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About Goodfair

Goodfair Review

Goodfair is an online thrift store with a twist. An advocate of the #NoNewThings movement, the company sells unisex, pre-owned clothing in mystery bundles as part of their aim to encourage considerate and conscious consumers to buy second-hand. 

A pioneer in the online thrifting movement, Goodfair sells bundles of different styles, eras, and varieties at reasonable prices.

This Goodfair clothing review located a feature on the brand in Refinery29, which commends them for their efforts in reducing fast fashion and “building out a subset of the fashion industry where there is no waste.”  

Goodfair has also partnered with Nordstromto release vintage pieces ranging in size from XS – XXL, all based on the company’s True Sizing Standard system that takes stretched-out items into consideration, giving buyers a more realistic guide as to how their items will fit.

All Nordstrom vintage items are pre-2000, and range from vintage band tees to retro apparel. 

This Goodfair review will give you an overview of the company, rate its pros and cons, take a look at some of the most popular mystery Goodfair bundles, and let you in on what customers really think. 

Overview of Goodfair

Goodfair Review

Goodfair was founded in 2018 by Topper Luciai in Houston, Texas as part of the effort to fight back against fast fashion for low prices, which has led to a rise in low-wage factories and an increase in waste.

By purchasing second-hand, consumers can help reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact and labor exploitation.

Goodfair sells thrifted clothing, not vintage. The process is simple: you select your mystery bundle based on type of item, then leave a note on the styles you’re most interested in.

Goodfair will do its best to give you pieces that match your desires. You can also leave the note blank to really amp up the surprise. 

The Goodfair website features an environmental counter which tracks how much carbon, water, clothing, and money have been saved by conscious consumers choosing to shop through the company.

To date, they’ve saved over:

  • 60 million kg of carbon
  • 1,288 million gallons of water
  • 1 million clothing items
  • $63 million

There are definite pros and cons to thrift shopping online, and this Goodfair clothing review will try to give you a good grasp of them. The list below outlines some of the most frequent points mentioned by customers about the brand: 


  • Offers a variety of thrifted clothing options
  • Allows customers to lower their carbon footprint 
  • Most sets offer a Second Chance if you’re unsatisfied with the selections in your bundle
  • Affordable compared to fast fashion brands
  • Many discounts and promotions including a Rewards Program, Greenhouse Program, and more

Goodfair Product Review 

Goodfair Review

This Goodfair clothing review will take a look at some of the brand’s most popular and unique mystery bundles to give you insight as to how the company’s system works, what it costs, and what customers think. 

Goodfair offers bundles of all kinds of clothes in all kinds of styles. If tees are your thing, you can get Goodfair used t-shirts in all kinds of combinations; the T-Shirt Variety Bundle, for example, gives you Goodfair 5 t-shirts, plus 1 more just to say thanks.

It’s important to remember that if you’re looking for something specific, going to your local thrift store may be the best way to find it.

Goodfair offers a wide variety of clothing, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be getting exactly what you’re looking for—which is part of the fun! 

Goodfair Preloved Pullover Windbreakers Set of 2 Review 

The Preloved Pullover Windbreaker Set of 2 will provide you with comfort and warmth, all while looking chic! Similar in fit and style to traditional windbreakers, just without the zipper, these windbreakers are sure to score you plenty of compliments. 

Every set purchased helps save 67 kg of carbon, 1,426 gallons of water, and $70. Be aware that uour mystery bundle will vary in color and style.

This set is also eligible for a Second Chance, where the company will send you a replacement Goodfair vintage windbreaker for only the price of shipping. 

The Goodfair pullover windbreaker set sells for $20—a real bargain for pieces that will add so much versatility to your wardrobe. 

Goodfair Authentic Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirts Set of 2 Review

The Authentic Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirt Set of 2 is one of the most popular sets from Goodfair. With each sporting their own “unique battle scars,” no two sweatshirts are alike—which Goodfair says is the best part! 

Every vintage crewneck set purchased helps save the same amount of carbon, water, and money as the above option. Available in sizes S to 2XL, the Authentic Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirt Set of 2 sells for $50.

Note that this set is not eligible for a Second Chance, and all sales are final. 

Goodfair Preloved Polos Set of 3 Review 

Comfortable, fashionable, and sustainable, Goodfair’s Preloved Polos Set of 3 are perfect if you’re aiming to rock that retro-prep look. 

Every Preloved Polo set purchased helps to save 100kg of carbon, 2139 gallons of water, and $105 from fast fashion.

Your trio of polos will vary in color and style, are available for $12. This set is not eligible for Second Chance, all sales are final. 

Goodfair Preloved Windbreakers Set of 3 Review 

Thrifted from donation centers across the US, the Preloved Windbreakers Set of 3 will bring some spunk to your wardrobe with a variety of colors and styles, and their past lives have left them feeling worn-in and comfortable.   

Every Preloved Windbreakers set purchased helps save 67kg of carbon, 1,426 gallons of water, and $70 from fast fashion. The Preloved Windbreaker Set of 3 sells for $20

This set is eligible for a Second Chance: if you’re not digging your digs, you can get Goodfair replacement windbreakers for $4, the price of shipping.

