Blackbough Swim Review

About Blackbough Swim

Blackbough Swim Review

Blackbough Swim sells bikini loungewear for women who love the beach and want to take it with them wherever they go. Whether you’re on the oceanside, next to a pool, or playing spike ball, these stylish pieces will help you shine and feel comfortable inside and out.

As they say, “Every day is a beach day when you’re wearing the right bikini.” Today Blackbough Swim has 664K followers on Instagram, 50K on TikTok, and features in Popsugar and Seventeen.

You might have even seen their bathing suits sported by Madison Beer and Millie Bobby Brown

This Blackbough Swim review will go over the different items sold by the brand, prices, shipping and returns policies, customer feedback, and what you can expect overall when deciding if it’s worth the buy.

Overview of Blackbough Swim

Blackbough Swim Review

Blackbough Swim has humble origins. The founder, Jemina Ty, created the first bikinis in her bedroom—not so much as a boutique item, but to wear one herself. From the beginning, these pieces were made to be worn by beach fanatics of all shapes and sizes

Blackbough bikinis are designed to flatter your body and pop with streamlined patterns. They are also super comfortable and reliable so that you feel fresh and sunny from morning to night. 

The wide variety in the product catalog gives options for any summertime activity because what you wear should match your soul. Of course, there’s more to know about the brand. You might be wondering, perhaps, is Blackbough Swim good quality? 

Keep reading for a complete Blackbough Swim bikini guide, covering all the fine details about this brand.


  • Blackbough Swim offers a huge variety of bathing suits and loungewear 
  • Excellent fit and high-quality fabric
  • Products are made of 80% recyclable fabric
  • Great support for women of all body types 
  • Many positive reviews on multiple online platforms
  • Regular sales and discounts

What is Blackbough Swim?

Blackbough Swim Review

Blackbough Swim is a boutique brand with a small and dedicated design team. All of their bikinis and loungewear are meant for warm weather (obviously) but not necessarily for vacations exclusively.

The lovely thing about Blackbough Swim is that they understand some days we don’t even need to go to the beach—it’s already inside us. The sun is shining, and to bring our inner flow to the way we walk and feel in the world, the right clothing is required.

This isn’t office clothing; Blackbough Swim bikinis are glamorous and meant to turn heads. The same goes for their crop tops, ultra-soft pants, and sarongs. You will blossom like a desert rose and carry the low-key vibe of an adventurous getaway with each step.

Is Blackbough Swim sustainable?

Blackbough Swim Review

You bet! Even though Blackbough Swim is a new brand, they have taken strides to minimize their impact on the environment.

Plastics are polluting our oceans at a rapid rate and overloading our landfills. The company knew they couldn’t honestly flex a holiday vibe without first tackling this issue.

To make a real impact, Blackbough Swim created a product line from 80% recyclable fabric—but don’t worry about the quality. These bikinis are still “buttery soft” and absolutely gorgeous with Ibiza flair.

But that’s not even the best part. Blackbough Swim also changed up their packaging to zero-waste biodegradable bags made from cornstarch. So don’t trash it! Put it in your compost, where it will turn into healthy fertilizer in about a month.

There are parts of their overall packing that Blackbough Swim can’t (yet) make biodegradable. For those, they’ve switched to functional plastic bags designed to be reused as a travel bag or for storing any kind of item. 

Because they’re resealable, they are meant to be used over and over again to break the cycle of single-use plastics.

Blackbough Tops Review

Blackbough Swim Review

It’s time for this Blackbough Swim review to dive into 5 best-selling styles. We’ll go over how much these tops cost, materials, and discuss structural elements while peppering in some fashion tips.

Blackbough Willow Top Review

The Willow Top is a true-to-size top in a spandex nylon mix that makes it cozy to wear all day long. Right away, you notice the underwire design feature that gives structure to the bust, opening up more opportunities for dresses with thin straps.

The adjustable straps of the Willow Top also make it more comfortable, allowing for tiny changes in the fit that have customers swearing by it. Oh, and there are no seams on the top, which means more elasticity and less friction against your golden skin. 

This Blackbough Swim white bikini top is on sale for $30, down from $40.  

Blackbough Riri Top Review

The Riri Top has a dangerous and seductive snakeskin pattern. It’s the perfect attire for a summertime bank robbery or sexy CIA mission. It uses Blackbough Swim’s textbook nylon and spandex blend for ultra-comfort and flexibility.

You can move the shoulder and bust straps to make it fit you with precision. Structurally, the Riri Top uses gold rings to connect the pieces of the bikini, which blend in perfectly with the reptilian pattern.

Buy this true-to-size bikini for $45 and wear it when you want people to wonder if you’re on a secret mission. 

Blackbough Martini Top Review

Blackbough’s Martini Top boasts a reimagined triangle top that hugs your curves in all the right places. The halter neckline offers optimal front coverage while leaving your back exposed.

