Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

About Axel Glade 

Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

Axel Glade lets you clean your ears more efficiently with the help of their revolutionary device, which lets you peek inside with a MP3X camera. Their system is designed to be pain-free, featuring soft silica ear picks that gently navigate around your ear canal and remove unwanted wax, dirt, and bacteria

Axel Glade has been featured on Fox News, NBC, ABC News, and MW. They have also been featured in AskMen, TNW, and Mashable. On their Instagram page, the brand boasts more than 9.2K followers

This Axel Glade ear cleaner review will take a close look at the brand and some best-selling products, customer reviews, discounts, FAQs, and more, to help you decide if their device and accessories are the right choice for you. 

Overview of Axel Glade 

Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

Axel Glade was created as an at-home solution to a common personal hygiene problem. The brand took note of how old technology (Q-Tips, for example) did not effectively get all the debris out of people’s ears, and actually caused damage to the eardrum. In worst cases, this could lead to gradual hearing loss. 

The popular Axel Glade ear cleaner tool was developed by Mehul Patel around 2020, who named it the Spade. It is outfitted with a powerful camera that syncs up to your smartphone via WiFi, and fits in the palm of your hand. 

Now that you know a little more about the brand, this Axel Glade ear cleaner review will now investigate some pros and cons. 


  • Axel Glade’s Spade allows you to see inside your ear canal while cleaning 
  • Minimizes damage to eardrums 
  • Comes with 23 complementary EarPicks 
  • Powerful MP3X camera (portable and wireless)
  • Feathers and accessories also offered 
  • Suitable for all ages 
  • Spade’s camera can be used to scope out debris lodged inside your nose and mouth too 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Free shipping, returns, and exchanges
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Needs a smartphone and WiFi connection in order to properly work 
  • Material can be slippery and cause you to lose grip 
Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

Cleaning our ears can be an extremely satisfying feeling. But, cotton buds are often just a quick fix, and using the wrong shape or material of tools won’t get to the root of the problem. We might actually end up inflicting damage to an incredibly sensitive area of our bodies. 

Below, we’ll feature the best-selling Axel Glade ear cleaning tools—including their effective system, as well as the individually sold accessories that are instrumental to the whole process. 

Axel Glade Ear Cleaning Tools Review

Axel Glade provides you with everything you need to give your ears a deep clean. For a thorough experience, users can opt for the revolutionary smart wax cleaner, as well as add-ons like massage feathers and charging bases. 

All of this is to ensure that your ears remain in tip-top shape no matter what. Keep reading this Axel Glade ear cleaner review to learn more about their most popular products. 

Axel Glade Spade Review 

With a cotton swab, you can pull some wax out of your ear canal…but you’re actually pushing more of it further in. A Q-Tip is a straight stick. You’re not really getting into the crevices, or around the corners—and as a result, those ears are never fully cleaned.  

Called the Spade for a reason, this Axel Glade ear wax tool has a MP3X camera that wirelessly syncs to your smartphone to give you a clear view of what’s inside. This not only helps to visualize a clean ear, but it also lets users steer clear of easily-damaged areas like eardrums.

For a healthier and less painful experience, the Spade comes with 23 EarPicks, a charging base and USB-C charging cable, 3 Massage Feathers, 2 Alcohol Swabs, and 2 EarPick rings. It can be used on anyone, from kids to seniors—although adults will need to navigate the device for their little ones. 

The Spade’s camera can be used inside the nose and mouth as well, not necessarily to clean, but for times when you need to get a good look into the depths. For example, checking for cavities in your children’s teeth. 

The Spade also has a temperature control system that keeps it the right warmth in order to relax your ears. Remove wax, dirt, and bacteria quickly and effectively with the Space system for $99 (on sale from $130). 

Axel Glade EarPicks Set Review

These EarPicks are like the world’s tiniest and most gentle shovel. Made of premium silica, these softly scoop out unwanted residue from your ear canal, while helping to minimize damage. The set comes with 16 pieces specially designed to get into the hard to reach places. 

Using the Spade’s camera system, you will be able to see the exact location you need to get to with your Axel Glade ear wax scraper. It can help carve out years of buildup and harmful bacteria that could’ve led to an infection. 

