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SlumberPod Review

About SlumberPod

SlumberPod Review

SlumberPod helps babies get the rest they need while on the road. The travel-friendly pod fits over travel cribs, cots, and play areas, providing the privacy and darkness children need to fall and stay asleep.

With over 46k followers on Instagram, the SlumberPod has won numerous awards for design and concept. Some examples include a Mom’s Choice Award and a Good Design Award. The brand was also featured on Shark Tank in 2020, CNBC, and in notable publications like Conde Nast Traveler and Atlanta Parent.

Looking for a way to get your little one some sleep while traveling? This product may just do the trick. To be sure, we invite you to read through this SlumberPod review.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand and its convenient pods, reveal customer feedback, answer important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your family.

Overview of SlumberPod

SlumberPod Review

Picture this: you’re on vacation and it’s nap time for your little one. But you’re sharing a hotel room and it’s bright as day in there, because, well, it’s only 2:00 pm. You put your baby down for a nap, lay like a corpse on the bed trying not to make any noise, and still, they can’t sleep.

SlumberPod was created by mother and daughter team Katy Mallory and Lou Childs to solve this very issue. Of course, the problem isn’t restricted to vacations, but for sleep in general, whether it’s at home, a friend’s, or on the road.

As a new mother, Katy got the idea after searching for something to help her child (and herself) sleep while traveling. She resorted to her own homemade contraptions to help her baby feel protected and safe in order to stay asleep.

In 2016, she decided to make it official, putting in the research, funds, and testing to create the SlumberPod and change the way families travel for good.

Based in Georgia, the brand continues to upgrade and add to its product lineup. But before we get into that, this SlumberPod review will fill you in on its pros and cons.


  • Portable pods for kids & pets that provide security, safety, and darkness
  • New 2.0 version includes built-in fan and monitor pockets
  • Rigorously tested for safety
  • Travel-friendly and easy to assemble
  • Offers returned models for a lower price
  • Available around the world (through authorized sellers)
  • Free US ground shipping


  • Restock fee on returns
  • Website only ships to the US and Canada
SlumberPod Review

The SlumberPod was the brand’s first invention, but it has since developed another variety. We’ll cover both in the next section of this SlumberPod review, as well as a few add-ons.

SlumberPod Review

Ahead, we’ll explore the original SlumberPod, as well as the Open Box and Pet versions. But no matter which pod you choose, you’re getting the same light-blocking, breathable material.

Towards the end of this section in our SlumberPod review, we’ll fill you in on some helpful extras to make your experience with any of the brand’s pods more convenient, travel-friendly, and cool. But to start things off, we’ll check out the OG model.

SlumberPod Review

Travel is hectic enough as it is, but making sure your little ones catch enough zzzs can be next to impossible. This convenient pod was created to block out all light in the room and fit over a travel crib or the SlumberPod Graco Pack-n-Play slumber set for easy sleep on the go.

The SlumberPod measures 50” x 36” x 56” when it’s all set up, but folds down into a travel-friendly suitcase that makes it convenient for carrying and storing in tight spaces. The brand recently upgraded its mom-approved tent, and in the 2.0 version, you’ll get two ventilation flaps, a fan and monitor pouch, two tent poles, and a carrying bag.

Recommended for healthy kids over four months old, the SlumberPod is made from a special fabric designed for breathability. Operating similarly to a bottomless tent, parents can choose from black/gray, gray/black, and navy/gold designs.

Help your little one get the sleep they need with this handy travel must-have for $175.

Open Box SlumberPod Review

The Open Box SlumberPod is simply the travel-friendly tent you know and love, just one that was returned but is still in like-new condition.

Think of it this way—it’s the SlumberPod 2.0, just for $40 less.

Supply is limited, so snatch one up for $135 in navy, black, or gray. Or, get the 1.0 version for $120 in black.

SlumberPod Pet Review 

Just like humans, pets need sleep and they get anxious. The Pet pod helps them feel safe and secure when traveling to new places, during thunderstorms, or when there are too many people around.

The pod itself measures 42” x 32” x 33.5” and uses an aluminum pole so that it won’t touch the crate inside. When packed into the included travel bag, it weighs about 3 lbs.

Compatible with pet crates that measure up to 30” x 19” x 21”, the SlumberPod Pet pod is made of a breathable polyester and spandex fabric. Available in animal-friendly black, the Pet pod is $74.

SlumberPod Replacement Carry Bag Review

Your SlumberPod comes with its own fabric carrying bag, but as you know, things happen. If you now find yourself the owner of a bagless pod, don’t fret, just pick up a Replacement Carry Bag.

Sold in matching colors to your SlumberPod, grab one for $10.

