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About Summersalt

Summersalt Review

Summersalt is a women’s clothing brand that sells swimwear, activewear, sleepwear, loungewear, and more. Its casual-but-stylish pieces emphasize comfort, functionality, and fits designed to match the bodies of actual women.

In the humble opinion of this Summersalt swim review, the brand’s biggest selling point is the “Every Body is a Summersalt Body” campaign, which celebrates the diverse and uniquely beautiful bodies of a wide variety of talented women, including stylist and author Stacy London, double amputee and fashion model Lauren Wasser, and Olympic gymnast Chelsea Werner. 

Bold moves like that have generated quite a buzz around this brand. Summersalt has been featured in such media outlets as Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Forbes, Fortune, Today, Allure, and Refinery29, among others. The brand has also grown a following of 295K on Instagram, and nearly 83K on Facebook.

Looking for inclusive and eco-friendly swim- and activewear that’s designed to get you where you need to go while still looking fab? This Summersalt swim review will give you an in-depth look at the brand, some of its bestselling products, customer feedback, promotions and discounts, and more to help you decide if this progressive-thinking fashion line is a fit for you. 

Overview of Summersalt

Summersalt Review

Summersalt was launched in St. Louis, Missouri in 2017 by entrepreneurs Reshma Chamberlin and Lori Coulter, who were looking to create swimwear that would go against the grain of the frequently oversexualized, implicitly body-shaming designs put forth by the major players in the industry. 

The brand’s body-positivity philosophy is supported by an innovative use of technology. Digitally scanning the bodies of over 10,000 women of all sizes and shapes, the brand employs this wealth of data to craft an ideal, reality-based fit for all its swimsuits and activewear.

By employing a direct-to-consumer model at launch, Summersalt was able to keep its prices comfortably mid-range while still producing quality swimwear that is made to last. The brand also uses majority post-consumer recycled materials in its swimwear, and strives to find ever more sustainable solutions in both its manufacturing and its packaging.

In the very few years since its launch, Summersalt has blown up majorly. Its Sidestroke swimsuit became an Instagram sensation, and the brand’s apparel has been sported by such celebs as Gigi Hadid and Priyanka Chopra

Now that you’ve got the background on the brand, it’s time to get down to business. We’ll kick off the deep-dive portion of our Summersalt swim review with a quick n’ handy rundown of the most notable highlights of this brand and its products.


  • Inclusive swimwear and activewear that is scientifically designed to fit any and every body, from sizes 2 to 24
  • Women-owned company
  • Swimwear is made from 78% recycled materials
  • Brand website features tools like the Fit Guide and Style + Size Finder quiz to help you find your perfect fit
  • Installment payment option available via Zip
  • Free shipping on US orders of $95 and up
  • Free returns and exchanges for US orders

While the distinctive Summersalt swimsuits may have made this brand’s name, this overnight sensation has a lot more going on as well. Whether you’re lounging around the house or heading out to tackle a 10K, Summersalt has got your back (and top and bottom as well). So enough with all this preamble, let’s dig into this Summersalt swim review in earnest.

Summersalt Swim Review

So even though we call this a Summersalt swim review, we went outside the brand’s Instagram-friendly swimwear line to investigate some bestselling items from its other apparel categories as well. No, no, please, don’t worry about it—you can thank us later. 

Summersalt The Sidestroke Review

This is the rock upon which Summersalt built its church (er, brand). The Sidestroke set Instagram afire with its attractive one-shoulder design, fashion-forward color blocking, and, most importantly, super-flattering compression fit that keeps all of you locked in place with maximum comfort.

The Sidestroke offers secure, no-padding support for any bust size, as well as maximum dorsal coverage. (For your butt, you know.) Available in sizes 0 to 24, the pride of Summersalt swimwear can be yours for $95.

Summersalt The Perfect Wrap One-Piece Review 

No matter your size or shape, The Perfect Wrap One-Piece will adhere to your body… well, perfectly! The deep V-neckline that meets just above the midriff, with the wrap design continuing down to culminate in a super-cute string-tie on the hip.

The bust has built-in cups to give the girls some extra support, while the compression fabric keeps you snug, covered, and comfortable. Available in a lucky 13 different patterns or color-blocked designs, The Perfect Wrap One-Piece retails for $95. 

For another take on a tie-waist one-piece, have a look at the various Summersalt Backflip styles.

Summersalt The High Leg Mid Rise Bikini Bottom Review 

Looking for something a little cheekier in your bikini bottom? The High Rise Mid Leg Bikini Bottom gives off a bit of an ’80s workout-wear vibe with its slightly scandalous but still-classy semi-V-shaped cut at the back.

This bottom comes in nine niftily named but actually entirely straightforward colors, including:

  1. “White Sand” (White, obvs.)
  2. “Leopard” (OK, they get a pass on that one.)
  3. “Lava” (Go on, guess.)
  4. “Hibiscus” (It’s pink.)
  5. “Sea Urchin” (Looks like black to us.)
  6. “Deep Sea” (Blue—half-pass.)
  7. “Seaweed” (Turquoise—not really seeing the connection, Summersalt!)