This EarPicks Set is offered for $19 (reduced from its initial price of $22).

Axel Glade 3x EarPick Ring Review

Any tool is useless without the components it needs to get the job done. Just like you would thread a screw into a nut to keep it secure, the 3x EarPick Ring keeps your EarPick in place with your Spade to ensure that it does not slip. 

Although, similar to how tiny screws can be misplaced easily, EarPick rings can too. So, you may find yourself in need of a few extra when your last one rolls away into the abyss of your bathroom floor. This 3x EarPick Ring includes three rings that are easy to use with your Spade system, all for $8. 

Axel Glade Annular EarPicks Set Review 

The Annular EarPicks are ring shaped and help to dislodge wax with their soft grooves. These are hypoallergenic, for a smooth and irritation-free ear cleansing experience. Gone are the days of causing damage to your eardrum with harmful Q-Tips (that’s what rock concerts are for). 

Made of premium silica, the Annular EarPicks Set includes 16 picks. You may want to use these annular tools first to pull out dirt, wax, and buildup, before you go in with the standard picks for detailing. This helpful set is $19. 

Axel Glade Massage Feathers Review 

It’s been said that itchy ears come about when somebody out there is talking about you. Those who are less superstitious believe that irritation occurs because of trapped bacteria. Regardless of the real reason, having to scratch your ears can become extremely frustrating. 

Before you go sticking pencils down your ear canal, try the Massage Feathers. They are non-intrusive, and help soothe without causing any inflammations. They come as a set of three different types, for $8. 

Axel Glade Spade Charging Kit Review 

Accidents happen, and technology is rarely ever indestructible, so there may come a time when we need to order a replacement Spade Charging Kit. There is already one included with your purchase of the system, so you will only need this one if you accidentally knock yours off the bathroom counter, or if something else happens to it that is not covered under its warranty. 

The Spade Charging Kit comes with the charging base and USB-C cable. Its base can hold up to ten EarPicks of your choice, annular or standard. An extra charging set might be handy to drop off at another location, if you find yourself travelling between two homes often. The Spade Charging Kit is $25.

Axel Glade Charging Cable Review 

Cables are one of the items we seem to have an abundance of, and yet, when we go looking for a specific one, it’s never there. They are also easy to leave behind places, and you may have brought your Spade with you to your parent’s house for the holidays, or left it in a hotel at a work conference. 

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in need of an extra Charging Cable, do not fear, you can order another one. This USB-C cable is made specifically for your ear cleaning system, and it will be extra handy to keep one your partner’s house anyway. 

In terms of the Axel Glade price for this Charging Cable, you can pick it up for $8.

Axel Glade Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

This Axel Glade ear cleaner review took to the internet to see what customers were saying about their specialized systems. Below, you will find feedback sourced from the brand’s website, Trustpilot, and Joe’s Daily, that discusses the Spade’s use and safety, as well as the company’s customer service. 

The Spade is rated an average of 4.8/5 stars by 380 customers on axelglade.com. A customer who uses the device for his entire family wrote about its multi-functionality:

This is a lifesaver the kids both ears are more than perfect and well as our own it’s good to know we’re doing the right thing plus anything else goes wrong anywhere in her eyes or nose or mouth and we can use this to check it out so it’s definitely a very good tool it’s perfect for anyone in the family.” 

One user who had some technical issues with the device shared some insightful design feedback. Their Axel Glade ear cleaner review read, “The material is pretty but very slippery when trying to hold between your index and thumb. The neck of the pick should be longer and the light should be brighter.”

Another commenter talked about the device’s safety after experiencing slippage, “It was tricky to navigate the camera, causing me to bump my eardrum once.”

Axel Glade received 4.8/5 stars by 65 customers on Trustpilot. Among the 97% ‘Excellent’ reviews, happy customers wrote of the brand’s great customer service and the Spade’s effectiveness

One testimonial read, “They went out of their way to help with suggestions, and when my issue couldn’t be resolved, they immediately sent a replacement out to me. Amazing customer service!” 

