Honey Can Do Review

About Honey Can Do 

Honey Can Do Review

Moving into a new home requires organization and planning. There are a few things you might need to expand your home’s storage capacity. Companies like Honey Can Do specialize in home storage and organization, helping families declutter and change their indoor environments. 

The company is renowned for its shelving units and useful clothing racks. Their products are sold in multiple big retail stores like Target and Walmart and definitely receive attention online with 18.8k followers on Instagram. 

Are you looking to transform your living space? My Honey Can Do review can help you out. Join me as I look at the company’s history, popular items, customer reviews, and more so you can decide if it’s time for a home makeover.  

Overview of Honey Can Do

Honey Can Do Review

Honey Can Do launched in 2008 with Steven Greenspon at the helm. Before opening up shop, Greenspon co-owned another company before realizing he enjoyed home goods. He witnessed some price markups and inconsistent packaging and believed that he could elevate the industry. 

Once the company opened, they proposed that “organization can unlock a home’s potential.” They continued on this path, and in recent years, it’s become more important to create a home that you feel safe and comfortable in. 

The Illinois-based company aims to help customers find solutions for their homes. They note that their consumer base is integral to the company’s identity, and they’re constantly working to incorporate customer feedback into new ideas. 

I couldn’t find much more information about the brand online. They have enacted Prop 65, which notifies California residents that their items might contain chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Up ahead in this Honey Can Do review, I’ll now go through some highlights: 


Honey Can Do Review
  • Offer home goods, shelving units, organizational items, and more 
  • Products offered in many different big-box retailers
  • Receives mixed reactions both on and off the company website
  • Free shipping with an order minimum
  • 60-day warranty

Getting the proper units for your home can completely transform your space. From shelving units to drying racks, Honey Can Do offers functional and stylish home items to make your home feel and look good. So, keep reading this Honey Can Do review to learn about the best-selling products.  

Honey Can Do Shelving Review

Not all shelves are made the same. The Honey Can Do shelving units can become a new favorite living room piece or your next storage shelf in the garage. Read on to find out more.

Honey Can Do 3 Tier Industrial Black Bookshelf Review

The 3 Tier Industrial Black Bookshelf is a functional and modern furniture piece. The black and brown industrial design will suit your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, depending on your interior design style. 

The black piping and brown shelves offer a sophisticated and refined look. You can display your favorite knick-knacks, plants, and a few books there to complete the look. Each shelf has a 50lb capacity, and the frame is reinforced for extra durability. So, it might withstand some roughhousing from the kids. 

This Honey Can Do shelving unit measures 23.5” W x 39.5” H x 12” D, and it’ll run you $185. 

Honey Can Do 5 Tier Adjustable Shelving Unit Review

Next in this Honey Can Do review is the 5 Tier Adjustable Shelving Unit. The heavy-duty metal shelf is ideal for basement or garage storage and holds up to 800lb per shelf. You can even use it for commercial shelving and adjust the racks to suit your storage needs. 

Assembling this steel shelf doesn’t require any tools. So, it’s easy to put together in no time at all. Plus, if you’re living the apartment life, it can serve as a kitchen shelf for your microwave or toaster. It measures 42” W x 72” H x 18” D. 

The 5 Tier Adjustable Shelving Unit will run you $150

Honey Can Do Cart Review

It’s so beneficial to have your art supplies or even makeup in a designated area. The popular Honey Can Do cart can fill the role while keeping your items organized.

Honey Can Do 15 Drawer Metal Rolling Storage Cart Review

The 15 Drawer Metal Rolling Storage Cart is the perfect place to store yarn, paint, brushes, or other items you might need for your favorite hobby. It has ten small and five large drawers with white knobs attached. It even comes with a steel tabletop for extra storage and a little workspace. 

These days, we can pick up a new hobby and completely forget about it if it isn’t right in front of us. The Metal Rolling Storage Cart can help you stick to your further interest in knitting by keeping it accessible to you. You can even move the cart where you need to with the four locking wheels to knit your mom’s new favorite hat. 

The Honey Can Do rolling cart will cost $100 at checkout. 

Honey Can Do Drying Rack Review

Last in this Honey Can Do review is the Drying Rack. This 3-tier drying rack dries your most delicate clothes naturally and can easily be stored away when laundry day is over. The portable design is perfect for apartment dwellers while being an earth-friendly alternative to machine dryers. 

The rack measures 35.5” L x 14.5” W x 45.5” H when in use and has ample space for your workout gear, silk pajamas, or designer jeans. The rubber feet can also keep the rack in place, so bumping into it won’t send your clothes flying. 

The Honey Can Do Drying Rack retails for $33

Who Is Honey Can Do For? 

Honey Can Do Review

Honey Can Do is for any adult looking for ways to make their home more functional and organized. Their items can help you declutter while conserving space and providing designated areas for your belongings. These products are also reasonably priced for anyone on a budget. 

