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Dropps Review

Okay, let’s admit it: we’d all love to use eco-friendly products, but they rarely work as effectively as their chemical-filled counterparts. Aside from Dropps, that is.

It appears that this detergent company has achieved the impossible: they can get your smelly clothes squeaky clean and fresh using only plant-based, natural ingredients. No wonder they have 116k Instagram followers and have been featured by NY Magazine.

Although they have such a great reputation, do they stand up to the task once you get their products home? That’s what this Dropps review is here for. I want to know the truth before you go buy their products. I’ll walk you through the brand’s history, a few of its best-selling products, customer reviews, and more.

Overview of Dropps

Dropps Review

Back in the 1980s, Lenore Propper Schwartz wanted to find a way to avoid chemical-filled soaps and detergents, but maintain their power and effectiveness.

Fast-forward to the launch of Dropps in 2006 when Johnathan Propper, inspired by his mother’s dedication, decided to follow that journey and see it through.

With a headquarters in Philadelphia, Illinois, Dropps has become a household name thanks to its effectiveness and its eco-friendly design. Not only does Dropps carry this eco-friendly philosophy with its ingredients, but with its packaging as well. This company takes the Earth’s health seriously and takes every opportunity to make a positive impact with its products.

In addition to its collection of fantastic Dropps reviews, here are a few other highlights that make this company special:


  • Cruelty-free vegan household cleaning supplies
  • Products made for the laundry room, kitchen, and the whole house
  • 100% carbon-neutral shipping
  • Mess-free and compostable packaging
  • No artificial colors or dyes
  • Earn $30 for referring a friend
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Free shipping on orders over $29
Dropps Review

Let’s be honest, there are a thousand and one detergent products out there, and I’m not going to be easily convinced that Dropps is much different. But I do have to admit that their list of highlights is pretty impressive.

Now, let’s get this Dropps review started. First, I’ll take a look at their best-selling products to get a bit more familiar with this company.

Dropps Laundry Detergent Review

Dropps detergent comes in many forms. Although their pride and joy is their ability to clean your clothes without the use of chemicals, all of their products have that same property. So what makes each of them unique? Answering that question alone might take you some time.

That’s why for this Dropps review, I’ve rounded up their best-selling detergents below!

Dropps Detergent Stain and Odor Review

Dropps Detergent Stain and Odor is a strong, plant-based solution to all of your extra dirty cleaning needs. You’d be surprised how much power is brought in such a small pod. But with this deep-cleaning detergent, you won’t have to worry about stains and smells ever again. This chemical-free cleaner is perfectly safe for sensitive skin.

You can get this special detergent in three different scents: lavender, eucalyptus, and orange blossom. Or if that’s not your thing, you can also buy it unscented.

These pods come in three sizes:

  1. 64 pods: $26
  2. 128 pods: $49
  3. 192 pods: $70

You can also subscribe to receive this Dropps detergent regularly and save 25%.

Dropps Detergent Sensitive Skin Review

Dropps Detergent Sensitive Skin is a delicate and soothing solution to all your laundry needs. With Dropps’ standard plant-based ingredients and chemical-free construction, these pods also offer a gentle touch to your skin, your delicate laundry, and your nose.

As one of Dropps Laundry’s original products, this much-loved detergent is perfect for every load.

This detergent designed for sensitive skin comes in two scents, each with one size option. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • Rose Energy (36 pods): $15
  • Lavender Chamomile (64 pods): $26, or subscribe and save 25%

Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent in Clean & Crisp Review

If you’re into working out then you know not just any detergent is going to cut it. The Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent in Clean & Crisp refreshes your laundry while removing stains and unwanted smells.

Even better, it’s able to do all that with plant-based ingredients and natural enzymes. Perfuming your clothes with a scent of citrusy pine, you don’t have to be afraid of stains thanks to this powerhouse product. 

So go ahead and get dirty, Dropps has you covered. Grab a pack of 64 for $26 (or subscribe & pay $19.50).

Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent in Lavender Eucalyptus Review

Citrusy-pine not your thing? Maybe Lavender Eucalyptus is the fresh scent you’ve been looking for. 

Leaving your laundry deeply cleaned, the Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent in Lavender Eucalyptus is super revitalizing. It’s pretty relaxing too despite how hard the plant-based ingredients and enzymes work to eliminate stains and yucky smells.

The result: bright, stain-free clothing that smells fresh throughout the day. Pick up a box of 64 for $26 or subscribe to pay 25% less. 

Dropps Active Wash Detergent Review

If summer has taught me anything, it’s that a good detergent—one that gets rid of sweat odors— is hard to come by. But the sunny season isn’t the only time to use Dropps Active Wash Detergent, which is formulated specifically for those who play sports and lead an active lifestyle.

If you’re tired of compromising with your natural detergent, you might want to give Dropps a try. Pick from scents like Fresh Start, Rose Energy, and Unscented, and get the same level of odor-busting care no matter what. 