You can match these with the same colored top in a variety of styles. The High Leg Mid Rise Bikini Bottom is $45. 

Summersalt Cloud 9 Pajama Set Review 

Whoever thought that sustainability could feel this snuggly-soft? Made from polyester cribbed from discarded plastic bottles and beech tree-sourced Modal fabric (which requires 10-20 times less water than cotton), The Cloud 9 Pajamas is one pair of PJs you’ll never want to take off. 

Lightweight and ridiculously comfortable, these pink-and-blue Summersalt pajamas come in sizes XS to 2X. Pick yourself up a pair for $95. 

Summersalt Face Coverings Multi-Pack Review 

Nothing screams “pandemic chic” like these multi-colored Face Coverings. These reusable, machine-washable Summersalt masks have a comfortable inner layer made from 100% cotton, while the outside is made from the same majority-recycled-materials fabric as the brand’s renowned swimsuits.

Additionally, for every 3-pack of Face Coverings sold the brand will donate one mask to an organization that is serving the community during These Uncertain Times. Get the Face Coverings Multi-Pack in your choice of two mix-and-match color options for $32.

Who Is Summersalt For? 

Summersalt Review

Summersalt is founded on the principles of inclusivity and body positivity, celebrating all the diversely beautiful varieties of the female form. There is a very wide size range available for all of its styles, and each piece has been designed and manufactured to provide a comfortable and flattering fit for all kinds of body types.

Comparison: Summersalt vs. Modlily  

Summersalt Review

Modlily is a women’s fashion company that sells a wide variety of swimwear, dresses, tops and bottoms, outerwear and activewear, and also jewelry and accessories. One of the first things you can notice when you visit the brand website is the numerous flashing pop-ups and banners that inundate you with invitations to take advantage of Modlily’s many discounts and promos.

This is consistent with what appears to be the brand’s chief selling point, which is affordability (with speedy delivery a semi-close second). Modlily prices its products significantly lower than comparable items at Summersalt. For example, at the former, you can expect to dish out only $40 for a one-piece swimsuit, and between $10-$20 for a standard bikini bottom.

By contrast, as this Summersalt swim review noted above, our spotlighted brand charges $95 for its signature Sidestroke one-piece, while a bikini bottom could cost you between $45-$70 depending on the style and size. That’s pretty unsurprising, though, given both the quality of the often sustainably sourced materials and the brand’s scientific approach to fashion design. 

Summersalt Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Summersalt Review

Summersalt says that it makes its clothing for everyone, but does that claim hold water? This Summersalt swim review took it to the streets (well, we actually just sat in front of our laptop, but whatevs) to see what the brand’s customers really have to say about this Instagram-darling fashion company.

At the brand’s website, the distinctive Sidestroke swimsuit is a smash hit, with a perfect 5/5-star rating from 4,789 reviews. While some customers did note slight issues with the suit due to their own unique bodily features, overall the vast majority were delighted with the Sidestroke’s fit, coverage, and compression. 

One buyer who describes herself as “a 36 DD, 120 pounds” and complains that it has been “very hard for me to find swim suits where I have support but I don’t look like a grandma” had this to say about the Sidestroke:

So not only is this beautiful swimsuit comfortable and aesthetically gorgeous but it is so flattering. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a swimsuit. Not worried about my boobs popping out or having to tuck them in. The suit is very form-fitting but not in an uncomfortable way. Keeps everything in its place.”

Sticking to the swimsuit tack, The Perfect Wrap One-Piece is another hit, with 4.5/5 stars from 673 reviews. One very pleased purchaser drew attention to the suit’s perfect balance of sexiness and classiness:

The most flattering bathing-suit I own! I am a big fan of the Summersalt one piece but this one is by far my favorite. I am 5”2 and 148lbs and purchased a size 8. About the fit: the back looks sexy but in a tasteful way and the material of the suit is exceptional. I highly recommend this suit if you are looking for something sexy but classic and need to cover certain areas.”

There aren’t very many customer reviews of the Summersalt items on sale at the website of the brand’s retail partner, Nordstrom, but this Summersalt swim review still did its due diligence and pulled out the product with the most ratings. That would be the The Swan Dive One-Piece swimsuit, with its distinctively small, triangle cut-out at the middle of the bust.

This Summersalt bathing suit brought in 4/5 stars from 12 customer reviews. Just as on the Summersalt site itself, there were some customers here who found that some aspects of the suit didn’t work for their body type or bodily comfort. But one five-star reviewer was particularly pleased with that little frontal detail, and with the suit as a whole: 

I was apprehensive about buying a one-piece but glad I bought this one. This is the right kind of mix of a classic look with a little bit of sexy and the color is gorge. The cut out is the best part. I am not big busted but enough so that a little under boob shows which is perfect… Now I just have to plan a vacation.”