SlumberPod Set of Two Slumberpod Poles Review

Just like phone chargers, poles are easily left behind. You take them out of the tent, place them behind the chair, leave the hotel, and just like that, you’re in the market for more poles.

Before this impending situation happens, it may be a good idea to pick up a set. In need of them asap? Don’t worry, SlumberPod’s shipping is pretty quick.

Get the Set of Two SlumberPod Poles for $23.

SlumberPod Fan Review

Certain locations don’t have temperature-controlled environments, like a beachy Costa Rican hotel or apartments without AC. Wherever you are in the world, fans can make all the difference—especially in closed-off rooms.

While the SlumberPod baby sleep pod is designed for breathability and has ventilation flaps, if you find your little one needs some extra airflow, try adding the Fan. Though the 2.0 version comes with a built-in Fan pocket, earlier versions can be modified with the Conversion Kit—if you own a 1st Gen, the kit is free.

Keep things flowing with the Fan for $25. New to SlumberPod? When purchasing, choose the add-on to save $5.

Are SlumberPods Safe?

SlumberPod Review

When kids are involved, safety measurements are ramped up. SlumberPod has passed all kid’s product safety tests in the USA, Canada, and Europe, and the brand has worked with Safety and Product Development experts, consultants, and a safety attorney to ensure its products meet all requirements, and then some.

They’ve been tested by independent safety labs, partnered with a top engineering college, and continue to develop their product based on customer feedback.

With that said, babies are different, and there is no way to ensure customers are using the SlumberPod in the right environment. Though the pod is deemed safe, it needs to be used the right way, and for that, it’s up to parents.

Does SlumberPod Get Hot?

SlumberPod Review

SlumberPod is designed with air-permeable fabric and is suggested for indoor use in well-ventilated or temperature-controlled areas. The company suggests dressing your baby for -1 to -2 degrees warmer temperatures than it is in the room, which means that temperatures may be slightly higher inside the tent than it is in the room.

The SlumberPod has a ventilation flap and can be bundled with the Fan if needed.

Who Is SlumberPod For?

SlumberPod Review

Designed for travel, the SlumberPod helps parents get their kids to nap and sleep through the night in shared spaces where turning off the lights isn’t always an option. It’s designed for vacations, sleepovers at grandma’s, or simply afternoon naps in the playroom.

Comparison: SlumberPod vs. SnoozeShade

SlumberPod Review

Getting kids to sleep is tough. Add in the excitement of travel, sharing hotel rooms, and unfamiliar surroundings, and you have yourself a recipe for a sleep-deprived, cranky child.

To help kids get the sleep they so desperately need, quite a few brands have popped up with solutions. Usually designed by moms motivated to help their own child snooze, sleep assisting products come in quite a few different formats, like weighted blankets, sound machines, covers, and tents.

This section of our SlumberPod review will take a look at SnoozeShade—a company that’s doing something similar to our featured brand.

Unlike the SnoozeShade, the SlumberPod is completely free-standing and doesn’t need a crib to wrap around. This means it’s ideal for travel, as you can pop it over any travel crib or play area, instead of having to rely on a larger-sized standing crib.

Based on customer reviews, those who bought the SlumberPod say it’s extremely dark inside, so dark in fact, that even when they unzip the front, they need to shine a light in to see where their baby is. SnoozeShade blocks 94% of light, which may be around the same level, offering flaps on the side to let more light in, if needed.

Since its start, SnoozeShade has won over 70 awards, but its product selection is much larger and more diverse than our featured brand. It also offers car seat canopies, stroller sunshades, and more.

As for the price? SnoozeShade is $90, whereas SlumberPod is $175.

Our feature brand’s construction is more detailed than its competitor, mainly because it involves poles and is free-standing. There’s nothing else on the market quite like it.

SlumberPod Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SlumberPod Review

SlumberPod looks awesome, but to find out what it’s really like, we’re going to need to hear from customers who’ve bought it and tried it in their own homes. Ahead, you’ll read a collection of reviews sourced from a few trustworthy sources around the web that bring to light its effectiveness and features.

To get things rolling, we headed to the brand’s website and compiled a list of every product it has to offer along with their ratings:

  • Set of Two Replacement Poles: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 23 reviews
  • SlumberPod: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 1,023 reviews
  • SlumberPod Pet: an average of 4/5 stars from 1 review
  • SlumberPod Fan: an average of 5/5 stars from 1 review
  • Open Box SlumberPod: an average of 5/5 stars from 65 reviews

Online testimonials on the newer products are still quite sparse. But, because this is a review of the company’s core product and not a SlumberPod Pet review, we’ll be concentrating on the brand’s original, portable tent.