Goodfair Authentic Vintage T-Shirts Set of 3 Review

The Authentic Vintage T-Shirt Set of 3 is great for anyone trying to build up their wardrobe. Each set varies in color and style, and every shirt tells a tale of their unique journey through life with small rips or marks of discoloration, which Goodfair considers signs of love. 

Every Authentic Vintage T-Shirt set purchased helps to save 100kg of carbon, 2,139 gallons of water, and $105 from fast fashion. Plus, all Vintage tees are washed and dried in-house prior to shipping.

The Authentic Vintage T-Shirt Set of 3 sells for $50.

Unfortunately, this set is not eligible for a Second Chance, all sales are final. 

Goodfair Drive In Movie Bundle Review  

One of the precious bright spots during lockdown was rediscovering the joys of the drive-in. Goodfair’s Drive In Movie Bundle is the perfect package to keep you cozy when you go to catch your next double bill. 

This set features:

  • 2 Preloved Long Sleeve T-Shirts
  • 2 Preloved Flannels
  • 2 Pairs of Preloved Sweats
  • 1 Preloved Tapestry Blanket

The Drive-In Movie Bundle helps to save 248kg of carbon, 5,024 gallons of water, and $255 from fast fashion. 

Bundles vary in color and style, and one issue you may run into is that you can only choose one size for all items—so if you don’t wear the same-sized shirt as you do pants, it could make picking the right size tricky. 

This Goodfair clothing review suggests that you leave a comment about this in the Notes section—while there’s no review saying this has worked, it’s worth a shot! Grab your everyday t-shirts with the Drive In Movie Bundle for $40.

Goodfair Mother Earth Bundle Review 

The Mother Earth Bundle was designed with the socially conscious consumer in mind. A portion of all sales of this bundle is put towards a worthy cause. 

Currently, 10% of each purchase will be donated to the Asian American Psychological Association, whose mission is “to advance the mental health and well-being of Asian American communities through research, professional practice, education, and policy.” 

And to keep the good causes coming, each Mother Earth Bundle also saves 234 kg of carbon, 4,991 gallons of water, and $245 from fast fashion, so you can help care for the earth while also providing for its people.

The bundle includes:

  • 2 Preloved Printed T-Shirts
  • 2 Preloved Blank T-Shirts
  • 2 Preloved Flannels
  • 1 Preloved Crewneck.

This Mother Earth Bundle bundle is available for $35

Goodfair Seasons By Goodfair Subscription Bundle Review

Thrift your way through the year with Goodfair’s Subscription Service. Every 3 months, the company will curate a bundle of preloved, season-appropriate items for you. It’s a convenient and affordable way to add new-to-you pieces to your wardrobe! 

The annual schedule breaks down as follows: 

  1. Summer Bundle (1 Hawaiian Shirt, 1 Baseball Cap, 2 Polos, 1 Tie Dye Tee)— available between June 1 and August 31 
  2. Fall Bundle (1 Surprise Sweater, 1 Pair of Track Pants, 1 Flannel Shirt)—available between September 1 and November 30  
  3. Winter Bundle (1 Pair of Track Pants, 1 Christmas Sweater, 1 Waffle Knit Shirt)—available from December 1 to February 28
  4. Spring Bundle (1 Raincoat, 1 Denim Shirt, 1 Goodfair Flannel Over Hoodie or Crewneck, 1 Printed T-Shirt, 1 Everyday Jacket)—available from March 1 to May 31 

The subscription bundle helps to save 167 kg of carbon, 3,565 gallons of water, and $2,175 from fast fashion and each seasonal bundle is $35

Note that there’s a fee of $20 in case you want to cancel your subscription prior to a full 4-season cycle.

Goodfair clothing reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Goodfair Review

So when all’s said and done, is Goodfair as good for you as it is for the planet? This Goodfair clothing review took a look at customer reviews from the brand’s website, Goodfair Reddit threads, and Trustpilot, and found opinions that ranged from ecstatic to underwhelmed. 

At, there’s a lot of enthusiasm for both the brand’s social consciousness and the surprise factor of their bundle system.

One customer gave the company “five big stars because of 1) quality 2) it felt like opening a Christmas present and 3) helping to save the earth!” 

Another plus for customers was the vintage appeal of the clothing. One reviewer raved about their Preloved Polo set: “the shirts are great! Just old enough to look cool, yet not so old to look out of fashion.” 

On Goodfair clothing review Reddit threads, commenters singled out the brand’s customer service and Second Chance program for praise.

One buyer who says that she has loved all her Goodfair orders to date described her friend’s experience requesting a Goodfair replacement order. 

Honestly, worst-case scenario, if you don’t like what you got they’ll send you a new shipment. One of my friends…didn’t love her first order and when she told them they definitely went out of their way to be accommodating and get her some new stuff,” the respondent wrote. 

Goodfair Trustpilot reviews give the brand as a whole an average of 3.7 stars based on 1,534 rankings, with five-star reviews making up over half of the total ratings. One very satisfied buyer complimented the brand’s careful curation of the mystery bundles. 