It has an adjustable tie-back along with adjustable cups for a custom fit. This Blackbough Swim review suggests the Martini Top for women of all sizes especially if you want to minimize tan lines as this top has skinny straps.

Right now you can get the Blackbough Martini top for only $45

Blackbough Paige Top Review

Blackbough’s Paige Top adds more space to the bust, rebelling against a perfectly form-fitting look in favor of breathability. A keyhole middle gives the top balance and form, in contrast to the pebble-shaped polka dot pattern.

There are no seams or padding on this one, but it is double-lined. Combined with adjustable straps, this Blackbough Swim review expects the Paige Top to be one of the most frequently worn bikinis among your rotating faves.

The Blackbough Swim Piage Bikini is on sale for $34 (originally $45).  

Blackbough Tona Top Review

The Blackbough Swim itty bitty titty committee gives the Tona Top their stamp of approval. Specifically designed for lighter busts, it flatters and supports you as a bikini top should.

Blackbough Swim accomplishes a great fit with a swirl of fabric in the middle, which tightens just enough for it to stay in place. The pebble pattern brings a chill lounging vibe to the piece, appearing mysterious yet ready for any activity.

Sadly, the Blackbough Swim sale doesn’t include the Tona Top at this moment. It rings in at $40

Blackbough Bri Top Review

The Bri Top is a retro Blackbough Swim tropical bikini with absolutely hypnotic colors. Splashes of yellow and orange flower shapes on a light blue canvas make it more Andy Warhol.

It’s stylish in an intellectual way, and perfect for a stroll down a promenade in the South of France.

An underwire gives you proper support for any beach sport, such as volleyball. Also, the halter strap and tie-back are adjustable, while the balconette design choice ensures a close fit throughout the day.

The Bri Top is true to size and costs $50. It’s a newer product and doesn’t yet have reviews, but everything about it makes this Blackbough Swim review confident that it will soon be all over social media.

Blackbough Bottoms Review

Blackbough Swim Review

Bikini bottoms get just as much (if not more) attention than the top. You know this, and Blackbough Swim certainly knows it. That’s why they put so much detail and effort into making them mix and match. 

This Blackbough Swim review will look at 4 best-selling bottoms and explain their styles, tell you what’s unique about them, and what they cost.

Blackbough Sophia Bottoms Review

The Sophia Bottoms design has a cheeky bottom with a V-shape, adorned by cute little ties on either hip. Giving you a modest amount of coverage, this high-rise piece is the brand’s most snug fit. Pair it with a matching scrunchie, or go all-out with a statement headwrap. 

The Sophia Bottoms come in 8 different colors, including cocoa, buttercup, tutti frutti, and more. It costs $45 and will hopefully be back in stock by the time you read this Blackbough Swim review. 

Blackbough Liv Bottoms Review

The Liv Bottoms don’t leave much to the imagination. It’s super minimalist, which makes it ideal for tanning and walking around with ease. The hanging ties on your hips allow for adjustable coverage

The Blackbough Swim lilac bikini stands out anywhere on the beach. But if this youthful shade isn’t quite your vibe, the Liv Bottoms also come in 18 different solids and patterns—so you can express many different facets of your personality. You can buy a pair for $50.

Blackbough Moderate Bottoms Review

The Moderate Bottoms are super versatile, with a scrunched stitch just below the waistline on the back. Blackbough recommends going a size up for this purchase because they are tight and flattering.

For styling suggestions, they look amazing when complemented by the Tona Top

The Moderate Bottoms give a sophisticated and sexy appeal while also looking inviting and sporty. The deep aqua color works in any setting or occasion, but there are 17 other options, such as hot pink or popcorn.

Show off some Blackbough Swim midnight swimwear for $40

Blackbough Maui Bottom Review

The Maui Bottom is a great high rise that perfectly snugs your handles and gives you a long silhouette. It is the perfect bottom for getting rid of those muffin tops and is one of Blackbough’s bestsellers.

It has a seamless design to prevent chafing and to allow for more flexible movement. It is also double-lined to ensure that your swimsuit isn’t see through after your swim.

The Blackbough’s Maui bottom looks amazing in the Kai Aloha pattern but if that isn’t to your liking there are 16 other styles/patterns to choose from starting at only $28.

Blackbough Cami Bottoms Review

Cami Linen Shorts are a super-traditional loungewear option. Breezy and light as a feather, they have a high scrunched waist and a lightly raw bottom hem. The best part about these is that they feature deep pockets on either side. 

While the name has “linen” in it, they are actually 70% cotton and 30% linen. If your crisp white shorts get muddied after a long day at the lakehouse, you can always opt to pack a backup pair in lavender or matcha. 

You don’t have to worry much about sizing—they are meant to be worn loose and relaxed, creating a flowing effect as you walk across sandy dunes. The Cami Bottoms are sold for $35.

Blackbough Stassy Bottoms Review

Blackbough Stassy Cheeky Bottoms are a high waisted bikini bottoms made for women who are not afraid to show off their full potential. The “V” shaped high rise gives you a long silhouette due to the high leg cut.