Thanks to the formula’s 5 active enzymes, you can say goodbye to tough stains like blood and grass. Worried about finicky jerseys and yoga pants? The Active Wash Detergent actually protects hi-tech fabrics to keep them looking their best.

A 64 oz box is $28, but subscribing to save 25% is always an option!

Dropps Laundry Review

Next up for this Dropps review is their laundry accessories! I know that they do detergent well but wanted to show you what else they offer and what else customers love.

That way, you can see what they’re really made of (aside from plant-based ingredients, of course).

Dropps Revitalizing Mist Review 

Dropps Revitalizing Mist is a fresh and multi-purpose mist that adds a hint of delight to your fabrics and clothing. This strong and all-natural laundry spray removes any lingering odors from your jackets, shoes, soft textiles, and more.

Coming in a travel-friendly, recyclable bottle, this mist is perfect for any time, anywhere.

Coming in four different scents, including forest air and lavender chamomile, you can get a set of three 2oz bottles for $24.

Dropps XL Wool Dryer Balls Review 

If you’re noticing that your clothes aren’t drying properly, then the Dropps XL Wool Dryer Balls are the answer to your problems. By using these small wool balls as part of your dryer cycle, you’ll get your clothes drier faster.

Even better, you’ll do this all with a naturally-sourced reusable tool! These wool balls are made with New Zealand wool and have been made to last with a durable composition. No waste and no harmful chemicals.

Good for 10,000 washes, these wool balls are 3.5” in diameter, larger than competitors’ drier balls. You can buy a set of four of these helpers for $29.

Dropps Oxi Booster Review

There are stains, and then there are STAINS. For tricky spots from wine dribbles, blood, and sweaty yellow armpit circles on your favorite white blouse, try the Dropps Oxi Booster

Unlike other oxidizing products out there, Dropps’ is chlorine-free and color-safe, meaning you won’t have to worry about irritating chemicals or fading hues. And of course, with stain removal also comes odor removal, so you might want to use a scoop of this miracle worker in your load of bed sheets or towels. 

But don’t stop at clothing – you can use Oxi Booster on your countertops too. Pick up a pack of 64 for $25.

Dropps Fabric Softener in Lavender Eucalyptus Review

Fabric softener is one of those things I often skip out on while shopping. Then I ask a friend how her clothing is so soft and cuddly, and she tells me what I already know: she uses fabric softener. Of course. 

But softening clothing isn’t the only thing the Dropps Fabric Softener in Lavender Eucalyptus does. Aside from making your favorite tees and sweaters smell like a spa, it protects them with mineral-based ingredients, which means towels will feel soft and bouncy and leggings will stay pill-free for longer. 

See what a 64-pack can do for $25.

​​Dropps Kitchen Products Review

Your laundry is well taken care of, but what about the rest of your home? It only makes sense to keep all your cleaning products both effective and natural, so Dropps has a fantastic selection of kitchen products too.

Next, I’ll take you through their best-sellers. Remember: if you’d like to save 25% on the prices listed below, be sure to subscribe. 

Dropps Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit in Jasmine Honeysuckle Review

If natural soaps were a Power Puff girl, they’d be Blossom, not Bubbles. In other words, natural hand soap has a rep for smelling great but doing nothing in the sudsing department. That’s something I liked about Dropps right off the bat. 

I don’t know why we all associate feeling clean with the presence of froth, but we do, so I’m glad the Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit in Jasmine Honeysuckle delivers. 

First off, the smell is super serene, but its ingredients are really impressive. Formulated with aloe and shea oils, this soap keeps your hands soft and helps them retain moisture throughout the day. 

In the good, sustainable fashion that Dropps operates, their starter kit comes with an 8oz reusable (and recyclable) glass bottle and 4 refill pods. Get it today for $26.

Dropps Power Dish Spray Starter Kit in Lemon Verbena Review

Just like laundry, dishes are another cleaning category that you can’t afford to skimp on. Dropps knows that and has answered with the Power Dish Spray Starter Kit in Lemon Verbena

The kit has two parts: one 8 oz amber refillable glass bottle and one 8 oz bottle of Refill Concentrate. 

So what’s the dish spray like? It’s formulated with micro-scrubbing technology to zap grease quickly. Get the set for $28.

Dropps Dishwasher Detergent in Lemon Review

Not a fan of hand washing? I don’t blame you. Dropps doesn’t either, and that’s why the Dishwasher Detergent in Lemon exists. 

Designed to get through greasy messes in a pinch, this triple-action detergent has a zesty lemony scent that’s light and natural but fragrant enough to let you know your dishes are squeaky-clean. 

From bling-worthy glassware to casserole dishes, these little pods deliver seriously impressive results. Grab a 64-pack for $25.

Who Is Dropps For? 

Dropps Review

Dropps is for anyone who has been searching for a detergent that can equal or rival their current laundry soap without using all of those terrible chemicals that do damage to our skin and environment.