Another buyer commented on its ability to clear debris out of ears without causing any damage, “Got hooked onto it the minute I received it. And yes, I definitely did get 50% of my hearing back! It’s one of those devices that you realize you’ve been missing all your life when you see it! Life changing!” 

The only negative review read, “Customer service sucks. Tried the device and did not like. Have asked for this return label multiple times and they refuse to respond.” 

A detailed Axel Glade Spade review on Joe’s Daily explained why the useful ear cleaning device beats out traditional alternatives. “Because you are watching the Axel Glade Spade on your smartphone I feel as though you are much gentler than blinding shoving a cotton swab in your ear. You take more time inspecting what is inside your ear canal, rather than just moving a stick in circles trying to clear out any earwax you might have.” 

Are Axel Glade Ear Cleaners Worth It?

Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

If you’re determined to practice good ear hygiene, then this Axel Glade ear cleaner review believes that the safest way to do so would be to actually see what you are doing, instead of blindly poking around with a swab. The massage feathers and accessories are also thoughtful offerings. 

Axel Glade’s Spade is highly rated by customers who say that the device is gentle on their ears, and helps them to access wax more easily with the built-in camera. There were only a small number of people for whom this device did not prove to be as beneficial. 

As is the case with most technological tools, there is always room for design improvement—perhaps the brand will take into consideration all the feedback out there and create an upgraded model with a longer stick. 

The Axel Glade Spade price is reasonable, and the extra parts are inexpensive if you ever need to replace anything. The brand has special promotions on right now, plus they offer free US shipping and returns (details to follow below in this Axel Glade ear cleaner review).

Investing in your very own Spade from Axel Glade comes with very little risk, as you have 60 days to try out the device. That’s more than enough time to decide if it works, so what have you got to lose, right? (Apart from ear wax and debris, we’re sure.) 

Axel Glade Promotions & Discounts 

Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

This Axel Glade ear cleaner review found the following promotions available on their website:

  • Special Deal of 22% off certain products
  • Free US shipping
  • 10% off your order when subscribing to their mailing list

Where to Buy Axel Glade ear cleaners

Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

You can buy their systems exclusively from axelglade.com. Currently, there is no Axel Glade ear cleaner Amazon store or Axel Glade Spade Amazon page. 


Axel Glade Ear Cleaner Review

Is Axal Glade safe? 

With Spade’s camera, users are able to see the inside of their ears. This helps steer clear of the eardrum, which makes using Alex Glade’s system more reliable than a traditional Q-Tip.

That being said, it’s important to note that the Axel Glade safety page does warn users to be very careful when using the Spade, to avoid any slippage resulting in ear damage. 

What is Axel Glade’s Shipping Policy?

Axel Glade orders take 1–2 business days to process. They currently offer two methods of shipping:

  1. Standard: 5–7 business days
  2. Expedited: 2–4 business days 

US shipping is free, and non-domestic rates vary depending on the country. Note that Axel Glade offers discounted international shipping options as well. More information on this will be given at checkout. 

What is Axel Glade’s Return Policy?

When you receive your order, Axel Glade asks that you inspect it fully to ensure that there are no damages. The company has a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on their products. To start a return, you will need to email [email protected], and include your name, order number, and reason. 

From there, the brand will send you a return shipping label, instructions on what to do next, and an address. For an exchange, you’ll need to go through the return process, receive your refund or credit, and then purchase the new product you want. 

After your package is inspected at their facility, you will receive a full refund of the product onto the original method of payment. This Axel Glade ear cleaner review learned that it can take up to 7 days to appear in your account. 

How to Contact Axel Glade

If you need any other information that this Axel Glade ear cleaner review did not provide, get in contact with the brand by emailing [email protected]

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The focus on my lens is blurry?
Asked by Rob (2 years ago) Reply

Just received my new Spade. It was easy to set up and connect to my iPhone. the image on the screen is unfocused and a bit blurry. How can I get a better picture?

Asked by Varadarajan Atur (2 years ago) Reply

I sent two emails over two days and they have not even acknowledged re return label. I got ear infection and had to see a doctor and taking anti biotics now. The product may be good but people with sensitive ears (like mine I found out) should not use for risks of infection.

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