing styles of their swimsuits. Let’s look at some ratings on first:

  • The Amalfi: 4.7/5 stars, 2,202 reviews
  • The Tulum: 4.7/5 stars, 1,614 reviews
  • The Maui Top: 4.7/5 stars, 456 reviews
  • The Mykonos: 4.6/5 stars, 1,342 reviews
  • The Bikini Bottom: 4.8/5 stars, 379 reviews

Of The Tulum, one Andie swimwear review read, This is the little black dress of swimsuits. It’s comfortable and stays put, so it can be worn when you’re planning to be active, but it’s simple and revealing enough to be dressed up with a sarong… I’ve always felt self-conscious in swimsuits, but not with this one.”

Overall, customers love the brand’s fast shipping and easy shopping experience that made buying and wearing a swimsuit actually enjoyable.

Andie Swimwear Review

Andie swimwear reviews on Reddit report high quality and fast shipping. There were about 19 comments, the majority of which held positive stories about the brand. One customer wrote, “I loved it so much I placed a second order…The quality is outstanding and despite postal delays [due to Covid-19] received my order 7 days after I ordered!”

We headed over to an Andie Swimwear review on Insider for a closer look. The author wrote of the easy shopping process, saying their “incredibly easy process made something I genuinely dread…into something kind of fun and satisfying.

We’d have to agree with this one. After taking the quiz for ourselves, we really felt heard, like as if we had a personal shopper picking just for us. We loved all of our recommendations.

Hungry for any other helpful Andie swimwear review we could find, we checked into Trustpilot, but there simply weren’t enough reviews there to give an accurate depiction of the brand. After all of the feedback we collected, we’d have to say that more than the majority of it is positive—though, it’s not all positive.

We ran into comments about trouble finding the right fit and that one customer got a sunburn despite the UPF 50+ protection. These comments were rare, like really rare, so while we can’t ignore them, we find comfort in knowing they’re not common. All in all, Andie is shaping up to be a well-loved brand.

Is Andie Swimwear Worth It?

Andie Swimwear Review

It’s final thoughts time in this Andie swimwear review. So does the brand get a pass? We really appreciate what Andie is doing for women’s swimsuit shopping. Buying swimwear is notoriously rough.

Coming face-to-face with our bodies and any areas of insecurity we may have, we felt really comfortable shopping with this brand and that’s something we don’t feel with other swimsuit stores.

We love that Andie offers support throughout the entire process and will help you pick a suit that is best for your body. There are some reviews that speak of not enjoying how Andie swimsuits fit, so we suggest taking advantage of the support the brand offers before purchasing.

Pretty much every Andie Swimwear review for customer service, shipping, and returns was great. We think it’s awesome that they offer eco-friendly options and that their swimsuits are made in a factory with environmental initiatives in place.

The verdict of this Andie swimwear review? We believe their swimwear is absolutely worth the buy.

Andie Promotions & Discounts 

Andie Swimwear Review

Reading through the brand’s website for this Andie Swimwear review, we saw that there’s a killer Andie sale section with some really great stuff. The brand also offers a Rewards Program where you can shop and earn points to redeem for discounts later. 

Where To Buy Andie Swimwear

Andie Swimwear Review

You can shop their swimwear exclusively through


Here are two brand alternatives to Andie Swimwear, each offering its own unique style, features, and design:

  1. Summersalt: Summersalt offers a range of swimwear known for its inclusive sizing, sustainable materials, and innovative design. Their swimsuits are crafted with high-quality fabrics that provide a comfortable fit and excellent durability.
  2. LSpace: LSpace is a brand that combines bohemian-inspired designs with contemporary elements. Their swimwear collections feature feminine cuts, intricate detailing, and an array of prints and colors. The brand also offers various coverage options to cater to different preferences.


Where are Andy swimsuits made?

Andie items are all made in China. However, we were happy to learn their factory employs ethical and fair labor practices, alongside environmental initiatives and working conditions.

Is Andie Swim sustainable? 

Andie’s factory follows its environmental initiatives. Though we tried to find out what they were for this Andie Swimwear review, we didn’t have luck. If you want to up your sustainability score further, we suggest checking out their eco nylon or eco poly collections.  

What sizes does Andie swimwear offer? 

Andie carries sizes for women in XS to 3XL for their swimsuits. Their pants come in sizes 00 to 24, and their bra sizes come in 30A to 44E.

For more information, refer to the Andie swimwear size chart next in the product descriptions. Or, you can take the 12-question Fit Finder quiz on the website to find the best Andie swimsuit for you.

What is Andie’s Shipping Policy?

Andie offers shipping within the US, Canada, and Mexico. Duties and taxes for international orders will be applied at checkout. If you live in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, or Singapore, place your order on All shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. 

For the US, Andie orders ship out within 3 business days from the time you place your order, and they take between 3-7 business days to be delivered.

We’ll note here in this Andie Swimwear review that expedited shipping options are only available for US orders. Expedited shipping takes 2 business days, and Overnight shipping takes 1 business day

International orders take between 2-3 weeks to be delivered. Andie will send you a confirmation number when your order ships, along with the tracking number that you can track via the carrier website. 

What is Andie’s Return Policy?

The brand has something called Andie Swim Happy Returns, which, to us, sounds like they make returns as easy as possible. For US orders, all items that are in original condition, with tags and liners attached, are eligible for free Andie swimwear returns within 21 days from the delivery date.

To start your return, head to their Return Portal and Andie will send you a prepaid return label to attach to your package that you will need to drop off at FedEx. 

For Andie swimwear Canadian orders, head to their Return Portal. You’ll be charged a $10 processing fee if you’d like a full refund. However, if you’re looking to make an exchange or receive store credit, the fee is waived.

For other international orders in Mexico and the UK, Andie does not provide return labels. You’ll need to send it back yourself. Once Andie receives it at their warehouse, they will issue your refund. To do this, email [email protected].

If your item has been marked as final sale, it cannot be returned.

How to contact Andie

If you need to get in contact with Andie for any information that I didn’t provide in this Andie review, you can send them an email at [email protected] or call or text (647) 307-1938

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