Honey Can Do Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Honey Can Do Review

I can’t finish this Honey Can Do review without looking at some customer feedback. There are published ratings on the company site, but I wanted to give you the bigger picture. So, I scoured the web for more testimonials and found some on Amazon and Better Business Bureau. 

Here’s how some of the featured products fare on the store’s website:

  • 5 Tier Adjustable Shelving Unit: 4/5 stars from 1 review 
  • Drying Rack: 2.3/5 stars from 6 reviews 

Even though there’s only one review for the 5 Tier Adjustable Shelving Unit, it gives the customer its due praise for the fast shipping and sturdy quality. 

They write, “This purchase was great for the most part. This shelving unit is very sturdy and is easy to put together. […] The price was great, especially with 10% off our first purchase. Free shipping was awesome. The only downside is that the black finish was already chipping off right out of the box in some places. This would be disappointing if you are planning to use it in a living area or where exposure might be an issue.” 

They continue, “For us, we needed it for a climate-controlled storage locker, so it was not so important and was still our best solution for the money.” 

I also found reviews for the shelf on Amazon, which rates 4.1/5 stars from 12 ratings. One customer writes, “I ordered two, and they are exactly what I wanted. They need to be packed better for shipping, though. […] It also looks like they used rusty tools to cut the poles or something. Nothing a little paint won’t fix, but that shouldn’t be necessary.” 

That’s some fair criticism, but it’s reassuring to know that they still appreciate the product. The Drying Rack has more mixed reviews, but a few customers really love the drying alternative.  

One customer writes, “Had one of these racks for years and held up GREAT. I needed to replace a wooden one that was moldy and rickety and was glad I found this again. I got a really good price, and shipping was extremely fast. These are very sturdy racks, and nothing breaks on them for me. HIGHLY recommend it. GREAT company.” 

Amazon customers also praise the Drying Rack, with an average of 4.6/5 stars from 34.1k ratings. They love the convenience and easy storage it provides on laundry days. 

One reviewer writes, “I love this! I do not like to dry a lot of my work clothes. I used to lay all my clothes to dry on my kitchen table and chairs. Now, I can just pull out the Drying Rack and use it for all my clothes. I like how easy it is to set up and fold back up between my cabinet and the wall when I’m not using it. Glad I got this. I use it all of the time!” 

There are a couple of complaints on the Better Business Bureau and the main website. The main issue is the product quality. Some have trouble putting items together as they fall apart. Luckily, these customers receive prompt responses from the Honey Can Do team.  

Is Honey Can Do Legit?

Honey Can Do Review

Despite a few mishaps, Honey Can Do is legit. Their products are helpful and convenient for their consumer base, and if anyone encounters problems, the customer service team is quick to rectify these issues privately. Plus, there aren’t any reviews that pose a red flag regarding shipping or service. 

Is Honey Can Do Worth It?

Honey Can Do Review

Shelves and racks might not complete your home, but it helps you in the process of creating an efficient one. Honey Can Do offers many options that can elevate and organize your space in many ways. 

Based on everything I’ve learned in this Honey Can Do review, I think the brand is worth buying. Their items are reasonably priced compared to other retailers and make a home more accessible for everyone who lives there. And even though there are some quality concerns, it seems like they are far and few between. 

Honey Can Do Promotions & Discounts 

Honey Can Do Review

I know you can’t resist a good deal. Honey Can Do offers 20% off storewide with code HCD20. You can also get 10% off when you subscribe to their newsletter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any other promos, but you can stay updated on exclusives when you sign up.

Where to Buy Honey Can Do

Honey Can Do Review

After reading this Honey Can Do review, have you thought up a new storage plan? You can get a new shelving unit at The company’s products are also available at Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, and Target. 


Honey Can Do Review

Who owns Honey Can Do?

Steven Greenspon is the founder and owner of Honey Can Do. Their HQ is located in Berkeley, Illinois. 

Does Honey Can Do ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Honey Can Do does not ship internationally from their US website. I’ll get into more detail in the following section. 

What is Honey Can Do’s Shipping Policy?

Honey Can Do offers free shipping with orders over $150. If you don’t meet this minimum, the flat rate is $9. Processing typically takes 24 hours once you make a purchase.

Expedited shipping options are also available, and costs are calculated at checkout. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship to international locations from their US site, but local sites are available for international customers. 

What is Honey Can Do’s Return Policy?

Honey Can Do has a 60-day warranty with proof of purchase. The company may replace the product entirely or provide a new part if your item arrives damaged. This doesn’t apply to wear and tear or other situations relating to manufacturing issues. 

Customers with orders over $500 are responsible for shipping if your return is authorized, plus an additional 15% restocking fee

How to Contact Honey Can Do

Honey Can Do Review

If you have any questions beyond my Honey Can Do review, you can get in touch with the customer service team via the following: 

5300 St. Charles Road

Berkeley, IL


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