These bottoms come in a large selection of colors and patterns giving you multiple options when it comes to personal style.

Made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex the Blackbough Stassy Bottoms will give you all the comfort and flexibility you need, in or out of the water, and can be had for as low as $30.

Blackbough Swim Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blackbough Swim Review

This Blackbough Swim review wanted to find out what customers were saying about their purchases. What we landed on was an overwhelmingly positive response on their official website and social media. 

The brand has racked up 13,000+ verified customer reviews, earning a 5/5 star average rating. Their 664K-strong community on Instagram and 50k following on TikTok also speaks to how popular and loved they are.

With clothing companies, there’s bound to be sizing mishaps now and then. In this case, it helps a smooth returns process. A happy verified customer writes, “Super fast shipping. Great quality, just runs small. I normally wear a small and returned for a medium.”

Is Blackbough Swim legit? It appears so! One of the most common points of feedback is that Blackbough Swim bikinis are true to size. We found that customers are huge fans of the “cheeky” bottoms

There are also rave reviews from beach babes with both heavier and lighter chests, all saying that the top they purchased was just right for them.

Here’s a review that sums up the overall customer experience: “Runs true to size, makes the girls look GREAT and is such great quality! Also dries pretty quickly which is so convenient.”

Reasonable reviews talk about great customer service and that the bikinis feel high quality, even if they are a bit more expensive.

There’s nothing that Blackbough can do about that, though, and it shouldn’t be used to disparage the brand. 

Is Blackbough Swim Worth It?

Blackbough Swim Review

This Blackbough Swim review believes that it’s a great international brand that fully channels the vacation vibe. Customers love the fit and fabric. There are also countless aesthetic options, allowing you to play around with solids or patterns once you’ve landed on a style. 

Overall, women of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable and in control with a bikini, although Blackbough Swim bow bathing suits are hard to find.

The brand runs regular final sale discounts on their website and offers deals for signing up to their newsletter, on top of the exclusive offerings they post on social media. 

This Blackbough Swim review recommends the brand with only a small reservation: returning items internationally can be a bit of a process.

They’ve done their best to help you send items back for free, but at the end of the day, a successful return gives you in-store credit and doesn’t cover the original shipping cost.

Blackbough Swim is still a great option for your beach vacay or for hanging by the pool. If those activities interest you, this brand is definitely worth a try.

Blackbough Swim Promotions & Discounts

Blackbough Swim Review

To save some money, sign up for the brand’s mailing list and get 10% off first order.

Even better, check out their Sale page. At the time of this Blackbough Swim review, they have dozens of bikinis going at final sale discounts up to 50% off the regular price.

For that coveted Blackbough Swim discount code, you should really visit their Instagram, where they also host giveaways for their followers. 

Where to Buy Blackbough Swim

Blackbough Swim Review

This Blackbough Swim review found that purchases can be made exclusively through The company has not yet expanded to mainstream retailers.


Blackbough Swim Review

Where is Blackbough Swim located?

Blackbough Swim is a brand from Manila, Philippines. Today, they ship internationally and have a huge following on social media.   

Does Blackbough Swim have padding?

It depends! Some Blackbough Swim products have padding, and others don’t. It’s easy to find out because they have a special Padded Bikini Tops section, as well as a “features” section for each item that lists pads when they’re available.

What sizes does Blackbough have?

The brand carries sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large for tops and bottoms. Use the Blackbough Swim size chart to find your perfect fit. 

How long does Blackbough Swim take to ship?

Shipping is free for orders above $100. Otherwise it costs $16 for delivery to the US. Blackbough Swim has a convenient page on their website that shows the costs based on your country. 

Whatever and wherever you order, it should arrive up to 5 business days after you get your tracking number. Unfortunately, they do not ship to PO boxes.

What is Blackbough Swim’s Return Policy?

Unhappy with your Blackbough Swim cleo top? No worries. You can return or exchange any order up to 30 days after it arrives. There are a few restrictions, though, so check the list below to make sure everything is in order.

  1. Your purchase must look new and not have any signs of wear
  2. Tags must be attached
  3. Returns or exchanges cannot be made for items purchased on a 25%+ discount, or with accessories and final sale products
  4. Refunds give you Blackbough Swim credit
  5. US customers can use Happy Return Bars to return their item for free
  6. International customers must pay $2 in handling fees, in addition to covering the cost of shipping, taxes, and duties

How to Contact Blackbough Swim

For any questions left unanswered in this Blackbough Swim review, reach out to the brand via:

  • Email: [email protected] (fastest response)
  • Phone: 632 8 403 5833 
  • Live chat or contact form on their website

Blackbough Swim’s customer service team monitors the live chat and phone lines from Sunday to Friday, 6 PM–4 AM

There are a lot of options for women to accessories in their swimwear and lingerie. Here are a few options that we trust:




Bare Necessities


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