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Rejuvia Review

When you hit adulthood, there are only two things you can truly count on—that you’ll stress more and sleep less. Rejuvia makes oral sprays for both of these issues, delivering a potent, effective dose of hemp extract and other organic natural ingredients to get the job done fast.

While getting to know the brand for this Rejuvia review, it was made clear very quickly that those who try their oral sprays will become customers for life. In fact, the brand has 200,000+ customers and more than 10,000 reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars.

Founded in 2020 by Kristen and RC Williams in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the brand offers a line of doctor-formulated THC-free  hemp extract sprays and tinctures. Featured by noteworthy publications such as Bustle, Byrdie, Health, and more, the results are in for their triple lab tested oral sprays: they work. 

But are they right for you? Check out this Rejuvia review to find out. I’ve packed it with key details on the sprays and feedback, along with details on promotions, FAQ, and more. Let’s kick things off with the highlights.


  • Effective oral sprays for stress & sleep
  • Organic, natural ingredients
  • 2-4x more effective than pills & gummies
  • Delicious flavors
  • Made in Colorado
  • Non-GMO & vegan
  • Certified triple lab tested
  • Certified THC-free

Why You Should Trust Us

Rejuvia Review

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Rejuvia Oral Sprays Review

Rejuvia Review 1

Rejuvia has two Oral Sprays in their collection. One for Sleep and one for Stress. You can buy them in a bundle for $59 or separately for $35, just keep in mind that if you subscribe, you’ll save 30%

If falling asleep faster and feeling stress melt away sounds like a dream, keep reading this Rejuvia review. I’ll tell you all about their highly-effective organic sprays next so you can work on making your dream a reality. 

Rejuvia Oral Sleep Spray Review

Trouble with sleeping is difficult but melatonin hangovers are worse. The Oral Sleep Spray contains 4mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin along with a handful of other calming ingredients to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. 

Totally organic and natural, I love the proprietary sleep blend in this formula packed with herbs like valerian root, cramp bark, and ginkgo biloba for some seriously soothing sensations. As calming as it is rejuvenating, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and never groggy

Use 15-20 minutes before bed and enjoy the minty flavor. A 0.45 oz bottle is $35. You’ll get about 240 total sprays from each bottle which equates to about 30-40 days. 

What customers say: I’m a person who struggles with sleep and I tried a few hemp extract sleep products and this is the only one that actually works and didn’t leave me groggy. – Justine G, Rejuvia.co

Rejuvia Oral Stress Spray Review

Pretty much every wellness company on this planet has tried their hand at resolving stress. That’s a clear sign that we have too much of it in this world. Here’s why Rejuvia’s Oral Stress Spray stands out from the crowd: 

It contains 8mg of hemp extract from organic hemp that has been micronized for maximum absorbency. It’s actually 2-4x more effective than hemp extract capsules and oils and works faster. It also contains 0% THC so you can use it any time of the day. 

While organic hemp extract is the main ingredient in the Oral Stress Spray, it also contains organic peppermint oil which has been scientifically shown to reduce anxiety. Sweetened with stevia and added natural vanilla flavor, this delightful spray can help soothe jitters and take the edge off after a long day. A 0.45 oz tube (30-40 day supply) is $35.

What customers say: Works instantly to calm me down, help me stay grounded and in the present moment. – Tiffany M, Rejuvia.co

Rejuvia Quality

Rejuvia Review

One of the things that immediately drew me to Rejuvia is the quality of their Oral Sprays. Formulated by doctors and backed by leading health scientists, their products are tested three separate times throughout the production process for purity and potency. 

The main ingredients in Rejuvia Oral Sprays are carefully chosen to ensure they do not contain pesticides, heavy metals, toxic solvents, or THC. 

Are they really doctor formulated? Yes. Rejuvia partnered with leading researchers, doctors, and scientists to help inform them of the most effective ingredients and methods to create a new kind of sleep and stress supplement. 

Designed for maximum efficacy, Rejuvia Oral Sprays are made with technology that micronizes their ingredients so they are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. They absorb 2-4x more than other CBD products.

How Do You Use Rejuvia?

Rejuvia Review

You’ll use the Oral Sprays in exactly the same way, only, be sure to keep the Sleep Spray strictly for use 15-20 minutes before bedtime. To use, spritz the sprays 6-8 times under your tongue. Swish the liquid around in your mouth for about 10 seconds and then swallow. 

What Are The Ingredients In Rejuvia?

Rejuvia Review

Since I’ve talked about two different formulas in this Rejuvia review, there are two different sets of ingredient lists. The base of all Rejuvia formulas is organic hemp extract and both contain organic peppermint oil. The proprietary ingredients in the Oral Sleep Spray include:

  • 8mg Organic Hemp Oil
  • 4mg hemp extract
  • 1mg Melatonin
  • 1mg L-Arginine 
  • 0.5mg L-Ornithine 
  • 0.5mg HTP

The Oral Sleep Spray also includes a sleep blend that has dried valerian root, passion flower, hops flower, feverfew leaf, ginkgo biloba leaf, skullcap, cramp bark, peppermint leaf, and wild lettuce leaf. 