Or, if you want to revitalize your home cleaning supplies with skin and eco-friendly products, Dropps also has you covered.

Dropps has kept their prices low and their effectiveness high in order to appeal to, well, everyone!

How Do Dropps Work? 

Dropps Review

Dropps detergent works just like your average laundry product: drop a pod in your load, and let the soap do the rest! By using powerful and effective natural ingredients, Dropps works just like any other soap, minus the chemicals.

Dropps Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dropps Review

With so many cheap and chemical-filled detergent options out there, it’s refreshing to know that Dropps is doing what it can to reduce its customers’ environmental footprints by offering up plant-based alternatives that work just as well as their chemical counterparts. Or do they?

Before you buy this detergent, I thought it would be important to track down some Dropps reviews from customers from around the internet. I looked high and low to gather a variety of feedback about this small-scale natural soap company, starting with the ratings on their official website:

  • Dropps Detergent Stain and Odor: 4.8/5 stars from 2,594 reviews
  • Dropps Detergent Sensitive Skin: 4.6/5 stars from 23 reviews
  • Dropps Revitalizing Mist: 4.3/5 stars from 9 reviews
  • Dropps XL Wool Dryer Balls: 4.7/5 stars from 443 reviews

Next, I went over to Amazon, where there are plenty of Dropps reviews on products there. With an average rating of 4.6/5 stars from over 2.4k ratings of their signature detergent pods, one customer had this to say:

“This has worked extremely well for my family, even for my young daughter with sensitive skin. It’s also zero waste, so long as you ask Amazon before they ship it to skip any extra packaging. This was one of the few zero-waste swaps I’ve made that was an absolute home run.”

Next, I took a look at a feature done on Blue & Hazel, where the reviewer spoke highly of Dropps’ pledge to be environmentally friendly and maintain ethical practices:

“I love the idea of buying products made in the US, so that’s just another reason I’m happy supporting this company! We also own and love the Dropps XL wool dryer balls set of 4. They cut my dryer time down by a noticeable amount, replace dryer sheets, and last for over 10,000 loads. Which is A LOT!”

I also took a peek at The Reduce Report to learn more about their environmental practices. Folks on that platform are always looking for inexpensive eco-friendly options to introduce into the average household. Here’s what they had to say about Dropps:

“There are sensitive skin formulations, as well as stain & odor fighting options. We love that you can try out any formulation by buying a trial kit for 10 loads! We honestly don’t know why anyone would use another brand. Dropps really kills it with the best price, zero-waste packaging, and biodegradable formula.”

One of the reasons it seems that folks stick with heavy-scented, chemically formulated detergents is because they effectively get clothes smelling and looking clean. Most eco-friendly options don’t appear to have the same kind of powerful reputation for packing a punch. That is until now.

All of the Dropps reviews I found online are giving two thumbs up for effectiveness, adoring the company for its commitment to a healthy Earth. They also love the products’ sensitivity when dealing with dirty clothes or finicky skin. With all this praise, it was hard to find any complaints!

Is Dropps Legit?

Dropps Review

Operating since 2006, this eco-friendly detergent company has proven itself to be a trusted asset to the environment and your wallet. I can say it is a generally legitimate business.

Is Dropps Worth It?

Dropps Review

If you’re looking for convenient and meaningful ways to reduce your environmental footprint without spending big bucks, then Dropps is worth it for that reason alone.

However, with their great and speedy service and their plant-based, sensitive-skin-friendly products, they’re just a general great company that’s entirely worthwhile.

Dropps Promotions & Discounts 

Dropps Review

Dropps gives some pretty savvy promotions to their customers, including a rewards program, a $30 voucher for referring a friend, and frequent Dropps discount codes. You can easily keep track of any new deals and promotions by signing up for their newsletter.

Where to Buy Dropps

Dropps Review

Although the greatest selection of Dropps products can be found on their website, you may need to check out a third-party retailer if you don’t live in the USA due to shipping limitations. Your best bet for that is Amazon, of course!


Dropps Review

Who owns Dropps?

The founders of Dropps are Johnathan Propper and his mother, Lenore Propper Schwartz. Jonathan, who launched the company in Philidelphia in 2006, is the current owner.

Does Dropps ship internationally?

Currently, Dropps only ships within the USA but hopes to expand its reach in the near future.

What is Dropps’ Shipping Policy?

Dropps offers free carbon neutral shipping on orders over $29. For orders under that number, a flat rate of $7 will be charged.

For orders in the contiguous USA, your order should arrive within 5-7 days. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, it might take up to 3 weeks to get to your door.

What is Dropps’ Return Policy?

Dropps offers customers a 30-day window from the time packages are delivered to initiate a refund. For first-time customers, Dropps also offers a 30-day risk-free trial. For questions or concerns about returns, use one of the below contact methods.

How to Contact Dropps

To get in touch with the brand with any inquiries after reading this Dropps review, use one of the two contact methods below!

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Live Chat: Here

You can chat with a member of their customer service team any time from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm ET.

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