I ordered mystery sweatshirts and they did such a great job picking them out! Most of them are big-name brands, they’re in great condition and fit perfectly!” the commenter writes.

If you’re on the hunt for something particular, Goodfair can’t replace the in-person thrifting experience. But if you’re looking for a sustainable and affordable way to add to your wardrobe, this Goodfair clothing review can confidently say that the brand is worth a try

One review said it best: “I think every order is going to be a hit or miss since you get a random bundle, but I’m happy with the company for trying to give people variety they may not find in their local thrift stores, and for trying to eliminate fast fashion.” 

Is Goodfair Worth It?

Goodfair Review

This Goodfair clothing review has covered a lot of ground: the company’s mission, an overview of the brand’s products, and the pros and cons that come along with them. Now to answer the biggest question—is Goodfair worth it?

Overall, this Goodfair clothing review can conclude—yes! The brand’s transparency about sustainability, inclusive size range, and affordability are very appealing factors.

When you consider the variety of styles, the surprise factor, and the Second Chance option, Goodfair seems like a win all around.

Some customers were disappointed with the products in their bundles, hoping for more vintage items.

But Goodfair notes in a post on Reddit that “Only 1% of all of the used clothing in the market is over 10 years old!”—so the company defines itself as selling thrifted clothing, not vintage. 

For many, the company’s ethical mission is reason enough to give them a try. Plus, Goodfair also gives you the option of making your order carbon-neutral by paying a small fee to offset it. These funds go directly toward helping save the Tri-City Forest in Massachusetts. 

With store closures caused by COVID-19, Goodfair found a way to fill the void of walking through the aisles of your local donation center by delivering fun and fresh-to-you clothes right to your door.

Taking everything into consideration, this Goodfair clothing review can say that this brand is worth the buy.

Goodfair Promotions & Discounts 

Goodfair Review

If you’re looking for Goodfair 15% off, the brand isn’t currently offering that discount upfront. But there are a lot of other ways you can make shopping with them even more affordable.

First off is the Goodfair Buy More, Save More promotion:

  • Spend $75, you can use code Green25 to save $25
  • For orders over $130, use code Green50 to save $50
  • For orders over $250, use code Green100 to save $100

You can also save 25% on all orders with the code: ‘SAVE20’. 

Goodfair also offers a Rewards Program called Greenhouse, where you collect 1 point for every $1 you spend; points can then be used to earn discounts and free gifts.

You can also earn points by leaving reviews, completing surveys, and sharing the brand with friends and family. 

There are 3 tiers to the brand’s Greenhouse Program. The list below will take you through the different levels, and the perks that come along with them:

  1. Rookie Recycler (0 to 499 points) 
  • Perks: 25% off your first purchase, access to Goodfair’s close friends list on Instagram 
  1. Goodfairian Gardener (500 to 999 points) 
  • Perks: 1.5x points ($1 spent earns you 1.5 points), one-time free shipping, 20% off every purchase, access to Goodfair’s close friends list on Instagram, 100 bonus points
  1. Sustainable Sensei (1,000+ points) 
  • Perks: 2x points ($1 spent earns you 2 points), 30% off every purchase, access to Goodfair’s close friends list on Instagram, 200 bonus points

Where to Buy Goodfair

Goodfair Review

You can buy Goodfair clothing bundles through the brand’s website: There is also a Goodfair Nordstrom online store that sells individual items from the company’s inventory.


Goodfair Review

Who owns Goodfair? 

Goodfair is owned by its founder, Topper Luciani. He was inspired to create the brand after the failure of his clothing line due to the 2008 financial crisis drew his attention to fast-fashion waste and low-wage factories. 

Where is Goodfair located? 

Goodfair is located in Houston, Texas.  

Where does Goodfair get their clothes?

Goodfair sources its products from donation centers, collection boxes, and thrift stores across the US. The items are then collected in the Goodfair Unboxing Center at the brand’s central warehouse in Houston for bundling.

Where is the Goodfair warehouse? 

The Goodfair warehouse is located in Houston’s East End. Goodfair is one of a growing number of businesses in the area focused on sustainable fashion.

Does Goodfair wash their clothes? 

All of Goodfair’s thrifted clothing is not washed, much as in brick-and-mortar thrift stores. Vintage tees are washed and dried in the factory. 

What sizes does Goodfair have?

Goodfair has a range of clothing offered in S-3XL options.

What is Goodfair’s Shipping Policy?

Goodfair currently ships to the US and Canada. Shipments are typically sent out 5-7 business days after the order is placed. Shipments to Canada can cost up to $20 in international shipping fees. For US deliveries, shipping is free on all orders over $49

Can you return Goodfair items?

All Goodfair clothing sales are final, but the company offers a Second Chance on certain bundles. For the cost of shipping ($4) they will send replacements for items you weren’t satisfied with. 

The company asks that you keep the unwanted items from your original order, perhaps giving them to a friend or back to your local donation center.

Second Chances are limited to one per order and three per calendar year. You have 14 days to request your replacement. 

Shoes are eligible for returns within 14 days of their delivery date. You will be refunded through Goodfair store credit or your original payment method. 

How to Contact Good Fair Customer Service 

You can contact Goodfair by email at [email protected].

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