Given the lack of customer feedback on usual go-tos like Trustpilot, we instead tracked down an in-depth review of three Summersalt swimsuits—The Sidestroke, The Sunbather, and The Marina—at the website Reviewed. The author, who says that buying a swimsuit is “always an anxiety-inducing event” for her, was thoroughly impressed by all three items.

Of the Sidestroke, the author wrote that, “When I put this suit on, it was immediately clear why the suit has a cult following. It really was the perfect fit—and this is coming from someone who usually doesn’t like the one-shoulder look on herself… It really does look good on everyone.”

The one issue she flagged with this suit was “the lack of boob support” due to the no-cup construction, but she also noted that the newer editions of this Summersalt classic do now include this feature.

So overall, this Summersalt swim review would have to say that the vast majority of customers are anywhere from very pleased to ecstatic about their buys from this brand. Most of the minor naysaying had to do with matters of personal aesthetic preference or swimsuits not completely conforming to very specific bodily quirks. But hey, even a “data-backed” brand can’t be perfect! 

Is Summersalt Worth It?

Summersalt Review

After weighing all of the info above, this Summersalt swim review has no hesitation saying that this brand is definitely worth a try. The brand’s styles are attractively contemporary (if not ahead of the curve); the materials are high-quality and semi-sustainably sourced; and the prices are more than reasonable given the durable construction and eye-catching designs

Perhaps the most appealing thing about the brand is its dedication to inclusivity. The women in my life (including myself) are all very different from one another, and some of us have historically had an incredibly hard time finding swimsuits—sometimes to the point that we stopped shopping for them altogether! 

This is why body-positive brands are such a welcome presence in today’s culture. We seem to be shifting ever further away from cookie-cutter conceptions of beauty, and fashion lines like Summersalt are helping to make that happen. 

Summersalt Promotions & Discounts 

Summersalt Review

Sorry to report, but at the time of writing this Summersalt swim review we found surprisingly few promos at We did turn up a refer-a-friend offer, which allows you to gift a friend $10 on their first purchase; if they take advantage of it, you get $10 off your next order as well. Score!

Where to Buy Summersalt

Summersalt Review

At present, the best place to buy Summersalt clothing is at The brand has partnered with Nordstrom, but at present there are only 10 items available on the retailer’s website.


Summersalt Review

Where is Summersalt located?

Summersalt is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri—which is a little ironic, given that the city is renowned for its lack of beaches. The brand creates all of its designs and color schemes in-house at its head office.

Who owns Summersalt swim? 

Summersalt is co-founded and co-owned by Reshma Chamberlin and Lori Coulter. Coulter had previously headed her own, self-branded swimwear company, while Chamberlin came from the world of business design and branding. 

Where is Summersalt made? 

All Summersalt products are manufactured in China and other locations across Asia. The brand stresses that most of its facilities are WRAP-certified, and many of them have obtained additional certifications attesting to their efforts toward sustainability measures.

What sizes does Summersalt have? 

Summersalt’s one-piece swimsuits come in sizes 0-24; bikini tops have a size range of 2-12, and bottoms run from 2-22. Dress sizes range from XS-2X. 

What is Summersalt’s Shipping Policy?

Happily, Summersalt ships to almost every country in the world. Shipping methods and delivery times for US orders are as follows: 

  • Ground (via DHL or USPS)—3-5 business days
  • Next Day (FedEx)—1 business day
  • 2-Day (FedEx) —1-2 business days

US orders of $95 and above are eligible for free 2-day shipping. Evidently, shipping rates will be calculated at checkout, as there are no prices indicated on the brand website. 

International orders ship via Express International Shipping, which typically takes 3-6 business days for delivery, though shipping times can be longer depending on location. Applicable taxes, duties, customs fees, etc. will be applied to the order total at checkout. Note that international orders are not eligible for free shipping.

What is Summersalt’s Return Policy?

US customers are entitled to free returns or exchanges within 30 days of delivery date. Items must be in their original condition, with all tags attached. Items such as underwear, bralettes, face coverings (masks), towels, and custom orders are final sale. Note that Summersalt does not offer refunds on the original shipping fee.

To initiate your return, go to the return portal on the brand website. Once you have filled in your information, you will:

  1. Print out your prepaid return label
  2. Attach the label to the package containing the item you are returning (reusable mailers are provided in the original shipment)
  3. Drop it into the mailbox or drop off at your local USPS location

Refunds or exchanges will be processed within 1-2 weeks after the returned item is received.

To return international orders, go to the global returns portal here and follow the same steps as above (except the part about USPS, obviously—you’ll need to take it to your nearest DHL drop point). The return shipping fee is $20, which will be deducted from your refund. Original shipping fees, as well as customs fees, duties, etc., are non-refundable.

How to Contact Summersalt

Got any questions that we didn’t already cover in our Summersalt swim review? You can contact the brand directly via:

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