The core ingredient in the Oral Stress Spray is 8mg of hemp extract, but you’ll also get a calming hit of organic peppermint oil. 

Both sprays are certified THC-free and triple lab tested for purity, potency, and safety. All ingredients are vegan and non-GMO. 

Who Is Rejuvia For?

Rejuvia Review

Rejuvia’s Oral Sprays contain hemp extract (0% THC) and can help improve stress levels and sleep. If you are an adult struggling with anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, or poor quality sleep and are looking for a high-quality, natural supplement, I think you’ll like this brand.

Rejuvia Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rejuvia Review

Feedback is an important part of any Rejuvia review. It’s crucial to see if these oral sprays really do as they claim, so I scoped out the brand’s website for feedback as well as a few other sources to find out. 

  • Oral Sleep Spray: 4.8/5 stars, 176 reviews
  • Oral Stress Spray: 4.8/5 stars, 132 reviews

The above ratings were taken from Rejuvia.co. This is what one customer who has been using the Oral Sleep Spray for 6 months said in their Rejuvia review:

I’m a mom of two kids, I work full-time, and I have ADHD…I’ve taken melatonin forever, but have never had success like I have with this product. 8 sprays under my tongue at bedtime, and I’m out like a light within 15 minutes – sometimes mid-scroll on my phone! 2-4 sprays at 3 am, and I’m back asleep within a half-hour.

In a Rejuvia review on My Subscription Addiction, the website’s team had similar things to say. 

After a careful research into the science behind Rejuvia’s oral sprays and our editorial team testing the products for over a month, we can wholeheartedly recommend Rejuvia to all of our readers…but once you get used to the delivery method, you understand how effective and convenient the oral sprays truly. They genuinely do what they claim to do!

If you’re not used to spraying hemp extract under your tongue, then it may take you a few uses for it to feel normal. I’ve taken supplement sprays sublingually for years and find it more convenient than swallowing capsules or oils. Plus, Rejuvia tastes great so it’s something to look forward to.

The Fascination wrote about the taste of the Oral Stress Spray in their Rejuvia review. “I sprayed it six times under my tongue and was met with a similar, refreshing minty flavor. Within about 15 minutes, I really felt my anxiety about all the work I had to do begin to ease, and I was able to focus so I could cross things off my to-do list.

All of the Rejuvia reviews I came across mentioned how effective the Oral Sprays are. Users like the taste too, and honestly, there isn’t much more to say. A great product doesn’t have to be over complicated, and though it’s clear a lot of research and development went into creating their final product, they make feeling and sleeping better incredibly simple.

Is Rejuvia Legit?

Rejuvia Review

Rejuvia is a small family run brand. I didn’t come across any red flags in my research for this Rejuvia review. They deliver high-quality, science-backed products that truly work as they claim.  

Is Rejuvia Worth It?

Rejuvia Review

Rejuvia has excellent feedback, and many who use it say it’s the only thing that works to help them sleep. I really love the ingredients in their formulas. Organic makes a big difference in quality, and literally every ingredient they use is organic. 

Their oral sprays are also backed by leading scientists and doctors, created for efficacy to ensure they absorb quickly into your body. While these sprays aren’t cheap, because of their quality, they wouldn’t be, but they’re 100% worth it.

Rejuvia Promotions & Discounts 

Rejuvia Review

Discounts were one of the first things I noticed about this brand while browsing through their website for this Rejuvia review. Sign up for the mailing list to save 15% or give a friend $15 and you’ll get $15. Rejuvia ships all orders for free as well.

Where To Buy Rejuvia

Rejuvia Review

You can find Rejuvia at select online retailers such as Uncrate and StackSocial. To shop directly with the brand and take advantage of their subscription and discounts, go to Rejuvia.co.


Rejuvia Review

Who owns Rejuvia?

Rejuvia is a small family owned and operated business based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. 

Where is Rejuvia manufactured?

Rejuvia products are manufactured in Colorado. They abide by organic farming practices and strict production regulations.

Is Rejuvia 100% THC free?

Totally. Rejuvia products are 100% THC-free. They use removal technology to ensure this and their products are triple lab tested to prove it. 

Why are oral sprays better than oils and pills?

Rejuvia oral sprays are 4x more effective than hemp extract oils and capsules. Because when consumed sublingually their ingredients skip your digestive system, they immediately absorb into your body. Standard oils and pills go through the digestive process, rendering them less effective.

What is Rejuvia’s Shipping Policy?

Rejuvia ships within the USA only. They offer free same-day shipping on every order, and once you place yours online, they will ship it out within 12 hours. Once it does ship, you will receive a confirmation email.

What is Rejuvia’s Return Policy?

Rejuvia offers a money-back guarantee. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

  1. You have 14 days from the date of the initial purchase to ask for a refund
  2. Email [email protected] with your order number to start the process
  3. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee

How To Contact Rejuvia 

Rejuvia Review

If you still have questions after finishing this Rejuvia review, email [email protected] or use the contact form. The brand’s customer service hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am-3pm EST.

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