Tons of customers write about how effective the pod is, mentioning that it’s a “must have” for travel, and how it helps their children sleep when sharing the same room.

One of the many happy customers wrote, “Baby slept so good for night and all naps! I was having to wake him up! Comes in a small bag easy to travel with and set up.” Essentially a mini tent, the SlumberPod packs like a dream, is light, and from the sound of these reviews, is certainly a travel necessity for families with small children.

Wondering about the pod’s darkness level, we headed to a SlumberPod review on Midnight Mama Sleep Consulting to read about it in more detail.

The review read, “The level of darkness inside this pod is a 10/10…safe to say, it is dark enough to be asleep even if you’re in a brightly-lit room.” That means it’s great for mid-day naps or for helping your baby to sleep in a little while you do!

Satisfied with what we found out, for our final dose of feedback, we turned to good ol’ Amazon—a place where customers speak their minds and usually don’t hold back. Here, we found a 4.8/5 star rating awarded by 872 shoppers for the SlumberPod baby sleep tent and the following snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 90%
  • 4 stars: 5%
  • 3 stars: 2%
  • 2 stars: 1%
  • 1 star: 2%

With really incredible ratings, we zoomed in on the comments to see just what buyers loved so much about the life-changing pod. Pretty much every customer commented on how dark the tent is, so we feel confident in saying light will not be an issue when you buy this pod.

Other great things about the SlumberPod are that it’s really easy to set up, light, and a breeze to travel with. One review that pretty much sums it up noted that it “packs up very small and light for travel, as well as very quick and easy to set up.

When you’re carting around luggage and your kids, the last thing you want is a cumbersome tent.

Overall, buyers say the SlumberPod is a game-changer and something they’ll never travel without again. Across the web, this brand has a solid reputation and comes heavily recommended.

Is SlumberPod Worth It?

SlumberPod Review

Pretty much every SlumberPod review we came across involved a very lengthy story, with line after line of positive things to say about it.

There’s no denying the need and effectiveness of the travel-friendly tent, and it’s always great to read about a product that makes such a difference in people’s lives. For that reason alone, we believe the SlumberPod is worth the buy.

And while the concept is simple and straightforward, the science and safety testing that went into it was complicated. The brand needed to ensure the safety of its tent before putting it on the market, and while every baby’s needs are different, they guarantee that it’s safe to use and provides adequate ventilation.

SlumberPod Promotions & Discounts

SlumberPod Review

Throughout this SlumberPod review, we searched high and low on the brand’s website for deals. We found that it offers free US Standard Shipping for every order, as well as seasonal sales. To stay up to date on promotions, sign up for its e-newsletter.

Where to Buy SlumberPod

SlumberPod Review

To access sales, deals, and the full product lineup, shopping at is your best option. If you prefer to browse in person, head to the Store Locator to find a retailer in your area.

Love online shopping and want to add a few extra bits and bobs to your order? You can also find select SlumberPod products at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon.


SlumberPod Review

Where is SlumberPod made?

We weren’t able to put our finger on exactly where SlumberPod is made, but we do know its products are shipped to US customers from the brand’s warehouse in Columbus, Georgia. Or, from Ontario for those who live in Canada.

What is SlumberPod’s Shipping Policy?

You can find SlumberPod in locations around the world, but the website only ships to the US and Canada. All US orders qualify for free standard shipping, but you can also choose expedited options at the time of checkout.

The brand doesn’t list all of its shipping options and time estimates, but for the US, you can expect 1-6 days in transit time, with a 1-2 days processing time.

What is SlumberPod’s Return Policy?

SlumberPod says items to be returned must be in “like new” condition. This means that you can set up your pod, try it out, and if it doesn’t work out as you hoped, return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund—minus a $10 restocking fee.

There are two return options:

1. Return shipping is completely up to you. You’ll be responsible for all shipping costs, as well as choosing the right mail carrier to send it with, and it’s always recommended that you choose a traceable service.

Once you drop off your package at the carrier, send the SlumberPod a note as to when they should expect it. In your email, you should include:

  • Your name
  • Your order number
  • What you’re returning & why
  • The email address associated with your order

You’ll need to send your return to: SLUMBERPOD WAREHOUSE, 4735 Milgen Road, Columbus, GA 31907

2. SlumberPod will take care of the return. In this case, the shipping fee will be deducted from your refund amount. The company will send you a prepaid return label for you to attach to the outside of your package and drop it off at the nearest UPS location.

How to Contact SlumberPod

We hope you found out everything you wanted to know about the brand in this SlumberPod review. If you need any other information, use the Contact Form on its website to get in touch with its customer service team.

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